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Are you trying to adapt to your new working environment at ExpressJet Airlines, Inc.? It is not necessary for you to think much about it as the company has provided a platform that will help you show your best capabilities at work.  ExpressJet Airlines, Inc. has an employee portal which will assist you to do your job duties. This way, you just need to focus on what you should do during your working days at ExpressJet Airlines, Inc. If you are eager to use the employee portal, you should have an account first. Then, you can access your employee account through xjt.com Login portal. If you have been on the portal, you will be able to manage it based on your needs as an employee of ExpressJet Airlines, Inc. besides, you may take advantages of the features of your ExpressJet Employee Login account as well.

Now you can get more information about XJT Employee Login portal in this article. There are some steps that you can learn when you are going to sign up the account, log in to your account, reset the password, and contact the support center of XJT employee portal. Happy reading!

xjt employee login page

xjt employee login page

What is ExpressJet Airlines

ExpressJet Airlines, Inc. is a company managing airline services in the United States. It has a headquarters in College Park, Georgia. The company started in 1986 as a local airline for domestic routes. Currently, ExpressJet Airlines, Inc. uses 153 Bombardier and Embraer Jet Aircraft to complete their carriers. The company has provided services for 194 destinations and 126 fleet sizes in 34 states, District of Columbia, Canada, Bahamas, and Mexico. With those busy schedules, it is not surprising that this company need to hire around 3600 employees to work at the company.

What is xjt.com Login Portal?

xjt.com Login Portal is a platform created by ExpressJet Airlines, Inc. in managing its employees. Human Resources Division of this company has made this online platform to ease employees when they need to access their employee accounts. This employee portal will also be a means to supervise employees of ExpressJet Airlines, Inc. this way, the Human Resources Division will be able to stay connected to the employees. Besides, employees will find it easy to get information from ExpressJet Airlines, Inc. as this employee portal is integrated into the main system of the company.

As a new employee, you should spare a few minutes to create an account on this ExpressJet Login portal. You can make your new employee account on this portal by yourself. It means you do not have to see a staff of Human Resources Division if you need to have an employee account. Besides, you just need to provide some information in the account registration process. After that, you can save the account credentials before you can log in to your new account on the XJT Login portal. The credentials that you should have are a User ID and a password.

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In addition, employees may do some stuff on ExpressJet Airlines Employee Portal. For example, they will be able to store some data related to their job duties. This way, they do not need to bring their printed documents anytime they need the files. Besides, it is possible for the employee to view their schedules. The Human Resources staffs may check employee schedules from this portal. so, the staffs may get information who is on duties on that day. Last but not least, there will be some information from ExpressJet Airlines directly sent to the employee account. Hence, employees do not need to worry if they miss updates about the company

Ways to Access ExpressJet Airlines Employee Portal

ExpressJet Airlines, Inc. knows very well that its employees may need to move very often in handling their job duties. Thus, this company decided to create 2 versions of its employee portal. This way, employees are able to choose which version can be best used to access their accounts. This decision will enable employees to keep updated about their duties at this company. Well, here are the ways you can do to visit the XJT com Login portal based on the versions.

  1. Mobile

ExpressJet Airlines Employee Portal has a mobile version that will be beneficial for you to access your employee account via a mobile device. It means you will need a smartphone or a tablet if you are eager to visit the mobile version of ExpressJet Airlines Employee Portal. Because this version is not a mobile application, you do not need to install it in your device. You just need a browser and visit the employee portal at www.xjt.com/ASA/XJTMobile/Login.aspx. This version almost has the same features like the desktop version. However, you cannot create your employee account through this mobile version. Only the desktop version has this registration feature. So, you can only use the mobile version to log in to your account and access the benefits provided on it.

  1. Desktop

The best way to visit the ExpressJet Airlines Employee Portal is by using the desktop version at www.xjt.com. As this version is accessible through a laptop or a personal computer, you may find a great experience on the desktop version of ExpressJet Airlines Employee Portal. this version has better display qualities than the mobile version. However, it can be quite difficult to access the desktop version if your job duties require you moving a lot.

xjt.com login

xjt.com login guideline

How to Create Account on ExpressJet Airlines Employee Portal

If you need the account now, you can create it after you have got some things needed for the registration process. For instance, you will need a laptop or a personal computer as the registration is only possible to do on the desktop version of xjt.com Employee Login portal. You should have a browser as well. Then, you can connect your device to the internet. Of course, you will need your SSN Card and Employee ID card here. When all prerequisites are ready, you may follow the steps below to create your new employee account.

  1. Go to www.xjt.com
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First, you must go to the page of ExpressJet Airlines Employee Portal at www.xjt.com. This portal will show you a simple login page for ExpressJet Airlines employees.

  1. Register

Second, you may focus on the login section. There will be a question stated, “First Time User?” then, there is a Register button next to the question. As you are eager to create a new employee account, you can just click the Register button. If you have clicked it, the button will load a new page where you can read information about user agreement. This page will help you to understand your obligation and rights as a user of ExpressJet Airlines Employee Portal. After you have finished reading the information, you should click a button stated I Agree. The button will help you reach the verification page of your employee account.

  1. Complete Verification Form

Third, you need to complete the verification form provided on the page. Several details that you should fill in the form are:

  • Employee ID number

The first detail is your Employee ID number. It is available on your Employee ID Card. You will get an ID Card for employees when you started your job at ExpressJet Airlines, Inc. The ID Number consists of 7 digits. You should enter the number in the verification form.

  • Birth Date

The second detail is your birth date. you will see a calendar icon next to the birth date field. if you click the icon, a digital calendar will appear under the icon. You may select your birth date using the calendar. You can start it from the month, date, and year.

  • Social Security Number

The third detail is the Social Security Number (SSN). You must have this number when you work as an employee of ExpressJet Airlines, Inc. You may grab your SSN card to check this number.

After the verification form is complete, you should press the Continue button. so, you will get directed to the password page.

  1. Make a Password

Fourth, you have to make a password if you want your account protected by the employee portal system. Try to make a strong password which is easy to remember. If you have a strong password for your account, you do not need to worry about any hacking attempts.

  1. Submit

Fifth, you may submit the verification form and password to the employee portal. Congrats! You are a user of this ExpressJet Airlines Employee Portal now.

Steps to login to ExpressJet Airlines Employee Account

It is time for you to log in for the first time! You should log in to your account anytime you need to use the portal. So, you only need some minutes to do the login process on the employee portal. The steps below can guide you to log in easily.

  1. Go to www.xjt.com

Firstly, you have to go to www.xjt.com. this website address will take you to the same portal when you created an account on ExpressJet Airlines Employee Portal last time. You will be able to see a login section on xjt.com.

  1. Inform User ID
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Secondly, you can inform your User ID in the first blank field. Your User ID is the same as your employee ID Number. You should fill in 7 digits of the number in the field.

  1. Enter Password

Thirdly, you must enter the password in the second field. The password that you fill in the field should be the one you registered on this employee portal. Otherwise, your password cannot be valid to access your employee account.

  1. Click Login

Lastly, you need to click the Login button provided under the password field. If you have informed correct account credentials, this button will load your account page. it means you can have full access to your account now.

Procedure to Reset Password on ExpressJet Airlines Employee Portal

If you find any difficulties happened to your password, you’d better reset it really soon. The procedure below will help you to get your new password in some simple steps.

  1. Visit ExpressJet Airlines Employee Portal

First, you need to visit the ExpressJet Airlines Employee Portal. You will find this portal at www.xjt.com. If you need to reset the password of your employee account, you should be on this portal.

  1. Click “Forgot Password?”

Second, you can click a link stated “Forgot Password?” then, you can click the link to go to the page of password recovery.

  1. Complete Validation Form

Third, you will find a validation form on the password recovery page. if you can give the correct information about your account in this validation form, it means you are really the owner of the employee account. Hence, you should be certain that you fill in the correct information in this validation form.

  1. Create a New Password

Fourth, you must create a new password for your account. you can make a strong password by combining letters, numbers, and symbols.

  1. Submit

Finally, you are able to submit your new password. the process to get a new password is successful if you receive a password confirmation from ExpressJet Airlines Employee Portal.

How to Contact the XJT Support Center

Did you find any problems with your login process on ExpressJet Airlines Employee Portal? You should contact the XJT Support Center, then. This support center will help you find solutions to your problems on the employee portal. The representative of this support center will be there for you until the problems get solved. You may want to do the following methods to reach the Support Center.

  1. Phone

To get immediate assistance from XJT Support Center, you’d better talk directly to XJT IT Help Des. You can dial the phone number of this help desk at 435-634-3271.

  1. Email

If it is possible for you to get the internet connection, you can send your email to XJT Support Center. it will be helpful if you only want to reach the representatives without talking much. Besides, you may share the problems in details by email. If you have done composing your email, you can send it to contact@expressjet.com.

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