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Have you been officially accepted as a new worker of The Michaels Companies, Inc.? Well, you need to prepare yourself with the working system in this company. As it will be a very new thing for you, it will be a good idea for you to collect some information about the company employees. Hence, you will not find any difficulties when you start your working days at The Michaels Companies, Inc. in case you do not know; this company has a way to accommodate your need to find employment information. You may visit Michaels Employees Portal if you need to understand about your job duties, employee benefits, and everything you need to know about The Michaels Companies, Inc. however, the portal is not for the public. It means only account users have access to the portal. Besides, you need to sign in to your account through Worksmart Michaels Login portal.

For more information about Worksmart Michaels employee portal, you are able to read the explanations in this article. In addition, there are some steps to sign in and recover your password on Michaels Worksmart Employee Portal that you may need to learn. So, make sure you do not miss the beneficial information here. Happy reading!

worksmart michaels login page

worksmart michaels login page

About Michaels

The Michaels Companies, Inc. is a retail company in the United States which owns a store chain providing arts and crafts. The corporate office of Michaels is situated in Irving, Texas. This company has the largest store chain for arts and crafts in North America. Michael J. Dupey started this business by opening his arts and crafts store in 1973. This first store location was in Dallas, Texas. After a few years, this company had developed its store chain really well. Besides, it has built several subsidiaries, such as Artistree, Darice, and Aaron Brothers Custom Framing. So far, The Michaels Companies, Inc. has been managing 1.251 stores available in 49 states. Each store provides arts, crafts, framing, floral, merchandise, wall décor, and DIY home decorations. Moreover, it also has products from several brands, such as Studio Decor, Bead Landing, Recollections, Creatology and Ashland, and many more.

What is Michaels Employees Portal?

Michaels Employees Portal is an online page for employees of The Michaels Companies, Inc. the Human Resources Department of The Michaels Companies, Inc. will manage the employee portal. The existence of this portal will bring a lot of help to the Human Resources staffs as they do not have to work too hard to manage all of the employees at once. They can just supervise each employee through employee accounts registered on Michaels WorkSmart Employee Portal. This way, the Human Resources department will always get updates about the progress of employees’ working performances at the company.

If new employees of The Michaels Companies, Inc. need to have an employee account, they can simply see a Human Resources staff. The registration process on Oracle HR Login Michaels employee portal will be completed by the HR staff. This is why; Michaels WorkSmart Employee Portal does not have a feature that will enable employees to create employee accounts by themselves. The new employees can just inform their contact details and any information needed for the employee accounts. After the registration process is done, the employees will receive account credentials from the HR staff. After that, employees may use the credentials to sign in on Michaels WorkSmart Employee Portal.

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Features on Michaels Employee Login Portal

However, before you access Michaels WorkSmart Employee Portal, it is necessary for you to know about the features of the portal. so, you can maximize the functions of this Michaels employee portal when you work for this company.

  1. Michaels Payroll Workcenter

You have rights to get complete information about your payroll. On this portal, you will be able to check your digital payroll and print it out.

  1. Self Care

To have a secure future, you may apply some programs offered by The Michaels Companies, Inc. the programs will include life insurances, incentives, 401 (K) Plans, and more benefits.

  1. Worksmart Support Center

In case there are problems happen to your employee account, you may use this feature. There is a link on the Michaels WorkSmart employee portal that will direct you to Things you can do on Help WorkSmart page are:

  • Create A Service Ticket

When you need help from the Worksmart Support Center, you may use this section. On this page, you are able to set a new user, create a ticket, and remove users.

  • Service, Status, and Payment Portals

For information about payment portal, service portal, and spam filter portal, you may take advantage of this section. it is also accessible through Office365, Google Apps, and AppRiver.

  • WorkSmart Forms

If you find any forms attached to this section, you will be able to submit inquiries about issues at works.

  • Remote Support Session

You can make a collaboration portal when you need to connect to users from another portal. This section will enable you to have this program.

worksmart michaels

worksmart michaels login steps

A Login Guideline on Worksmart Michaels Employees Portal

If the registration process has finished, you can now use your account credentials to log in. You will need 1 or 2 minutes to do this task. Well, here are the login steps that will help you to access your Michaels employee account.

  1. Go to

First, you have to go to the official page of Michaels WorkSmart employee portal. it is available at If you find trouble accessing this page, you may use the alternative website address of Michaels SSO Login portal. You will be able to reach it at After you have been on the login page, you can focus on the login section.

  1. Enter User ID

Second, you may enter the User ID of the Michaels WorkSmart employee account. you must type the User ID in the first field. make sure you use the User ID that you have got from the Human Resources staff of The Michaels Companies, Inc.

  1. Provide Password

Third, you need to provide the password of your employee account as well. you should put the password in the second field. the password will function as the key of your account.

  1. Click Sign In
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Finally, you have to click Sign In button. it is on the lower part of the login section. The button will accept your login request if the account credentials that you have entered in the login fields are correct. Then, you may explore the features of Michaels WorkSmart employee portal.

How to Sign In on Michaels ETM Login Portal

Do you know that you can reach Michaels Employee Schedule Login portal through Michaels WorkSmart Employee Portal? This ETM page is supported by Inform Workforce Management. It is workforce management software using a cloud-based interface. Well, this portal is integrated to Michaels Oracle ETM page that will provide information about the Michaels Worksmart Schedule for all employees of the company. Besides, it has information about job duties and checks your attendance at the company. Also, it enables you to handle your work even when you are taking some days off. You may access this ETM login portal for 24 hours every day. If you are eager to take advantage of the features on the Michaels Worksmart ETM portal, you need to log in here. You may use your Michaels WorkSmart employee account to reach the ETM website. if you u do not know how to do the login process, you can use the instructions below.

  1. Go to

Firstly, you must go to This website address will take you to Michaels WorkSmart employee portal. Then, you will find access to visit Michaels WorkSmart ETM portal through this employee portal.

  1. Click ETM

Secondly, you should click the ETM button. you will find it under Michaels WorkSmart Log In button. Once you click it, it will lead you to the next login page at

  1. Choose a Language

Thirdly, you are able to choose your preferred language when you have reached on Michaels WorkSmart ETM portal. You will see a drop-down field with some languages in it. If you click the field, some language options will appear, such as English UK, English, Canadian, Español, and Français. If you have chosen a language there, the entire account pages will show up in the language that you have selected.

  1. Provide User ID

Fourthly, you can provide your User ID registered on Michaels WorkSmart employee portal. Make sure you type in the correct User ID here.

  1. Fill In Password

Fifthly, you also have to fill in the password. it should be the same password you always use to log in to your Michaels WorkSmart employee account.

  1. Click Arrow

Lastly, you must click an Arrow button located on the page. the arrow button will send your login request. if the account credentials that you have entered are true, the portal will let you access your Michaels ETM Worksmart account.

Procedure to Reset Password on Michaels Portal SSO

There are some reasons why employees decide to reset their password. It can be for security reasons. Or, their password has got problems that make it impossible for employees to sign in. but, whatever reasons you have for this case, Michaels WorkSmart Employee Portal has provided a way to reset the password by yourself. You can just do the following procedure to fix the problems.

  1. Go to Michaels Portal Login Page
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First, you can go to the page of Michaels WorkSmart Employee Portal. you may reach it at Besides, you may visit it at You do not need to focus on the Michaels Worksmart login section this time.

  1. Forgot My Password

Second, you need to see a link stated Forgot My Password under the login section. You can click the link to go to the password recovery page of Michaels WorkSmart Employee Portal.

  1. Complete Michaels’ IBM Security Fields

Third, you will see some information about password criteria for Michaels Worksmart portal. Then, you can directly go to Michaels’ IBM Security Identity Manager Fields. The first blank field is for your Michaels WorkSmart User Name. Then, you may fill in the second blank field with your Michaels WorkSmart password.

  1. Click Log In

Fourth, you may click Log In button under the section of the Michaels’ IBM Security Identity Manager. If you click the button, you will get directed to the reset password page of Michaels Worksmart employee portal.

  1. Reset Michaels Password

Lastly, you can reset your Michaels password based on the criteria mentioned in the previous page. If you follow the criteria, you do not have to worry about the protection of your Michaels WorkSmart employee account anymore.

If you wonder about the criteria of a good password used on Michaels WorkSmart employee portal, you may take a look at the information below.

  • Your password should consist of 8 digits at least.
  • The maximum digits used for your password are 20.
  • The password must have at least an uppercase, a lowercase, and a number.
  • There is no need to include special characters in the password.
  • You are not able using the same password within 6 password changes.
  • Do not make sequence numbers for your password
  • Same character digits are permissible twice only.
  • Never use your account user name for your password

Ways to Reach Michaels Worksmart Support

Did you get any problems when you take some login steps on Michaels WorkSmart Employee Portal? Do not be confused! You can just reach Michaels Worksmart Management to get supports. The representatives of the management will help you find solutions for the problems you have. The following points are the ways that you can use to get Michaels WorkSmart technical supports. You may choose which way can be the best to solve your problems.

  1. Email

When you do not have time to speak to Michaels WorkSmart Support representatives, you can type what you need to say via email. Make sure you compose it in details. This way, the representatives will understand your problems easily. If you prefer using email, you can send it to

  1. Phone

It can be a fast way to talk to Michaels WorkSmart Support representatives via phone. This way, they will be able to give responses as soon as possible. You may contact the support representatives at (888) 484-1012 option 1. The hotline number will be available on Monday up to Friday from 08.00 a.m. to 05.00 p.m. EST.


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