Wendy’s Survey – Let’s Get Your Reward by Taking Talktowendys Survey


If you are a regular customer of Wendy’s fast food restaurant, surely you are familiar with Wendy’s Survey.  It is a portal of Wendy’s Customer Satisfaction Survey. The benefits you will get include these following items. First, you can provide your feedback. You can tell how you experience while enjoying the services of Wendy’s fast food restaurant. Besides, you will get benefit from a Voucher that you can use on your next visit.

How do you think this offer? Is it interesting? When will you use your benefits from your visit at Wendy’s restaurant?, we think now is the right time for you to get a free voucher from Wendy’s Restaurant. We will show you how to easily participate in this Survey. But before that, you might want to know how The Wendy’s Restaurant stands. Let’s check this out!

How to get Wendy’s coupon from Wendy’s Survey?

The motto “Quality is my recipe” is a commitment from Wendy’s restaurant. The evidence of making quality as a priority is to provide a portal to give consumers the freedom to express their opinions. This portal can be utilized by customers to submit their complaints, experiences, and feedback to Wendy’s. Wendy’s has two survey portals. The customers can visit www.talktowendys.com or www.wendyswantstoknow.com.

Wendy’s Survey

Wendy’s Survey image from wendyswantstoknow.com

Talk to Wendy’s is a form of survey service or service that can accommodate consumer ratings. Like the title of the website, the purpose of the portal is Wendy’s want to know about the opinions of consumers regarding the services available at Wendy’s restaurant. With the opinions that have been submitted by customers, the restaurant will continue to make improvements and innovations to the services provided. Before conducting the survey, there are some basic requirements that must be fulfilled by participants these are:

  1. You are 18 years of age or older, if you are under age then you cannot participate
  2. You must have a valid and unused receipt to participate in this survey. Because if the receipt is already used, then you will not be able to use it again to participate in the survey.
  3. You do not have family ties with employees at Wendy’s outlet.

So, before deciding to participate, make sure you have met some of the above rules. Then what should I do to prepare to joint Wendy’s Guest Survey? Well, try to understand some of the things you should prepare before doing a survey on the Survey.

  1. Prepare a receipt

The receipt of food at the outlet is the basic ingredient that you can use in filling out the survey page. Because before you actually get into the survey, you will be faced with columns that will ask you to enter the code or serial number; the date and time you made the transaction. You do not need to worry, because all necessary information is listed on your purchase receipt.

  1. Use an easy device

The selection of the tools you will use to conduct the survey is one of the important things and determine whether or not your success passed the survey. You can use your personal computer or communication device such as mobile phone or tablet. However, we would advise you to choose a personal computer with a wider screen when compared to tablets and mobile phones. Of course, each device will have its own advantages – each of which you can use as a consideration. If you use the phone, the screen that you will see is smaller, so the error in selecting the button will become larger. But mobile phones or tablets also have the advantage that is you can carry the device wherever you go. Of course, you do not want the error to make your survey to be chaotic.

  1. Make sure your Internet is connected

Basically, This Survey uses online media. So if you want to participate in this survey, you should make sure your device is connected to the internet. Internet connection can be affected by several things including the location where you are, the services that you choose, and the choice of your devices. If you are currently in an area that is isolated from internet service, then we suggest you find a location that you can find the internet signal. Even if you have chosen internet service, but if the provider company still has not reached your area, it is impossible to get internet signal. While on the device you use, make sure the device that you choose can detect the signal properly. Because in some cases, there are devices that have low sensitivity in capturing Internet signals.

  1. Language skills are helpful in this survey
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At the Survey that is by using portal www.talktowendys.com or www.wendyswantstoknow.com, both use English as the default setting. If you are confident in your English Language skills, then you do not need to make any adjustments to language changes. Just continue your survey. But if you do not speak English, then this survey provides language settings in the Spanish and French. The questions presented to the Survey are quite simple, there is even a question of agree and disagree question. So you do not have to fear, just have basic skills of English, Spanish or French, you can directly participate in this survey.

How Can I Pass Wendys Guest Survey?

After preparing for some of the things we discussed earlier, you are definitely entitled to follow the Survey. Now we will give you simple and easy tips to get through the survey well and smoothly. Let’s take a look at surveys through Talktowendys:

  1. Visit the website.

You can use www.talktowendys.com or www.wendyswantstoknow.com. The main page presented from two types of the website address is the same. You will be asked to fill the restaurant number, date of visit and time of visit. You just have to look at your payment receipt. And do not worry, the survey page has a sample image of the materials required for filling the survey column on the Survey.

  1. Set language settings

As discussed earlier, you can choose the language. Then, you will use it during the survey. The language preferences are English, Spanish and French.

  1. Click the start button to start the survey
  2. give your opinion and experience

On the survey page, you will receive a few questions. The questions provided are related to the service provided at Wendy’s restaurant. You can fill in the questionnaire available according to the experience you get while enjoying the service at Wendy’s Restaurant.

  1. Click the complete button

If you feel you have filled all questions you will get the code.

  1. Write down the code listed on the screen of your device

If any code appears on the screen of your device, then you can record the code on your payment receipt. The receipt can serve as Wendy’s Coupon which you can redeem on your next visit to Wendy’s outlet. You simply submit the coupon to the cashier and you will get a reward of free or discounted products. Please note that the code is valid for 30 days. So we assume you immediately make a claim before your coupon expires.

About Wendy’s “Quality Is Our Recipe”

If we hear Wendy’s name, surely we will imagine its famous hamburger product. Yeah right, the menu concept from Wendy’s restaurant is a restaurant with Hamburger as the main menu. If you open a website belonging to Wendy’s Restaurant then you will be familiar with the slogan of the restaurant. It is “Quality Is Our Recipe”. The slogan gives the sense that Wendy’s restaurant is very concerned about the quality of the products made. We can see the commitment of Wendy’s restaurant to provide certified foodstuffs. Besides, it eliminates the gestation stalls. Furthermore, it is using only cage-free eggs, lowering antibiotic use in poultry and etc. Innovation is also very visible. So, we have to know the history of the establishment of Wendy’s fast food restaurant.

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The restaurant was first opened by Dave Thomas in November 1969 in Columbus, Ohio at 257 E. Broad Street. Then starting from 1970 the restaurant gives innovation in the sale of its products it’s namely “pick up window” which may be currently more familiar with the Drive-Thru concept. Wendy’s restaurant started flapping its wings abroad in 1975 by opening a restaurant branch in Canada.

Along with the development of technology, Wendy’s also did not miss using public advertisement on television in 1977. Not satisfied with the all-round hamburger menu, Wendy’s released the salad bar product. Besides, it also has super value menu, grilled chicken sandwich, son of Baconator in 2012, pretzel bacon cheeseburger in 2013. Then,  most recent is the addition of salad menu is Asian cashew chicken salad. We also can order BBQ ranch chicken salad on Wendy’s restaurant menu.

What can I order?

Basically, Wendy’s restaurant serves menus in several groups: Hamburgers, Chicken, Wraps & more, fresh – Made Salads, Fries & Sides, Beverages, Frosty, Bakery, Wendy’s Kids’ Meal, Value Meal, Meal Deals, and Breakfast. Here we will describe the food menu available at Wendy’s Restaurant.

  1. Here is a menu of Hamburgers group. It consists of Dave’s single, Dave’s double, Dave’s triple, baconator, son of baconator, Jr. Bacon cheeseburger, Jr. Cheeseburger Deluxe, jr.cheeseburger, double stack.
  2. From the Chicken menu, Wraps & more we can order these menu items. For instance, we can order the southwest avocado chicken sandwich and spicy chicken sandwich. Besides, there are Homestyle chicken sandwich, Homestyle asiago club, spicy asiago club, grilled asiago club, and grilled chicken sandwich. Then, other menus are  10 piece crispy chicken nuggets, 3 piece chicken tenders, 4 piece chicken tenders, 6 piece crispy chicken nuggets, 4 piece crispy chicken nuggets, crispy chicken BLT, crispy chicken sandwich, grilled chicken wrap, spicy chicken wrap.
  3. Then, there is the fresh menu combination of meat, chicken vegetables and fruit. It is as follows Fresh – Made Salads. In this group of menus, you can order the southwest avocado chicken salad and taco salad. Besides, there are the power Mediterranean chicken salad, apple pecan chicken salad, spicy chicken Caesar, Caesar side salad, garden side salad.
  4. In the Fries & Sides menu, you can order French fries, baconator fries, and chili cheese fries. Besides, other sides are chili, sour cream & chive baked potato, plain potato, and bacon cheese potato. Wendy’s also serves chili cheese baked potato, cheese baked potato, Caesar side salad, garden side salad, apple bites.
  5. If you want the Beverages menu, Wendy’s restaurant provides the following menu. For instance, there are berry cherry fruit tea, and strawberry watermelon fruit tea. Besides, there are honest tropical green tea, limeade, strawberry lemonade, all natural lemonade. If you like soft drink, you can buy coca cola, sprite, diet coke, coke zero, diet coke, dr pepper, root beer, and Fanta orange. Other drinks are minute maid light lemonade, Hi – C Flash fruit punch, iced tea, sweet iced tea, strawberry iced tea, strawberry sweet iced tea. Wendy’s also provides nestle pure life bottled water, coffee, decaffeinated coffee. If you like hot beverage, you can order hot tea, English breakfast hot tea, lemongrass hot tea, milk, and chocolate milk. The cold beverages are vanilla iced coffee, vanilla iced coffee, caramel iced coffee, mocha iced coffee. In beverages many types of the menu which is the result of cooperation with some brands of beverages. Furthermore, Wendy’s create a new recipe for the menu or maintain the product.
  6. A frosty menu is also a form of cooperation with the trademark frosty. Wendy’s has chocolate frosty and vanilla frosty.
  7. In the group of Bakery menus, Wendy’s restaurant still provides only 3 types of menu. They are chocolate chunk cookies, double chocolate chip cookies, and sugar cookies.
  8. Wendy’s restaurant not only provides food suitable for teenagers and adults. But this restaurant is also specialized in providing food for children. Here’s a group of Wendy’s Kids’ Meal menu. There are kids chicken wrap, kids 4pc nuggets, kids hamburger, kids cheeseburger, kids 2 piece chicken tenders.
  9. Then, for Value Meal group, there are Jr cheeseburger, Jr cheese burger deluxe, and Jr bacon cheeseburger. It also has double stack, crispy chicken sandwich, and crispy chicken BLT. Besides, you can try grilled chicken wrap, spicy chicken wrap, Caesar side salad, garden side salad.
  10. in the menu group Meal Deals have a quite different concept with other menus. On another menu, one menu for one type of food only. But on the type of Meal Deals group menu, we can see the concept menu Wendy’s 4 for 4 dollars Meal. Wendy’s 4 for 4 dollars Meal offers 4 types of food with payment amounts of only 4 dollars. The food served in Wendy’s Deals consists of hamburger/chicken wraps & more, fries and side and beverage menu. Here are the menus in the Meal Deals group. For instance, you can buy jr cheeseburger – 4 for 4 meal, jr cheeseburger deluxe 4 for 4 meals, and jr bacon cheeseburger 4 for 4 meal. Other menu items are double stack 4 for 4 meal and crispy chicken sandwich 4 for 4 meal. Besides, you also can purchase crispy chicken BLT 4 for 4 meal. Wendy’s also serves the grilled chicken wrap 4 for 4 meal and spicy chicken wrap 4 for 4 meal.
  11. On the breakfast menu, the foods that you can order are artisan bacon egg sandwich and artisan sausage egg sandwich. Besides, you also can buy biggie breakfast sandwich, sausage gravy & biscuit, bacon egg cheese biscuit, and sausage egg cheese biscuit. Then, other menu items are honey butter chicken biscuit, two sausage biscuits, two egg & sausage burritos. Wendy’s also provides sausage breakfast bowl, bacon breakfast bowl, gravy & sausage breakfast bowl, Homestyle potatoes, apple bites, sausage & egg burrito, sausage biscuit.
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All of the menus already mentioned, of course, you no doubt to choose Wendy’s as a restaurant that can complete your satisfaction in choosing food. Besides that Wendy’s also provides the calculation of the number of calories from each food menu presented as additional information. So you need not be afraid to consume food beyond your needs. Because Wendy’s will help you with the menu information you ordered. If you finish the menu, let’s continue with Wendy’s Customer Satisfaction Survey service.

What If I want to ask questions and provide feedback?

If you want to submit a complaint, feedback or question to Wendy’s. The company provides several ways that customers can connect with them:

  1. Using social media

We can connect with various countries through the internet. As Wendy’s restaurant customer, you may want to complain about your dissatisfaction with the services provided. Then you do not have to come to the outlet and let other customers know your identity. You simply make a complaint, or Wendy’s customer service opinion is available on various social media such as:

  • Using Twitter: https://twitter.com/Wendys
  • Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/wendys/
  • Using Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wendys/#
  1. Leave a message on the website

If you do not have any social media, you may complain or communicate your opinions about services, food, employees, facilities and etc. through the website of Wendy’s. You simply enter the page https://www.wendys.com/contact-us. Then, you can leave a message by filling in some columns. For instance there are feedback type, feedback category, first name, last name contact preference, and comments. The comments you leave are only up to 500 characters.

  1. Provide feedback also available on the website

In addition to providing service-related opinions, you can also provide feedback to Wendy’s website via Wendy’s feedback. On this page, you will find some columns including comments and ratings. Then, it requires you to choose about the whole web, ease, effectiveness, and enjoyable. Besides, you will also receive a question of why you visited wendys.com and how likely you are to share information or recommend Wendy’s website to friends or family. When finished you can click the “send feedback”

  1. Send messages and make phone calls

If you do not have any social media or computer equipment, you can use your mobile phone to send messages or make calls to Wendy’s hotline. You can provide questions, comments or concerns through the number 888.624.8140.

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