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Are you working at Walmart? If so, this information will be so beneficial for you. As the employee of Walmart, you have the right to access the employment information on Walmart Wire Login. If you are the staff of Walmart, perhaps you are not familiar with this portal. In the beginning, Walmart has an employee portal called Walmartone. But, in 2019, Walmart changes its employee portal to Walmart Wire which is accessible at This portal contains much information such as the schedule, pay stubs, and employee benefits.

As stated before, now you cannot find your employment information at Walmartone. Once you reach, you will see the announcement that Walmartone has merged with the Wire. But the good news is that you can access Walmart Onewire away from work if you have enrolled in 2-step verification. However, you can only enroll 2 steps verification from the Walmart store. Besides, Walmart does not provide the mobile application for Walmart Wire Portal. So, you only can access this employee portal by using your computer. Need more information about Walmartone Associate login guideline at Walmart Wire? Keep reading on this page.

walmart wire login

walmart wire login page at

About Walmart

Walmart is the multinational retail company in the US. It operates the grocery stores, hypermarkets, and discount department store. This company is headquartered in Bentonville, Arkansas. Nowadays, Walmart operates not only in the US but also in the other 27 countries. No doubt, it has more than 1300 stores worldwide. In other countries, Walmart usually has different names. For instance, in the United Kingdom, this store is called Asda, Best Price in India, and Seiyu Group in Japan.

What is Walmart Wire Portal?

In the beginning, Walmart has two employee portals. They are Walmartone and Walmart Wire. What is the difference between these two websites? Walmart is easier to access since you can reach it wherever you are. In contrast, Walmart wire only can be accessed from the Walmart store. it is because Walmart uses the intranet service. So, you can only access it from the workplace. Walmart provides public computers in the stores. So, you can use this device to view any information you need.

However, since January 2019, Walmart merged Walmartone and Walmart Wire. The new name of this employee portal is Walmart OneWire. The new website address is at You may wonder Can I get on the Walmart wire from home? Luckily, this new employee portal can be accessed from home. But, you have to enroll in 2-step verification. Remember, you only can enroll in this verification when you are at the workplace. Then, you will get Walmart Wire login credentials to sign into your account.

What are the Features of Walmart Wire Login Portal?

Since Walmart OneWire is the new employee portal, you may be curious about what features are available on this portal. Does it have the same features as Walmartone? Just check out the explanation below. Here are the features that you can access from Walmart Wire.

  • My Money.
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When you explore this feature, you can find out some information. For instance, you can check Walmart Paystubs. You can view the online paystub from this employee portal. If necessary, you can print out the paystub. Besides, you also access other information such as My Discount. For your information, Walmart offers a special discount for its employees. So, you can explore this feature to find out whats products on discount. Furthermore, you can access Saving and retirement information. The last, this menu also contains the information about Tax.

  • My Time.

In this menu, you can check Leave of Absence (LOA) and Paid Time off (PTO). Besides, you also can use this feature in order to request the leaves. Checking the schedule is also possible to do.

  • My Health.

Like other companies, Walmart offers health benefits for the employees. you can enter this menu to check what health plans and health program available for you. Then, you can enroll the health benefits online as well. Furthermore, by using this feature, you can check the life event checklist.

  • My Career.

When you work at Walmart, your career will not be stuck. It is because Walmart has prepared the career research and education program for its associates. So you can improve your skill and boost your career.

  • Walmart W2.

If you want to get the W2 forms, you can go to this section. Then, you will be able to find out the current W2 forms. Even the former associates are allowed to find W2 forms in this feature.

walmart wire login

walmart wire login steps

How to Access the Walmart Wire Login Page?

As stated before Walmart has merged Walmartone and the Wire. So, the employee website Walmartone is not working anymore. If you want to find your data, you have to go to Walmart OneWire. If you do not have any idea how to log into the new Walmart employee portal, you should check this guideline. Here is the simple way to log into Walmart Wire. Before accessing Walmart Wire, make sure that you have a Walmartone account. It is because you can log into this portal by using the Walmartone login credentials.

  • Visit Walmart Wire portal.

The new Walmart employee website is You can type this new address on your browser straight away. Besides, if you visit, you will also find the link to access Walmart one wire.

  • Click on Walmart Spark Icon.

When you land on the Walmart Wire homepage, you will not find any login field. But, if you scroll down the page, you will find the link for former associate login. So, how to log in for the current associate? Just click on the Walmart Spark icon. This icon is located on the top left corner of the page.

  • Enter Walmart Wire Username.
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There is no registration link on this new portal. So it means, you can use Walmartone username to log into your account. But remember, if you want to access your Walmart Wire account away from Walmart location, you have to enroll 2-step verification first. This verification only can be done in the Walmart store.

  • Enter Walmart Wire password.

There is no link to reset the password in Walmart Wire. So, you have to memorize and keep your password well. Just enter the correct password to the provided field.

  • Select the country.

This employee portal is open for all Walmart associates. Since Walmart is located in several countries, you have to select which country you belong to. The countries you can select are the US, UK, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Japan, India, Chile, China, EMEA, Canada, Brazil, and Argentina.

  • Select the location.

After choosing the country, you have to select the location. Three options are available here. You can choose the home office, Store/club, or DC.

  • Press Sign in Button.

The last, after making sure that the login credentials are correct, you can press the Sign In button. Then, you can start exploring the features of Walmart Wire. You can check the schedule, paystub, benefits, and many more.

Troubleshooter Guide in Accessing Walmart Wire Login Page

In several cases, some associates face problems when they access Walmart Wire. Perhaps the guideline below can help you when you face the same problem.

  • Check the CAPS LOCK.

You need to remember that Walmart password is case sensitive. So, make sure that you turn off the CAPS LOCK button when you type the password.

  • Check the internet connection.

Another problem you may face is you may lose the internet connection. You can solve this problem by resetting your router. You can turn it off and on again.

  • Try to use another browser.

If you are failed to access Walmart Wire, you can try to use another browser. For instance, you can use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Microsoft Edge.

  • Try to use other devices.

If you are still failed to reach your account, you can try to use the alternative devices. Try another computer to log into your account.

  • Enroll in 2-Step verification.

Before accessing Walmart Wire, make sure that you have passed this verification. You only can do this verification steps in Walmart location.

How do I Check My PayStub in Walmart Wire?

Some Walmart associates visit Walmart Associate Login Wire in order to check their paystub. There are two ways of checking your paystub. First, you can check it online at Walmart Wire. Second, you can contact Walmart help desk to ask for the pay stub summary. Here are the details.

  • Check the pay stub online.

To view the online paystub, you have to log into Walmart Wire first. You can do the step by step on the explanation above to reach your account. Make sure that your username and password are correct. Then, if you can log into your account successfully, you can go to My Money menu. You will find the details of your pay stub there.

  • Check the pay stub by phone.
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This method is simpler, you just need to call Walmart help desk at 1 800 903 4698. Then, you can request a summary of your paystub. The Walmart staff will read the pay stub information for you.

Unfortunately, you cannot print out the online pay stub. If you need the copy of your pay stub, you have to submit the formal request to the HR. For the detailed information, you should contact the Walmart payroll department. They will explain the steps needed to get the copy your paystub.

How to Request Leave of Absence at Walmart?

Walmart allows the associates to request the leave of absence. In case they are sick or maternity leave. There are paid and unpaid leaves depending on the reasons for leaving. If you want to be off for several days, you have to request the leave. Do step by step below.

  • Notify your manager.

You have to tell your manager about your leave. If you do not know the procedure of requesting the leaves, you can ask your manager.

  • Do the call-in procedure for your facility.

If you work at Walmart store, Sam’s Club, or Home office, you have to call-in each absence until your manager approves your request. Then, Sedgwick will place you in an inactive status.

  • Prepare the things required.

In order to request the leave, you should prepare these things.

  1. Walmart Identification Number (WIN)
  2. Contact information
  3. reason for the leave
  4. Phone number of the doctor in case you request the medical leave
  5. The dates when you leave
  6. The recent work schedule.
  • Submit this data to Sedgwick.

You can submit it through One Express or call 1 800 492 5678.

  • Review the leave packet.

You will get a letter from Sedgwick containing the information about your leave. From this letter, you will know whether you are eligible for the leave.

How to Contact Walmart Wire

When you need to talk to Walmart help desk, you can call these numbers. Walmart provides several phone numbers depending on your purpose. Here are several Walmart Contacts.

  • Sedgwick Call center.

If you want to ask the details of Paid time off or Leave of Absence, you can get in touch with Sedgwick Call center. Here are some ways to reach Sedgwick.

Phone: 800-492-5678

Fax: 859-264-4372 or 859-280-3270


The Sedwick call center is available from 7 am to 7 pm from Monday through Friday. Besides, on Saturday, it is available from 8 am to 4 pm. Besides, if you want to speak up with Sedgwick leave specialists, you have to make a call during the business hours from 8 am to 5 pm.

  • Walmart Associate Hotline.

If you want to call in sick to Walmart since you cannot go to work on a certain day, you can call Walmart Hotline. The phone number is 1 800 755 5944 or 1 844 292 4796. Just dial these numbers if you want to report your absence. Besides, you also can use it to inform if you are late for work.

  • Walmart Benefits.

If you want to ask the information about Walmart associates benefits, you can dial 1 800 421 1362.

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