WalgreensListens – Grab $3000 Cash in Walgreens Pharmacy Guest Survey


All people in this world may hope always to be healthy. But somehow, our body needs some treatment or cure for many reasons. So that’s why, we all need to care for our medicine needs to stay healthy and happy in life. Then, Walgreen Pharmacy exits as the second-largest pharmacy, medicine and health supplies company behind CVS Health Pharmacy. You may be familiar with Walgreen Locations as it has more than 8,175 Stores in across the United States and the global world. As the appreciation for the customers’ support, Walgreens invites all customers to take WalgreensListens and win $3000 cash by entering the sweepstakes. Here, we are well-prepared to help you and share any useful information about Walgreens Survey. Get ready!

Let’s know about Walgreen’s Listens

As talked earlier, WalgreensListens is the official website from The Walgreens Company. It is the second-largest American Pharmacy store chain that serves the Health and Wellness Products, Treatment Consultation, Medicine and much more services. Walking to help the customers since 1901, Walgreens Teams realize that the customers’ supports are very important in their business and sustainability. Then, they try to hear what the customers want and need by launching Walgreens Listens Guest Satisfaction Survey and Sweepstakes.

WalgreensListens Survey and Sweepstakes Official Rules and Steps

WalgreensListens Survey and Sweepstakes is available at WalgreensListens.com

Well, Guys! Walgreen’s Listens is the best place to share anything about the last visit experience and support the better performance of Walgreens. Anyone who ever visits Walgreens Locations is welcomed to take the survey and share what makes them happy or disappointed with Walgreens. Even if you have the bad experience, it is the place to share your complaints instead of updating the anger status on Facebook or Twitter. If you have never visited the store yet, it is the best time to visit and start guessing about all the things that appear in front of you.

How to Access Walgreen’s Customer Survey?

Well, the first thing that you should understand is about how you access Walgreens Guest Satisfaction Survey and Sweepstakes. Even, you need to know that the information about this survey is not accessible at www.walgreens.com site. But, you will receive the survey codes printed in your receipt. And, you have three ways of entry, and here they are:

  • At first, you are able to take the online survey. To deal with this entry, you can prepare your private device and visit www.walgreenslistens.com site. Be careful, you have to visit the official website as the others may be fake sites.
  • The second, you can take the offline survey by sending the mail-in feedback. Even, there are some simple steps that you need to do. And, we will discuss it later.
  • Then, you are able to take the phone service survey. But, guys! You have to be ready with any telephone charges and balance. And, the automatic telephone service is available at 1-800-219-7451.
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What are the Functions of Walgreen’s Listens Survey and Sweepstakes?

We can close our eyes about some people who are not sure about the benefits of taking part in this Guest Survey. And, it is our task to make them sure and desire to take part in the survey. There are some functions as well as the benefits that you can get from this survey, and here they are:

  • First of all, if you get some problems on your last visit, Walgreen’s Survey is the best place where you can show your complaints. Even, you can get the direct and fast response to those complaints. It is better instead of updating status on the social media without any responses from the official Walgreens Pharmacy Teams.
  • After that, you can support this company and get the better services in the future days.
  • For the next, Walgreens Survey and Sweepstakes leads you to give the personal information such as your private data and contact details. Through this way, you will be easy to get the information about Walgreens Ads, Walgreen Careers, and the others promotions.
  • Even, this survey is worth when you can lead the other customers to get the best performance. It is because Walgreens Teams revise the bad one soon.
  • For the rest, you are able to take Walgreens Sweepstakes and grab $3000 cash instantly. Can you imagine about the things that you can buy with that cash?

The Official Rules of Walgreen’s Online and Offline Survey

Well, we are ready to give the information about the survey and sweepstakes rules.  Yes, Guys! You need to obey all of the rules when you want to be the winners in the survey Program. Take it easy, there are no the hard rules as you will be easy with all of them. And, here the rules are:

  • The survey participant

The first thing that you have to make sure is about your eligibility to participate in this survey. We have a lot to say that to Walgreens invites the survey for only some kinds of the customers. Yes, they must be 18 years old and more and be the legal residence of the United States. Even, Walgreens Survey is not accessible for the Walgreens Employees and their relatives.

  • The entry procedure

Then, you have to limit your survey only one chance only in a month. Even, you are free to choose the way of entrances. Guys, not only the entrance limitation, but you have to limit only one survey for one family.

  • Receipt’s eligibility

After that, when you access the survey, you have to own the survey serial numbers that printed on your receipt. Even, you can use that code only within 72 hours of the last transaction. Even if you get the run out time, you have to get the new one at first.

  • Questionnaires rules

When you take the online survey at the site, you have no longer choices to skip the survey before the sections end. It means that you should not leave the voids from the survey you take.

  • Survey participant’s responsibility
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For the next, you have to be responsible with the personal information that you input. On the other words, you have to re-check the information that you have given when you access both of the online and offline access. So that you know, Walgreens Teams will not be responsible for any telecommunication and technical problems.

  • Winners’ selection

If you think that your total amount of purchasing will impact the winners’ selection, you can say that it is wrong. Yes, the teams use the random drawing method to select the winners. As long as you have completed all sections without any voids, you have the high opportunity to win this sweepstake.

  • Walgreens Survey Winners’ responsibility

For the rest, when you are the winners in Walgreen’s Guest Satisfaction Survey and Sweepstakes, you will receive one message notification. The teams will send it via email, mail-in as well as via phone. You have to be responsible if any phone charges and respond it within up to 14 days. Then, you have to fill in the Affidavit and Eligibility of Release then send it back to the teams. You have seven days only to finish this section. Just in case, you are unreachable or does not complete the Affidavit Form, you may lose the chance to win $3000 cash. If you know, the teams have the authority to change the potential winners if you don’t complete these responsibilities.

Smart Steps to Access and Complete This Online Survey

Alright, it is the time to get the information about the step by step in Walgreens Online Survey. Before accessing the site, you have to prepare one of the electronic devices such as computer set, laptop, and tablet. Then, your device must have the current version of the JavaScript and connect to the high-speed of the internet connection. After all are ready, here that you can do:

  • Smart Step one:

First thing first, you can turn on your computing device and visit the survey official Site. Once you reach the site, you can click on “Sweepstakes Rules” and get understand with the information on it. Guys, this rules form is available in English instruction.

  • Smart Step two:

After that, you can set the Language Setting. If you are not comfortable to use English, you are able to use the Spanish version.

  • Smart Step three:

For the next, you can take your won receipt and match with the picture sample that printed on the right side. Then, you can type in three useful information that will lead you to get the entire survey. They are about the survey codes, passwords, and time of visit.

  • Smart Step four:

After tapping on “Start,” you can complete the survey. At first, you will receive the close-ended questions and give your score to such appeared statements or questions. Here, you don’t need to give the much energy as you only need to give the score “Five” when you feel full of satisfaction and even the vice versa.

  • Smart Step five:

Some people may not satisfy with those sections, and it is your chance to complete the open-ended questions. Here, you can give the descriptive reasons, opinion, complaint as well as the suggestion for some challenging questions. In this case, you are free to explain it in the form of words and sentences.

  • Smart Step six:
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Then, you can take the Sweepstakes Section and complete the personal information data. As talked above, you have to give the true and correct information about your contact details.

  • Smart Step seven:

Well, at last, you can “Finish” the survey and close the site. Then, Guys! You only need to place your phone nearby as you can respond to any information as fast as possible. For the details schedule of the winner’s selection is available at the Site on the Sweepstakes Rules Menu.

What are the Questions at WalgreensListens.com Talk about?

If you confuse about the questions that you will answer in Walgreens Survey and Sweepstakes, we are here to share you the information about it. Even, these discussions may give you the inspiration when you prefer to take the mail-in feedback. Well, here the questions talk about:

  • Walgreens products quality
  • The price list
  • The employee’s manners and services
  • Walgreens Location and store appearances
  • The problems and the solving ideas
  • Reason and range of visit
  • And the desire to return and promote Walgreens to the others.

How to Take Walgreen’s Listens Offline Customer Survey?

Well, it is okay when you want to take the offline survey. In this case, we have submitted some simple steps that you can follow. And, here they are:

  • Step one:

The first thing to do is about to prepare some tools. They are about your writing utensil, a piece of bright paper with sized of 3 x 5 inches, and an envelope.

  • Step two:

Then, you can start to write down the detailed reviews of your last visit. You can share your general opinion, complain or even all the things that you see on your last visit. Remember, below your survey, you can put the details personal information.

  • Step three:

At last, you are able to post your mail-in feedback. In this case, you need to visit the post office near you and send it to July 2018 Customer Satisfaction Sweepstakes, Dept-S7608 P.O Box 4006, Grand Rapids, MN 55730-4006, the United States.

The Steps to Check Walgreen’s Survey Winners

Alright, you may be curious with the winners’ list. And, you should not be unsatisfied when your name is not printed there. Then, you can check the winner list at the official survey Site on the “Sweepstakes Winners” menu. Or, you can post the mail-in request with Attn. Winner’s List – July 2018 Customer Satisfaction Sweepstakes, Dept-S7608 at P.O Box 4006, Grand Rapids, MN 55730-4006.

Need Help?

When you need to get the more information about Walgreen Pharmacy Company, you are able to visit the official website at www.walgreens.com. Meanwhile, you can get Walgreens Customer Service via phone at 1-800-925-4733. For the Franchising and Corporation Teams, you are able to get them at 1-847-914-2500. Just be sure that you contact them on the appropriate Walgreens Hours of Operations.

Well, Guys! You have passed all information about Walgreens Listens Survey Sweepstakes. And now, it is your best time to visit the nearest Walgreens Locations and take Walgreens Survey. Come on guys! Your opportunity to win $3000 cash may not come twice. Apply these simple steps and wish you luck!

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