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Healthy is the most precious blessing that we have. That’s why we have to maintain our health. We can start a healthy lifestyle in our daily life. For instance, we have to eat healthy and fresh food, doing the exercise regularly and take a rest enough. But, sometimes one of our family members is getting sick immediately. So, what do we have to do? In this case, we have to select the best health care company. Have you heard about United Health Group? If you are the employee of this health care company, you need to know more about UnitedHRDirect.

United HR Direct is the portal for United Health Group employees and associates. United Health Group also has other portals such as UnitedHealth Group eSSO and United Healthcare Hub portal. This portal is accessible at www.Globalselfservices.unitedhealthgroup.com. By accessing this portal, all employees of United Health Group can view all HR information. Besides, they can manage their personal details, employee benefits, and other employment issues. This online system makes employees easier to work effectively. Since this portal is only for the internal users, only the authorized employees can access it. In order to log into United HR Direct Login portal, you have to prepare the login credentials. So, you must have the valid employee ID and password to have access to this website. Do you need more information about United Health HR Direct? Keep reading on this page and find out United HR Direct login guideline.

unitedhrdirect login

unitedhrdirect login page is accessible at globalselfservice.unitedhealthgroup.com

What are the Steps to Log into United HR Direct Portal?

Before accessing the United Healthcare HR Direct portal, you have to make sure that you have done all the preparation. First of all, your login device and internet connection must be ready. Then, you must have the valid UnitedHRDirect login credentials. Please prepare your nine digits employee ID as well as the password. When these things are ready, you can start doing the step by step below to reach your account at United Health Group employee portal.

Step 1. Visit the official website of UnitedHR Direct.

Have you checked your internet connection and browser? Now, you can use your browser to access United Healthcare HR portal. This website is accessible at www.Globalselfservices.unitedhealthgroup.com. On the homepage of UnitedHealth Group Global Self Services, you will find the login field on the left side of the page. Then, on the right side of the page, you will be able to find out the IT help desk contact. So, whenever you find any trouble of logging into your account, you should contact 1-888-848-3375.

Step 2. Enter UnitedHealth Group employee ID.

The next, you have to provide the employee ID. These ID numbers consist of nine digits in length. If you do not know your employee ID, you can ask your HR manager.

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Step 3. Click on Sign In button.

After making sure that your employee ID is correct, you can press the Sign In button. This button will take you to the next login page.

Step 4. Provide the password.

The next, you need to enter the correct password. You should note that the employee ID and password are confidential things. So, you should not share it with others.

Step 5. Explore UnitedHRDirect portal.

If your login credentials are correct, you can access your account at UnitedHRDirect portal. Then, you can try all of the features on this employee portal.



How to Sign Up at United Healthcare hub Portal?

As the new employee of UnitedHealth Group, you have to register yourself at UnitedHealth Group Hub portal. Before accessing the registration process, you should make sure that you have the employee ID. It is because the employee ID is the main requirement to run the registration process. If you still do not know your employee ID, you should contact your HR manager soon. Here is the step by step of the Self-registration process at the Hub UHG portal.

Step 1. Visit United Healthcare Hub portal.

First of all, you have to access the official website of UnitedHealth Group Hub portal. Just type the website address hub.unitedhealthgroup.com on your browser. Besides, you also can reach this portal by searching the keyword the Hub UHG on the search engine.

Step 2. Click on User Self Registration link.

Under the login field, you will find the link entitled User Self Registration. Just click on this link to access the registration page. Once you press the link, the website will direct you to the new page at signon.unitedhealthgroup.com.

Step 3. Enter your employee ID.

As mentioned before, the main requirement to process the user self-registration is your employee ID. Now, you need to submit the nine-digits of employee ID. Then, you can click on the login button.

Step 4. Provide the required information.

The next, you need to submit some required information. As an example, you need to submit your full name, email address, mailing address, and telephone number. Also, you need to set up the password to log into the UHG Hub portal. After setting up the password, do not forget to answer some security questions.

Step 5. Submit the details.

After completing the details needed, you have to submit it by pressing the Submit button. Then, you can try to log into United Health Group Hub by using the login credentials you have just created.

How to Log into UnitedHealth Group Enterprise SSO?

After completing the process of Self Service registration at UHG Enterprise SSO portal, you can try to access your account. You need to log into your account soon to check that the system has saved your login credentials. Here is the procedure to log into United Health Group Enterprise SSO.

Step 1. Visit The Hub UnitedHealth Group Portal.

This site is different from UnitedHRDirect portal. You can access The Hub UHG portal by visiting hub.unitedhealthgroup.com or signon.unitedhealthgroup.com.

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Step 2. Enter UHG employee ID.

Then, you need to provide your employee ID. This ID number contains nine digits in length.

Step 3. Press the Login button.

After entering your employee ID, you should click on the Login button. Then, you will land on the next Hub UnitedHealth Group login page.

Step 4. Enter MS Domain Password.

The last, you should provide the UHG MS Domain password. This password is the one you set up at the registration process.

How to View and Enroll in UHG Employee Benefits?

Not to mention, UnitedHealth offers various employee benefits. This benefit attracts many job seekers to apply for the job at United Health Group.  As an example, this company offers health and financial benefits as well as life/ disability. Since you are the new employee at this company, you have to check what benefits you are eligible for. Then, you can enroll in those employee benefits.

Fortunately, United Health Group provides the special portal containing the employee benefits information. It is accessible at http://benefitsinfo.uhg.com. If you want to explore the benefits and enroll it, you can do the steps below.

  • Visit the UHG employee benefits portal.

In order to view all employee benefits offered by United Health Group, you need to access http://benefitsinfo.uhg.com. This portal presents the benefits of information by category. If you just need to view the benefits, you do not need to log into this website. There are some categories you can explore. For instance, you can check health benefits, financial benefits, and life/disability.

  • Click on View/Enroll in benefits.

On the top part of the portal, you will find several menus. Those are View/Enroll in benefits, Go to Fidelity, and Go to Credit Union. Since you want to apply for certain benefits, you have to press the first menu entitled View/Enroll in Benefits.

  • Enter your MS ID.

Once you click on Enroll in Benefits menu, you will be directed to the new login page. You will land on UHG Enterprise Secure Sign On page. To enter this site, you need to provide your MS ID. This MS ID is the combination between letters and numbers.

  • Enter your password.

The next, you need to enter your password. Make sure to type it correctly so that you can log into this benefits website successfully.

  • Press the Submit button.

The last, you can click on the Submit button. This way, you can explore the employee benefits freely. Then, you can enroll in the benefits you are eligible for.

Those are the steps to view and enroll in United Health Group employee benefits. If you find any trouble in accessing this employee benefits website, you need to contact United Health Group IT help desk at 1-888-848-3375.

What are United Health Group Employee Benefits?

In order to appreciate the employees’ work, United Health Group offers benefits to them. This way, the employees will be able to work hard since the company covers their needs. Here are some UHG employee benefits.

  1. Health benefits.
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Healthy is the most important aspect of our daily life. UHG realize that good health can increase employees’ productivity. This way, the company offers some health benefits. Here are they.

  • Medical plan
  • Rally for health
  • The Well
  • Dental and Vision plan
  • Health Saving account.
  • Flexible Spending Account.
  1. Financial benefits.

In order to protect your financial condition in this moment and in the future, you need to enroll in financial benefits. Here are some benefits offered.

  • UHG employee Discount
  • 401 (k) plan
  • Employee Stock Purchase Plan
  • Executive saving plan
  • UnitedHealth Group Credit Union
  1. Life/Disability.

United Health Group also provides benefits to support the employees’ life. Here are the examples of the benefits.

  • Basic Life
  • Employee Supplemental Life
  • Dependent Life
  • Short Term Disability
  • Long term Disability
  • Business Travel Accident Insurance
  1. Other Benefits

There are many other employee benefits offered by United Health Group. Check this out.

  • Employee Assistance Program
  • PTO Purchase
  • Employee Discount
  • Voluntary benefits
  • Commuter reimbursement

Those several benefits offered by United Health Group. If you are a new employee, you need to check your eligibility for these benefits. Then, you can enroll in these benefits as soon as possible. Do not hesitate to contact UHG HR Direct to consult about these benefits.

How to Contact United Health Group Help Desk?

If you have some questions related to your employment issues, you have to contact UnitedHealth Group HR. The UnitedHealth HR staff will be glad to help you overcome your problem. Here are the lists of the contact you can reach.

  • UnitedHealth Group HR Direct Contact.

If you have any questions related to the benefits enrollment, you can contact 800 561 0861. Then, when you are connected to the line, you should select option 1. You can contact this number from Monday to Friday from 7 am up to 7 pm. If you do not want to contact them by phone, you can use the Chat system on http://benefitsinfo.uhg.com. Just click on the link entitled Chat Online at benefitsinfo.uhg.com

  • UnitedHealth Group IT Help Desk.

When you find any trouble in accessing your account at UnitedHRDirect Portal, you should contact the IT help desk soon. If you are in the North and South America, you can dial 1 888 848 3375.

  • Health care advisor.

If you want to consult about your health benefits, you need to communicate with UHG health Care Advisor. They will be ready to answer any questions related to health care. There are several ways to get in touch with this Health Care Advisor. First, you can contact them by phone. Just dial 1 800 357 1371 to speak up directly with the advisor. Besides, you also can send the message to 58647. Please note that the message and data rates may apply if you use this method. The next, you also can contact them by email. Just send your message to advisor@optum.com. Last, you can use the Chat feature at benefitsinfo.uhg.com.

That’s all the brief information related to UnitedHRDirect login steps and UnitedHealth Group employee benefits. If you want to find out the more complete information about this company and the benefits offered, you just need to explore their website at benefitsinfo.uhg.com.

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