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Medical and healthcare experts are what this word is looking for right now. In case you have a strong passion for healthcare and medication fields, you may want to be one of them. To become one of the medical and healthcare experts, you should complete yourself with a proper educational background. It means you should go to healthcare schools to get knowledge about medical and healthcare. Besides, you may need to have a lot of cash to be a student of the medical or healthcare field. However, you should not worry about school tuition if you go to the Ultimate Medical Academy. This healthcare school offers various majors in the health field with very affordable school tuition. Moreover, you can take online classes when you have registered as a student at Ultimate Medical Academy. Then, you will have access to your online classes on the Ultimate Medical Academy Blackboard Portal.

You will get more explanations about the UMA Blackboard Login portal in this article. For example, you will find the steps to activate your Ultimate Medical Academy student account, the login steps on UMAlearning student portal, the procedure to reset the password on this student portal, and some more important things about Ultimate Medical Academy. So, happy reading!

umalearning student login
umalearning student login page

About UMA

Ultimate Medical Academy is a healthcare school with a non-profit concept. The main office of Ultimate Medical Academy is in Tampa, Florida. This healthcare school began in 1994. It has a campus in Clearwater, Florida. Besides, this school also offers online classes. These are programs offered by Ultimate Medical Academy.

  1. Programs at Clearwater Campus
  • Dental Assistant
  • Medical Assistant
  • Nursing Assistant
  • Patient Care Technician
  • Phlebotomy Technician
  1. Online Campus
  • Health and Human Services
  • Health Information Technology
  • Healthcare Management
  • Healthcare Technology & Systems
  • Medical Administrative Assistant
  • Medical Billing and Coding
  • Medical Office and Billing Specialist
  • Pharmacy Technician
ultimate medical academy blackboard
ultimate medical academy blackboard

What is the Ultimate Medical Academy Blackboard Login Portal?

Ultimate Medical Academy Blackboard portal is an online platform for students of Ultimate Medical Academy. Students of this school can visit this portal at umalearning.com. if you are one of the new students of Ultimate Medical Academy, you should have an account on this portal if you want to get optimum results in your learning process.  You can create an account on another portal by yourself. There will be a Learner Service Advisor that will help you register on this portal. Then, you will be able to sign in to your account on the Ultimate Medical Academy student portal. if you have logged in to your account, you may explore the benefits of uma learning.com student portal.

Talking about benefits, your Ultimate Medical Academy student account can be a means to do several activities related to your study at Ultimate Medical Academy. in other words, this portal will be UMA student center which is accessible online. Through the student’s account, you will be able to find several features. For example:

  1. Home

This feature will be the front page of your Ultimate Medical Academy student account. You can see this page once you have logged in to your account. this front page will share important information that you need to know from Ultimate Medical Academy.

  1. Academics

Ultimate Medical Academy student portal also has a feature where you can check updates related to your academic needs at this health school. The updates can be about your online class schedule, course room, scores, transcripts, and some other academic things that you need to access during your study at Ultimate Medical Academy student.

  1. Message Center

In case you want to contact other students, you can use this Message Center. You may start a discussion through your student account using this helpful feature. As long as you have an internet connection, you will always be able to communicate with your Ultimate Medical Academy mates.

  1. Financial Aid

This Financial Aid feature will direct you to a page where you can find a lot of information that may help you pay your school tuition. If you apply for this Ultimate Medical Academy Financial Aid, it will cover the costs of books as well as school tuition. However, only students with approved qualifications can receive this financial aid. Besides, this feature may assists you get scholarships or employer tuition reimbursement.

  1. My Documents

You will have access to your digital documents if you use your Ultimate Medical Academy student account. You may save your academic files on this portal. Then, you can simply check and open the files whenever you need them.

  1. Info Center

This feature will be the center of any information that you can receive from Ultimate Medical Academy. the information is various, such as school holidays, limited training announcement, student services, career updates, and more information related to your study.

Ways to Access Ultimate Medical Academy Blackboard

UMA is accessible in simple ways. No matter the way you take to reach UMA, you will always find the benefits of these school programs. Here are ways to access UMA blackboard.

  1. Website

Ultimate Medical Academy Login Blackboard website is available at umalearning.com. When you use this address, the website will take you to another website address at www.ultimatemedical.edu. This is the current official website address of Ultimate Medical Academy. This website will work best with laptops and personal computers. If you need to use the Blackboard portal, you should sign in to your account. You can start your login steps through this website. Besides, there will be some informative features provided on the website of Ultimate Medical Academy, such as UMA programs, UMA student life, reasons to choose UMA and many more things.

  1. Mobile App

It is also possible to access UMA Login Blackboard through your mobile device. you only need to download the UMA Blackboard App. this mobile app is available on the Google Play Store and Windows Store. When you have installed this app in a smartphone or a tablet, you can sign in to your account directly. With this app, you only have to sign in for once. Then, you may explore the features of this app. For example, you will be able to view updates about courses, get learning resources, take tests and assignments, check the test grades, join collaborate sessions, and more beneficial things to do.

The Procedure of UMA Online Enrollment on UMA Start Portal

Before you can sign in to your account, you need to do the procedure of UMA Online Enrollment. You can follow these instructions to enroll.

  1. Go to startuma.com

Firstly, you must go to the online enrollment page of Ultimate Medical Academy. You will be able to visit the page at startuma.com. When you have been on this page, you will see a form with some blank fields.

  1. Fill in the Enrollment form

Secondly, you can fill in the online enrollment form of Ultimate Medical Academy. These are some details that you need to provide in this form. For instance:

  • Admission Representatives

The first section is Admission Representatives. In this section, you can click a drop-down field to see a list of UMA advisors’ names. You can choose the name of your advisor.

  • Full Name

The second section is for your full name. You may type in your first, middle, and last name. Besides, you need to inform your birth date, month, and year.

  • Mailing address

The third section is your mailing address. You should complete every mailing fields based on your true mailing information, such as home address, city, state, country, and ZIP code.

  • Program Selection

The fourth section is about program selection. You may select a program that you want to take at Ultimate Medical Academy. The programs will appear based on the state where you are residing now. Every state may offer different programs. Then, you can make a schedule when you want to begin the program.

  • Login Information

The fourth section is for your account information. You can complete this section with your email address, Student Identification Number, and SSN. You can ask for your Student Identification Number from your advisor.

  • Login Password

The last section is to create your password for your UMA account. do not forget to re-enter your password.

  1. Click Next

If you have completed the form, you can click the Next button. It will direct you to another page for further details about your account.

Steps to Activate the Ultimate Medical Academy Student Account

After the enrollment, you still need to activate your account. You can do this if you sign in to your UMA account for the first time. This is how you activate it.

  1. Check Email Account

First, you can log in to your email account. Then, you may check your inbox to find a link sent by Ultimate Medical Academy. The email will show you a portal link, username, and password.

  1. Click Activation Link

Second, you can just click the link. It will lead you to the Login page of the Ultimate Medical Academy Student portal.

  1. Provide Username

Third, you may provide your account username in the login portal. Your username should use @ultimatemedical.edu after your name. Then, you have to click the Next button.

  1. Enter Password

Fourth, you can enter the password. To make a password, you should add UMA before your birth date and an exclamation point for the last digit. After that, you can click Sign In button.

  1. Update Password

Fifth, you may update your password by entering your current password with your new password. the new password should be 8 digits in length at least and consist of numbers, lower letters, capital letters, and symbols. Click Sign In button.

  1. Verify Account

Sixth, you must verify your account with phone number and email authentication process. Make sure you enter your valid number and email address.

  1. Click Finish

Finally, you can click the Finish button to end the account activation steps. you will be automatically logged in once you have finished it.

Steps to Sign In on Ultimate Medical Academy Student Portal

You may have signed out of your UMA student account and wants to use it again. Then, you should log in with the following guideline.

  1. Go to UMA Student Portal

First, you have to visit the Ultimate Medical Academy Student Portal at pumaden.ultimatemedical.edu. You can also reach this page through UMA website at umalearning.com or www.ultimatemedical.edu.

  1. Enter Username

Second, you can enter your Username on the umalearning login page. Then, you must click Next to view the next page.

  1. Provide Password

Third, you may enter your password that you have created last time.

  1. Click Sign In

Lastly, you need to click Sign In button. it will help you enter your UMA student account easily.

How to Reset Password on Ultimate Medical Academy Student Portal

In case you forgot your password, you need to reset it and make another password. You can check the steps to reset your account password below.

  1. Go to pumaden.ultimatemedical.edu

First, you should go to the UMA Login portal at pumaden.ultimatemedical.edu.

  1. Enter Username

Second, you can enter your Username and click the Next button. it will take you to the Password page.

  1. Forgot Your Password

Third, you may click Forgot Your Password link. Then, you will get directed to contact detail page.

  1. Enter Contact Information

Fourth, you just need to enter your contact information using one of the following options.

  • Option 1

This option needs your first name last name, and account username.

  • Option 2

This option wants your first name, last name, and email address.

Whatever option you take, there will be a link delivered to your email address.

  1. Check Email Account

Fifth, you need to check your email account. The link you find in your email account will take you to the password reset page.

  1. Create a New Password

Sixth, you may create a new password with a combination of lower letters, capital letters, numbers, and symbols. It must have 8 digits minimum.

  1. Update Password

Finally, you can update your password by entering your username and new password. if it allows you to log in, it means your password reset process is successful.

How to Contact the Ultimate Medical Academy Supports

Do you find any issues during your learning process at Ultimate Medical Academy? These easy methods will help you solve the problems.

  1. UMA Tech Support

You can call the Tech Support using these phone numbers for different issues:

  • Acer & Lenovo laptops problems at 855-TECH-UMA (855-832-4862)
  • HP laptop problems at 844-732-9070
  • Microsoft Office download at 888-396-1447
  1. Student Support

If you need student support, you can contact UMA by:

  1. Feedbacks

You may leave your feedbacks and send your Ultimate Medical Academy Reviews on UMA website at www.ultimatemedical.edu.

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