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Every vehicle should have the best tires to support its performance. It is not difficult for vehicles’ owners because nowadays they can find tires with top qualities everywhere. There are some best tire brands that must have been familiar to vehicles’ owners. For example, the popular brands are Uniroyal, BF Goodrich, and Michelin. And if vehicles’ owners make purchases of these tire brands, they can get an opportunity to claim a prize. The prize for every claimer is a reward card. To get this reward card, a claimer should visit TireRewardCenter.

Tire Reward Center is an official portal for customers of the best tire brands in the world. This portal is available at www.tirerewardcenter.com. On this online portal, customers are able to create accounts and submit redemptions. It means a customer should create an account on Tire Rewards Center before he or she submits redemption. After the redemption, customers will be able to claim reward cards. For the current period, the reward cards are worth 70 dollars. But there is a possibility that the amount will change after this period has ended. So, this is how it works. For example, customers make purchases for Michelin tires. Then, they can create the account on the TireRewardCenter portal. If they have got an account, they can submit redemption. After that, they will be able to claim reward cards. If they use the reward cards, they can get a Michelin tire rebate at the next purchases.

TireRewardCenter login
TireRewardCenter survey and login image from https://www.tirerewardcenter.com/Uniroyal/Login.aspx

To access the portal, customers can use many kinds of devices. They can use portable or non-portable devices. It is because Tire Reward Portal provides an application for mobile users. So, people can reach this online portal by the website or by a mobile application. Both of the versions are great and useful. Apart from the easiness, it has some more benefits. If customers come to this portal, they can choose one of three famous brands. Such as Uniroyal, BF Goodrich, and Michelin. Every brand will give its reward cards to customers. In short, the portal is a home for the reward centers of these three famous tire brands.

Tirerewardcenter Steps
Tirerewardcenter Steps to Log in the Account

Well, those three tire brands are different. Uniroyal is a tire manufacturer from the United States. It also produces synthetic rubber stuffs and several military items. This company is a  subsidiary of Michelin. Uniroyal is famous  with its Tiger Paw tire. Even the mascot of this brand is an animation of a male tiger. The slogan of this brand is For Everything You Value. Next, BF Goodrich is another brand related to Michelin. BF Goodrich was an aerospace manufacturer in the United States. But then this company merged with Uniroyal and Michelin bought this merged company. BF Goodrich’s slogan was Take Control. Then, Michelin itself is a French company. It produces tires as well. This brand is popular worldwide. Michelin has made several inventions. It is including the removable tire and the radial tire. Michelin has a slogan, that is A Better Way Forward.

What You Should Know About Reward Cards of Tire Reward Center

As we have stated before, each of those three tire brands will give a reward card per customer. If you are one of the customers of these brands, you will be able to get a reward card based on the tire brand that you have just purchased. After the purchasing, you can submit your redemption. There are two ways of submitting redemption. The first way is by submitting online. The second method is submitting via mailing. If you submit the redemption online, you can go to the portal. But if you want offline submission, you should submit the recent receipt of your tire purchases. Besides, you should give your personal information and your contact details for offline submission. If you choose mailing submissions, Tire Reward Center Portal will send your reward card. So, you will have to wait for a few days before you get this reward card.

Well, it is necessary to know about the reward cards. For further information about the reward cards, you can read the following explanation.

  1. Customers are only able to have 30 days for submitting redemption. The chance for submitting redemption will start after the promotion has ended. If the redemption is successful, customers can get the reward card.
  2. A reward card is a debit card. It is a prepaid card. It means you will have a load in this card as the amount of the reward. So, you can only use this card if you have a balance on it. To make it safe, you will be able to track the balance on your card. For tracking the balance, you can visit www.tirerewardcenter.com/rewardcard.
  3. You will not be able to use a reward card for ATMs.
  4. Before you use a rewards card, you must be able to activate it first. For the activation, you can go to the official portal. Otherwise, you can try to contact the customer service representatives at 1-866-266-8852 to activate it. Then, you will need to create 4 digits of Pin Number for your reward card.
  5. These reward cards are usable for purchases in two ways. The first way is by selecting debit. If you select debit, then you can enter the PIN Number. But if you select credit, you can sign afterward. You can use these cards worldwide at certain locations that accept these cards. The locations can be spas, restaurants, and salons. Moreover, you can use the reward card to buy gas. The amount you purchase will get deducted from your reward card in an automatic way.
  6. If you buy certain items that will cost you more than the amount of your balance on your reward card, you just have to pay for the difference. For example, you got to pay for $80 for your tire purchases. So, you can just pay using your $70 Reward Card. Then, you should add $10 cash as the remaining amount.
  7. This reward card has an expired date. To know the expired date, you can see the Valid Thru printed on the front part of your reward card. There will be a month name there. So, your reward card will get expired on the last day of it. If your reward card has expired, it means you will not be able to use it again. Every transaction you make with the reward card will get rejected.
  8. If you lose your reward card, you can ask for help from the customer service representatives. You may contact them via phone calls so that you can get the replacement card as fast as possible.

Things You Should Prepare for Creating Accounts at TireReward Portal

As you know, you cannot just claim your reward after the purchases. It is obligatory for you to create an account on Tire Reward Center first. If you do not have an account on this online portal, it will be impossible for you to get the reward card. So, to make it easier for you before creating accounts, you would better prepare the following things:

  1. A receipt

The most important thing you should prepare before you create an account is a receipt. You can only get this receipt after you have made purchases. The receipt will be valid for redemption if you have purchased a set of tires with one of the available brands. It means you can buy a set of tires from Uniroyal, BF Goodrich, or Michelin. Further, the receipt will have several details on it. You can use the details when you are trying to make account on this survey.

Next, this receipt will be valid for once. And one receipt is only for one reward card. It means a customer will only be able to create an account. So, after you get a reward card, you will not be able to use it again. And even after you have used all the balance on your reward card, you will not be able to reload it.

  1. A device

A device is a must. It is because this portal will need you to come online. Thus, you should prepare the things for going online. One of the things needed for going online is a device. There are no strict rules about the device that you can use. It means you can use a device that is the most affordable for you. For example, you have a personal computer for accessing online. So, you can use it as long as it is convenient for you. But you must make sure you can prepare an electric socket if you want this personal computer as your device. If you needed a simpler device, you can use a laptop.

If you use a laptop, you do not have to prepare an electric socket. There is a battery for your laptop, so you will be able to take advantage of the battery life. But, you must consider preparing some spaces for your laptop. The size of your laptop is not so small although it is portable. If you need handy and portable devices, you may use a smartphone or a tablet. These devices will be able to access the portal page with great qualities. After you can get a device, you should prepare a browser as well. This browser will help to reach the page of the portal.

  1. The internet connection

Next, you should have the internet connection ready for claiming the reward. Before you use it, you must make sure that your internet connection is stable and fast. It is necessary to have the stable and fast internet connection. It is because stable internet connection will keep you on that portal without difficulties. But if your internet connection is not stable, it will lose its connection in a sudden. Of course, it will disturb your claiming process. Furthermore, if your internet runs slow connection, it will take a long time to load the pages of Tire Reward Center Portal. It means you will not be able to save your time. Thus, be certain about the quality of your internet connection. Your internet connection will be one of the factors of your successful redemption on the portal pages.

Step by Step to Sign Up at TireReward Portal

After you can prepare the things you need for joining the survey, now you can make your first step. You should sign up before you can submit your redemption online. Besides, you will be able to track your reward status if you have an account on this online portal. The steps to sign up to TireReward Center are not difficult. But if you feel that way, you can use the following instructions. We have prepared a guideline on signing up to the portal. But, you must be sure that your device is ready to use. If it is ready, you can connect your device to the internet. Then, you may launch your browser. Well, if everything is ready, let us do it! Here are the steps that you can take:

  1. Go to www.tirerewardcenter.com

To start your step, you should go to the official step of the portal. The web address is at the portal. Once you reach the portal page, you will see three pictures of different tires. Those tires have different brands. From the left to the right picture, you will see Michelin, BF Goodrich, and Uniroyal.

  1. Select a tire brand

Now, you can select one of the brands available there. You must select one picture based on the tire brand that you have just bought. This way, you will be able to get to another page of the portal.

  1. Click “Get Started” button

If you have entered the reward center of the brand which you have selected, you can start it. You can just click “Get Started” button. Then, it will take you to the Sign In page. Here, you can use “New to the Site?” question. You can locate this question under the Sign In field. Then, if you “Go!” button that link, you will get help to create an account on the portal. This way, you can give your personal information.

  1. Complete personal information

After clicking “Go!” button, the page will load and show you the blank form. Well, this is the first form that you must complete this time. The details that you must give are your first name, your last name, your email address, and a password. This is a special password for your account. You must create by yourself. At least, there will be seven characters that you must enter. After that, you must fill in your home address. This will include the address, app / suite number, city, states, ZIP code, Area, Prefix, and Extension. You will have to select the way you want to get informed. You can choose between email and text.

Next, you should choose your promotion. There are six options and you can select one of them. Such as Michelin TBC Retail, Michelin Big O, Michelin Pep Boys, Michelin Sears, Michelin IMSA Mid-Ohio, Michelin Honda Acura. Every promotion will have its own promotion periods. There will be information about the expired date of each promotion as well. If all fields are complete, you may click Next button.

  1. Give information about your vehicle and tire

Then, you will have to give information about your vehicle and tire on the portal. The information about tire will include the following things:

  • The number of the tire you are eager to promote,
  • How well you understand about the brand,
  • Reasons why you choose Michelin tire,
  • Advantages of using tires from Michelin,
  • Recommend the guarantee, prices, qualities, etc.

Next, you will have to give information about the vehicle that you have. You can inform which vehicle that will use the tire you have purchased. Besides, you can give more details about your vehicle. Such as the model and types of your vehicle, the year of your vehicle, and the date when you have purchased your vehicle.

  1. Submit the form

If the information is complete, you will be able to submit it. Do not forget to tick the box there if you are eager to get notification via email. This notification will inform you about the latest promotions and offers from Michelin. Moreover, you will get reminded about your tire rotation. For the last step, you may click Submit button.

How to Claim Rewards on TireReward Center Portal

There are two methods that you can take for claiming rewards from TireRewardCenter. The first is using the offline method. It means you do not have to go online. You just need to submit your receipt and personal details. The second method is the online method. There are several steps that you should take if you want this online method. Here is the guideline for you:

  1. Go to www.tirerewardcenter.com

The first step is to go to the site. Then, choose the brand of your tires. It will load another page for you.

  1. Sign In to the account

Once you reach the reward center of the brand, you can sign in to your account. Use your email address and the password that you have created last time. Then, you can click Sign In button

  1. Upload receipt

Then, you should upload the image of your receipt. This receipt will be the proof that you really have purchased the tire from Uniroyal, Michelin, or BF Goodrich.

  1. Enter your personal details

After that, you can complete your personal details. You must give your valid address because this portal will send the reward there. If you have submitted the redemption, you should wait for several weeks to receive the reward card.

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