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Subway Restaurant provides an online survey portal named Tellsubway. Then you can give your suggestions and criticisms through the survey. Restaurants always want to present a satisfactory service for consumers. So they need to know the wishes and complaints of consumers. One way to find out what consumers want is through online surveys. There the company presents questions about the service in the restaurant. They hope to get information related to your satisfaction with the service. Furthermore, you do not just survey. But you can join the Free Cookie Day Subway program. At the end of the survey, you will get a code that you can redeem with Free Cookie. So what are you waiting for? Let’s take advantage ahead of you.

About Subway Restaurant.

Subway Restaurant is a famous sandwich restaurant. The sandwich is a popular food among the community, especially young people. As such, they have outlets around the world. Founder of Subway Restaurant named Peter Buck. They opened their first business in Bridgeport, Connecticut with an initial investment of $1000. Subway Restaurant serves fresh, reasonably priced food. Thus bread becomes increasingly favored by society. Then in 1974, they opened the first franchise restaurant exactly 16 stores. To date, they have more than 40,000 restaurant chains around the world. This is a great thing.


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The Conditions to follow Tell Subway.

Subway survey is a restaurant online poll. This survey has simpler rules than other surveys. Then you just have to pay attention to this rules. Furthermore, you can find out the validity of your survey. We suggest you do not violate the rules of the survey we mentioned. Because of course, you do not want to get into trouble in the future because of your actions. Violation of regulation can cancel the reward you will receive. Because the company wants to get a clean and legal consumer to get rewards. After you do a survey, you will immediately get a Free Cookie. Here is the Subway Survey rule.

  1. Age restrictions to the Survey.

First, you need to understand the age-related rules. Each country has different rules regarding one’s age. But most countries set the age of 18 as a legally recognized age. So at the age of 18, you can be legally responsible. Or you are not immune to the law. So any violation you make can bring consequences for you. Then the company wants to get the right and logical advice from you. At that age, the company can consider your suggestions and criticisms. It is because the age of 18 years is the age of a person is considered mature.

  1. Eligible citizenship does the survey.

Secondly, you should pay attention to eligible citizenship rules for conducting surveys. Tell Subway Survey has different citizenship rules. Then the website does not clearly mention the eligible citizenship survey. But on the start page of the survey, there are some countries that are not eligible to follow the survey. They are Venezuela, Bolivia, Kuwait, Oman, UAE and Saudi Arabia. So not all consumers can do this survey. Although you can find subway outlets in your country. So before doing this survey, make sure the survey offer is valid in your country. Because we do not want you to do the survey in vain so it does not give you any benefit.

  1. Your position at Subway Restaurant.

Third, discuss the rules about your position as a restaurant employee. Usually, companies set rules that employees should not follow the survey. But, this survey did not mention clearly the rules. So we suggest you keep trying this opportunity. If in the end, you are not eligible to survey, you do not lose anything. If you have never done this survey, you should read our guide. Because we will help you complete the survey smoothly. Then you will soon get your free cookie.

  1. Terms of the Rewards.
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Next, you need to read the reward-related rules you will get after the survey. So as a form of appreciation, the company rewards you. So you will get Free Cookie from the company. Once you have surveyed, the validation code will appear soon. Then you should record the code on your Subway receipt. Furthermore, you can redeem your coupon with the reward at the nearest outlet. Remember, you can only survey once a day. Then you should pay attention to the expiration date of your validation code. Usually, this code appears under the validation code. So you must redeem your coupon before the expiry date. Because after the expiry date, your validation code is invalid. So you will lose the chance of getting a free cookie.

Preparation before Taking Tell Subway.

Have you read all the survey rules ?. After you read the rules, of course you know the validity of your survey. You can judge that the rules on this survey are not too complicated. You should only be 18 years of age or older to be able to join the survey. Then there are no special rules that prohibit employees to participate in the survey. So this rule is beneficial for employees and their families. Because the survey is often limited to consumers only. While all parties who have a working relationship directly or indirectly with the company, not eligible conduct survey. Next step you should be to prepare some online survey needs. Because Tell Subway is an online survey. Here are some of the needs to do a survey on the website address.

  1. Prepare the device to do the survey.

Before doing the survey, you need to prepare survey tools. Because Tell Subway is not a survey that uses a questionnaire which you need to fill out with your handwriting. But Tellsubway is an online survey. So to be able to do surveys, you must have a device. Here you can choose to use any survey tool. However, you should consider the device according to your capabilities and needs. If you need a practical device, then you do not need to use a computer or laptop. But you can use android phone and tablet more practical. So you can carry the device wherever you go. But if you want to look wider website, you can use a computer or laptop. Basically, you should focus on doing the survey. You only take a minute to complete the survey.

  1. Prepare an internet connection to access the Survey Site.

Secondly, you should prepare an internet connection to access the survey website. Without using an internet connection, your device can not access the survey page. So you have to provide an internet provider. An internet provider is an internet service provider for your device. Before choosing an internet provider, identify the capabilities of your device. Then you have to make sure your provider can reach your location. Because if the internet service has not supported your location, then your internet signal will be weak. It may even be that your device can not capture internet signals.

  1. Prepare your English skills.

Third, prepare your English proficiency. If your English proficiency is good, then your survey will be easier. Because on this survey does not provide language options. So you can only do surveys in English. You do not have to worry about your poor language skills. Because you can overcome your shortcomings in various ways. Suppose you bought a language dictionary. Then you ask for help from your friends who can speak English. Next, you can translate the question using google translate. So we just tell you what you should do.

  1. Prepare a valid receipt from Subway Restaurant.
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Finally, you need to prepare your receipts from the restaurant. So you need to do the transaction in Subway first. Then you will get proof of payment from the restaurant. On the survey page, you should enter the information about your visit to the restaurant. For example like a restaurant code. The restaurant code has been listed on your receipt. So if you lose your receipt, then you can not enter on the survey page. Remember, your receipt has an expiration date. So after the expiry date, your restaurant code is invalid. So the expiration date of your receipt is 30 days after you make the transaction. So once you get a receipt, you should immediately conduct a survey.

How can I finish Tell Subway Survey?

Have you completed the preparation of your survey ?. If you have prepared for the survey, then you can start the survey. As a wise consumer, of course, you do not hesitate to give suggestions or criticism to the restaurant. Because by giving your comments, the company can improve their service. But you must provide honest comments according to the actual conditions. Because if your comments are fictitious, then restaurant improvements will not be achieved. So that circumstance can affect customer satisfaction. Your experience while enjoying food can be the basis for commenting. If necessary you can provide solutions to the problems you find in restaurants. Here are the steps to do the survey.

  1. Visit the official website.

First, you should visit the official website page. You can use the official address or survey keywords. If you use a website address, you should write the address on your search engine. If you use keywords, you do not go directly to the survey website. Because usually, you should choose a survey website on the search engine homepage. Here are the website address and keyword.


  1. Enter your restaurant code.

Secondly, you need to prepare your legitimate receipts. Because on the first page you have to enter the restaurant code. To the right of the column, you can see the picture of the receipt. Then you can see an example of where the restaurant code in the picture. So you’ll find it easier to find the restaurant code on your receipt. If you still have not found a receipt, then you do not have to worry. You can use the button below the submit button. If you have found the restaurant code, enter the code correctly. Check your code again. Make sure your code in accordance with your purchase receipt. Then click on the submit button to continue to the next page.

  1. Enter information about your visit to Subway Restaurant.

Third, you should include some information about your visit. On the second page, you will see some columns of information. First, you must enter the date and time you visit the restaurant. Secondly, you must enter your payment method. All information you can see on your receipt. So if your receipt is lost, of course, you will find it difficult when answering survey questions. If you have answered the question, check back your answer. Make sure your answer is correct.

  1. Do your survey now.

On the next page, you can start your survey. Here the survey portal will present questions in English. Then the survey question is an easy question. Usually, you have to answer the question in the form of scale. Then they also provide multiple choice questions. So you will more easily answer all survey questions. The survey question is about the service at Subway Restaurant. So you have to remember your experience while enjoying the food there. Here is a question on Tell subway survey.

  • First, you must answer the question with multiple choice answers. The first question is about your method of making payments. So you only need to choose one of 3 types of payment. First, pay with cash. Secondly, pay by credit card. Thirdly, pay by debit card.
  • Secondly, you must answer the question in scale. So you have to answer your possibility of recommending subway. Here they provide a scale of 1 to 10. The smallest scale shows you do not want to recommend subway to others. While the largest scale suggests you are eager to recommend a restaurant to others.
  • Third, you need to answer questions about your overall satisfaction. Here you have to question the scale. Then the concept of this question is almost the same as the previous question. If you feel satisfied, then give the highest scale. Meanwhile, if you are not satisfied, then give a low scale.
  • Fourth, you can provide an assessment of some parts of the service. Here your assessment shows your satisfaction level. The concept of this question is similar to the previous question. Simply provide value according to your experience of getting service at the restaurant. First, you must give an assessment of the speed of service at the restaurant. Second, the friendliness of the team that serves you in the restaurant. Third, the cleanliness of the place to eat. The cleaner places to eat, the more comfortable you will be. Finally, you must provide an assessment of the payment and the price of the product.
  • Fifth, you can enter your comments on the available fields, you can tell the important events in the restaurant. The incident that bothers you or events that are amazing to you.
  • Finally, you have to confirm the frequency of your visit to the restaurant.
  1. Write down the validation code that appears on the screen of your device.
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After you do a survey, the validation code will appear on your screen. Then you should note the validation code on the available space on the receipt. Thus you now have a Subway coupon.

  1. Redeem your coupon to the nearest Subway outlet.

Finally, you can redeem your coupon at the nearest Subway outlet. Then you must redeem the coupon before the expiry date. Do not let you regret it if you lose the chance of getting a free cookie. So after you do the survey, we suggest you immediately claim your reward. Remember, you are prohibited from doubling and giving your coupon to someone else.

Subway Customer Service.

If you have any questions, you can contact the restaurant. That way you can express your opinions and questions to them. Here are some ways you can contact Subway Restaurant.

  1. Customer Service Phone Numbers.

If you have an important and urgent problem, then call the customer service. Below is the Subway Customer Service number.


  1. You can read Subway FAQ page.

First, you just need to enter the Subway official website. Then you have to select the FAQS menu. On that page, you will find some frequently asked questions. Or maybe you can give another question to the company. Here is a link to the Subway website page.

  1. You can leave a comment on the website.

So you just need to enter the restaurant website. There you have to choose to contact us menu. Next press on the submenu Restaurant feedback. Then you have to enter some information about your visit to the restaurant. Then you can leave messages on the website in 3000 characters. Here is a Subway Restaurant website.

  1. Social Media Subway Restaurant.
  • Facebook : https: // _rdc = 1 & _rdr
  • Instagram : https: // = en
  • Youtube : https: //
  • Twitter : https: // = en
  • Subculture : https: //

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