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How does it feel to enjoy some tasty foods for free at a nice restaurant? It must be very satisfying, right? Well, Ruby Tuesday offers you a chance to have special foods for free if you take part in Ruby Tuesday Guest Satisfaction Survey. You only need to use a recent purchase receipt that you have received from Ruby Tuesday restaurant. Then, you can follow the instructions given for you. There is a survey invitation section on this purchase receipt. it will ask you to visit Tellrubytuesday to take a guest satisfaction survey there. You may Tell Ruby Tuesday about your visit experience last time to this restaurant. After you have answered the questions on the website, you will get a validation code. After that, you may use it as your Ruby Tuesday coupon. it means, there will be a special prize for you for participating in this survey.

You can find more information about Ruby Tuesday Guest Satisfaction Survey in this article. Besides, there are more beneficial things to know about Ruby Tuesday restaurant. so, enjoy reading!

tellrubytuesday survey website

tellrubytuesday survey website

About Ruby Tuesday

Ruby Tuesday is a restraint chain served American cuisines. This restaurant brand is run by Ruby Tuesday, Inc. it is a retail company which provides food service on a multinational scale. Ruby Tuesday restaurant began in 1972. Samuel E. Beal III was the founder of this restaurant. He was also known as Sandy Beall as well. He opened the first location of Ruby Tuesday in Knoxville, Tennessee. Bob Hop suggested Sandy Beall name his restaurant as Ruby Tuesday because he got inspiration from a song popularized by The Rolling Stones. The song title was Ruby Tuesday.

The concept of this Ruby Tuesday restaurant was casual dining. It means there are healthy foods that you can find easily at this place. There are some menu items that you may enjoy here, such as burger, pasta, chicken, ribs, steak, seafood, salad bar, soup, and some more items. Besides, Ruby Tuesday also serves a special menu for kids. This way, you can take your kids o this restaurant without worrying much about what they consume. Moreover, you can order catering menu or TueGo menu if you need to purchase big servings of Ruby Tuesday menu items.


tellrubytuesday survey steps

Steps to Take Part in Ruby Tuesday Guest Satisfaction Survey

There are some steps that you should take if you want to participate in tell Ruby Tuesday survey. If you have prepared your Ruby Tuesday Receipt, you may use the steps below as your guideline.

  1. Go to Tellrubytuesday survey website

First, you must go to the official website of Ruby Tuesday Guest Satisfaction Survey. the address of the website is When you have reached this survey website, you will be able to see the home page appear in English. It is the default language of this page. Moreover, there are no alternative languages provided here. It means you will not be able to change the language setting into other languages.

  1. Enter Survey Number
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Second, you can enter the survey number in the provided field. This number is available on your Ruby Tuesday purchase receipt. You will find it in the section of Ruby Tuesday survey invitation. it has 16 digits in length. However, you should make sure that your Ruby Tuesday survey number is still valid. In case you do not know, this survey invitation will be expired after 3 days of your purchase date. Hence, you should check the validity of your Ruby Tuesday survey number before you enter it in the survey number field. Otherwise, Ruby Tuesday guest satisfaction survey website will reject your request to take this survey.

  1. Answer Ruby Tuesday Survey Questions

Third, you may answer the questions which show up on this Ruby Tuesday guest satisfaction survey website. There will be several questions that you can answer based on your true visit experience at Ruby Tuesday restaurant. you may give rates to several statements to show if you feel satisfied or unsatisfied. Besides, you can type some elaborations in the provided field. The questions are about Ruby Tuesday food qualities, restaurant interior, cleanliness, employees’ behaviors, and some more questions.

  1. Write Down the Validation Code

Finally, you will get a validation code at the end of Tellrubytuesday survey. You can write down the code on your Ruby Tuesday purchase receipt. You can find a space for this validation code on the receipt. After you have written the code down, you can use it along with the purchase receipt as your Ruby Tuesday coupon. it means you can take this coupon to any Ruby Tuesday restaurant locations. Hence, you may come to the location where you have got the receipt or other Ruby Tuesday locations. Then, you may redeem the coupon to get the offer printed on your Ruby Tuesday purchase receipt. Remember that the validation code will be valid for 90 days since you take Ruby Tuesday guest satisfaction survey. If you have not redeemed this coupon after 90 days, you will miss your chance to enjoy the special offer from Ruby Tuesday restaurant as the survey reward.

How to Get Deals and Coupons from Ruby Tuesday

Are you wondering how to get Ruby Tuesday deals and coupons? We have the tips for you in the following list. Just check them out.

  1. Take part in Ruby Tuesday Survey

You can receive a coupon automatically if you take part in Tellrubytuesday Survey. You just need to respond to several survey questions on the survey website. After you have done the survey, you will get a validation code that will work as Ruby Tuesday Coupon Code. Then, you can redeem the code to get the offer printed on your Ruby Tuesday purchase receipt. The offer can be a 50% discount of BOGO menu item, a free appetizer, free desserts, etc.

  1. Access Website

Ruby Tuesday official website will give you much information about the newest deals available at this restaurant. You can just pick which deal that you prefer the most.

  1. Visit Local restaurant

If you visit any local Ruby Tuesday restaurants, you will get valid information about deals and coupons that you can get directly. This will save your time and energy as you can get the answers right from Ruby Tuesday restaurant employees.

  1. Join So Connected Email Club
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The easiest way to receive Ruby Tuesday deals and offers is by joining So Connected Email Club. Once you sign up this club, you will get a free appetizer with purchase.

  1. Find Deal Sites

You may try to find Ruby Tuesday Coupons via online deal sites. You can visit such sites on the internet. Just be careful of any fraudulence attempts as the internet has a lot of unsafe sites.

The procedure to Join So Connected Email Club

You can easily receive Ruby Tuesday Rewards after you have joined So Connected Email Club. You may receive a free appetizer, free birthday burgers, or exclusive offers from this club. To make it easy for customers who want to join So Connected Email Club, Ruby Tuesday also provided a registration form on a pop-up page. You will see this page once you reach this Join So Connected Email Club. So, you can fill in this registration form directly on the website home page. However, you can do the following steps if you have closed the pop-up page.

  1. Go to

Firstly, you must go to Ruby Tuesday restaurant website at This website will be the only place where you can sign up this email club.

  1. Click So Connected Email Club

Secondly, you may click a button of So Connected Email Club. This button will direct you to the registration page of So Connected email club.

  1. Complete Registration Form

Thirdly, you can complete the registration form provided on the page. This form requires some information for you. What you can fill in in this form is:

  • Contact Information

The first section is about your contact information. You should submit your contact information in this registration form. For example, first name, last name, email address, home address. You can tell your city name, state name, and ZIP or Postal code to complete the information of your home address. Besides, you may inform your birth date and gender.

  • Pick a Location

The second section is for Ruby Tuesday location. You can pick a location that you like the most. In this section, there are 2 drop-down fields where you can select the state and the location address.

  • Select your preferred offers

The third section is to specify what kinds of Ruby Tuesday offers that you are eager to receive. You can select all of the options or only some of them. The options are new menu items, limited time offers, special promotions, kids programs, gift cards, TueGo programs, catering program, and nutritional information. every option has 2 choices whether you can tick Yes or No.

  1. Join So Connected

Lastly, you can click a button to Join So Connected Email Club. This button is available under the registration form. After that, this button can process your registration request. If it is successful, you can be ready to receive a lot of offers and rewards from Ruby Tuesday restaurant.

Tips to Search Ruby Tuesday Locations

If you need to find Ruby Tuesday locations easily, you can connect your mobile device to the internet. Then, you can try some ways below.

  1. Ruby Tuesday Store Locator
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If you need to use Ruby Tuesday Store Locator, you should go to Ruby Tuesday website. Then, you can operate the store locator using the following steps.

  • Go to

Firstly, you should go to to reach the official website of Ruby Tuesday restaurant.

  • Find A Location Near You

Secondly, you will find a sign to Find A Location Near You. it is on the menu bar. It means you do not have to scroll down the website home page to find this sign.

  • Enter Location Information

Thirdly, you may enter the location information of Ruby Tuesday restaurant that you are going to visit. You should enter the information in the search field. The information needed here can be a city, state, or ZIP code.

  • Click Go

Lastly, you can click Go. This button is next to the search field. If you have entered the location information, you must hit this button. Then, it will take you to the page of Ruby Tuesday Store Locator.

Ruby Tuesday Store Locator is a tool that will give you help to find Ruby Tuesday restaurant address, restaurant phone number, and restaurant hours. in addition, you can use this store locator to get TueGo menu, catering menu, and Bar menu. It is also possible to use this locator to place your order online. Moreover, there is a feature that will give you information about the direction to reach the location of Ruby Tuesday restaurant that you want.

  1. Search Engine

Another way to find the nearest Ruby Tuesday restaurant is through Search Engine. You can just launch the browser installed in your device. Next, you need to provide some keywords about Ruby Tuesday restaurant location that you are looking for. After that, you will get the search result within some seconds only. The results will be in the form of a list of recommended Ruby Tuesday restaurant locations that you may need to visit.

How to Contact Ruby Tuesday Customer Service

Did you experience any problems during your visit to Ruby Tuesday restaurant? You can use the following methods to contact Ruby Tuesday Customer Service.

  1. Website

You may submit your feedbacks from Ruby Tuesday on the restaurant website. You can just visit the website at Then, fill in the feedback form on the website.

  1. Email

Ruby Tuesday has an email address that you can use if you have inquiries about its website privacy policy. The address is

  1. Mailing

If you want to tell your feedback via some letters for Ruby Tuesday, you can send the letters to the following address:

Ruby Tuesday Restaurant Support Center

333 East Broadway Avenue

Maryville, Tennessee, 37804

The United States.

  1. Phone

There is not official Ruby Tuesday Phone Number that you can use to contact its customer service. Thus, you’d better contact the local Ruby Tuesday restaurant if you find any problems with your visit there. Or, you can just talk to employees of Ruby Tuesday corporate office to 865-379-5700.

  1. Social media

Use your social media to send your comments about Ruby Tuesday. The following links will help you reach Ruby Tuesday social media pages.

  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:
  • Instagram:


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