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Do you have a recent Racetrac receipt? Do not waste it, then. You can use that receipt to join Racetrac survey. You can tell RaceTrac about your latest experience at one of Racetrac stores. The survey portal name is TellRacetrac. If you take part in this survey, you can help Racetrack to grow better. What does it mean? You can tell that you are happy to be with there. You may give your compliments. Then, you may share how satisfied you are with the services. Besides, you can be honest about your awful experience at Racetrac store. You may say that the cleanliness has made you annoyed. Or else, the merchandises you get are overpriced. You may voice out all of those things. By reading your feedbacks, Racetrac can make some moves to improve its qualities. It will do some betterment in several crucial aspects to satisfy its customers.

By the way, here is a bit about Racetrac. Racetrac is a company name from the United States. Its legal name is Racetrac Petroleum, Inc. But, people often know it as Racetrac. Carl Bolch Sr. founded this business in 1934. He named it Carl Bolch Trackside Stations before it is popular as Racetrac. This nationwide company operates retail chains. Thus, you can find more than 600 Racetrac stores in 12 states. Most of the stores are in southern or southeastern states. Further, about 7450 people are working at this company. Besides, the headquarters is in Atlanta, Georgia. Then, this company provides gasoline stations and convenience stores at once. So, you can fill your empty fuel tank and go get some snacks and drinks afterward. Moreover, it runs four divisions. For instance it has Racetrac, RaceWay, Metroplex Energy, and Energy Dispatch.

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Tell Racetrac survey
Tell Racetrac survey and login from

Things You Must Prepare Before Taking Racetrac Survey

In case you like to be a part of the survey, you should prepare several things. There are certain things you must consider as this is an online survey. Besides, having some things ready will smooth your way to take part in Racetrac Customer Satisfaction Survey. It is because good preparation will keep you away from getting technical difficulties. You will help yourself by making good preparation before the survey begins. The things you will need are:

  1. A receipt from Racetrac

A Racetrac receipt is important to have. It can be a receipt from Racetrac fuel pump or from a Racetrac store. You will be able to find the survey details on the receipt. The receipt should have a survey invitation code. The code will be the key for you to enter the survey portal. You can only take part in the survey if you have the survey invitation code. If your receipt does not have the invitation code, it means you cannot use the receipt.

You will not be able to enter the survey portal without the survey code. Then, you must make sure that the receipt is recent. Moreover, it should be valid. Then, you should notice that the code perhaps will get expired after several days have passed. It is possible that you might forget about joining the survey. Thus, you do not want to join it late. To avoid getting it late, you must take part in Racetrac survey as fast as possible.

  1. a device

A device will be beneficial to access the survey portal. You can use a laptop, a personal computer, a smartphone or a tablet. You may choose which one fits your condition. A laptop or a personal computer will be better, though. The survey portal will show the desktop versions in an outstanding way. Thus, we recommend you to use a laptop or a personal computer. But, a smartphone and a tablet are helpful as well. You can use one of them. They will show the mobile versions of the survey.

On the other hand, the mobile versions are not as outstanding as the desktop versions. Despite the differences, all of the device types can access the survey portal. Make sure you have installed the browser there. If you think your device does not have a browser yet, then you can install it first. You will not be able to access the portal of the survey if you do not use a browser.

  1. the internet

Next, you must have the internet connection. You will need it to access the survey portal of Racetrac. As this is an online survey, you must have this thing ready. The internet will take you to the survey portal in a smooth way. But, you must make sure first that the connection and the speed are great. The unstable connection will prevent you from doing the survey well. You can lose the connection in a sudden. And that is not good. Further, the internet speed will be another factor. Low speed will take more times to load the page. You will find it difficult to turn to the next page. It means it will waste your time. This Racetrac survey will not take much time if the internet connection is awesome.

  1. an ability to understand English or Spanish

The survey portal has provided two languages. The languages here are English and Spanish. That is the alternative way if respondents are not able to understand English. So, they can use Spanish instead. This survey will not test your language understanding, though. You do not have to worry about this thing. You will have to prepare your basic ability to understand the survey questions. The survey will use simple vocabularies. So, respondents will not get difficulties during the survey process.

The Steps To Do at RaceTrac Survey

Now that you have understood about the requisites, it is time to know about the steps. You do not have to be afraid. The steps are not confusing. We believe it will be easy for you to do the survey. You can finish doing it in a few minutes. If you are not sure, you can use the following guideline. You can read it first. Once you understand, you may start it. Here we go!

tellracetrac survey guideline step by step
  1. Go to

Open your browser and start to access the survey portal. You can do it from the official website of Racetrac at Otherwise, you can make the steps shorter by going to Then, it will load the page to the home page of the survey. You will see some information there and a Next button. You can press the Next button whenever you are ready.

  1. Select the language

Then, you can select the language. As we have stated before, there are two available languages here. Though the page will show up in English, you can change it if you want. Here, you will see two language buttons. You must choose between English and Spanish. If you want English all the way, you can click English button. But, if you feel you are more comfortable to use Spanish, you can click Spanish button. It will change the entire survey pages into Spanish. Remember! You will not find the setting button in the middle of the survey. It means you will not be able to change language setting if you find it difficult. So, be certain of what you choose. You do not want to regret it later, right? If you have chosen the language, you may click Next button.

  1. Fill in the store number

After that, fill in the store number. You can locate Racetrac store number on the top part of your receipt. On the survey page, you will see two receipt examples. Those are Racetrac store receipt and Racetrac fuel pump receipt. Those receipts have the same format. So, you do not have to confuse them. If you have filled in the correct store number, you can click Next button.

  1. Fill in the other details

Next, you should fill other details. You can find these details on your receipt. The details you must give here are:

  • your visit date

You can click the symbol of a calendar there. Then, choose the date based on the receipt details.

  • the amount you have spent

You must provide the total amount of your purchases at Racetrac stores or fuel pumps. Do not have to type the symbol of dollars. You can type the numbers only.

  • your visit time

There will be some time ranges on that page. You just have to click on one of the time ranges based on the details on your receipt.

If these details are complete, you may click the Next button.

  1. Answer the questions

Now, you can answer the questions.  Please answer all survey honestly. You do not have to think so hard about this step. It is because you can just recall what you have done there. You may tell your latest experience at Racetrac store or fuel pump. Besides, you can tell your opinion about it. You must be honest. Every feedback you give will be Racetrac evaluation. The management team will take your feedback as a serious thing. Then, you must rate some scales here. That is the way to answer the survey questions. You will read the questions will be about:

  • the items you have bought at Racetrac,
  • your overall satisfaction there,
  • details to improve Racetrac,
  • type of store items and fuel you have purchased,
  • some statements that represent your condition,
  • etc.

When all survey questions are complete, you can click Next button.

  1. Get the code

Then, the validation code will show up for you. You should write it down on your Racetrac receipt. Then, you can use it as your Racetrac coupon. You may redeem the coupon for a discount. Remember that you must make purchases to redeem it. Bring this coupon to a Racetrac store and show it the cashier. After that, you will get a discount for the items you purchase.

Racetrac Gas Cards benefit you!

Racetrac has operated in 12 different states. Every location of Racetrac must provide a Racetrac gas station. In case you want to fill your car tank, you can go there to get gasoline. You do not need to worry about Racetrac gas prices. That is because you can get gasoline at affordable prices. But, perhaps you are wondering, “How can I know the race track gas station near me?” The answer is easy. You can do it using the official website of Racetrac. You can just visit Then, search the location using Find a Racetrac field and it will show you the map. After that, you can type your location and search results will come out.

Though Racetrac has given low gasoline prices, you can save more. You can use a Racetrac gas card. It is not the same with Racetrac gift cards. In case you are wondering what Racetrac gift cards are, we have the information for you. A Racetrac gift card is a card for making purchases at Racetrac stores. The values are $5 up to $50. You can use it to purchase items from Racetrac, except gas. Meanwhile, Racetrac gas cards are only for purchasing gas.

Racetrac gas cards can make your purchasing simple. It can track your gas expenses. You do not even have to use a receipt.  So, you can limit and control your purchases. Your vehicle will get a card. Besides, the driver will get an ID. You can always get the report about the fuel purchasing every month. Then, you can control which items are purchasable with your gas card.

These gas cards have two versions. The first version is Racetrac Elite Card. The second one is Racetrac Universal Card. Both cards are the same in some aspects, such as 5¢ discount and acceptance in Racetrac and RaceWay locations. But, the difference is 90% of US retail locations can accept Racetrac Universal Card, but not Racetrac Elite Card. Further, you must pay for $2 every month if you are eager to use Racetrac Universal Card. Meanwhile, Racetrac Elite Card is free from fees. Moreover, you can get other benefits. The benefits are:

  • Rebates

During the first 90 days of using this card, you can save 5¢ for every gallon.

  • Security

Because you get the report every month, you will feel more secure about the purchases.

  • Bonus for Driver

A driver can get coffee or fountain beverage for 89¢. This will apply in every visit of Racetrac stores if the diver can show a key tag.

  • Purchase Controls

You can control what the driver buys at Racetrac stores online.

  • Superior Service

If you need help, you can contact customer service 24 hours every day.

  • Alternative Fuels

You can get offers of E-85 for Flex Fuel vehicles and Ethanol Free gasoline.

Things You Must Know About Racetrac App

Racetrac has launched a mobile app. You can download this app from Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Make sure you download this app because it is much great for you. You can do beneficial things with this app. It facilitates you with some features. The features of Racetrac app are:

  1. Mobile Payment

You can reload and add Racetrac Gift Card.

  1. Free Stuff

You will get a free drink if you can level up to the higher prize.

  1. Rewards

You can get points and redeemable Trac Swag

  1. Inside Trac

You will get digital rewards.

  1. Find Your Racetrac

You can use this as a Racetrac locator to find the nearest Racetrac location.

  1. Share the Wealth

You can give your reward to a friend.

  1. Live for Fun

RoadTrip in-app game will make you have some more fun.

How to Contact Racetrac Customer Service

For some reasons, people can feel the need to contact Racetrac customer service. It can be because they have experienced awful things during their visits. Or else, they want to ask for help about Racetrac services. And many more things can be the reasons. Racetrac has given some contacts in case customers need to tell them important information. So, you can reach Racetrac customer service representatives via:

  1. Phone

You can use this way if you really want urgent responses from Racetrac customer service representatives. There are some numbers you can dial based on the topic you want to tell. Here is the list:

  • 1-888-529-6578 is for Racetrac Gift Cards matters
  • 1-888-636-5589 is for Partnership and Guest Engagement
  1. Email

You can use email to share about your Racetrac experience. So, you may make it as specific as you want. You can do this way without a receipt. So you do not have to give receipt details. You can send your email to Racetrac to [email protected]

  1. Mailing

When you want to complain or make suggestions by mailing, it is possible as well. Racetrac store support center will be there for you. You can send your letters to the following address:

200 Galleria Parkway SE, Suite 900

Atlanta, Georgia, 30339

the United States

But, if you want to send your business letter, you can send it to:

3225 Cumberland Boulevard, Suite 100

Atlanta, Georgia, 30339

the United States

  1. Social Media

Further, if you want to get some updates from Racetrac, you check its social media account. You will get the latest information about Racetrac there. Besides, you will get informed in a real time. You do not have to be afraid the news is expired. You can follow the accounts using the links below:

  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:
  • Instagram:
  • LinkedIn: