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Did you just get an invitation to take part in Tellpopeyes Survey? in case you do not know about the invitation, you’d better check your recent purchase receipt from Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen restaurant. You will be able to find an invitation from Popeyes chicken survey on the back of the receipt. If you have found the invitation, you can simply follow the instruction printed on it. You may visit Popeyes survey website to give your responses related to your visit experience at Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen restaurant. Then, you will get a coupon code after you have completed the survey.

Besides, you can use this Popeyes Guest Satisfaction Survey as a mean to share your feedbacks about Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen restaurant. you may tell your honest opinion about the restaurant products, facilities, or services. If any conditions at Popeyes restaurant that may be disturbing you, it will be alight to tell it all thrush this Popeyes survey. After all, your feedbacks will mean so much for the restaurant. The management team will use it to improve restaurant qualities and create the more satisfying restaurant.

If you need more information about Tellpopeyes, you’d better not miss any detail about it in this article. Happy reading!

popeyes free chicken survey
popeyes free chicken survey

About Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen is a famous chicken restaurant chain with its Southern tastes. Apart from the tasty chicken, you can have another menu at this restaurant, such as Seafood, Sandwiches, Wraps, sauces and other Southern-culinary dishes. The restaurant started in 1972 when the first restaurant location was open in Arabi, Louisiana. However, the headquarters is in the process of moving to Miami, Florida now. It will not be difficult to find Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen because it has 3000 locations in 30 countries.

tellpopeyes survey
tellpopeyes survey steps

Rules of Popeyes Guest Satisfaction Survey

There are some rules you should know before you decide to take this Popeyes Guest Satisfaction Survey. The rules will help you understand what you should do or should not do if you want to take part in the Popeyes guest survey. thus, you need to read the rules below.

  1. Participants

Popeyes Guest Satisfaction Survey only allows participants with the following conditions:

  • All customers basically are able to take part in the Popeyes Guest Satisfaction Survey. however, you should realize that every responsible act considers you to have reached the minimum age in the place you are living in. make sure you know this before you take Popeyes guest survey.
  • You are one of the legal residents in the United States.
  • Each survey participant only has one chance to take this Popeyes guest survey in 30 days.
  1. Methods

There are 2 methods available to take part in the Popeyes guest survey. this is the explanation.

             by website

You can take the online survey by visiting the Popeyes guest survey website. Then, you can answer some survey questions before you enter some receipt information as your Popeyes survey code number. After you have done the survey, you will get a validation code that you can use to redeem the survey prize.

             by phone

if you prefer taking the Popeyes guest survey by phone, you can simply contact the Popeyes survey number at 1-877-POPEYES. You will be able to find the phone number in the survey invitation on your receipt. Then, you can answer the questions given to you. after that, you will receive a validation code from Popeyes free chicken survey.

  1. Reward

The reward from Popeyes guest survey is a validation code. You can use the code as your Popeyes coupon code. It means you will be able to redeem it if you take this coupon to any participating Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen restaurant. if the redemption is successful, you can enjoy 2 pieces of Popeyes chicken and a biscuit for free. But, you should buy a large Popeyes drink before you are able to redeem your Popeyes coupon code. For your information, you will not be able to combine this chicken coupon with any other Popeyes offers.

The prerequisites of Popeyes Free Chicken Survey

The important thing to do before you can take Popeyes Guest Satisfaction Survey is to make good preparation. This way, you can get the great experience with this Popeyes guest survey. It is not so difficult to make good preparation for Popeyes survey. You only need to have the following prerequisites ready before you share your feedbacks through Popeyes guest survey.

  1. A valid purchase receipt

You will need a valid purchase receipt from Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen restaurant. it is because the receipt has some information that you can use as Tellpopeyes Survey code. Besides, you should be aware of the validity of the receipt. After 2 days of your purchases at Popeyes restaurant, the receipt will not be useful for the Popeyes guest survey anymore.

  1. A device

A laptop, a smartphone, or any other devices with a browser in it will be able to access survey. you can use the most affordable one for you.

  1. The internet connection

You should provide an internet connection if you want to take this online survey. Be sure the connection can be fast and stable during the survey.

  1. English or Spanish ability

There are 2 languages available on Popeyes guest survey website. You can select one of them to take the survey. you’d better choose the language that has been familiar for you.

  1. A Pen

When you want to write down the validation code from the Popeyes guest survey, you can use the pen that you have prepared.

A guideline to take part in Tellpopeyes Survey

If you have got all of the prerequisites, it means you are ready to take the survey now. Popeyes Guest Satisfaction Survey is a simple survey that will only take about 5 minutes. So, you do not have any reasons to worry about wasting too much time on the survey website. Besides, all the steps that you can take here are easy. As long as you have prepared the prerequisites with good quality, you will not get stuck on the survey website for too long. Well, these are the steps of Popeyes Guest Satisfaction Survey that you should know.

  1. Go to Popeyes Survey website

First, must go to Popeyes Guest Satisfaction Survey website at you will get options related to feedback type and language once you have reached the website.

  1. Select a language

Second, you have a chance to change the language setting. When you can reach the website of Popeyes Guest Satisfaction Survey, you will be able that this website appears in English. But, this website also provides Spanish as an alternative language. So, if you prefer taking the Popeyes guest survey in Spanish, you can click the Español button on the lower part of the website. This way, the entire pages of the Popeyes guest survey website will turn into Spanish.

  1. Click Take Survey

Third, you will get 2 options on the first page of the website. You can choose one of the options to take Popeyes Guest Satisfaction Survey.

  • Take Survey

The first option is Take Survey. If you click this button, you will get directed to the next page of Popeyes guest survey website. It means you are ready to use the information on your Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen purchase receipt.

  • Continue

The second option is Continues. This button will take you to the feedback page of Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen website. You may take this option in case you do not have any receipt from a Popeyes restaurant. Moreover, you will not receive any validation code if you send your feedback through the restaurant website.

However, you are not supposed to take Popeyes guest survey invitation for granted. You can simply click Take Survey button to enter the survey website.

  1. Enter Receipt Information

Fourth, you will be able to view another page after you have clicked Take Survey button. This page requires you to enter some information printed on the purchase receipt of Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen. The receipt information will function as Tell popeyes survey code. Thus, you will not need to enter any unique survey invitation code on this page. besides, you can find a receipt example attached to this page. In case your receipt example is not the same as the one posted on the website, you can use other alternatives receipt examples. You may view the other examples by clicking a provided button under the blank fields.

Now, this is what you should enter to unlock the question pages.

  • Restaurant number

the restaurant number is on the top part of your Popeyes purchase receipt.

  • Visit date

You can use the date printed on the receipt to fill in the field.

  • Visit time

This is the time when you have made the payment at Popeyes restaurant.

  • Total amount

This is the amount of the transaction printed off the receipt.

Then, you may click the Start button if all blank fields are complete.

  1. Answer Popeyes survey questions

Fifth, you can answer the survey questions that show up on the website. You can rate some statements here. Besides, you may need to elaborate your feedbacks to give specific comments about your recent visit to Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen restaurant. if you wonder what questions that you will get on this Popeyes guest survey website, you may check the list below.

  • visit type,
  • overall satisfaction level,
  • food qualities,
  • service speed,
  • staffs’ behaviors,
  • recommendation,
  • problems you may get,
  • and some more topics.
  1. Write down the validation code

Finally, a validation code from Popeyes Guest Satisfaction Survey will appear for you at the end of the survey. You can take your pen to write down the Popeyes survey validation code on your purchase receipt. There is special space provided for this validation code on Popeyes receipt. If you wonder how the survey validation code may look like, you may search for a Popeyes validation code example on the internet.

What if I do not have a Popeyes receipt?

If you have not got any purchase receipt from Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen restaurant, you can still visit the website of Popeyes Guest Satisfaction Survey. Or, if you got a receipt without a survey invitation, you may do the same. Then, you may take the option to share your voluntary feedbacks by clicking the right option. If you do not know how to do it, you can learn the steps below.

  1. Go to Popeyes Guest survey website

First, you can visit the Popeyes Guest Satisfaction Survey website at

  1. Select a language

Second, you may click Español button if you want to take a survey in Spanish. If you prefer taking it with English, you can let it as it is because the default language setting on the survey website is English.

  1. Click Continue

Third, you can click the Continue button if you do not have any Popeyes purchase receipt. this button will take you the Contact page of Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen website.

  1. Choose a Feedback Form

Fourth, you can choose which kind of form that you want to use. It all depends on your needs, actually. However, you may choose only one of the options:

  • General Inquiry

If you want to submit your inquiries about Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, you may use this form. Besides, the inquiry form is simpler than another one.

  • Restaurant Feedback

You can use the Restaurant Feedback form when you need to tell your feedbacks in details.

If you have chosen one of the options, you will be able to view the feedback page.

  1. Complete Feedback Form

Fifth, you may complete your feedback form using some information below.

  • Contact information

You can submit the following information in this first section.

  • first name
  • last name
  • e-mail address
  • phone number
  • home address (city, state, and zip code)
  • contact preference
  • Restaurant location

Tell which restaurant location that you are going to discuss here. Then, complete it with visit type, visit date, and visit time.

  • Feedback category

There are some categories that you can select here, such as positive feedback, unpleasant experience, request, suggestion, and alert/health concern. Then, each category will have some questions following it.

  • Message

You only have 1800 characters explain your feedbacks. Make sure you make an understandable message in this section.

  1. Submit Feedback

After you have taken all the steps, you can simply click Submit button to send your feedbacks to Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen management team.

How to find Popeyes near me

Need to find the nearest Popeyes locations really soon? You may try the following ways.

  1. Popeyes Restaurant Locator

this is the guideline to use Popeyes Restaurant Locator.

  • Go to

First, you should go to Popeyes website at

  • Enter Location Information

Second, you can Find A Popeyes by entering location information, such as city and state.

  • Click Search

Third, you may click the Search button to get the result.

This locator can help you get information about restaurant address, phone number, distance to restaurant, and restaurant facilities.

  1. Popeyes Mobile App

Use Popeyes Mobile App whenever you want to find the nearest Popeyes restaurant. Besides, this app can assist you to get Popeyes menu and save Popeyes coupons. You can get this app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

  1. Search Engine

You only need to provide some keywords in your search engine to find the locations of Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen.

How to Contact Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Customer Service

If you have found some issues with your visit to Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, you can tell it all to Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen customer service. These are how to reach the representatives of this restaurant.

  1. Website

Visit the website at You can find a customer feedback page on this website.

  1. Mailing

Tell your feedbacks by letters and send them to:

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, Inc.

400 Perimeter Center Terrace Suite 1000

Atlanta, Georgia, 30346

the United States

  1. Email

If you want the more personal way to contact Popeyes, you may send your emails to [email protected]

  1. Phone

Talk to the customer service of Popeyes via phone to get immediate help. You just need to dial 1-877-POPEYES or (877) 767-3937.

  1. Social Media

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen has some social media pages that will be convenient places to share your feedback. You may use the links below to follow them.

  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:
  • Instagram:
  • YouTube:
  • LinkedIn: Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, Inc.

Do you need more information about the way to get Popeyes Coupons? Do not worry, we have presented another article discussing about the tips to earn Popeyes coupon easily. You can Click HERE to read it.

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