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Have you had a recent Pizza Hut receipt with you? If you have got one, it means you are lucky. You have got a chance to take TellPizzaHut Survey. As you know, this survey is a way to find out customers satisfaction. It is important to know the level of customers’ satisfaction. Everyone knows that it is a significant factor for the business world. If customers are happy, it will have positive effects on that business. Furthermore, Tell Pizza Hut survey will show what customers want from this restaurant. The management team will know if Pizza Hut’s products have met customers’ expectation. Besides, they can evaluate the service qualities of Pizza Hut. So, Pizza Hut can improve this business into a better one.  Then, Pizza Hut will appreciate customers’ efforts to take part in Pizza Hut Customer Satisfaction Survey. Each of them can get a discount.

About Pizza Hut

Well, everyone knows that Pizza Hut is an international brand.  But, perhaps there is a bit about Pizza Hut that you have not known before. In fact, Pizza Hut is not an Italian restaurant chain although it serves pizzas as the signature products. Yet, Pizza Hut has other menus for its customers, for instance, American cuisines, pasta, and beverages. This business came from the United States. Dan Carney and Frank Carney began to build Pizza Hut on June 15th, 1958. They had their first Pizza Hut store in Wichita, Kansas. At that time, they were still students of Wichita State University. But then, it grew bigger and bigger. Now, Pizza Hut has operated over sixteen thousand stores. It has spread all over the world. For instance, it is including countries from Europe, Australia, Africa, and Asia.  It is clear that people around the world love Pizza Hut’s products.

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Moreover, Pizza Hut is not hesitant to give more satisfaction to its customers. It gives tempting promos at certain times. One of the promos is by giving the discount to customers. For example, it is Tell Pizza Hut 10 off. It means you will get a discount worth $10 if you take Tell Pizza Hut Survey. In case you want the discount, you must take this online survey. The official survey portal is available at Remember! It is $10 discount. It is not 10% discount. So, please do not have the misunderstanding about this promo. Next, you must make online purchases to get the discount, though. And you cannot get the discount if you do not make purchases at Pizza Hut. The least amount to get this discount is $20. Even if you make purchases for more than $20, you will get the same discount.

TellPizzaHut Survey Step by Step
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The Rules of Taking Tell Pizza Hut Survey

This survey has some rules here. There are some rules that you must understand before you take part in this survey. If you have understood the rules, you can start answering Pizzahut survey questions. These rules will be the basis of receiving the rewards. If you break the rules, you will get not able to get the survey rewards. It means you cannot get $10 off prices. The following list will show the rules which you must obey:

  1. Participants

Tell Pizza Hut 10 off survey will be open in the United States. This is including all of 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and Canada. To be eligible, you must be 18 years old at least. So, you can take part in this survey if you have been 18 years old or older than that. If you are younger, you are not eligible for joining the current survey.

  1. Receipt validity

For the validity, you should pay attention to the expired date of the receipt. You will have 7 days after you have made the purchases. After 7 days has gone away, you will lose your chance to get the survey rewards. It means you cannot get $10 discount from this survey.

  1. Restrictions apply

There are some restrictions which will apply here. Those are:

  • You must redeem it with an online purchase.

Next time you make purchases from Pizza Hut, you must do it online. That is what you should do. After that, you are able to redeem the coupon from the survey. You cannot make random purchases. There is the least amount that you must make. Your purchases should be $20 or more. By this means, you will get $10 discount if you have bought Pizza Hut items for $20 at least. But if you buy less than $20, you will not receive this discount.

  • Do not combine it with other discounts or offers

If you redeem this survey reward, you cannot use it with other discounts. Or if you have offers from Pizza Hut, your discount from the survey is not usable with them.

  • Each survey invitation will issue one coupon.

Respondents can get the coupons right after they take part in the survey. Every respondent will get one coupon only. They cannot get double coupons if they only have one survey invitation. This is important to now this. So, everyone can avoid fraudulence in the end.

  • Two entries are possible for every household.

This survey will be valid for 7 days. During this time, every household can take the survey twice. This applies to anyone in every household, but not every person. For example, today you can take the survey. A few days later, you cannot take part in it anymore. But, your older sister or brother can join it. This is possible to happen only in 7 days after the purchases.

The Requisites of Tell Pizza Hut Survey

Pizza Hut survey will need some requisites. You would better complete this before you take part in it. It is necessary to make excellent preparation first. As you know, this is an online survey. And anything can happen when you are online. Your connection can get trouble in a sudden. Or perhaps you cannot find your survey invitation when you need it. Then, worse things can follow. You do not want to get trouble during answering the questions, do you? That is why; preparing the requisites well is the absolute way to help you yourself. Now, please have these things ready:

  1. a receipt from Pizza Hut

After you have got a receipt from Pizza Hut, you must check it first. It should be recent and original. So, you can use it for taking part in this survey. You must make sure that your original receipt has a survey invitation on it. Besides, the receipt has some details on it. The receipt will ask you to complete PH survey. You can use the receipt details for joining the survey. Then, you would better use this chance as fast as you can. You can use it within seven days after you have got the receipt. If seven days have passed and you have not used the survey invitation, it will get expired. You will not be able to use it anymore.

  1. a device

There some devices you can prepare here. Such as laptops, personal computers, tablets, or smartphones. We recommend you to use laptops or personal computers. The desktop versions of both devices are much better. These devices will show outstanding qualities. Despite the great display qualities of laptops and personal computers, you can still use tablets or smartphones. The mobile versions are not as satisfying as the desktop version, though. But, you can use all of those devices to access the portal of the survey. And one thing you should keep in mind. You should install a browser on your device. No matter what device you will use here, a browser will play a significant role to take part in this survey. The browser you have installed will be where you can access the survey portal.

  1. the internet connection

The internet connection you prepare will affect your survey experience. If you want to take part in pizza hut survey, make sure you have qualified connection. So, it will not cause troubles during the survey process. If the speed your internet connection is fast, it will be so much easier for you to do the survey. We hope you will not find technical difficulties from the beginning until the end of the survey. But if your internet connection is slow, it has been obvious that your survey process will not be as smooth as you have expected. It will be difficult to load the page. Moreover, it will seem so heavy to turn to the next page. And worse, it will take long to finish. This means you will waste so much time on it. In conclusion, the quality and the speed of your internet connection should be dependable.

  1. a basic ability of English or Spanish

Last but not least, you must have a basic understanding of certain languages. The languages used here are English and Spanish. You can choose which language that fits your ability. But, you should note that you can select only one language. You cannot use both languages.  It will only need your basic ability to answer all of the questions. So, you do not have to worry if you are not so fluent to speak English or Spanish. You will not get an English or Spanish exam, by the way. So, you will not get a score here. You are not in a competition, too. So, you may be calm in doing this survey. We are sure that the simple vocabularies at this survey portal will not make you difficult.

Steps to Do Tell Pizza Hut Survey

What should you do after you have got all of the requisites? Well, that is an important question. After everything you need is ready, you can start to take the survey. No need to worry about the steps. It will be easy for every respondent. If you are not sure, we have the guideline for you. We hope this guideline will be beneficial. Anyway, the initial step you have to make is to get your device. Then, connect it the internet connection. If you have connected it, it is not possible to access the survey portal. When you are certain that your device has connected to the internet, you can open your browser. You can use Mozilla, Chrome, or any other browsers. After that, you should do the following steps:

  1. Go to Pizza Hut Survey website.

The first thing to do after opening your browser is going to the official survey portal of Pizza Hut. You can type the website address in your search field. Then, it will take you to the page you have been waiting for. You will see the home page of Tell Pizza Hut survey. The design is much different from other guest satisfaction surveys. Then, the background is in complete black. And there is almost a half pizza picture in the middle of it. It is the typical look of the restaurants.

  1. Select the language

The second, you must select the language. You will see two red buttons which will ask you to begin the survey in English or in Spanish. If you are eager to do it in English, you can choose the top button. But if you prefer Spanish, you can press the Español button. After you have clicked the button, it will take you to next page to fill in the details. But, you do not have to worry if you are not sure about the language. You can change the language by going back to the previous page.

In contrast, if you have entered the details and begun answering the questions, you cannot go back to change the language. So, please consider using the language which you understand the most. If you use the language that you do not understand, you will find difficulties during completing Pizza Hut survey questions. Moreover, you cannot go back to the homepage again. Be wise in selecting the language.

  1. Enter pizza hut survey code or restaurant number

The third, you must enter the survey code. You can use your Pizza Hut receipt to help you. The code is on the bottom of your receipt. If you have found it, you may enter the survey code in the available blank field. You should enter it without spaces.  Although you see your survey invitation code has spaces there, you should keep entering it without spaces. On the other hand, if you fail to find the survey invitation code, you can use Pizza Hut store number. The store number has 4 digits or 6 digits.

There are three possible areas to locate pizza hut store number. First, it is on the top left corner of Pizza Hut receipt. It is under the server name. Second, it is near the middle of Pizza Hut receipt. It is under the total price. Third, it is on the bottom of Pizza receipt. It is under the survey invitation. When you have found the store number, click Enter button.

  1. Select the visit date and time

The fourth, you can select the date of your visit. You can start it from the date, month, and the year. Then, you should complete it with the time of your visit. You must specify it with the hour and also the minute of your visit. In case you forget, you may take a look at your receipt. After that, you can click Next button.

  1. Fill in the ticket number

The fifth, you can fill in the ticket number. But, this is optional. You can skip it. It will not affect the validation code you will get at the end of the survey. Besides, it will not influence the amount of the discount you may receive afterwards.

  1. Be thorough in answering the questions

Now, you can start to answer all of the questions provided there. You should recall about your latest experience there. If you are happy, you may tell it right away. If you feel disappointed, you can let the management team know it. The questions will be about:

  • the way you order Pizza Hut food items,
  • your satisfaction with Pizza Hut in general,
  • qualities of the items you have ordered,
  • employees’ hospitality,
  • how you get the service at Pizza Hut restaurant,
  • and so on.
  1. Save the validation code

In the end of TellPizzaHut survey, you will get a validation code. You can use this code as the coupon, so that, you can redeem it with the survey reward. As you have known, the reward is $10 off of your online purchases at Pizza Hut. Then, next time you make online purchases there, show your coupon and get $10 discount.

How to Contact Pizza Hut Customer Service

Pizza Hut facilitates its customers with customer service. Customers can contact pizza hut customer survey representatives in some ways. In case, they find difficulties or unsatisfying things, they can reach out the representatives. They can do these ways:

  1. By website

For sharing specific experiences, customers can use the official website of Pizza Hut. The steps are not difficult. To do this, customers should go to Then, you can press Contact Us link and then pizza hut feedback form will appear for you. There will be a thousand characters to tell your experience as specific as possible.

  1. By phone

For a quick assistance, you can contact pizza hut contact number. You may dial (800) 948-8488 or (972) 338-7700.

  1. By mailing

Some customers are happy with mailing. If they want to reach the representatives by mailing, they can send the letters to:

7100, Corporate Drive,

Plano, Texas, 75024

the United States

  1. By social media

Social media accounts can be the most convenient to submit your feedback to Pizza Hut. You can get the most updated news from this restaurant as well. If you like it, you can follow them using these links:

  • Twitter:
  • Instagram:
  • Youtube:
  • Pinterest:
  • Facebook:
  • Google+:
  • LinkedIn: