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Do you have the favorite shoe store? If you are a shoe lover, make sure you visit Payless shoe store. There you will be given a large selection of shoes. It’s about the model, brand, or size. The arrangement of shoes there is very friendly. You will easily find your size. You do not need to ask the waiter about the available sizes. Because each size is given a different space. The price provided also adjusts your pocket. You can also get discounts for the purchase of shoes. Simply, you just need to participate in TellPayless or Payless Customer Survey. You can follow payless shoes survey on Tell payless.

Are you interested to try it? If you are interested, please follow our instructions. You will more easily complete the survey. Because we will give you easy instructions. Save your money more by getting a discount. You will benefit doubled. Because you can have your favorite shoes. Then you can also save more. So what are you waiting for? Prepare yourself. Okay, before we chase the discount. Let’s look at the facts about Payless Shoes Store.

Tellpayless survey

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What do you know about Payless Shoes Store?

Payless Shoes Store is a shoe seller with lots of discounts. This company is from the United States. The Payless Shoe Store was established in 1956. The Payless Shoe Shop was founded by Louis and Shaol Pozez. The first place to stand is in Topeka. Kansas. They have the inspiration to sell cheap and quality shoes. Payless Shoes Store has a mission in its sales. Their mission is “To be the Go To, Get More and Pay Less shoe store”. There you can not only buy shoes. Payless Shop also provides accessories. Then there is also available a bag. These stores often give discounts to consumers. At each event, you can get different discounts.

This shoe store had almost suffered bankruptcy in 2017. In August 2017 Payless CEO Paul Jones resigned. Then they try to reduce the hierarchy from the central store with the physical store. But now they have risen from bankruptcy. They have more than 18,000 partners worldwide. You are also not difficult if you want to find Payless outlets. Since there are nearly 3600 stores in 40 countries. Now, Payless become a global brand and international scale. In running their Payless Shop they use some principles.

  1. Payless strives to make customers happy. For instance, they provide the best service. Trying to be part of the best experience from customers.
  2. Payless always appreciates every visiting customer. So, they do not differentiate in providing service. Besides, Payless prioritizes customer convenience.
  3. Payless was almost bankrupt. But, learn from experience, now they are trying to be more innovative. For instance, they follow every change in company growth.
  4. Payless determined to bring shoes cheap and quality. So, they strive to maintain quality. Keep the good results achieved. Then, do it consistently.
  5. Payless gives priority to the value of honesty and ethics. Then act with courage because it is true.

After knowing the facts about Payless. You certainly can not wait to get a discount. Next, we will show the rules in payless guest survey. You must understand the rules of this survey. Payless has rules should you know.

What are the rules on Tell Payless Survey?

Tell Payless is a survey portal owned by Payless Shoes Store. As a customer, you can take advantage of this platform. This survey can accommodate your opinion. you are free to give a positive or negative statement. Your criticism and suggestions will help the company. Companies can know their advantages and disadvantages. Good companies are those who can adapt. They can adjust change and innovate. How it can prevent companies from going bankrupt. One way of knowing change is in your opinion. before we start the survey. Note the rules below:

  1. Age Restrictions
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This survey does not set age restrictions. You can follow the survey without worrying about your age. but we still recommend that you are 18 years of age or older. At that age, you are considered to be personally responsible. Can understand questions from the survey. Be able to responsible for your answers. if you are under 18 years of age. ask your parents or sister to accompany. They can also help you answer the questions.

  1. Citizenship

Tel lpayless does not specify the type of citizenship. Often surveys are conducted for certain citizenship. But it is there for all of you.

  1. Expiration Period of Receipt

Do you still keep your receipts? after you shop at the store, you will receive a receipt. You can do this survey if you have a receipt. Receipts should be obtained from Payless outlets. Remember, your receipt has an expiry date. If within 14 days you have not used your receipt. then the chance of getting a free discount will be lost. So after you shop at Payless Shoes Store. We suggest you immediately use your receipt. Expired receipts cannot be used on the Tellpayless survey.

  1. Your position against Payless Shoes Store

Do you work at Payless Shoes Store? If its true, you should withdraw from Tell payless Online Survey. Employees are prohibited from following this survey. This rule also applies to employee families. Then apply to stores that cooperate with Payless. If you are a Payless shoe store employee. Your opinion may not be objective. Many factors will affect your opinion. may have a positive or negative effect. You are not eligible to join the survey.

  1. Payless Rewards

Payless Survey not only requires you to answer questions. This survey will also give you an advantage. As your motivation. they will give the discount to your shopping goods. an interesting offer it is not? you can enjoy shopping at a cheaper price. The discount you get can be different. Discounts are subject to company policies. If you want to enjoy a discount without doing a survey. You can visit Payless during the national holiday. For example Independence Day. While welcoming the day of Christmas etc.

Some of the above points are the rules that you must hold. But we think this rule is not difficult. There is no age or citizenship limit. you must be very enthusiastic to welcome your reward. then we will discuss the things you need in it.

What should I prepare for Payless Guest Survey?

Below are the things that you should prepare. If you want to finish the survey easily. You must prepare everything well. This survey only takes a minute. If you lack focus you may fail.

  1. The device to do Tellpayless

Tell Payless is an online survey portal. If you want to participate on the survey. You must have a device to conduct online surveys. You can choose a computer or laptop. Large screen display will make it easier for you. then the risk of mistaking the button will decrease. If you have eye health problems. We recommend using this device. But the lack of this device is less practical. If you do not have both. You can take advantage of smartphones or tablets. This device is more practical to carry anywhere. But the drawback is the display screen is small. So it will be a little difficult for you.

  1. Internet connection

Because Tell Payless is an online survey. You need to make sure your phone is connected to the internet. Make sure your internet is current. If your internet is disturbed. Your survey will also be disturbed. You can choose a provider that reaches your location. Your location can give impact to your internet service signals. if the device does not find a signal. Try to go to a place that provides a good signal. In addition, your device may have an effect. Choose an easy device to capture internet signals.

  1. Legitimate Purchase Receipt

To be able to do the survey. You must have a valid receipt. We’ve already discussed this before. Your receipt has an expiration period of 14 days. The period is calculated from the day you make a transaction. Then your receipt can only be used once. You may not duplicate the receipt. it will make your invoices invalid. This receipt is your door to survey. If you do not have a receipt. You can not enter the survey question page. Then you lose the chance of getting a discount.

  1. Basic Language Skill
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Payless shoe store is a shop from Kansas. So the default language used is English. To be able to complete the survey. You should be able to have the basic skills in English. Later on, the survey portal is also available in Spanish. You can select the language you want to use. If you are confident with your English skills. Then you do not need to change the language. But if your Spanish is better. You can change the settings into Spanish.

Are you ready? If so, let’s continue to do the survey.

How can I complete Tell payless Survey?

Payless Survey is an online survey. If you are not familiar with internet usage. you can ask for help to the people closest to you. you already understand the rules we mentioned. Then you have also prepared the needs of the survey. Now it’s time you did it. this program offer rewards a discount. You can bring home your favorite shoes. great is the price of shoes to be cheaper. Wow, incredible! this survey is quite easy to do. You do not have to worry about failing in the survey. We will guide you. just do our directions. This guide will allow you to pass the survey.

  1. Visit the website

To be able to do the survey. You need to visit the website. Enter the website address on your search engine. Then click on the “enter” or “search” button. Your search engine will direct you to The survey. Make sure your device is connected to the internet.

  1. Set language settings

On the first page, you will see the access code field. But before that, you have to set the language. We just remind you. because on the next page you can not set the language. Available languages are English and Spanish. If you can speak English. You can immediately continue the survey. If you want to use Spanish, then you have to click on “Haga clic aqui” button. Automatically display questions will use Spanish. This language setting is important. Because the survey question will match with the language you chose.

  1. Enter the Acces Code on your receipt

After you set the language. On the same page, you must fill in the access code. Access codes are listed on your receipt. if you are confused. You can see in the example of the receipt picture. A receipt image is located next to the access code field. The access code consists of 13 numeric characters. Do not forget to double-check your access code. If you are sure. Click on the “start” button

  1. You must enter your transaction information

On the next page, there is a column that you need to fill in. They ask you to fill in the time and date of the transaction. If you forget, you can look at your receipts. the information you need is written on the receipt. If you already fill the column. You should check again. Match the data written on the receipt.

  1. Conduct a survey

On this page, you can survey. You will be given a few questions. Survey questions related to Payless shoe service. Try to remember your shopping experience. You can provide answers according to your experience. answer the question honestly. Because your answer determines the progress of the company. You can provide an opinion based on the following:

  • Service from Payless Shoes Store
  • Payless Shoes Employee Friendliness
  • Goods you buy
  • Facilities available
  • The price of the goods you buy
  • Payless Shoes Store Hygiene

You can comment on that aspect. or you may want to provide feedback. You can write it in your opinion column. check back on each of your answers. make sure no questions are missed. if you are sure then click “finish” button. Here are the types of questions on the Survey:

  • You mean shopping. You shop for yourself or others.
  • Overall satisfaction with the service. You can express it in scale.
  • Your assessment of certain aspects of service. Maybe you are asked to rate about Friendliness. Then speed on service.
  • Chances are you recommend to others. then chances are you go shopping in Payless.
  • Your comment on the Shoes Store
  • You will be asked yes or no question
  • You can answer questions related to the shoes you buy.
  • The cost of your shopping in Payless
  • The reason you choose Payless as a place to shop
  • The last question is about your identity.
  1. Write your Discount Code
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After you have finished answering the question. On your screen will appear validation code. Then, write validation code on your receipt. On the receipt is available the blank section to write code. So, you should write next to the word Discount Number. You have already written the validation code. Now you have Payless shoe Coupon. You can redeem your reward on the next visit. Immediately redeem your coupon with a free discount. We do not want you to experience disappointment, because your coupon has expired.

  1. Joint to the Promotion Program

Now, you finish the survey. At the end of the page, you will be given an offer. You can follow payless promotion program. You just need to enter your email. Then you will be contacted by Payless by email. Make sure your email is valid. When your email is invalid, then it is impossible you will get information from Payless. The information provided relates to the product. In addition, you will also get information about the discounts etc.

You can also do other ways to get coupon codes. Notice the following steps:

  • First of all visit the website. Then, write the keyword Payless Shoes Coupons on your search engine.
  • On the screen, there will be a pop-up menu of Flash Sale. The next, click on the “Show coupon code” button. On the next page, Payless Online Coupons will appear.
  • After that, click on the “copy code”
  • When you make the transactions to Payless shoe store, you should show your code. But, you must immediately make a transaction. It is because the Flash sale has the expiration time. The expiration date is written on the menu.
How can I Reach Payless Customer Service?

Consumers always want to get the best service. So, they want to be understood by the company. But sometimes you experience a disturbing incident. Then you need to report this problem. Then you can contact Payless Customer Service. But you do not have a receipt to do the survey. Do not worry, you can still submit your comment. For instance, you can contact social media or email. Then you can also contact them by phone etc.

  1. Using the phone

When you have an urgent problem, we suggest you contact customer service via telephone. Then, you can report your problem directly. As a result you will also get immediate answers. They will serve you from Monday to Sunday. Make sure you call them at 7:30 am to 12:00 am. Below is Payless customer service number: 1-877-474-6379

  1. Using email

In addition to using the phone, you can also use email. You can write your opinion in the body of the email. You do not need to spend your money to send mail. Besides, you do not need to go to the post office. But you can not express your emotions. Then you have to wait for the answer email from them. You also do not know if your email has been read. Here is Payless email address:

  1. Using social media

Currently using social media is very popular. Especially among teenagers and adults. You can take advantage of social media to connect with Payless. You can choose one of the social media. Payless provides a lot of social media for consumers. In addition it helps Payless to connect with the customers. Besides, the Social media works for the promotion of their products. Furthermore, you can also check the special offers information there. Below is social media Payless Shoes Store:







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