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Today, customers of Noodles & Company can take part in Tellnoodles guest satisfaction survey. Then, the customers can receive a validation code that they can use as a coupon at Noodles & Company restaurants. By the way, Tell Noodles guest satisfaction survey is a survey conducted by Noodles & Company. This survey will measure how satisfied customers to have meals at Noodles & Company restaurants. Besides, Noodles survey is able to find the strengths and the weaknesses of this business. It is because customers are free to share their visit experience at Noodles & Company restaurants. They can inform about the good things they see when they dine in there. For example, the foods served there are tasty, the service is fast, the restaurant is clean, etc. But, they can tell problems they find as well. For example, the employees are not friendly; the menu is not complete, etc.

If customers are honest enough to inform their visit experience, it will be a helpful feedback for Noodles & Company restaurants. You know every customer’s feedbacks are important for this restaurant. Then, the management team will take a step as the follow up from these feedbacks. For instance, they will keep up the good things at the restaurants. Also, they will find a way to solve the problems very soon. The management team will improve the low qualities of the restaurants. This way, customers will not find the same problem when they visit Noodles & Company restaurants again. This is how the management team makes customers feel more satisfied on the next visit. Moreover, every customer will get a reward from Noodles Survey. The reward is for appreciating the customers. They have spared their time to take this survey. So, there will be a validation code for them.


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You must have been familiar with this restaurant name. But, how well you know this place? Well, you can keep on reading this to broaden your knowledge of this restaurant. Noodles & Company is a restaurant chain from the United States. The official name of this restaurant is Noodles and Company World Kitchen. Like its name, this restaurant is popular for its noodles as the main menu. The idea of starting this restaurant business was from Aaron Kennedy. He was the founder of Noodles & Company. He made the first journey of Noodles & Company in 1995. The first location was in Denver, Colorado. Then, he opened the second restaurant in 1996. It was in Madison, Wisconsin. He was so successful to bring out noodles with various tastes. Right now, Noodles & Company has 468 restaurants in the United States. And there are 7.000 employees working for this company.

Rules of Noodles Guest Satisfaction Survey

Before you take part in this Guest Satisfaction Survey, you should know the rules first. There several rules that you should obey here. Even though the rules are not difficult, you still need to know these. It is important for you to know what you should do to be eligible for this survey. Besides, you should know what you should not do to take the survey easily. It is because these rules will manage the running of this survey. So, you want it or not, you should follow what the rules are saying. To make it simple, you can pay attention to the following rules.

  1. Participants

Participants of this guest satisfaction survey are eligible if they can have the following conditions:

  • The minimum age is 18 years old.

All of the eligible participants should be 18 years old at the time of taking Tell Noodles survey. Besides, participants who are older than this minimum age are eligible, too. But, if they have not reached this minimum age when they take part in this survey, it means they are not eligible. They perhaps can unlock the survey page, but they will not be able to take the reward. It is because they do not follow the rules of this survey. Yet, these young participants can ask for help from their parents and legal guardian to take part in this survey. Of course, their parents and legal guardians should have the other conditions to make them eligible.

  • Participants are the United States residents.
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This survey is only open for the legal residents of the United States. It is because Noodles & Company is a national brand here. This means the participants can be from all parts of the United States. All residents of 50 states are permissible to take part in the survey. This includes the District of Columbia.

  • Employees are not eligible for the survey.

As Noodles Guest survey is for measuring the satisfaction level of Noodles & Company customers, of course, employees are not eligible to take this survey. This rule point applies to all employees of Noodles & Company at stores or at the headquarters office. Besides, people who have the business partnership with Noodles & Company are not eligible as well. Then, immediate family members of Noodles & Company employees are not permissible to take the survey. This includes everyone living in the same household with the employees of Noodles & Company.

  1. Main Requirement

The main requirement of this guest satisfaction survey is a receipt. You can get this receipt after you have finished making payment at Noodles & Company restaurant. this receipt is important because there is a survey invitation code printed on this receipt. This code consists of 20 digits. You will need this code to access the pages of the survey questions.  If you do not have this survey invitation code, you will fail to unlock the question pages. This receipt is valid for 3 days after you have made purchases. If you use this survey invitation code after 3 days, it will be invalid. It means you have lost a chance to take part in this guest satisfaction survey. In case you are still eager to take the survey, you should get a new survey invitation code from Noodles & Company restaurant.

  1. The survey reward

Participants will get a reward right after the survey has finished. The reward is a validation code. Participants can write this code on their receipt to make this their Noodles & Company coupon. Then, participants can bring this coupon to the nearest Noodles & Company restaurant for redemption. To get the redemption, participants should make purchases of entree first. Next, they can redeem it with the prize information printed on the receipt. for example, the prize is a free shareable food at Noodles & Company restaurant. So, you will get this prize when you redeem it. Remember that this validation code will last for 30 days.  Thus, you should redeem it before the expired date comes. For your information, this receipt is not redeemable for cash. Moreover, you can request other prizes for the redemption.

Things Needed for Taking Tell Noodles Guest Satisfaction Survey

To make this Guest Satisfaction Survey run in a smooth way, you should know what you need. There are several things that will be helpful for you to do this. You must prepare these things if you do not want to face technical difficulties. Moreover, this is an online survey. There will be many chances that this survey will experience troubles an difficulties. That is why; you should make sure that these prerequisites are ready to work on this survey. You do not get confused about these things. You can find them in your house every day. Here are the things:

  1. A device

You can use a smartphone or tablet to access the survey page easily. Do not forget to install a browser.

  1. The internet connection

You will need the fast and stable internet connection. So, you will not get the difficulties later.

  1. English ability

English is the only language you can use on this survey page. You will not find other languages to change the language setting.

  1. A pen

You can use this pen to write the validation code. You will use it when all the steps are over.

Steps to Take part in Tell Noodles Guest Satisfaction Survey

You will not be able to start the survey if you do not check your preparation first. You should make sure that all of the survey prerequisites can function well during the survey. For instance, you should be certain that you have installed a compatible browser. Then, you have connected your device to the internet. Those are the examples of what you need to do before you take the survey steps. The steps will be simple and easy. You just have to spare 10 minutes of your time to finish the survey. You can learn how to do it by yourself. Besides, you can use the following guideline to help you understand more about the steps of Tell Noodles guest satisfaction survey. If you are ready, let us begin!

  1. Go to
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The first step is to go to the official survey page at the website address above. You are only able to use English on this page. There are no alternative languages for Noodlest and company survey participants.

  1. Fill in the invitation code

The second step is to fill in the survey invitation code. The invitation code consists of 20 digits. You can locate this on the middle part of your receipt

  1. Answer questions from the survey

The third step is to answer the survey questions. You just have to recall what happened when you visited the restaurant last time. The questions will be about your visit type, your food qualities, the services, employees of Noodles & Company, and many more

  1. Complete classification form

The fourth step is to complete some more questions. This is for classification purpose. The questions are about your gender, age, annual income, ethnic background, educational level, number of people visiting the restaurant with you.

  1. Note the validation code

The last step is to write down the validation code on your receipt. This validation code will show up when all questions are over. So, you can use the code and the receipt as your Noodles and co coupon. Then, you can redeem the coupon with the available prize at Noodles & Company restaurant.

Steps to Submit Feedbacks at

Even though you cannot take part in this guest satisfaction survey, you can still give your feedbacks to Noodles & Company. You can do this to help this restaurant gets improved. You can give suggestions, complaints, and inquiries as well. This way, the management team of Noodles & Company can fix the problems soon. So, you will not feel disappointed the next time you visit this restaurant. You can use the official website of Noodles & Company to submit your feedbacks without taking part in this guest satisfaction survey. In case you are eager to let them know your feedback via the website, you can do the following instructions:

  1. Go to

The feedback form is on the official website of the Noodles & Company restaurant. Thus, you have to access first. Then, you can do the next step.

  1. Click Contact Us link

When you have been on the home page, you can click Contact Us link. This link will take you to the page of the Noodles & Company feedback form.

  1. Select your purpose

On the feedback form, you will have to select the purpose first. There 2 general purposes here. The first is to tell about your visit experience. The second one is to give general suggestions and comments.

  1. Provide the visit date

Do not forget to give the visit date. You can use your receipt if you forget.

  1. Answer questions

You will some questions. You can answer this honestly. You can also give your comments if it is necessary.

  1. Give your contact details.

The last step is to give your contact details, such as your name, phone number, and email address. You can submit this feedback form if you have finished this final step.

What You Need to Know about Noodles & company menu

Although the main menu of Noodles & Company is noodles, customers do not have to worry about the nutrition from this menu. It is because the concept Noodles & Company restaurant is fast casual. So, there must be healthy foods and ingredients that customers can find here. Besides, Noodles & company menu here is not so different from American cuisines. Customers will be able to try Asian tastes with American recipes. It has got to be very yummy! Moreover, apart from noodles, there are more foods to order at Noodles & Company restaurants.  For example, customers can request salads, pasta, macs, soups, shareable snacks, and side foods. Then, if customers come to this restaurant with their children, they do not have to worry about the menu for their children. They can order the special kid’s menu with the right portion. Besides, the ingredients for the kid’s menu are as healthy as the regular one.

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If you are eager to see the menu before you go to Noodles & Company restaurants, you can access All of information about Noodles & Company menu is available on the official website of Noodles & Company. Every menu item has information about the food description, nutrition, allergen guide, and calorie information. Next, every main menu will have 2 different sizes. The first is regular size and the second is small size. These differences absolutely will affect the calorie intake. Hence, you can use the information in case you are on a diet program. Moreover, you can search the menu based on several ingredients. For example, you can search menu items with gluten-free, fewer calories, sugar amount, sodium amount, and meatless ingredients. Besides, you can select spicy or non-spicy foods. If you keep your updates on this website, you should be ready for the new menu from Noodles & Company!

Do you not know the location of Noodles & Company restaurant? It is easy! You can use the locator on the website. You can just type the ZIP code, city name, or state name. Then, you can select the categories of the restaurant that you want. For example, you can search for the restaurant that has beer or wine, catering service, delivery service, and Wi-Fi. Next, the search result will show up on for you. The result will be complete with the restaurant address, phone number, facilities, and the store hours. You can get the directions to reach this location as well. So, you will find this website very helpful for you. You can dig all information of Noodles & Company restaurant that you need here.

Ways to Contact Noodles & Company Customer Service

It is a common thing that customers will find problems related to restaurant services and menu. It can happen to Noodles & Company customers as well. But, Noodles & Company has anticipated this by providing customer service. Customers can use this service to get deeper information about restaurant services and menu at Noodles & Company. They can also send their complaints and suggestions to this service. Then, the representatives of Noodles & Company customer service will give immediate responses to them. Here are some ways that customers can use to reach the Noodles & Company customer service representatives.

  1. By website

You can go online to tell your feedbacks via the website. You just have to access the website at Then, you can fill out the feedback form. You can use the instruction in the previous sections to help you submit your feedbacks.

  1. By mailing

It will be more polite to contact the customer service by sending your mailing post. You can also use this method to start your business partnership with Noodles & Company. You just have to send your letter to the following corporate address:

520 Zang Street, Ste D

Broomfield, Colorado, 80021-8239

The United States

  1. By fax

You can contact the customer service by fax at (720) 214-1934.

  1. By phone

In case you have urgent difficulties, you can contact the representatives by phone. You just have to dial (720) 214-1900. But, if you want to contact the customer service for certain restaurant locations, you can use the local phone number. These phone numbers are available on the official website of Noodles & Company restaurant.

  1. Through social media

You can use the social media platform to reach the customer service representatives. This is a simple way. You can also share your visit experience using this method. You just have to make sure that you are on the same social media platform with Noodles & Company. You can use social media to get the most updated promos from Noodles & Company restaurant. You can follow the restaurant accounts using these links

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  • Instagram:
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