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Tellmurphyusa Survey is a survey program from Murphy USA. The purpose of this survey is to find out if customers are happy with the service of Murphy USA. This means customers’ satisfaction level is important for this company. Besides, Tell murphy usa Survey can find whether Murphy USA services can meet customers’ expectation. As customers, it is normal to have high expectations for this business. They must want to pay for the best they can get. Moreover, Murphyusa survey can discover what makes this business satisfying. It can also tell which aspect is unsatisfying. Unsatisfying things can happen for some reasons. Perhaps employees are not friendly. Then, the items are overpriced. Next, competitors can serve better, and so on. Customers can tell positive feedback. Besides, negative comments are welcome. Those can improve this business. Further, this survey is advantageous for customers. To thank respondents, this survey will give free gas worth $100.

Well, Murphy USA is a retail chain from America. This company focuses its business on gas stations. Besides, you can enjoy the conveniences stores of this brand. So, you can enjoy some snacks when you visit its stores. Murphy USA began this gas business in 1996. Now, the headquarters is in El Dorado, Arkansas. Murphy USA company has two giant brands. They are Murphy USA and Murphy Express. They are available in 26 states. It also has been operating 1400 stations.

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Tell murphy usa Survey Rules

Before taking Murphy usa survey, customers must know about the rules. These rules will be the reasons why customers win the survey prize. Furthermore, the rules will set the respondents’ eligibility. Moreover, they will contain what should respondents do before, during, and after taking the survey. In short, this survey rules are important. Now, you can pay attention to the following rules.

  1. Respondents
  • This is only for the United States residents.

Tell murphy usa survey is open in all 50 states of America. This is including the District of Columbia. For those conditions, the respondents of the survey must hold the legal ID residents of those places. So, even if you have been living in these states for some years, it will not make you have rights to join this survey. That is because you are not the holders of the United States citizenship. You are still a foreigner. That is why; you cannot be a part of the survey.

  • The respondents should have reached 18 years old.

18 year old is the minimum age of the survey. People at this age have developed well abilities in having responsibilities. So, they must have considered about taking this survey. They must know the effects if they break the rules of the survey.

  • This survey is not for the employees of Murphy USA company.

It is important to keep this survey fair. So, This survey committees have decided to exclude the employees of Murphy USA company. They are not eligible for this survey. Moreover, immediate family members of Murphy USA company employees are not able to take part in the survey. Also, anyone lives in the same house with the employees. This also applies to all people whose business partnership with Murphy USA company.

  1. Entries

Although purchases do not increase the opportunities to win, respondents can take part in the survey multiple times. They can do it as often as they want. But, each survey entry must have the different survey invitation code. One survey code is only for one survey entry. It means respondents cannot use one survey code over and over again.

  1. Prizes

It is nice to talk about prizes, right? This survey has already prepared the prizes for the survey winners. All of the respondents have the same chances to win the prize after they have taken the survey. Each winner is able to win one prize only. The prize is a Murphy USA Gas Card worth $100. But, the prizes are not redeemable for cash. The winners should not sell the prizes or give them to someone else.

Things You Must Prepare For Taking Tell murphy usa

Now, it is time for you to prepare the things needed for the survey. You know that it is an online survey. So, there are certain things you must prepare first. Having good preparation will give you a great result. You do not want some troubles to disturb you when you are completing the survey questions, right? Thus, you should make sure that have got the things ready. The things you should have are:

  1. a receipt from Murphy USA

To take part in the survey, you should have a receipt of Murphy USA. It can be from Murphy USA stations or Murphy Express. Then, it should be recent and valid. You should keep in mind that a receipt is not enough. Your receipt must have a survey invitation code. The code has 12 digits. You can find the code on the bottom of your receipt. It is necessary to take the survey once you get the survey code. You do not want your code to get expired before you use it. So, you have to be certain that your survey invitation code is still valid. Furthermore, Tell murphy usa survey will not accept the same survey invitation code. Thus, you must be sure you have not used that survey code before.

  1. a device

Then, you must get your device ready. You can use a personal computer. Your computer will show the best quality of the survey desktop version. Besides, you can use a laptop as well. That will be more convenient, will not they? But, if you cannot prepare those devices, you can use your mobile phone or your tablet. These devices can help you to access the survey portal as well. The mobile version is satisfying enough. The quality is not as great as the desktop version, though. Do not forget to install a browser on your device. This browser will be helpful to access the survey portal.

  1. the internet connection

Now, you should prepare internet. It is a must. Internet will play important role in the survey. Without the internet, you will experience failures in accessing the survey portal. Then, you should make sure that your internet has the undoubted connection. It should be stable. You must not want to get technical problems when you are doing the survey. If your internet is unstable, it is possible to get stuck in the middle of the survey. It will take time to load the page.

Moreover, things will get worse if you lose the connection in a sudden. Chances are you will lose your opportunity to get the survey prize due to the trouble connection. It is possible to happen because you have used the survey code. Meanwhile, you have not submitted your survey answers. So, be certain that you have prepared fast and stable internet connection before you take part in the survey.

  1. basic language ability

Well, you should have a basic understanding of certain languages. The survey page will use simple words. It will not be difficult for you. That is because you have used it in your life every day. Further, the home page will appear in English. That is a part of the default setting. But, you can change it if you want. You will see that there are two languages here. So, you can choose one of them. For instance, you can use English or Spanish. You must make changes before you enter the survey code.

If you have done it, you will not have a chance to change the language. You will not find setting buttons in the middle of the survey.  Tell murphy usa survey does not provide language setting on the survey questions page. Thus, you should be wise in choosing the language. We are sure you do not want to find difficulties in understanding the language later.

Guidelines to Do Murphy USA Survey

After the requisites have been ready, you may start to do the survey. No need to worry about the steps. The steps are simple and easy. We are certain you can do it by yourself. But, you can still learn it first before you take it. If you have understood the steps, it will save your time. Well, we have prepared the guideline for you. Let’s do it!

  1. Go to

Before you take the survey, you must open your browser first. Then you can go to It is the address of Murphy USA survey portal. That is where you will start your survey journey. You will tell about your experience there. On the homepage, you will see a receipt sample. You can use it to help you if you need it.

  1. Choose the language

Then, you can choose the language you want. As we have stated, the survey portal will show up in English. You do not have change anything if you like. You can let it just the way it is. If your ability to understand English is outstanding, you can just use that language. On the other hand, if you prefer to use Spanish, you can change it. All you should do is click Español language link. That link will change the entire the survey into Spanish.

  1. Enter the survey code

Next, you will see two blank fields on the home page. The first blank field is for the survey code.  You can enter the code in that field. The survey invitation code is on the bottom part of Murphy USA receipt. You can take a look at your receipt at this step. There are 12 digits printed on that receipt.

  1. Specify the visit time

After that, you should tell the time when you made your latest visit at Murphy USA gas station. You should make it based on the details receipt. The visit time is on the right side of the visit date. You should specify the hour and the minute as well in the second field. When ll details are complete, you can click Start button.

  1. Answer questions

Now, you can begin to answer the questions. Recall what you have experienced at Murphy USA station last time. Please be honest in doing this step. This survey will be about:

  • services at the stations,
  • attendants’ behavior,
  • the prices,
  • items’ quality,
  • and so on.
  1. Submit your contact details

The last step is submitting your contact details. This survey will use it to notify you if you are the potential winner. You can get a free gas card worth $100 later. So, be certain to give the correct information about your contact.

Reasons to Go to Murphy USA

Murphy USA is a big business. Of course, Murphy USA will make the best efforts to make customers happy. It has managed plentiful aspects. The main signature item of this business is gas. Most people come to this station for gas. But, there are more aspects which can be your reasons to make visits to Murphy USA. The following aspects can be your considerations. For example:

  1. Locations

As we have stated, Murphy USA company has more than 1400 stations. These stations are available in twenty-six states in the United States. This company has two big brands. The first brand is Murphy USA. And the second brand is Murphy Express. These brands are different in some ways. The differences are:

  • Murphy USA stations

There are more than 1100 stations of Murphy USA now. You can find them near to Walmart stores. The sizes of these stations are a bit small. Besides, the stores are like kiosks.

  • Murphy Express stations

This company has operated about 240 Murphy express stations. These kinds of stations are standalone. They have large areas. It is around 1.200 up to 3,400 square feet or more. You can buy some items like snacks, candies, beverages, etc. at their stores. The stores are a bit larger as well. They look like other convenience stores.

Perhaps now you are wondering like, “Where can I find Murphy gas station near me?” You do not need to be confused, because it is easy to locate Murphy station. You can search the locations using its official website. The website address is Then, click Find a Store on the menu bar. Or else, you may take the shortcut way. You can go to To find a store, you can do the following steps:

  • You must enter your address. You may use your city name, state, and the ZIP code. To make it simple, you can choose your state using the available map there.
  • Then, you can choose the distance. The distance choices are in 5 miles, 10 miles, 25 miles, 50 miles, and 100 miles.
  • Next, you may click Find Locations button.
  • If you would like to, you can click Plan a Trip button. It will help you to make plans for your trip. Moreover, it will tell you complete directions to get to your destination.

Well, most people want it handy. Murphy USA realizes this need. It has created a tool to help customers access Murphy USA stations. Now, you can locate them without difficulties if you get Murphy Mobile app. This app will make it easier to find the nearest station of Murphy USA. You can also get the updated information about gas prices. You can download this app in Android version via Google Play Store. Besides, you can get the iPhone version at Apple App Store.

  1. Open Hour

Murphy USA stations used to open 24 hours. But now, some stations have their own working hours. Most of the stations will be open at 4.30 a.m. up to 11 p.m. To avoid disappointment, you would better know about this information first. You can contact the local station about Murphy usa hours.

  1. Prices

You do not have to doubt about Murphy’s gas qualities. Furthermore, the low prices are not questionable. Customers can get the gas at friendly prices. Even it has claimed to provide gasoline with low prices. You can get the most updated information about the Murphy gas prices every 5 minutes. Besides, you can look the updates at Murphy USA website. You can use the mobile app to see the price as well.

Moreover, you can save some of your money if you buy at Murphy USA stations. It used to provide Murphy usa coupons for customers. But it does not exist anymore now. But customers can still get more benefits, though. There are three facilities from Murphy USA to save your money. The first is Walmart gas Discounts. The second is Mobile App Savings. The third is Save with TxtPay. Customers can use them to get cheaper gas prices from Murphy USA.

How to contact Murphy USA customer service

In the business world, giving the best service is a must. This is what has dragged Murphy USA to give more services for customers. Murphy USA has prepared customer service in case something awful happens.   Some customers perhaps find problems related to Murphy USA. One of the duties of customer service representatives is to help these customers to come out of their problems. They can give solutions to them. Besides, it will sound better if the customer service representatives can fix the problems in a short time.

  1. Website

You can tell your experience to Murphy USA at You can share your feedback there. If you want to make it short, you can go to This address will take you to the same official page of Murphy USA. Then, you can fill the feedback form and follow the instructions stated on that page.

  1. Email

If you need to voice out your comments via email, you can send it to [email protected]

  1. Mailing

To reach customer service representatives, you can send your letters to:

PO Box 7300

El Dorado, Arkansas, 71731

the United States

Or you can use the physical address of Murphy USA. The address is:

422 N Washington

El Dorado, Arkansas, 71730

the United States

  1. Phone

When you need a quick response from Murphy USA customer service, you can dial 1.800.843.4298.

  1. Social Media

Murphy USA has social media accounts as well. You can use these links if you want to get the most updated information from Murphy USA.

  • Twitter:
  • Instagram:
  • Facebook:
  • LinkedIn:


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