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Got an invitation to take part in Jackson Hewitt survey at It means you are lucky. Don’t miss your chance to win $500 cash by taking Jackson Hewitt survey. You can read more information about the survey below.

About Jackson Hewitt

Jackson Hewitt is a tax-preparation service in the United States. It has the 2nd largest position as a provider of tax services. Jackson Hewitt provides some services, such as tax preparation, financial services, and refund anticipations loans. It began the operation in 1982. The headquarters is in Jersey City, New Jersey.  Today, there are over 6000 locations of Jackson Hewitt in the United States. Almost half of the locations are available at Walmart stores.

Official Rules of Jackson Hewitt Feedback Survey Sweepstakes

Jackson Hewitt conducts a survey that will allow you to enter its sweepstakes as well. If you can win it, you will receive $500 cash. But, you should know that this sweepstake has some strict rules. Just keep reading about the following rules to make you understand what you should do and should not do if you want to be eligible for this sweepstakes.

jackson hewitt survey

jackson hewitt survey can be accessed at

  1. Participants

Participants of Jackson Hewitt Feedback Survey Sweepstakes will be eligible for this sweepstakes if they have the following conditions:

  • Legal residents of the United States

If you are a legal resident of the United States, it means you are eligible for this feedback survey sweepstakes. It is because Jackson Hewitt sweepstakes are only open for residents of all 50 states and also the District of Columbia. In case you are not residents of the areas mentioned above, you will not permissible to enter Jackson Hewitt survey sweepstakes.

  • 18 year the at least

The minimum age to be a participant of Jackson Hewitt survey feedback sweepstakes is 18 years old. This means you can enter this sweepstake if you are 18 years old or you are older than this minimum age. But, if you have not reached 18 years old yet, you will not be eligible to be the participant of Jackson Hewitt sweepstakes. However, you may request your parents or legal guardians to enter this sweepstake for you.

  • Not employees of Jackson Hewitt, Inc.

You cannot be a participant of Jackson Hewitt survey sweepstakes if you are working as an employee of Jackson Hewitt, Inc. it is because this sweepstake is only for Jackson Hewitt customers. So, employees and all people with business partnership with Jackson Hewitt, Inc. are not permissible to enter the sweepstakes. Besides, all immediate family members and household members are not eligible for Jackson Hewitt feedback sweepstakes.

  1. Sweepstakes period

Jackson Hewitt Feedback Survey Sweepstakes will last from December 17th, 2018 until April 20th, 2019. During this sweepstakes period, there will be 16 monthly entry periods. All participants of Jackson Hewitt sweepstakes should know about the schedule of these monthly entry periods.

  1. Entry Methods

Participants can take one of the possible entry methods provided by Jackson Hewitt Feedback Survey Sweepstakes. There are 3 entry methods here. This is the explanation.

  • Email invitation entry method
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You may get an email invitation from Jackson Hewitt survey sweepstakes. This invitation will ask you to enter the sweepstakes using a set of instruction sent to your email address. Just follow the procedure informed to you via email. Then, you can submit your contact details as a way to enter the sweepstakes. The details that you should provide name, complete home address, phone number, and email address.

  • Online entry method

You can take the online entry method from Jackson Hewitt Feedback Survey Sweepstakes if you have a survey invitation printed on your Jackson Hewitt receipt. the receipt will tell you to take part in Jackson Hewitt survey at TellJH. Next, you should provide some survey information based on the survey invitation on the receipt. then, participants can answer some survey questions at TellJH. at the end of the survey, you may get an opportunity to enter the Jackson Hewitt Feedback Survey Sweepstakes. You only need to submit your name, complete home address, phone number, and email address.

  • Offline entry method

The offline method for this sweepstakes will allow you to enter the sweepstakes by mailing post. There are some simple steps that you can use to enter the sweepstakes offline.

  • Firstly, prepare a postcard.
  • Secondly, write down your contact information, such as your name, complete home address, phone number, and email address
  • Thirdly, you can send the postcard to:

Jackson Hewitt Feedback Survey Sweepstakes

PO Box 16349

Rochester, New York, 14616

The United States

No matter which entry methods a sweepstake participant will use, there is only 1 chance to enter it during the entire period of Jackson Hewitt Feedback Survey Sweepstakes.

  1. Winners

There will be 16 random drawings held to select Jackson Hewitt Sweepstakes winners. The potential winners will get informed by email, letter, or phone. Then, potential winners should be able to send their affidavits within 10 days after they receive notifications.  If potential winners fail to do this, there will be another random drawing to select the alternate winners for Jackson Hewitt Sweepstakes.

  1. Prizes

As there are 16 random drawings, it means there will be 16 grand prize winners for Jackson Hewitt Sweepstakes. Each winner will receive 1 grand prize. And every grand prize is worth $500 cash. The winners will have to take the grand prizes at Jackson Hewitt office because these sweepstakes prizes are not transferable. Moreover, sweepstakes winners cannot request to take other prizes as the prize substitution.


tellhj survey guideline

What to Prepare for Jackson Hewitt Feedback Survey at TellJH

You will experience a good survey process at TellJH if you can prepare some prerequisites. These are the things you can have before you start the survey.

  1. Jackson Hewitt receipt

To take part in Jackson Hewitt guest experience survey, you should have a valid receipt from Jackson Hewitt. Besides, you should make sure that your Jackson Hewitt receipt has a survey invitation code and an office number. Remember that your receipt will be valid for once. It means will only be able to use the receipt many times. After you have used the receipt, it will not be valid anymore.

  1. A device

You may use a laptop or a smartphone to take part in the Jackson Hewitt survey. Just make sure you have installed a compatible browser in your device.

  1. The internet connection

The survey will need the internet connection to access the survey website at You’d better have a stable connection. this way, you will be able to access the website fast.

  1. English or Spanish ability
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There are 2 languages, English and Spanish, available on the survey website. You can select one of the languages to do the survey.

Steps to Take Part in Jackson Hewitt Feedback Survey at TellJH

You can take part in the survey at TellJH without difficulties if you know the steps you should do. Basically, this survey will only need some easy steps. You can complete all the survey steps at telljh in less than 10 minutes. These are the steps that you can take.

  1. Visit

First, you should go to the official website of the Jackson Hewitt Feedback Survey. The website address is at Besides, you may use a link provided on Jackson Hewitt official website that will direct you to take part in this guest experience survey. the link will direct you to

  1. Select a language

Second, you must select a language. When you have reached the survey website at, you will not see the home page of this survey website automatically. But, you will have to choose a language first. You may select English or Spanish here. The button you click on the page of language selection will turn the entire survey pages at into the language you prefer. After you have clicked a language button, you will be able to view the home page of Jackson Hewitt guest experience survey.

  1. Enter survey code

Third, you can enter a survey code. This survey invitation code consists of 3 letters and 5 digits of numbers. You will find this invitation code on the upper left part of your Jackson Hewitt receipt. You can enter this survey code in the upper blank field.

  1. Fill in Office Number

Fourth, you should fill in the office number as well. There is a blank field available for this task. You can find this office number on the bottom part of Jackson Hewitt receipt. it will tell you to enter the number next to “Your Filling Office”. If you have done this step, you can click the Next button to continue the survey.

  1. Answer survey questions

Fifth, you can answer several questions given by Jackson Hewitt guest experience survey. You may need to rate some statements related to your visit to the Jackson Hewitt office when you use the tax service provided at the office. The questions are about your satisfaction towards Jackson Hewitt office, service, and many more. Then, you can give your feedbacks to Jackson Hewitt through this survey website. For example, you are eager to give suggestions, complaints, or compliments about Jackson Hewitt. You can make it as specific as you want.

  1. Enter Sweepstakes

Finally, you can enter Jackson Hewitt feedback sweepstakes when you have done all of the survey questions. This sweepstake will be your chance to win $500 cash from Jackson Hewitt. Just provide your contact details in this step. What you need to inform here is your name, home address, phone number, email address, and birth date. Then, let’s just pray for your lucks to win the sweepstakes prize from Jackson Hewitt.

How to Find jackson Hewitt near me

Need to find the locations of Jackson Hewitt as soon as possible? You just need to prepare the internet connection. Then, try the following methods.

  1. Jackson Hewitt Office Locator
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You can find Jackson Hewitt Office Locator on its official website. Then, you will be able to use the locator easily. In case you do not know how to use it, you can use the following instructions to understand the ways to use Jackson Hewitt Office Locator.

  • Go to

Firstly, you should reach the official website of Jackson Hewitt at This website will be a good source for you to get information related to Jackson Hewitt.

  • Click Find An Office

Secondly, you can click Find An Office button on the upper right side of the website. If you click this button, you will get directed to the page of Jackson Hewitt Office Locator.

  • Enter Location Information

Thirdly, you may enter the information about the office location you are looking for. There is a blank search field there. You can fill it with a city name, a state name, or a ZIP code.

  • Click Search

Then, you can click the Search button next to the search field. Or, you can just click the Enter button on your device keyboard. In a few seconds, the search result will show up on your screen. You will be able to see a list of Jackson Hewitt Office locations based on the location information that you have used. If you have found out the location that you are searching for, you can click Show Full Office Details to get more information about the office location.

If you use Jackson Hewitt Office Locator, you will be able to get complete information about your preferred location of Jackson Hewitt office. For example, you will be able to get the location address, local phone number, and location hours. Besides, there is a map that you can use to find the locations more specifically. Also, you can use a feature to Get Directions in case you do not understand how to reach the office location. Further, this office locator will help you to make an appointment online at your favorite Jackson Hewitt locations. Moreover, some offices may have locations at the Walmart store.

  1. Search Engine

You can use another simple to find locations of Jackson Hewitt office by using a search engine. You can enjoy the advantage of a search engine if you launch your browser. There is a search field available there. You can just type the location details as the keyword. Next, the result will appear in a few seconds only. Besides, you may use the search engine to access Jackson Hewitt survey at

How to Contact Jackson Hewitt Customer Care

Got problems with your visit to Jackson Hewitt? Just contact the customer care using the ways below. Then, the representatives will help you solve the problems.

  1. By website

You can share your feedbacks for Jackson Hewitt via website. Just visit the website at

  1. By mailing

Use mailing post to share your feedbacks is also a good thing. You can inform your feedbacks in details through your letters. Just send them to:

Jackson Hewitt Inc.

10 Exchange Place, 27th  Floor

Jersey City, New Jersey, 07302

The United States

  1. By phone

If you want to talk to the representatives of Jackson Hewitt customer care, you can call them at 1-800-234-1040. They will be available on Monday to Friday from 9.00 a.m. up to 9.00 p.m.

  1. By social media

Give your comments about Jackson Hewitt on its social media page. You can reach the pages using the links below:

  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:
  • YouTube:

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