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Drinking a fresh juice in the afternoon is a relaxing activity. We do not only quench our thirsty but also refresh our mind. Have you ever tried the fresh juice from Jamba Juice? This Juice store offers the wide variety of juice. So, you cannot only enjoy the fruit juice but also the vegetable juice as well as the nutty juice. Once you enjoy Jamba Juice, do not forget to take part in TellJamba. By completing tell Jamba survey, you can earn $500 in the form of the check. Besides, if you are lucky, you can receive Jamba Juice coupon.

Through Jamba Juice survey, this juice outlet wants to observe the customers opinion. The store wants to identify how satisfying the service given to the customers. To thank the survey takers, Jamba Juice has provided the total prize $5500. Each month, there will be one TellJamba sweepstakes winner. So, you have a chance to try eleven survey period held by Jamba Juice. So, never get bored to enjoy JambaJuice menu. Then, save your Jamba receipt. To enter Jamba Juice survey website, you will need this receipt.

jamba juice survey

jamba juice survey can be accessed from

About Telljamba Survey

As stated before, telljamba is the guest satisfaction survey held by Jamba Juice. If you want to take part in Tell Jamba customer survey, you should visit Jamba Juice near me. Then, you have to make a purchase for any juice or other menus. After that, you will receive a receipt from Jamba Juice. With this valid receipt, you can visit Jamba Juice survey website at By taking the Jambajuice survey, you not only can share your purchasing experience. But, you will also get one chance to enter Jamba Juice sweepstakes. And do you know what the reward is? The lucky winner of Jamba Juice survey sweepstakes will receive $500.


telljamba survey

Besides, in the certain occasion, Jamba Juice also offers the different reward. Sometimes, Jamba Juice offers Jamba juice coupon as the survey reward. No matter the reward is, Taking part in TellJamba survey is necessary. It is your great chance to voice up your feedback after enjoying the juice from Jamba. So, you can give a compliment if you enjoy your juice. In contrast, you also can complain Jamba juice if you are not satisfied with the menu you order.

The Steps of TellJamba Customer Satisfaction Survey

Have you understood the rules of TellJamba? Have you prepared anything for this survey? If you are done, you can start accessing tellJamba survey website. Then, are you ready to complete Jamba survey to win $500? Tell Jamba only needs a few minutes to complete. So, it will not waste your precious time. the steps to complete TellJamba juice survey is also simple. if you have no idea about Jaamba survey steps, you can review the simple guideline below.

  • Step 1: Visit TellJamba Survey portal.

Since TellJamba is an online survey, you should prepare your browser. Then, access the official survey website of tellJamba. It is available at or This survey website is accessible by using the smartphone, computer, or other devices. If you cannot load this survey website, you need to check your internet connection. Once you are successful to open Jamba Juice survey website, it is better to read the official rules of Jamba Juice survey sweepstakes first. Then, you can go to the next step.

  • Step 2: Provide the Hostname of Jamba Juice store.
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You will find two blank fields on teh Jamba Juice survey website. The first field asks about the hostname. Check your receipt to find out the name of teh host who served you when you visit Jamba Juice store. Usually, the hostname of Jamba Juice is available at the top section of your receipt.

  • Step 3. Enter TellJamba Survey code.

The next, it is the time to enter Jamba Juice survey code. You will only have this code if you hold the valid receipt from Jamba Juice. That’s why you have to save the Jamba Juice receipt everytime you make a purchase. TellJ Jamba survey code usually has 15 digits in length. Make sure that you do not mistype this survey code. If you do not type the correct code, you will not be able to start TellJamba survey. Once you have completed the hostname and the survey code, you can press the Next button. This way, you can begin the Jamba Juice survey.

  • Step 4. Answer Jamba Juice survey questions.

Now you are stepping the main part of tellJamba survey. You will be given a series of surevy questions asking your experience at Jamba Juice. First of all, you are asked to give the rating for some statements. The questions will be about Jamba Juice service, location, Jamba Juice menu, etc. If you think your last visit to Jamba Juice is fun, you can give the high rating. In contrast, if you are disappointed with Jamba Juice menu and service, you can give the bad rating.  Besides, Jamba Juice also gives you the chance to write your feedback. So, you are free to write everything about Jamba Juice. Perhaps, you can give Jamba Juice complaints, comment, or suggestions.

  • Step 5. Enter Jamba Juice Sweepstakes.

When you have completed Jamba Juice survey, TellJamba will invite you to enter Jamba Juice sweepstakes. You have the right to enter or ignore this sweepstake. But, knowing that the prize is interesting, why don’t you try your luck? Perhaps, the prize of Jamba Juice gift card $500 can be yours. If you decide to enter TellJamba sweepstakes, you have to enter your personal information. As the prerequisites of the sweepstakes, every sweepstake entrant must submit their name, address, phone number, and email address.

Those are five brief steps to enter TellJamba survey sweepstakes. All of them are easy to do, aren’t they? After submitting a Jamba Juice sweepstakes entry, what you need to do is waiting. Yips, you need to wait for the winner notification. If you win Jamba Juice sweepstakes, the committee will contact you by email or phone. So, your phone must be ready all the time. Besides, you have to check your email notification.

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Tell Jamba Survey Sweepstakes Rules and Qualification

Before taking part in Jamba Juice Survey sweepstakes, every survey taker must notice all the rules. Besides, they have to know the qualification to enter this survey sweepstake. That is why it is necessary to read TellJamba survey sweepstakes rules before starting the survey. But, if you find the official rules are difficult to understand, you can check out the summary below. We have simplified the rules. So, it will be easier to understand. Check out some points below.

  • The Participants eligibility.

Before completing Jamba Juice survey sweepstakes, you should ask a question to yourself. Am I qualified? Am I eligible for this survey? if you are 18 years old at least and you are the Usa legal resident, it means you are eligible for Telljamba. Besides, those who are not eligible for Tell Jamba Juice survey are the employees of this juice store. It is because Jamba Juice survey is only for the customers.

  • Jamba Juice survey requirements.

If you are qualified as TellJamba participant, you should start preparing some requirements. First, you need a valid Jamba Juice receipt. Then, you also need a laptop or other smaller device such as a smartphone or tablet. The use of the internet is also crucial as well.

  • Jamba Juice Sweepstakes Entry Method.

Jamba Juice offers two entry methods for the customers. You can enter Jamba Juice sweepstakes with or without a purchase. So, even you do not buy anything from Jamba Juice, you still can enter the sweepstake. But, you cannot take the survey. In contrast, if you have the receipt, you can enter both survey and sweepstakes. Here is the complete information about Jamba Juice sweepstakes entry method.

  1. With a purchase.

If you have Jamba Juice receipt from your recent purchase, you can go to Then, you can enter the survey code of Jamba Juice. The next, you should answer the survey questions about Jamba Juice. After that, you will receive one chance to enter Jamba juice online sweepstakes. Just provide your personal information to make an entry.

  1. Without a purchase.

What if you do not have Jamba Juice receipt? You should not worry since you still can enter Jamba Juice sweepstakes. It is because you can submit the sweepstakes entry by mail. Simply prepare a piece of paper. Then, you should handprint your full name, address, email address, and phone number. After that, you can send this sweepstakes entry to:

Jamba Juice Survey Sweepstakes

PO BOX 439.

Macedon, New York

14502 0439.

  • Jamba Juice sweepstakes prize.

Talking about the prize, everyone will be gladly receiving this prize. It is because Jamba Juice offers $500 prize check for the winner. There will be one winner in a month. Besides, Jamba Juice offers eleven surveys a year. So, the total prize is $5500. Jamba Juice will contact the winner personally by email or phone. But, if you are curious about the TellJamba sweepstakes winner, you can send the winner list request to Jamba Juice. Address your letter to:

Jamba Juice

300 State Street Suite 402


New York 14614.

How to Locate Jamba Juice Near Me?

If you want to enjoy the fresh and yummy juice, you should go to the closest Jamba Juice. But, you may wonder where are Jamba Juice locations Near Me? In this case, you can use the internet to help you. There are several ways to locate Jamba Juice. You can try one of the ways below which you think as the easiest methods.

  • Use Jamba Juice Store Locator.
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In order to use this feature, you have to visit Jamba Juice official website. Simply access There, you will find Jamba Juice navigator. At the top of the site, you will find the link Find a Store. Besides, if you scroll down the page, you will also find the store finder menu. With this menu, you can locate Jamba Juice locations near you. Just enter your city, zip code or state. Then, the website will help you by showing some Jamba Juice locations around you. This result also shows other information about Jamba Juice. For instance, you can find Jamba Juice store hour, Jamba Juice address, and phone number.

  • Google Maps.

Who doesn’t know this useful application? All people must have a Google Maps application on their smartphone. Just open this online maps. Then, you can type Jamba Juice store near me. Google Maps will show the shortest direction to Jamba Juice store. This application also shows other details about Jamba Juice. As the example, you can check Jamba Juice ratings and Jamba Juice reviews.

 How to Contact Jamba Juice Customer Service?

As the customers, you may have any questions about Jamba Juice. Perhaps, you want to complain or ask about the certain issue. In this case, the best thing you should do is calling Jamba Juice customer care. The friendly staff of Jamba Juice will help you gladly. But, before deciding to call Jamba Juice Customer Support, why don’t you seek for the information at Jamba Juice website? You can explore much information at From this website, you can find out Jamba Juice menu, Jamba Juice catering, Jamba Juice Insider rewards, and Jamba gift cards. But, if you cannot find the info you need, you can try to get in touch with Jamba Customer Service by using the methods below.

  • By mail.

If you need to write a business letter to Jamba Juice, you can address it to Jamba Juice Support Center. 3001 Dallas Parkway Frisco, Texas 75034, US.

  • By phone.

It is the quickest way to get the response from Jamba Juice Customer Support staff. You just need to call Jamba Juice phone number. Just dial 469 294 9600. But, make sure to call this number at the business hour. It is because Jamba Juice Customer Service is not available 24/7.

  • Jamba Juice Social Media.

If you are the active users of some social media. You can get connected with Jamba Juice by following its social media account. For instance, you can follow Jamba Juice Instagram or Twitter. You also can like Jamba Juice fanpage. Besides, you can subscribe Jamba Juice Google+ and Youtube. This way, you will not miss any useful info related Jamba Juice. For example, you will know about Jamba Juice special offers and Jamba Juice deals.

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