Tellhco – Complete Hollister Survey to Get $10 Discount on $50


Did you find an invitation from Tellhco Customer Experience Survey printed on your receipt? Well, it means you are a lucky customer. This survey will give you a $10 discount coupon after you have completed all of the survey steps. In case you do not know, Hollister Co. holds this Tell HCO customer survey to measure the satisfaction level of its customers. Then, this store will use the result of Hollister survey as a feedback to improve its qualities. Wonder about Hollister survey? Keep calm and just read this article. We have prepared beneficial information about Hollister Customer Experience Survey for you.

About Hollister

Hollister Co. is a retail chain in the United States. This is an international retail which is also popular as Hollister and Hco. This company began on July 27th, 2000. The first store location was in Columbus at the time. Now, this company has a headquarters office in New Albany. The expansion of Hollister Co. has reached some countries in Europe, Asia, and Australia with 578 branches.

hollister survey

hollister survey can be accessed at

Products available at Hollister Co. are very affordable because the targets of this business are for teenagers. Most customers of Hollister Co. stores are those with the age of 14 to 18 years old. But as the business has run very well, Hollister Co. has started to provide adults’ wear. What makes Hollister clothing famous among teenagers is because the products are fashionable and modern. Customers can purchase T-shirts, jeans, and many other items. Besides, Hollister Co. also has air fresheners, perfumes, hats, scarves, belts, sunglasses, pins, and candles.

Hollister survey

Hollister survey steps

Prerequisites of Hollister Customer Experience Survey

Before you decide to take the Hco survey, you should prepare the things needed for this survey. Your prerequisites will help you to anticipate the risks of getting technical errors when you are in the middle of the survey. You do not want to get disturbed when you are taking the survey, do you? Here they are.

  1. A purchase receipt

Hollister receipt has a survey code and some more survey information printed on it. Make sure you have this receipt before you take the survey.

  1. A device

You should have a device, such as a laptop or a smartphone. Then, install a browser in it to access the survey website.

  1. the internet

Be certain that you can prepare a stable internet connection during the survey.

  1. English and Spanish ability

You can choose between English or Spanish on the survey website. Choose the most familiar language to you.

  1. A Pen

You need this pen to write a validation code. In case you do not find a pen, you may replace it with a pen or a marker.

How to take part in Tellhco Customer Experience Survey

Have you prepared all of Hollister Survey prerequisites? Then, you can continue with the survey steps. You do not need to be afraid if this Hollister survey will waste your precious time. This customer survey will only take 5 to 10 minutes. This is a quite short time for doing a customer survey. it is because all of the survey steps are simple. We are sure will be able to complete all the steps without difficulties. In case you want more information about Hollister survey steps, you can pay attention to the following procedure. We have provided a set of instruction which will help you to take part in Hollister Customer Experience Survey.

  1. Visit Hollister Survey Website
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First, you should visit the only website which provides Hollister Customer Survey. You can just visit it for

  1. Select a language

Second, you can select a language once you have reached the survey website. That will be your first task when the survey website shows up for you. You can select English or Español. If you select the Español option, it will turn the entire survey pages into Spanish. If you have done this step, you can click the Next button.

  1. Enter Survey Code

Third, you must enter the Hollister survey code. You can use your Hollister Co. purchase receipt to do this step. You can locate this code on the top part of the receipt. You do not need to worry if you do not know which part is the code location. Hollister survey has a receipt example which will help you to find the code. Then, click the Submit button. This button will show the next page for you.

  1. Enter receipt information

Fourth, you can enter receipt information in the provided fields on the new page. There is a receipt example next to the blank fields. You may use it to help you enter the receipt information. The information you should provide on this customer survey website is:

  • Hollister Co. store number
  • Register number of your receipt
  • Transaction number
  • Date of the receipt

If all information needed here is complete, you can click the Submit button. If you click this button, you will see the question pages of Tellhco survey.

  1. Answer Tellhco survey questions

Fifth, you can answer the survey question given by Tellhco survey website. You can just rate some statements appear on the survey pages. Then, you may recall your visit experience at Hollister Co. store last time. The questions will ask about:

  • Your satisfaction level at Hollister Co. store,
  • Hollister Co. services,
  • Recommendation about Hollister Co.,
  • Products availability at the store,
  • Reasons for shopping at Hollister Co., and many more.

Next, you may need to fill in a feedback filed to share your comments about Hollister Co. You can tell your problems, visit experience, suggestions, or other feedbacks through this survey website.

  1. Write a Validation Code

Finally, you will get a validation code as the survey reward from Hollister. Just take your pen and purchase receipt. Then, you can write down the validation code on the receipt before you use it as your Hollister coupon. Next, you can redeem it at Hollister store to get $10 discount. In case you access this Tellhco survey by a smartphone, you can just screenshot this validation code. After that, you can show this screenshot for the redemption process. Remember that this discount coupon will be valid if you make purchases for $50 at least in your next purchase.

How to Save when Shopping at Hollister Co.

We know that Hollister Co. store products are always up to date. You must really want to have the Hollister Co. styles to look gorgeous. It seems like you will spend a lot of money to shop at Hollister store. But, you do not need to worry because we have some tips to save some more of your cash when you are shopping at Hollister Co. stores. You can read the explanations below.

  1. Tellhco survey
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Customers can take Hollister customers survey experience to give feedbacks to Hollister. But, it is not only the benefit of this survey. It is because Tellhco survey offers $10 discount to Hollister customers. They can take this discount code right after the survey ends. Customers can just show this discount code to Hollister cashier use the discount coupon. But, this discount is applicable if customers spend $50 when shopping at Hollister store.

  1. Hollister sweepstakes

In certain periods, Hollister holds sweepstakes to satisfy its customers. There are several sweepstakes ever conducted by Hollister. For example, summer sweepstakes, carpet denim sweepstakes, and many more. Hollister sweepstakes have different prizes. Make sure you update your information about Hollister sweepstakes by visiting its official website at

  1. Hollister coupon

Hollister often gives free coupons to its customers. You can use the coupons to get quality products at cheaper prices. For instance, you can use Hollister in-store coupons when you are shopping at Hollister store. Besides, you may get a discount from Hollister online coupons if you visit Hollister official website. For the current season, Hollister gives 60% discount for all clearance and 30% discount for boys and girls Hollister sale. Moreover, customers may get Hollister promo code from online deal sites.

  1. Hollister gift card

You can also buy Hollister gift cards with 35% discount. Hollister provides regular cards and e-cards for its customers. For Hollister e-cards, there is no expiration date applies to this sort of card. Then, Hollister will send this e-card via email. And if you want to redeem the card, the balance should be in USD currency.

Those are the things you can do to get lower prices at Hollister Co. stores. Now, you will not need to worry about getting broke because you can try the tips above.

How to Find Hollister near me

Need to find Hollister locations near to you? It is an easy task. You can just connect your device to the internet, Then, you can do some simple ways to find the location of Hollister Co. store. if you do not know how to find the store location online, you can read the following information. We have summarized the steps to get to the Hollister store easily. You can do this whenever you are ready.

  1. Hollister Store Locator

If you are eager to find the Hollister Store Locator, you can check it on Hollister official website. Then, you can use the store locator in some steps below.

  • Go to

First, you can go to to find Hollister store locator. Hollister has provided a locator on this website to make the searching process become easier.

  • Click Navigation Bar

Second, you may click the navigation bar on the top left side of the home page. If you click this, you will see some options which will help you find Hollister information.

  • Select Find a Store
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Third, you can select Find a Store option when you have clicked on the navigation bar. You can scroll down the bar to find this option. If you click this option, you will see another page showing a Hollister locator.

  • Enter location details

Fourth, you can enter the location details in the provided field. You can enter a city name, a state name, or a ZIP code.

  • Click Search

Then, you may click the Search button to start the searching process.

The Hollister store locator will give you information about the location address, the restaurant phone number, and the store hours. You may use a map and get directions to feature on this page.

  1. Hollister Mobile App

In case you have Hollister Mobile App in your device, you can use it to find the nearest location of Hollister store. Moreover, this Hollister mobile app has more functions, such as to sign in Hollister account, scan barcodes, save favorite store items, pick up the order, and many more advantages. In case you have not got this mobile app, you can download this Hollister So Cal Style from Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

  1. Search Engine

You can use a search engine to find the locations of the Hollister store nearby. This search engine is available on your browser. This means you should launch your browser before accessing the store locations using the search engine. You only need to type the keyword on the search field. Then, you will get the search results in a matter of seconds. Moreover, you may use the search engine to find the information related to Tellhco customer experience survey.

How to Contact Hollister Co. Customer Service

Do you need help from Hollister? You can contact Hollister customers’ service using the following ways. The representatives will be ready to help you.

  1. By website

It is easy to contact Hollister customer service via the website. You just need to turn on your internet connection. Then, you can visit the official website at On this website, you can contact the customer service representatives by chat. You can click the chat box as long as when it pops up on the home page. Also, you may send your comments using a feedback form. You just need to share what you need to say and send it directly through this website. You will get the response within 18 hours.

  1. By email

You can use a more personal way to share your feedback. Hollister has provided an email address that you can use to tell your comments about Hollister. Just send your email to

  1. By mailing

Need a larger space to share your visit experience? You can write letters to Hollister management team. Then, you can send them to Hollister corporate office. The address is at:

Abercrombie & Fitch Co.

6301 Fitch Path

New Albany, Ohio, 43054

The United States

  1. By phone

The customer service representatives are also available by phone; you can just contact them in case you need immediate responses. The phone numbers are +1-925-359-2568 and also 614-283-6500.

  1. Through social media

Sharing your experience with social media can be more convenient. You can just access the social media pages of Hollister and leave your comments there. You may follow Hollister social media pages using these links.







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