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Have you ever been to Dunkin Donuts or Baskin Robbins? If you like donuts and ice cream products. Both restaurants are perfect for you. what do you do with your purchase receipt? We advise you to save your receipt. You can redeem your receipts with free donuts! Is it interesting right? You just have to do a Dunkin Donuts & Baskin Robbins Survey. They provide a platform for knowing consumer opinions. The platform is named Telldunkinbaskin. There you can make an assessment of restaurant service.

If you’ve never taken a survey, maybe you will experience confusion. No need to fear, we will guide you. You simply provide your receipt. Then turning every tip away from us. So you can complete the survey smoothly. You must understand the survey rules. Besides, you should also prepare for survey needs. We will show you easy steps to do Tell dunkin baskin. Before we do a survey, Let’s find out about Dunkin Donut and Baskin Robins!

Telldunkinbaskin survey

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About Dunkin Donuts & Baskin Robbins

Dunkin Donuts & Baskin Robbins Restaurant is one company. Itwas founded in 1950. Dunkin Donuts Restaurant is located in Canton, Massachusetts. The owner of Dunkin Donuts Restaurant is William Rosenberg. The concept of Dunkin Donuts Restaurant is selling donuts and coffee. He was inspired by the factory and the construction environment. There Donuts and coffee are popular foods. The first name of Dunkin Donuts when it stood was Open Kettle. Open Kettle has been established since 1948.

Then in 1955 Dunkin Donuts opened a franchise. In 1990 Dunkin Donuts was bought by Allied Lyons. Then in 1998 Dunkin Donuts joined Baskin Robbins. Currently, they have branches all over the world. Even at the station or airport, there are also Dunkin Donuts outlets. Typical products from Dunkin Donuts are donuts and coffee. On Dunkin Donuts website listed how to process coffee. Start from the tree until ready to drink. Since 1965 Dunkin Donuts spread its wings. They expanded their first business in Canada.

Besides, Baskin Robbins is an international franchise restaurant. Baskin Robbins was founded in 1953. The restaurant was founded by Burt Baskin and Irvine Robbins. In the beginning, they have a different company. There’s Burt’s Ice Cream Shop and Snowbird Ice Cream. Then the two companies merged in 1953. The first standing location is in Glendale California. Currently, Baskin Robbins is under the auspices of Dunkin Donuts. They are famous for the slogan 31 flavors. They believe that customers should hold ice cream. Then, consumers can determine their favorite ice cream. There’s a famous Irvine word. “We do not just sell Ice cream, but we also sell a pleasure.

Baskin Robbins’s main product is ice cream. Their ice cream has a soft texture. Then their ice cream is also resistant at room temperature. Before ordering, consumers can choose what ice cream flavor they will order. You can combine any kind of ice cream taste. You can see the interesting offers they provide on the website. Moreover, you should see on the promo menu. There you will find the product on promo. For example, you can get a buy offer one gets a free one. Furthermore, you can also get discounts on national holidays. So you have to visit their website often. Baskin Robbins currently has more than 7000 outlets in 50 countries. It is a fantastic number!

What rules should I understand?

After we discussed the Dunkin Donuts and Baskin Robbins company. We will discuss the survey rules. You must complete all the rules. So you are deemed legitimate to do the survey. Telldunkinbaskin is a satisfaction survey portal. It is a combination of Dunkin donuts survey and Baskin Robbins survey. If you are a fan of both restaurants, give them your judgment. So, you can participate in their growth.

  1. Citizenship
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Are you a resident of the United States? good, then you have a chance to do Tell dunkin baskin survey. It is intended for consumers from certain countries. Besides America, they are British and Canadian. If you are a resident of one of these countries. congratulations, you are one step closer to the Free Donuts! But, if you have other citizenship, we recommend that you withdraw from the survey. It is because you are considered invalid following the survey.

  1. Age restrictions

How old are you? This survey gives age restrictions. So, make sure you are 18 years of age or older. If you are 18 years old, you are considered capable of answering survey questions. You can take responsibility for your answer. if you are under 18 years of age. you are considered invalid to do this online survey.

  1. Your position at Dunkin Donuts and Baskin Robins

This survey is intended for customers. Are you an employee of Dunkin Donuts and Baskin Robins? If true, then you can not follow the survey. It is not for some people

  • You are an employee
  • Your family employees
  • You are the owner of a partner company

Make sure you are not belong to that group. then you can continue the survey. If you are one of them. You have to stop here. Your opinion is considered invalid. Many factors will affect. Your position can direct your opinion.

  1. Survey opportunities

This survey has survey restrictions. You can only do 5 x survey every month. If you have more receipts, you still can not do the survey.

After knowing the survey rules. Match with your current condition. Have you completed all the rules? If so, you can do the next step. now we will discuss the preparation of the survey. Pay close attention to our instructions.

What should I prepare for Tell dunkin baskin?

  1. Online-Devices

This program is an online-based survey. So you need a survey tool. The device you can use is a computer or laptop. If you do not have both, you can use your phone or tablet. You can choose the device that suits you. if you have a problem with your eyes. we suggest you choose a device with a large screen display. This way will lower the risk of error. You can more easily read our instructions. Then you can easily answer questions from the survey. But if you judge from practicality. You need to consider mobile phones or tablets. Maybe you should be a little careful. you can be wrong when pressing the button. Because the display screen mobile phone or tablet is smaller.

  1. Internet connection

If you do an online survey, of course, you must have an internet connection. You can use any provider. But, consider the speed and availability of internet signals. Besides, your location may affect. So, choose a location with enough signal. If your provider’s signal is weak. Perhaps the service company has not yet reached your location. Indeed, a smooth internet connection makes your survey easier. It is because we do not want you to get into trouble. You need to know. The survey code only can be used once. If your internet connection is bad when you enter the code. Your risk of failing becomes greater.

  1. Legitimate receipts of Dunkin Donuts and Baskin Robins

Do you have Dunkin Donuts or Baskin Robbins receipts? If you have one, then you can follow Telldunkinbaskin. You just need to make a transaction. Then you will get a receipt when paying for food. The receipt is the entrance of the Survey. You will enter some information based on the receipt. Remember, the receipt has an expiry date. You can do Dunkin Donuts and Baskin Robbin Survey one week after the visit. If more than one week. Your chance of getting a free donut is gone.

  1. Language skills
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Tell dunkin baskin is a survey portal with English. So you better prepare your skills. if you are pretty sure with your English. you only need to choose a survey in English. But do not worry. It is also available in Spanish. On the first page, you have to choose the language. Select “to take this survey in English”, if you want a survey using English. Then select “Tomar Esta Encuesta en Espanol”, If you believe in your Spanish.

Have you prepared all of them? if you have, let’s do the survey.

What are the steps to do Telldunkinbaskin?

When you do Dunkin and Baskin Survey. Try to recall your last experience. It is because it can become a provision to fill out the survey. It is a portal to know your satisfaction. Besides, You can also give suggestions and criticism. Then, the company greatly pleases you. For instance, they can make improvements to services that are less good. Furthermore, they can maintain good service. The following steps do the survey.


telldunkinbaskin survey guideline

  1. Visit the website page

You can go to the official survey website with your device. First, access the login address on your browser. Then press enter or search button. Your browser will direct you to the survey website.

  1. Set language settings

On the first page, you must select a language. We discussed about this before. You must set the current language settings. Because your choice determines the next question. If you choose English, Telldunkinbaskin’s questions will use English. Just like if you choose to use Spanish.

  1. Select “to take this survey in English”. If you want a survey using English. Press the blue “click here” button.
  2. Then select “Tomar Esta Encuesta en Espanol”. If you believe in your Spanish. press the “haga clic aqui”
  3. Enter the survey code

On the next page you have to enter the survey code. You need not worry. Because there is an example image of the receipt beside the column. You only need to prepare your receipts. See the section marked on the image example. The survey code consists of 18 characters. Check back your survey code. If you are sure, click the “start” button.

  1. Complete your survey

On the next page you have to fill in the information. The information needed is the date and time you visited. If you do not remember. Look at your receipts. There is the date and time you visited. Next you can do a survey. The question can be a satisfaction scale. You will get questions about restaurant service. You just need to recall your experience. Experience when you visit Dunkin Donuts and Baskin Robbins.

Then you will be presented with questions with descriptive answers. You can write your complaint. You can also give a positive comment. It depends on your satisfaction with the service. Your opinion will help the company develop innovation. Because business competition is very tight. They are required to meet customer demand. Some parts of the service you can review:

  • Hospitality of the employee.
  • Speed of service.
  • Food menu.
  • Restaurant cleanliness.
  • Availability of facilities.
  • Product price.
  1. Fill your identity

After completing the survey question. You have to fill in your identity. The required identity is as below:

  • Your full name.
  • Address.
  • Your email address.
  • And your phone number.
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After filling out the complete identity. Check back your answer. Make sure nothing is missing. If you are sure of your answer. Click on the “submit” button

  1. Write Dunkin Baskin validation code

After you do the survey. A validation code will appear. Write down the validation code on your receipt. Now you have a coupon to exchange for the next visit. Save your coupon. Then immediately redeem the coupon to the nearest outlet. Remember, validation code has an expiry date. Do not let you lose the opportunity to get a free donut. Show your coupon to the cashier. And get your reward!

How can I connect with Dunkin Donuts and Baskin Robbins?

A customer wants to get good service. But one day you experience interference. Then your comfort is disturbed. You feel you should report this issue to the company. You can use phone or email. Usually, companies also provide social media. This way you can use. if you do not have a receipt. You can still express your opinion.

  1. You can send an email

Dunkin Donuts and Baskin Robbins have an email address for consumers. You can send criticism and suggestions there. Please make sure your email address is valid. If your address is invalid. The email will not be sent. You should also check email address writing. This way has its drawbacks. You may need time to get a reply. We also do not know whether the email has been read. Then the advantages is you do not have to pay for this way. Below is their email address:

  1. You can contact customer service

If you have any questions and complaints. You can deliver using the phone. The advantages you can ask directly. You can also receive answers directly. If your problem is urgent. We suggest you contact customer service. Costumer service serves you from Monday to Friday. Their time of operation is 08.30 AM to 05.00 PM. They will help you find a solution. Below are the Dunkin Donuts and Baskin Robbins restaurants:


  1. You can send a letter

If you do not have a computer / laptop / mobile device. You can still connect with the restaurant. Dunkin Donuts provides an address for mail delivery. If you prefer the conventional way. You can try sending mail. You can write down a lot of things. Disadvantages of sending mail are:

  • You do not know your letter is read by the company or not.
  • Then, you can not express your emotions.
  • Besides, you can not receive a reply directly.
  • Further, you have to pay for mailing
  • The next, you have to go out to send mail.

Below is an address from Dunkin Donuts and Baskin Robbins restaurant:

Dunkin ‘Brands Customer Care.

130 Royal Street,

Canton, MA 02021.

  1. You can use social media.

Currently using social media is very popular. Almost everyone has one type of social media. The restaurant also tries to keep up with the times. They provide social media to consumers. In addition to communication. Social media is used for product promotion. In addition, contests or challenges are usually announced through social media. Below are social media Dunkin Donuts and Baskin Robbins restaurants:

  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:
  • Youtube:
  • Instagram:
  • Path:
  1. You can leave messages through the website

If you do not have social media. You can use the website to submit comments. You just need to visit Dunkin Donuts website. Then click on the contact us menu. On that page, you have to fill in some columns.

  • Your name.
  • Your email address.
  • Phone number
  • Write down the section you want to give an opinion.
  • Write your comment based on the experience you have.
  • Fill in the verification code.

If you have, click on the “submit”.

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