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If you just got a receipt from Baskin Robbins, you’d better save it. You wanna know why? It is because that receipt will let you get a discount. Your duty is only go online. Then, you should take part in TellBaskinRobbins Survey. In the end of the survey, you will get a code. And you can use the code to get a discount at Baskin Robbins. The purpose of this survey is to measure the satisfaction levels of customers. Customers’ satisfaction is important for food business like Baskin Robbins. Customers’ satisfaction can define how successful a product is. Thus, customers are free to share their opinions about Baskin Robbins. Besides, the management team of Baskin Robbins will take the result of Tell Baskin Robbins Survey for evaluation. So that, if the result shows there is awful problem found by customers, they can fix it soon. They will make improvement to satisfy customers.

Well, here is a bit about Baskin Robbins. Baskin-Robbins has made its name as the biggest ice cream cakes restaurant chain in the world. Irv Robbins and Burt Baskin were the founders of this famous brand. They were brothers-in-law at the time. Each of them used to have their own private ice cream parlor since 1945. Then one day in 1953, they decided to merge their business under one management. The first store of Baskin Robbins was in Glendale California. And this store offers thirty-one flavors to its customers. With the development year by year, Baskin Robbins has introduced a thousand flavors. And the company headquarters has moved to Canton, Massachusetts. Further, this brand has spread worldwide. It is operating about 8000 restaurants. And customers are able to find its branches in fifty countries. Moreover, customers can enjoy frozen treats, frozen drinks, and ice cream cakes at Baskin Robbins stores.

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What You Should Know about Baskin Robbins Survey

It is important to know the rules of Baskin Robbins Survey. These rules will be the basis of receiving the survey reward. As you have known, the survey reward for the Survey is $1 discount. But, you must understand first that you will not get the discount right after the survey. For deeper understanding of how this survey will work, you can read the rules first. If you have understood the rules, it will get easier for you to take part in it. So, these are the rules.

  1. Respondents of the Survey

Everyone can be the Respondents of Tell Baskin Robbins Survey. It means every customer has the same right to take part in this survey as long as they can complete the requirements. Besides, there are no age restrictions to join the Survey. So, customers with minor ages are free to be the respondents of the Survey. Still, customers have to indicate their age for statistic purpose. Although it is free for everyone to join Baskin Robbins Survey, employees cannot be a part of this. So, if you are one of the employees of Baskin Robbins, you will not be able to take part in this survey.

  1. Rewards of the Survey

Baskin Robbins gives a $1 discount for the survey reward. But, you can get $1 if you make your next purchase at Baskin Robbins stores. Further, the next purchase you will make should be at least $4. So, if you buy items at Baskin Robbins stores for 4 dollars or more, you can get a dollar off. But, if your next purchase is less than 4 dollars, you will not receive a discount from Baskin Robbins.

  1. Baskin Robbins coupons

Baskin Robbins coupons have expired dates. These coupons will be valid for six months. It means your Baskin Robbins coupons will not be redeemable for survey rewards after six months of your receipt date. Besides, these coupons are valid for once. Each respondent only has a chance to redeem one coupon at a time. So, you cannot redeem more than Baskin Robbins coupons at once. Next, you must know that these coupons redemption value is 1 cent. Moreover, you cannot redeem your Baskin Robbins coupons with other promos and discounts. To be valid, you must not use a copy of your coupon for the redemption. Further, you cannot trade, sell, or reproduce this coupon for any reason.

What You Should Prepare Before Joining Tell Baskin Robbins Survey

If you want $1 discount from Baskin Robbins restaurants, you may join the Survey. To do this survey, you should go online. Thus, you must get several things for your preparations. The prerequisites of the Survey are not difficult to find. You can find the prerequisites in your daily life. Besides, there is not offline survey for Tell Baskin Robbins Survey. So, you cannot take part in it by mailing. To make you easier, we have summed up what you should prepare. So, you should have these things ready:

  1. A receipt

If you want to take part in the Survey, you should have a receipt from Baskin Robbins restaurants. It is the most important thing that you should prepare. This receipt will be the key to get into the questions page of the Survey. Besides, this receipt has beneficial details that you can use later. Next, this receipt should be recent. It is important for you to know that your receipt will be valid in 3 days after you have made your purchases at the restaurants. After three days has gone away, this receipt will not be valid anymore. It means you will not be able to take part in the Survey using that receipt. For your information, this Survey also allows you to use a survey card from Baskin Robbins.

If you are lucky, you can get this for free from the employees or cashiers of Baskin Robins stores. You can find a survey invitation code on this survey code. Or else, you can scan the QR code on the survey card to unlock the survey portal. Do not lose your Baskin Robbins receipt or survey card. That is because the receipt or the card will be beneficial at the time you redeem the survey rewards.

  1. A device

Then, you must be ready with your device as well. Your device is important to let you access the survey portal of Baskin-robbins guest satisfaction survey. There are many kinds of devices that you can prepare for taking part in the survey. You can use a personal computer. This device is able to display great quality of the desktop version of the survey. But, you must be ready to find an electric socket if you are sure about using this device. If it is possible for you, you can prepare a laptop. This device is more portable than a computer. Despite the point plus of using a laptop, still you will need larger spaces for your laptop.

If you are eager to use the handiest devices, you can use a tablet or a smartphone. These devices will be so much portable. So that, you can access the website of the survey everywhere you want. And one thing that you must care about is how you will get to the survey page. Your device will need a browser to get to the survey. If your device has not got a browser, you may install it first.

  1. The internet connection

Next, you must prepare the internet. It is because Tell Baskin Robbins survey will need you to go online. Thus, the internet connection is important. To make you have smooth survey process, you should pay attention to the quality of your internet connection. It is because stable connection is necessary to take part in this survey. If your internet connection is unstable, you can lose it at any time. And you do not want it to happen, right? Beside, slow connection will make your survey take a longer time than it should. It means it will waste your time. That is why; you must have stable and fast internet connection for joining this survey. Stable and fast connection will turn the survey pages one by one easily.

  1. A language ability

Tell Baskin Robbins survey provides three international languages actually. But, you should have language ability at least. You can use English, Spanish, or French. The survey page of this survey will appear in English, though. Then, you can change the language on the page. You can do it in the very beginning of the survey. If you want to change it, you may just click the sentence that contains the language you prefer. Next, it will change the entire pages into the language you choose. Please consider to use the language that you understand the most. If you use the language that is not familiar to you, you will not be able to understand the questions well. Moreover, you will not have a chance to change the language in the middle of the survey process. This survey does not give a button to change the language setting of the page.

  1. A writing tool

A writing tool will be helpful in the end of the survey. After the validation code has shown up, you can write on the receipt. Then, you can use it for your Baskin Robbins coupon. To save your time, you can put your writing tool next to you. So, you will not lose your validation code just because you take a long time to search for your writing tool. You can use a pen, a pencil, or a pen marker for your writing tool.

Guideline on Taking Part in BaskinRobbins Survey

As we have stated before, you can take part in Baskin Robbins survey using a survey card or a Baskin Robbins receipt. If you use a survey card, you just have to scan the QR code. But not all customers can be so lucky to get a survey card from the employees of Baskin Robbins. Most of the customers of Baskin Robbins can join the survey by using a receipt. If you are wondering how to do the survey using Baskin Robbins receipt, you can use the following guideline. This guideline will be helpful for you before you start the survey. So, let us do it!

  1. Go to

The first step is visiting  the official page of the survey. But, you must make sure that you have installed the browser first. Then, be certain you have connected the internet to your device. If you have done all of those preparations, then you can start your move. The page address of the survey is

  1. Choose the language

If you have reached the page, you will see a welcome page appear. This page will offer you to choose the language that you prefer. There are three sentences in three international languages that you can click. Those are in English, Spanish, and French.  You may choose the language that is the most familiar to you. If you have been sure about your choices, you can click the sentence. Then, it will take you to the next page of Baskin Robbins survey.

  1. Enter the survey invitation code

On the next page, you can see a combination of bright colors in the background. It is the typical colours of Baskin Robbins. Well, you will see a sample receipt on that home page. Besides, there are some blank fields for entering the survey code. Then, there are two links that will take you to do other types of the survey. You can can click “My receipt does not a survey code” if you do not get a code on your receipt.

Or you can click “I have a survey card” if you have got a Baskin Robbins card. Anyway, you do not have to change the survey type because you will a receipt from Baskin Robbins for taking part in the survey. In this step, you just need to enter the survey invitation code. This survey code consist of 18 digits. You can find on on the bottom part of your receipt. Then, you may click Start button.

  1. Fill in the receipt details

Now, you can fill in the details of your Baskin Robbins receipt. The details are the store number of Baskin Robbins, the date, and the time of your visit. The store number of Baskin Robbins has 6 digits. You will be able to see it on the top part of the receipt. Then, fill in the number in the available blank fields. After that, you may specify the date and the time of your recent visit to Baskin Robbins store. If you have finished entering all of the details needed, you can click Next button.

  1. Answer the questions

The next step is answering the survey questions. In this part, you just have to rate some scales. You will elaborate some information at times. The questions will need you to remember of your latest visit at one of Baskin Robbins stores. Please be honest in telling your opinion about Baskin Robbins. Your responses will be the evaluation of Baskin Robbins management team. Well, the questions of  the survey will be about:

  • the items you have purchased,
  • your satisfaction level in general,
  • baskin robbins food quality,
  • appropriate facilities at Baskin Robbins stores,
  • the service you got at the store,
  • behaviours of Baskin Robbins’ employees,
  • your will to recommend this store to anyone,
  • reasons of giving the rates,
  • and so on.
  1. Note the validation code

If the questions are over, you will see the last page appear on your device screen. This page will show you a validation code. Then, you should take your writing tool. You can write this validation code on your receipt. If you have done writing the code, your receipt will function as your Baskin Robbins coupon. You can bring this coupon to the same store where you got this receipt. Then, you can show this Baskin Robbins coupon code to the cashier. You will get $1 discount if your purchase this time is $4 or more. If you do not make purchases or if you spend less than 4 dollars, you will not be able to redeem this coupon as your discount.

Steps to Search for Baskin Robbins Locations

You can search Baskin Robbins locations, using the following steps:

  1. Go to

The locations information of Baskin Robbins stores is available on the official website of Baskin Robbins. To access this, you can go to

  1. Click locations

If you have reached the website page, you can see a menu bar on the top part of the homepage. You can click locations for searching for the store information.

  1. Enter the city name

Then, you can enter your city name. You can use the sate name or the ZIP code as well.

  1. Choose the radius

If you want it, you can choose the radius. SO, the result will show the Baskin Robbins locations within the radius you have chosen.

  1. Select the services

Now, you can select the services you want from Baskin Robbins. The services will include Drive-Thru, Online Cake Ordering, BR Express, Softserve, 24-Hour Service, Dunkin Donuts, and Dunkin Donuts K-cups.

  1. Click Search

If you have selected the services you need, you can click the Search button. Then the page will show you the result of Baskin Robbins locations based on your criteria.

How to Contact Baskin Robbins Customer Service

If you need to contact the customer service representative of Baskin Robbins, you can use the following ways.

  1. By phone

You can call the representatives for quick responses. You can just dial +1 800-859-5339 and they will help you solve your problems.

  1. By mailing

If you are a fan of mailing method, you can send your letters to the following corporation address:

Dunkin’ Brands, Inc.

130 Royall St.

Canton, Massachusetts, 02021

the United States

  1. By social media

The social media can be the easiest way to get responses from Baskin Robbins Customer Service representatives. You can use the following links to reach them.

  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:
  • Pinterest: