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Do you like buying books? There are various hobbies in this world. A popular hobby among teenagers is reading. As long as you are still in school, you cannot escape the world of reading. Reading has several benefits. First, your knowledge will increase. If you like reading books, of course, you know that books are a window to the world. You only need to have a book to know all the contents of the world. Well, what is your favorite book? If you like to read, then the weekend is the right time to open a book. Who does not know the online book store Books a Million ?. There you can buy various of your favorite books. If you are a fan of this store, don’t forget to take part in the TellBAM Survey.

BAM! Customer Satisfaction Survey is a way to receive opinions from customers. But this survey only applies to customers of Books a Million bookstore. They will be happy if you take the time to do BAM! Survey. Here you can receive discounts from this survey. If you have just visited this bookstore, then take your chance. Because you only need to save the Sales Receipt to be able to enter the survey page. Then you don’t have to worry about how to do a survey, it’s our job. Here you only need to follow our steps to complete the survey stage.

BAM customer satisfaction survey

BAM customer satisfaction survey

What do you know about Books A Million Store?

Well guys, now we will discuss the popular bookstore Books A Million Store. Here they have rewards for customers who take the Books-a-million Survey. Before you get a reward, you need to answer a few questions. What do I need to learn? Yes Right, you need to know basic information about this bookstore. Maybe this knowledge can answer the survey questions. Or you can make an assessment based on this information. The story of this bookstore dates back to 1917. They began to open this kiosk in Florence, Alabama. Year after year, they succeeded in developing the store to become a company. They are Books-A-Million, Inc. If you want to buy a book, you need to visit them as a first choice. Because now they are popular book retailers in the United States.

Where is the head office of this business? They make headquarters in Birmingham, Alabama. Now, this business runs more than 260 outlets. Then you can find this shop in 32 states and Columbia. They have a subsidiary called American Wholesale Book. You can visit them to buy books wholesale. What’s so special about this bookstore business?

  1. They have Joe Muggs® Cafe. Wow, if you are tired of looking for your favorite book, enjoy delicious food here. They sell beer, coffee, dessert etc.
  2. The American Wholesale Book Company has a distribution range of 200,000 square feet. They have an e-commerce system to reach all customers. Here you can order via e-commerce. Initially, the e-commerce system was active in 1998. This website is open to all visitors. Then they make improvements to make it easier for customers to access this site. Furthermore, BAM acquired the NetCentral Internet development company. They have a mission to develop an e-commerce portal for customers.
  3. They have an Education Program for Customers. First, on the same portal, you can access the online library. Here they will provide the book you need. Second, they have a portal to find teacher resources. Third, they have information about Homeschooling. They have several schools that you can try.
tellbam survey

tellbam survey steps

Books-A-Million Customer Survey Rules.

Are you impatient to do TellBAM Survey? Well, before you need to read this information. Now we will discuss the Tell BAM Survey regulations. Regulations for conducting surveys are not difficult. However, not all are eligible to do so. If you want to find out this rule, you can visit the survey portal. There you can choose the Privacy Policy link. Then, you will find out who is entitled to take part in the survey? The following are some of the Tell BAM Survey regulations.

  1. Who Can Join the TellBAM Survey? First, we will discuss the eligibility of the survey participants. If you have taken an online survey, maybe they have the same rules. Here, the portal requires your citizenship status. Not all citizens in the world can take part in this survey. So, before you have taken a survey, read our review below.
  • This survey can be carried out by legitimate residents of the United States. If you are not a citizen of America, that means you are not eligible to join this program.
  • They have an “age limit” rule. Each country has its own rules regarding the age limit. So, you must be 18 years or older to be considered valid for the survey.
  1. Who Can’t Join the Survey? Secondly, we will mention some people who are prohibited from taking surveys.
  • You work at Books-A-Million Inc. Whatever your position, here you are prohibited from voting on the survey portal. Because they want to get ideas from customers.
  • You are an employee of a sponsor company for BAM !.
  • You are a family of employees and live in the same household.
  1. What do I need for TellBAM Survey? Third, we will help prepare your survey. If you want to do a survey, you need several tools. Well, we know two types of surveys. You can take a manual survey with a questionnaire. Or you can do it online. Conducting an online survey means you need an online device. The following are some of the requirements for the Tell BAM Survey.
  • Computer or Mobile Phone as a survey device. Here you need data input and output devices. On a computer, your laptop can get both. This device is almost the same as a smartphone or tablet. The difference is in the features of each device. Here you need browser software.
  • Internet connection for your device. If you want to do an online survey, your device must be connected to the internet.
  • The language skills that you master best.
  • Receipt from the Books-A-Million Store. Before conducting a survey, make sure you have a Sales Receipt. You can get receipts after paying for their products at the store. Next, you need detailed information about your visit to the store. Then this receipt can be used to exchange goods. If you get a damaged item, return the item to the store. You only have 14 days to return the item.
  • Stationery to record your reward validation code.
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How to do TellBAM Survey.

Next, it’s time for you to read our survey instructions. After we help with survey preparation, you are now ready to start the survey. What do you need at this stage? Here you only need to follow your satisfaction. Because they want to find a lack of service from your satisfaction as a consumer. If you are a loyal customer of the BAM Store, don’t hesitate to try. If your survey is smooth, then you can save money to buy favorite books. Well, here they give a discount as a thank you. So, you can make comments and complaints comfortably. Follow the steps below to do BAM! Survey.

  1. Visit the Tell BAM Survey Portal.

The first step, you need to land on the survey portal page. The way to visit the survey portal is quite easy. So, enter the address of the survey portal in your browser. So the browser can search the survey site. You can use the address

  1. Set the language for your Survey Portal.

Here they provide a little help for you. If you don’t speak English, there is only 1 choice of language. So you can change the language on the survey portal to Spanish. If you want to use Spanish, then you need to click on the Espanol link. However, if you are able to speak English, then skip this step.

  1. Enter the Details of your Sales Receipt.

Third, you need to issue your receipt again. Because they will ask you to fill in a few blank columns. You have the answer for that column in your receipt. Look at the sample receipt to help you fill in the fields. The following information that you need to enter in a row.

  • Enter the Transaction Number from the BAM Store. This credential has a 4 digit number. Check your receipt.
  • Enter the Store Number of outlets that you visit.
  • Enter the date of your transaction in the store. Click on the calendar image. Then you can set the date according to your sales receipt.
  • Enter the time of your transaction at the BAM Store. Here you need to set the time according to the available format.
  • Enter the amount of money you paid. If you forget, check your sales receipt. Then you will immediately get this information. If you have filled in all the details of the receipt, click the start button.
  1. Answer BAM! Survey questions.
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Now, you can add opinions and complaints to them. Here you only need to complete less than 15 questions. You can rank or review their questions. Then, we will provide several topics to help you answer questions.

  • Give a rating for your overall satisfaction. Here you will see multilevel answer choices. Starting from very dissatisfied to very satisfied.
  • Give value to employee service. As the employees, they need to have a friendly attitude to customers.
  • You can assess the cleanliness and atmosphere of the bookstore.
  • Then, you can assess the price and completeness of the book in the store.
  • Write a problem or suggestion to be in the shop.
  1. Take your Books-A-Million Coupon.

Finally, you can take Books-A-Million coupon for your reward. After completing all questions, a validation code will appear. Well, you need to write this code in your Sales Receipt sheet.

  1. Congratulations, you are now entitled to a discount.

Well, you can get a discount of $5 for a minimum transaction amount of $25. You can use this coupon on your next visit. Go to the nearest BAM book store to use your reward.

How to Search BAM Near Me.

Furthermore, if you want to use a gift coupon, you should choose the nearest store. Here you need to know how to reach BAM Near Me. Here you can use the official website as a store locator. Here’s how to find the closest location.

  1. Visit their official website at
  2. Click on the store finder icon. Then you will see a map of the area on your computer screen. There you can find the location of the store and the nearest BAM event.
  3. Here you need to enter the name of the city and country or Zip Code.
  4. Choose a distance filter for location search. Click on the arrow keys to determine the search distance.
  5. Choose the service filter you want to get in the store. Check on one of the services under the search column.
  6. Click on the search button.
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How to Contact BAM Customer Service.

Now, we will review several ways to contact BAM. You can use this information to provide feedback to them. If you do not qualify for the survey, try some of the methods below. Maybe you have experience or problems at the bookstore, so tell them. Here is the BAM Customer Service.

  1. BAM Customer Service Phone Number. First, you can use a smartphone to contact BAM Store. Then you can give feedback through customer service officers. (205) 942-3737. You can contact them Monday to Friday from 9 am to 7 pm. While on Saturdays and Sundays you can contact them at 10 am to 6 pm.
  2. BAM Official Website. Second, you can use the website to contact the store. Here you need to visit the contact us menu. There you can contact them via chat or email. The following is the address of the BAM Store Official Website.
  3. BAM Email Address.

  1. BAM Social Media.

You can get promos and other information from their social media.

  • Facebook: @booksamillion.
  • Twitter: @booksamillion.
  • Instagram: @booksamillion.

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