Tell Tractor Supply – Take Tractor Supply Survey and Win $2500


Tell tractor supply is a customer loyalty survey from Tractor Supply Company. This survey will find out how happy customers who they are doing grocery shopping at the stores. Moreover, customers of Tractor Supply stores can take this chance to share their feedbacks about Tractor Supply. They may tell about the service qualities, products qualities, and many more. This article will inform you about the official rules, prerequisites, and a guideline to take part in the Tractor supply survey.

Tractor Supply Company is a retail chain from the United States. The headquarters is in Brentwood, Tennessee. It has been operating since 1938. Now, it has 1729 stores in 49 states. This retail store is popular with its top quality products and affordable prices. It offers Tractor supply coupons for its loyal customers. To get the discount coupons, customers just need to create an account at

tell tractor supply

tell tractor supply is accessible at

Official Rules of Tractor Supply Company Sweepstakes

It is important for you to know what you should do or should not do if you want to be a participant in Tractor Supply Company Sweepstakes. You should read the official rules of the sweepstakes first. If you have understood what the rules are, so you will not have any doubts to take part in this sweepstakes. it is because these rules are the basic principles that will manage the process of this sweepstakes. But, there is one prior thing that you must know. This sweepstake does not need you to purchase any items from its stores. Moreover, you do not have to take part in the survey if you want to join this sweepstake. Then, your purchases and survey participation will not affect your opportunities to win the sweepstakes.

Hence, the Tractor Supply Company Sweepstakes provides some other ways for participants to take part in it. This prior rule will be fair for all sweepstakes participants because they all have the same chances to win the sweepstakes grand prizes. Now, you can learn the more about the sweepstakes rules from the following explanations.

  1. Participants

All customers can be eligible participants of Tractor Supply Company Sweepstakes if they have these conditions:

  • The minimum age of sweepstakes participants is 18 years old.

The participants of Tractor Supply Company Sweepstakes should be 18 years old at least per January 1st, 2018. This means you cannot take part in this sweepstakes if you have not reached this minimum age. But, you can request your parent sor legal guardian to join this for you.

  • Participants are legal residents of the United States.

Tractor Supply Company Sweepstakes only allows the legal resident of the United States from Hawaii, the District of Columbia, and other 48 states. Only those resides in Alaska cannot take part in this sweepstakes.

  • Employees of Tractor Supply Company are not eligible.

This sweepstake is only for Tractor Supply customers. So, employees of this company, the sweepstakes team, and all people with a business partnership with Tractor Supply Company are not permissible for this sweepstakes. Besides, immediate family members and household members of Tractor Supply Company employees are not eligible for the sweepstakes.

  1. Sweepstakes period

Tractor Supply Company Sweepstakes will last for a year. It starts on January 1st, 2018. Then, it will end on December 31st, 2018. This sweepstake has 12 monthly entry periods.

  1. Methods

Sweepstakes participants can enter this sweepstake using one of these 4 ways.

  • Phone Survey

Participants can use phone survey if they get a survey invitation on their purchase receipt. Then, they should dial 1-800-541-4429 to join a short phone survey. After that, they can enter the sweepstakes.

  • Online survey
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Tractor Supply Company Sweepstakes also holds an online survey named Tell tractor supply. It is available at They should have a survey invitation receipt to take part in this online survey. At the end of the survey, they will get a chance to enter the sweepstakes.

  • Online Purchases

If you make online purchases, you will get an email confirmation that you will be the one that picks up the purchase at Tractor Supply store. The email will give you a link to enter Tractor Supply Company Sweepstakes.

  • Mailing post

In case you do not make any purchases at Tractor Supply stores, you can still have a chance to join this sweepstake. you just need to do the following things:

  • First, prepare a plain card size 3×5 inches.
  • Second, write your name, home address, city, states, postal code, your phone number, your email address, and your birth date.
  • Third, put in an envelope and send it to this address:

Tractor Supply Company/Del’s Monthly Survey Sweepstakes

35610 Mound Road, Department 2045,

Sterling Heights, Michigan, 48310-4725

The United States

  1. Winners

Sweepstakes administrators will conduct random drawings to select the sweepstakes winners. Because this sweepstake has 12 monthly entry period, of course, there will be 12 random drawings and 12 grand prize winners of Tractor Supply Company Sweepstakes.

Then, administrators will contact the potential winners via mailing, email, or telephone in 10 days. If there are no responses after 3 attempts, the prizes will get forfeited. Next, administrators will conduct another drawing s to select the alternate potential winners. Entries which fail to win during a monthly random drawing will not able to continue to the next random drawing. It means participants should enter the sweepstakes for the next monthly entry period if they still want to win the prizes.

  1. Prizes

This sweepstake will grant 12 grand prizes for 12 winners. Each grand prize is worth $2500 in the form of a gift card. Sweepstakes winners are not permissible to request cash or other prizes as the substitutions of the gift cards.

Steps to Take Part in Tell tractor Customer Loyalty Survey

If you want to have smooth survey process, you may consider checking your prerequisites first. You may spare a few minutes to see if you have prepared well-functioned things for this survey. For example, your device should have enough power to access the website of the survey. Then, you need to know if you have installed a browser in it. This browser has an important role here. If you do not have it, you will not able to go to Tell tractor customer survey website. Next, you should have connected your device to the internet. This is a must for you. The internet connection is the only one thing that will enable your browser to show its performance. And, remember that you have got the receipt near to you. if all the things ready, you may continue with the steps of the survey.

You do not need to worry if all the steps will take too much time. Tractor Supply survey will only need you to spare 5 minutes to complete all the steps. Or, you will need more time to read the survey questions. Still, it will not take 10 minutes to view the entire pages of the survey. If you do not have any ideas about the procedures of this survey, you can read the following explanations. We have created a simple guideline about Tractor supply survey for you.

  1. Go to

Firstly, you should visit the survey page at You should reach this page if you want to take part in Tell tractor supply survey.

  1. Select a language

Secondly, you may select Spanish. You can just click Español link. But, you can skip this step if you prefer English.

  1. Enter Survey Code
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Thirdly, you can enter the survey code. You can locate it on the bottom part of your purchase receipt. Next, you can click the Start button.

  1. Answer the survey questions

Fourthly, you may start some survey questions from Tractor Supply. You will need to recall your previous experience at the Tractor Supply store.

  1. Join the survey sweepstakes

Finally, you can join the sweepstakes. There will be a sweepstakes form there. Then, you can fill in the form with your contact information.

Procedure to Submit Customer Feedback at

When customers want to give feedbacks about Tractor Supply, they do not have to depend on this Customer Loyalty Survey only. They can do another thing to Tractor Supply about what is on their mind. They may share their feedback via the website. On this website, these customers do not need to answers several survey questions. They can just fill in a feedback form. But, they cannot expect a reward for this website feedback. It is because their feedbacks on the website are voluntary. Still, their feedbacks are important to improve the qualities of Tractor Supply. If you wonder how to do it, you can follow these instructions.

  1. Go to

Firstly, you should visit the official website of Tractor Supply. That is where you will submit your feedback related to Tractor Supply. It is available at You will see some links and buttons on the home page of this website. These links and buttons will help you to get deeper information about Tractor Supply.

  1. Click Contact Us

Secondly, you can click Contact Us link. You will find this link on the website home page. To click it, you should scroll down the page. It is because this link is available at the bottom part of the website page. After you have clicked the link, you will see the next page. Besides, you may use a shortcut link at This link will take you to the same page where you can see a feedback form of Tractor Supply website.

  1. Fill in Feedback Form

Thirdly, you can fill in the feedback form. You should give honest information here. So, the customer solutions representatives of Tractor Supply will be able to give immediate responses to you. The feedback form has several blank fields. These are the procedure to fill in Tractor Supply feedback form.

  • Select an Interest Area

The first information is about the interest area of your feedback. You will see 2 options of interest areas here. They are in store and online. You can select one of the areas that may be the reason for you to submit your feedback here.

  • Choose a Feedback Topic

The second information is about the topic of your feedback. This form has some topics that you can select. The topics are about products, orders, taxes, feedbacks, neighbor’s club, and credit or gift cards.

  • Provide Contact Information

The third information is your contact details. You should provide your first name, last name, email address, phone number, home address, city, state, and zip code

  • Inform Store Details

The fourth information is about the store details. This includes your purchases payment. In this part, you may use your purchased receipt. Then, you can inform the store location, order number, item number, payment date, and the money you spend at the Tractor Supply store.

  • Type Comments

Next, you can start typing your comments about Tractor Supply. You can make it up to 4000 characters. So, you can share your complete experience here. You can make it specific. But, you should be careful here. Do not tell your personal financial information, personal account passwords, and your credit card numbers. This is for your own good.

  • Select Contact Preference

The last, you should inform your contact preference. For example, you want Tractor Supply representatives to contact you or not. Then, you want to get contacted by email or phone.

  1. Submit it
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Finally, you can submit your feedback. Do not forget to review it first before you send your comments. Next, you just need to click green Submit button.

How to Contact Customer service of Tractor Supply

Shopping is a part of our daily life. It got to be a nice moment to find what we are looking for. This is what Tractor Supply is trying to do. This company wants to make its customers feel satisfied with what they offer. But, not all customers may experience it. Some people may find it disappointing because of certain reasons. It can be about store arrangement of Tractor Supply, store services, product qualities, product availability, and many more.

To deal with the store problems, Tractor Supply has found a way to solve these. It has provided a customer service. This service will give appropriate solutions to help the disappointing customers. This way, customers can share their experiences and the problems as well. Further, customers may contact the customer service representatives about some information related to Tractor Supply. They can ask questions, give suggestions, and compliments. Customers can do all those things through the following ways:

  1. By website

It is possible to contact the customer service representatives of Tractor Supply via the website if you have the internet connection. It is because you can only reach this website online. If you can ensure that the internet connection is available, you can start to access it. You can visit the website of Tractor Supply at Or, you may access it at This is a quick link to view the feedback form. Then, you may do simple instructions in the previous section.

  1. By mail

Tractor Supply also allows any customers to write letters to them. This is a good idea for those who cannot get the internet access. Or, for those who lived in a remote area where it is difficult to get phone signals. They just need to prepare a pen and some pieces of blank papers. It will not cost a lot, right? Besides, customers can share their feedbacks as specific as they can. It is because there will not be any character limits applied here. Furthermore, customers may use this method to send their business letters. They may use this way to start a business partnership with Tractor Supply. And the last is they should send their letters to this address:

Tractor Supply Company

Attn: Customer Solutions Center

Virginia Way 5401

Brentwood, Tennessee, 37027

The United States

  1. By phone

Customers of Tractor Supply may contact the customer service via phone. This is a fast way to reach the representatives. In case they have urgent problems, this phone call will be helpful. This way, customers may get immediate responses from the representatives. Furthermore, customers may call the representatives if they want information related to Tractor supply coupons. The phone number to contact Tractor Supply customer service is 1-877-718-6750.

You should call this number during working hours. It is on:

  • Monday to Saturday at 07.00 a.m. until 08.00 p.m. CST
  • Sunday at 08.00 a.m. until 07.00 p.m. CST

This service will not be available during Christmas and Easter Sunday.

  1. Through social media

Tractor Supply uses social media to give more spaces for its customers to share their feedback about this store. Customers only need to create an account on the same platform with the social media pages of Tractor Supply. Besides, the social media pages will bring the most updated promotions regularly from this store. So, the customers do not have to miss the news from Tractor Supply. In case you want to follow the social media pages of Tractor Supply, you can use these links:

  • Facebook:
  • Pinterest:
  • Instagram:
  • YouTube:
  • Twitter:

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