Target eHR Login – Target SSO, Kronos Target, and eHR Target Login Guideline


Working at Target is a prestigious thing. It is because Target is the second largest retailer in the United States. Working at this company will make you easier to manage all of the employment issues. It is because this company has a Target eHR Login page. If you are the new staff of Target, you may not know what eHR Target means. But, you should not worry since you will be able to find out all details about Target eHR or Target Team Member Services portal.

For your information, Target eHr is the online employment portal for all Target employees. Through eHR Target, you can access all of the employee resources. So, with the help of Target Self Service portal, you do not need to go to the HR office. It is because this portal provides all the information you need about Target company as well as your employment data. As the example, you can access Kronos Target Login page in order to view your schedule. Simply use the feature called Target mytime self service. Mytime Target feature will make you easier to view and manage your daily schedule. Besides, all employees of Target are also allowed to access Target My Pay and Benefits. So, they can view the salary as well as the employee benefits easily. So, do you need more detailed information about eHR Target? Just keep reading on this article. Happy reading.

target ehr login page

target ehr login page

The Brief Profile of Target.

As stated before, Target is the second largest department store after Walmart. When you visit this store, you will be able to find a wide range of products. Target provides daily needs as well as household needs. As the example, you can purchase the apparel for men and women. Besides, you can find infant attire and shoe wear as well. If you need to buy any electronic device, you can go to Target as well. Target started its business in 1962. With great business management and advertisement, nowadays Target becomes a great company. Furthermore, this company has several retail forms. As the example, there are Discount Store Target, Super Target, and Target Express.

Target eHR login

Target eHR login

What are the Steps to Access Target eHR Login Page?

eHR Target is the portal for internal use. So, only the authorized users can access this portal. Who are the authorized users of Target Human Resources? Definitely, they are the employees of Target Company. The access for this employee portal is limited since eHR Target contains the secured and private employee info. As the example, eHR Target provides the data about pay stubs, schedule, employee benefits and many other details.

Before accessing Target eHR portal, you have to prepare several requirements. First, make sure that you have a Target eHR account. You cannot create this account by yourself. You should ask for help from Target HR officer. They will give you a password to access your account. Then, you also need the LAN ID number or Target Team Member number. When these login details are ready, you can start accessing your account by doing step by step below.

  • Step 1. Visit the eHR Target Login page.
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You can access the Target eHR portal by using two methods. First, you can reach it by using the search engine. Just type the keyword eHR Target login. Then, you will find the link to access this eHR portal. You can access this site through Besides, you can reach the Target eHR website straightaway by typing on your browser’s web address bar.

  • Step 2. Select eHR menu.

If you enter Target eHR through, you have to select the eHR menu. There will be three menus on this page. They are eHR, Bullseye Shop, and Target Pay & Benefits. Press the eHR button if you want to access your account and start updating your personal information. But, if you access this portal through the website address, you will automatically land into Target account login page.

  • Step 3. Enter Target eHR username.

Do you still remember your Target eHR username? This username is your LAN ID. But, it does not matter if you do not have this LAN ID. It is because you still can log into this employee portal by using Target Team Member Number. This number consists of eight digits in length.

  • Step 4. Enter Target eHR password.

You have to save and memorize your eHR Target password well. It is because this portal does not provide the link in case you forget your password. So, what you should do if you lose your Target eHR password? You have to ask for help from the HR officer. He will help you to reset your password.

  • Step 5. Click on Logon button.

After entering the login details, you have to double check it. Make sure that you have entered the correct login credentials. If everything is correct, you can press the Logon button. Now, you are free to explore Target eHR Login portal. You can update your personal information. besides, you can sign up for the direct deposit. Furthermore, you can check your schedule, salary and employee benefits.

How to Access Target eHR Schedule at Kronos Target Login Page?

Most of the users of Target eHR portal have the purpose to view their Target schedule when they visit Target eHR portal. No doubt, Target My Schedule is the most frequently visited feature on Target SSO. By accessing this menu, you will be able to check the upcoming schedule. This schedule is very important for the part-time team members. It is because their schedule can be different day by day. So, they have to make sure of the time they have to go working every day.

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Target Myschedule is very simple to access. You can even access this feature by using your mobile phone. Besides, you can check your Target schedule whenever you are. Even you are at home, you can monitor your schedule. Furthermore, you are allowed to submit the time off as well. Then, here are the steps to view the Target eHR Schedule.

  • Visit Target MySchedule portal.

First of all, you have to go to Target SSO portal. The website address is at Besides, you also can log into

  • Log into your account by entering the Login ID.

You may be confused about what the Login ID refers to. The way to check your schedule is similar to the way you log into your account. So, this Login ID means the LAN number. If you do not have this number, you are also allowed to log in by using Target team member number (TM number). The LAN number usually contains the letter and number. Besides, the TM numbers contain 8 digits numbers with two zeros in the beginning.

  • Enter the password.

This password is also the same as you use to access Target eHR. If you do not have this password, you can request it from the HR office. If you are the newly-hired staff at Target, you will be given the temporary password. This password is the combination of your initial name and the four digits of SSN.

  • Open MySchedule menu.

When your login process runs successfully, you will be able to check your schedule. You can check what day you are off. Besides, you can check the working shift as well. If you plan to be off in the certain day, you can submit the request through target Myschedule menu.

How to Sign Up Target Pay and Benefits?

Target provides several benefits for its employees. No matter you are the part-time staff or full-time employees, you can get this benefit. But, you have to register to the benefits you are eligible for. To make the employees easy to check the salary and benefits, Target provides the portal called Target Pay & Benefits. So, you just need to access this website if you want to check the online pay stub. Besides, you can check and sign up for the benefits as well.

There are several benefits offered by Target. For instance, you can enroll the Health benefits and Financial benefits. If you want to register for these benefits, you have to make a preparation. You will need several details below. For instance, you have to submit the date of birth, SSN, and zip code. Then, what is the step by step to enroll this benefit? Check out the brief explanation below.

  1. Visit Target Pay and Benefits portal.

Target Human Resources provides a special website to check the salary and employee benefits. You can access it at Through this portal, you will be able to view the paystubs, check and sign up for the benefits.

  1. Register as the new user.

When you reach the home page of target Pay & Benefits portal, you will see the link entitled Are you a New User? Just click on this link to sign up the new account.

  1. Confirm your personal information.
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The next, you have to verify or confirm the personal data. First of all, you have to enter your last digits of SSN. Then, you should enter your date of birth.

  1. Set up the User ID and password.

After that, you have to create the login details which you will use to access this portal. Here, you can set up the user ID and password. Make sure that your password is secured but easy to remember. Always keep this password secret. You do not want anyone to access your pay and benefits information, do you?

  1. Set the security questions and answers.

In the next step, you have to select five security questions. These questions will help you to retrieve your password in case you forget it. Also, you have to provide the answers as well.

  1. Receive the code.

After completing the registration steps, Target will give you the code to verify your account. The next, you can start logging into Target Pay and Benefits portal. Then, you can view the latest pay stub. Also, you can enroll in financial or medical benefits.

How to Contact Target Human Resources?

In case you experience any trouble when you access the salary or benefits information, you have to contact Target Human Resources. You may be curious about How do I contact Target Human Resources? There are two ways to get in touch with Target HR. First of all, you can visit Target HR office. But, this method is time-consuming. Usually, you have to queue in order to meet the Target HR manager in person. If you need a fast response for your technical issue, you can call Target Human resources phone number. This method is the most effective way to get a solution to your problem.

If you want to speak up directly with Target help desk officer, you have to contact Target HROC. What is Target HROC? It stands for Target Human Resources Operation Center. This department will help the employees when they have any trouble in accessing target eHR Login page. Just make sure that you contact them on Target operating hour. So, you will get a fast response. Target Human resources phone number is 1 800 394 1885.

Before calling this phone number, you have to prepare some information. It is because Target Help Desk staff will ask this data in order to verify your employment. Here are the details you have to prepare.

  • Employee Number. This number is also called as Target Team Member Number or Target TM. Usually, it consists of eight digits in length.
  • Target Employee Code.
  • Username. This username is the detail you usually use to access your Target eHR account. It is the TM number combining with two zeros in the beginning.
  • PIN. This PIN refers to the four last digits of SSN. The next, you have to combine it with the year of birth.

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