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Talktowendys is a survey platform from Wendy’s. This survey is also famous as Wendyswantstoknow Survey. The aim of this survey is to collect customers’ information about Wendy’s. This way, customers can talk to Wendy’s about their satisfaction levels. It can be their satisfaction with Wendy’s products, services, or facilities. Also, this survey will be able to discover customers’ opinions about Wendy’s. They can measure the market for this business. Customers are free to judge what Wendy’s has offered. Wendy’s will accept positive or negative feedback from customers. Customers can give compliments if they have enjoyed Wendy’s foods. If customers let Wendy’s know about the awful part of it, it will be a chance for them to make some improvements to that bad aspect. This is an advantage for Wendy’s management team. Wendy’s will appreciate customers for taking Wendy’s Customer Satisfaction Survey. They can get a redeemable coupon from Wendy’s.

About Wendy’s Restaurant

Speaking about Talktowendys, we cannot separate it from Wendy’s. Wendy’s is a well-known chain of fast food restaurants. The founder started everything in Ohio, the United States. That was Dave Thomas, the one who made it all come true. He had his first restaurant on November 15th, 1969. It was in E. Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio. But it has not been in Columbus since 2006. This business has undergone ups and down.  It has merged with an American company. The headquarters of Wendy’s company is in Dublin, Ohio now. Wendy’s has made good development in the franchised product. It also has introduced its iconic logo. It is a face of a little girl with her hair in braids. Wendy’s stores are not in the United States only. You can find Wendy’s stores in 6650 places worldwide. Wendy’s has hired thousand people to serve the best recipes with Wendy’s.

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The Rules of Talktowendys Survey

Before you decide to join Wendys survey, it is important to know the rules. The rules will show you the criteria to be an eligible respondent for the survey. Thus, you got to understand these first. The information below will make it clear about being a respondent of Wendys survey. Here they are:

Talktowendys Survey Steps
  1. Survey respondents

The respondents should be the legal residents of the United States. It will not matter which states you are from. As long as you hold the legal citizenship card of the United States, you can take part in this. By the way, Wendy’s does not hold this survey program in the United States only. Wendy’s is an international brand. Of course, it has branches in other countries. So, Wendy’s also conducts this survey program outside of the United States. If you are not the United States residents, it will not be a problem. It is because you can talk to Wendys in your own country.

You are able to get further information regarding the survey rules. Make sure you visit the official website of Wendy’s in your country. Moreover, there is no age restriction for this survey. So, anyone can join this survey program for free. But if you are not 18 years old yet, you would better have your parents’ permission to take part in this survey.

  1. Going online

Wendy’s wants to know how well the satisfaction levels of Wendy’s customers by online. Wendy’s does not conduct survey programs offline. This means respondents do not have more choices.  Respondents should prepare certain devices for this. Then, respondents should do the survey at There is another alternative way to access the survey page. Respondents can go to This web address will keep taking the respondents to Respondents should not be confused about this matter. Both different addresses will lead respondents to the same survey page.

  1. Redeem Wendy’s coupon

After you have finished doing the survey, respondents can get a code. Then, respondents should write this code on their receipts. This will be their Wendy’s coupon. So, this coupon is redeemable with the prize from Wendy’s. For instance, the respondents can get the discount or the free entree. Respondents can go to Wendy’s stores to redeem this coupon. The next, Respondents should show this Wendys coupon to cashiers at Wendy’s stores. Then, they can redeem this with a free reward. Respondents can find the reward information on their receipt. When they redeem the coupon, they will get the same thing as what is on the receipt. But, respondents cannot use this coupon with other Wendy’s promo coupon at the same time. They can redeem one Wendys coupon for one purchase at the next visit. Remember to deem this before it has passed the date of expiration.

Talktowendys Survey Requisites

As we have stated before, respondents should do this survey online. It means respondents should prepare certain requisites. The requisites are not difficult to get, though. Please have the following things ready:

  1. Wendy’s valid receipt

Your Wendy’s receipt should be valid here. You cannot use the invalid receipt to take part in this survey. This receipt has some details that you need before entering the survey. The details are the restaurant number, date of your visit, and time of your last visit. Every receipt has different details. Do not forget to use this receipt when it is still valid.

  1. a device

You need a device to do Wendys survey. This device will help you to go online. You can access this survey page using personal computers. Besides, a laptop will be helpful, too. Both devices will show you the best quality of the display. But, it does not mean you cannot use smartphones. Furthermore, you can use tablets as well. Wendy’s has made this survey page handy. It has created a mobile version of this survey page. Make sure you have completed your device with a browser. This browser is where you will access the survey page.

  1. the internet connection

You cannot separate online program with this requisite. The internet connection is a must to prepare. Before you start the survey, you would better have this internet connection ready. We recommend you to have a stable connection. This is to avoid any problems at the time of doing the survey.

  1. ability to speak English, Spanish, or French

For taking part in Wendys survey, you should have a basic ability of some languages. The available languages here are English, Spanish, or French. You can choose which one you understand the most. The default language of this page is English. But, you are able to change the language setting if you want it. You can do this thing before you start the survey.

The Guidelines on Taking Part in wendys Survey

When you have prepared all of the requisites, you can do the survey now. There are several steps to complete the survey. No need to worry about the steps. These are the not difficult survey steps. It is because the steps are simple an easy. You will be able to do the entire steps in less than 10 minutes. Just follow these guidelines:

  1. Go to

Some online surveys may experience troubles. That is because there is no good preparation for taking the survey. One of the causes may be the internet connection. The smooth connection of the internet will make you do the survey with no troubles. Make sure your device is ready with a proper internet connection. Then, you can access the survey page. To access Wendys survey page, you should open your browser. After that, go to the official site. This site address will direct you to the newest version of the survey page. You will see as the current official address. By the way, you can make a direct move to access it at No need to be confused. Both addresses can go to the same valid page of the survey.

  1. Choose the language you prefer

When you have reached the survey page, you can see it is all in English. English is the default language on that page. You can use other languages here. Wendys survey has provided 2 other languages for respondents. Those are Spanish and French. If you feel you are good at Spanish, you can choose Español link. it will change the survey page into Spanish. The same thing applies if you think you will need French to do the survey. You can click Français link and the page will translate itself into French. You are free to choose what language you understand the most. Make sure you really understand the language you want.

Otherwise, you will find it difficult afterward. For example, you choose Spanish as the language. It means you will do the survey in Spanish from the beginning until the end. In case you find it difficult in the middle of the survey, you should keep finishing it. There is no turning back button on the survey page. In addition, you will not find the button of language setting on the next survey pages. So, you would better decide it since the beginning.

  1. Fill in receipt details

Next, you can start filling in the details. You can find the details on your Wendy’s receipt. Make sure your Wendy’s receipt has not been validated yet. There are 3 blank fields available for you. The top blank field is for filling in Wendy’s restaurant number. The restaurant number consists of 8 digits. It is on the top part of Wendy’s receipt. Then, you can fill the middle blank field with your visit date. The date of your visit is on the right side of Wendy’s receipt. After that, you may fill in the last blank field. That field is for your visit time. You can find the time of your visit on your receipt. It is under the visit date. When all of the 3 fields are complete, you can click Start button.

  1. Answer the questions

After that, you will see another page show up. That page displays several questions for you. You can answer all of the questions in a few minutes. It will not take much time. Most questions will ask about your experience during your visit to Wendy’s store. You have to recall your memories to do this. Make sure you answer all questions based on the facts. You will need to tell your honest opinion about Wendy’s foods and services. Please click Next button every time you want to go to the next page.

  1. Write the code

After all of wendys survey completion, you will see the last page. That page will show the validation code. Write down that code on your Wendy’s receipt. That will be your Wendys coupon. That coupon is redeemable. Next time you go to Wendy’s store, you can redeem it. You can redeem Wendy’s coupon with the reward printed on your receipt. Show your Wendy’s coupon to the cashier there. You will get the free reward based on the prize information on your receipt. But, you must redeem it with your next purchase. And do not use it along with other coupons and promos.

How to Submit Wendy’s feedback

Well, you do not have Wendy’s receipt? Or perhaps you do not get Wendys survey invitation code? Keep calm and do not worry. There is another way to share your experience with Wendy’s. You can do this by submitting your Wendy’s feedback. To do this, you do not have to take part in the survey. It means you do not have to own a survey invitation code. It will not be a matter if you do not have Wendy’s receipts. Yet, you still have to go online to submit your feedback. You can do the following steps to share your feedback with Wendy’s. The steps are:

  1. Go to

First, you must go to the official website of Wendy’s. You can visit You will see some helpful links on this page. In addition, there are some menu bars there. You can choose the information you need on this homepage. Such as Wendy’s foods, values, Wendy’s careers, and Wendy’s company.  Besides, you can use Find a Wendy’s link to help you find Wendy’s locations. In case you need to search the nearest Wendy’s stores to your location, you can use this. Then, you are able to go to your Wendy’s account from this homepage. Also, you can make your online order here. For submitting your feedback, you do one of the following ways. Those are:

  • Firstly, scroll down the homepage. You will see some links on the bottom part of the page. Then, you click Contact Us link. That link will take you to the next page. You can find a feedback form on that next page.
  • Secondly, you can make a direct move to the feedback address. You can open your browser. After that, search for in your search fields. Then, the feedback page will show up to you. You can do this in a simple way.
  1. Select the feedback details

On Wendy’s feedback page, there are some blank fields. You can start it from the top part. There are 2 blank fields on the top part. Such as Feedback Type and Feedback Category. Here is the explanation for you.

  • Feedback Type

To fill the Feedback Type, you can click the field and select the type you want. You can choose one of these 4 types, such as:

  • Compliment

You can select this type if you want to give a positive feedback to Wendy’s. Give your compliments or appraisal about anything Wendy’s has.

  • Inquiry

Select this type when you feel you need to questions some things. You can ask about anything related to Wendy’s.

  • Suggestion

Choose thy type if you want to suggest anything to Wendy’s. You can give the best advice and offer some solutions to Wendy’s.

  • Complaint

Now you can make complaints as well. Select this type and share what you complain. Let them know why it becomes a problem for you.

  • Feedback Category

Then, you can select the Feedback Categories that you need. Every Feedback Types has different Feedback Categories. Wendy’s provide more choices for Feedback Categories. Such as:

  • services,
  • products,
  • facilities,
  • nutrition,
  • marketing,
  • mobile app,
  • fundraising,
  • other restaurant feedback, and
  • other general feedback.
  1. Provide the restaurant information

After you have filled in both Feedback Type and Feedback Categories, some more fields will appear. Wendy’s will ask about the Restaurant Information. For instance, it asks about the restaurant location and the restaurant number. You can search the restaurant location by filling in the city name, states, or the zip code. Then, you can get the restaurant number based on the details of your Wendy’s receipt. That is on the top part of the receipt.

  1. Fill in your visit details

This step will require you to fill in your visit details. The details are the visit date as well as the visit time at Wendy’s stores. You will have to tell how you have Wendy’s menu. Such as, you dine in, carry out, or window picks up.

  1. Complete the Contact Information

You should complete the contact information in the available blank fields. The top fields are for your name. Your first name is in the left field. And your right name is in the right one. Then, select the choices for your Contact Preference. There are 3 choices here:

  • Don’t contact back
  • Contact back by phone
  • Contact by email

After that, you can type your comments as specific as you can. You have 500 characters maximum.

  1. Submit your feedback

Tick the small box under the comment field. That small box will prove that you are not a robot. You can click Send button afterward.

Remember that submitting your Wendy’s feedback will not make you get coupons or prizes. So, you do not have to wait for validation code after submitting.

The Question Details at Talk to Wendys Guest Survey

Similar to other guest satisfaction surveys, talk to Wendy’s survey asks about the customers’ satisfaction level. Through Wendy’s survey, the customers can tell their dining or purchase feedback. Wendy’s guest satisfaction survey consists of several simple questions. You just need a little effort to answer all of the questions. Just recall your latest experience at Wendy’s outlet. You must still remember the details of your visit. This way, you can rate some aspects of Wendy’s restaurant objectively. Besides, Wendy’s survey also gives you the chance to write your feedback briefly. So, what topics are usually asked in Wendy’s survey? Review some topic questions below. Then, you will get ready to complete Talk to Wendy’s survey.

  • Visit details.

During the survey, you will get some questions which ask about the details of your visit to Wendy’s outlet. As the example, you should state the way to purchase Wendy’s menu items. Perhaps, you dine in Wendy’s restaurant. Besides, you may take away your order or purchase at the drive-thru. Also, you have to mention the frequency of visiting  Wendy’s restaurant in the certain period. Furthermore, you should mention the amount you spent when you visited Wendy’s. Moreover, you need to select the favorite menu which you often order at Wendy’s.

  • Wendy’s menu items.

In the next stage, the survey takers are required to respond to some questions related to Wendy’s menu. This questionnaire asks you to rate some aspects of Wendy’s food. First, you should review the variety of Wendy’s menu items. Then, you also should rate the taste of Wendy’s food. If you think that the menu served by Wendy’s is delicious, you should give the high rating. Besides, you need to share your opinion about the portion, temperature, and the appearance of the food. The last, give your opinion about the value of Wendy’s menu for the price you have paid. Is the food quality is worthy of the money you spend?

  • Wendy’s restaurant.

You will also receive the questions about Wendy’s restaurant. In this part, you can give your feedback about the cleanliness of Wendy’s store. You also can rate the comfort of Wendy’s store.

  • Wendy’s team member.

Wendy’s survey gives you the chance to rate the attitude of the employees. For instance, you can rate friendliness of Wendy’s staff. Also, you can rate the attentiveness of the staff. Besides, give your opinion about the speed of serving the customers.

  • Personal information.

You should not worry about your privacy when you take part in Talk to Wendy’ssurvey. It is because you can participate in this survey anonymously. But, Wendy’s need to collect some of your personal details in order for the classification purpose. For instance, the questions are about your age, gender, and occupation. Furthermore, Wendy’s also asks for your email account at the end of the survey.

  • Dining feedback.

During Wendy’s survey, you will face a special part where you can give a comment. Use this section properly. As the example, you can write either positive or negative feedback. In case you complain about Wendy’s service, you have to include the details of your complaints. Besides, you also can add any suggestion to Wendy’s. Wendy’s will be happy receiving your feedback.

What can you order at Wendy’s stores?

Now, let’s talk about the products. Everyone knows that Wendy’s has the most iconic food. Yes. That is Frosty. Frosty is a frozen dairy dessert. The ingredients are all fresh. Wendy’s stated that its stores do not use frozen ingredients. As we know, the frozen and fresh ingredient will improve the quality of foods. Wendy’s has made a motto, “Quality is Our Recipe”. That means customers do not have to worry about Wendy’s food quality. Apart from Frosty, Wendy’s served other delicious fast foods. Such as hamburgers, French fries, and salads.

Earlier this year, Wendy’s has created a brand new offer. This offer is the newest Wendy’s deals. Customers can make order Wendy’s 4 for 4. By ordering Wendy’s 4 for 4, customers can get 4 items of Wendy’s meals.  Then, they should pay $4 for those 4 items. Here the items you can get for Wendy’s 4 for 4 are:

  1. an entrée,

You can choose only one entrée between 8 available choices. They are Double Stack, Grilled Go-Wrap, Spicy Go-Wrap, Crispy Chicken Sandwich, Crispy Chicken BLT, Jr. Cheeseburger, Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger, and Jr. Cheeseburger Deluxe.

  1. a nuggs’,

Wendy’s makes this nugget from white meat. If you avoid red meat, you do not have to worry about this nugget.

  1. a small fries portion,
  2. and a drink.

How to Reach Wendy’s Customer Care

In case cannot go online, but you have something to tell Wendy’s, you can contact Wendy’s customer service representatives. The representatives will help you in proper ways. You can do the following things to reach them out.

  • By phone

Reaching out via phone is the quickest way. You can do this by dialing (888)-624-8140.

  • By mailing

If you are eager to reach them by mailing, you can send your letters to:

Wendy’s International, Inc.

One Dave Thomas Boulevard, Dublin, Ohio 43017.

  • By social media

You may follow Wendy’s social media accounts to get some updates. Such as menus, promos, or events. These links will be beneficial for you:

  1. Facebook:
  2. Instagram:
  3. Twitter:

Well, Guys! Wendys Wants to Know is the great solution for any any problems and complaints about Wendy’s Company. Start from now on, you may no longer worry to spend your much time at Wendy’s and support the restaurant or send the letter to the teams. Then, $500 Cash may swert your day. Best Luck!