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Enjoying a cup of tasty drink sounds ordinary. Well, this is not just a tasty drink. It’s not in a regular cup. But it has enormous size. Let me tell you once more. Enormous! And one more thing, it is free! You can enjoy it if you take part in the talktosonic survey. This survey is a guest satisfaction survey from Sonic. This survey aims to measure how customers accept Sonic’s products and the services. Customers’ satisfaction is important in food industries. Customers can talk to sonic to express what they feel about what Sonic has served. In addition, customers can share their opinion about the staffs’ behaviors and the comfortable facilities. Sonic will use either positive or negative comments to improve its menus and services. In case you want to help Sonic to make some betterment for its business, you can visit to take the sonic survey.

Every respondent of talktosonic guest satisfaction survey will get a reward. This reward is super big! Yes. It is FREE Route 44. the survey will give each respondent with a free sonic route 44. Route 44 is an iconic size from Sonic.  For your information, Sonic provides some cup sizes. Such as small, medium, large, and Route 44. This means you can pick up a 44-oz drink at Sonic’s stores. It means you can enjoy it along with 2 or 3 people. To get this free drink, respondents can go to Sonic’s stores. There, they can redeem the coupons. Sonic will allow them to choose fountain drink or iced tea for this free route 44 sonic drink.

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TalktoSonic survey
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By the way, Sonic is how most people call this restaurant name. The original company name is Sonic Drive-In. This company is a drive-in restaurant chain form the United States. Back in 1953, Troy Smith started it under the name Top Hat Drive-In on June 18th. Troy Smith founded this company in Shawnee, Oklahoma 64 years ago. But, Sonic’s headquarters operates in Oklahoma City now. Sonic has already had 3557 stores which serve fast-food menus. You can find them in 45 states. Because of its big numbers of stores, almost ten thousand people are working at Sonic. Moreover, this restaurant is famous for its skating carhops. It means the employee will serve the ordered foods using roller skates. Sonic even holds skating carhops competition for its employees every year. The purpose of this competition is to find the best skating carhop in its company.

TalktoSonic Survey Procedures
TalktoSonic Survey Step by Step

The Requisites of Taking Talk to sonic Survey

If you are interested in enjoying FREE Route 44, you can take part in the survey. This is an online survey. There must be some certain requisites to do this survey. It is necessary to know the requisites before starting it. You should prepare it if you do not want experience problems during completing the survey.  The things you will need here are:

  1. Sonic Receipt

To join the survey, you must have a receipt from Sonic. This Sonic Drive-In receipt should be valid. The validity of Sonic’s receipt is only for 14 days. After 14 days has passed by, you cannot use this receipt anymore. You have to get another new receipt from Sonic if you want to take part in talks to the sonic survey. There are some details that you can find on Sonic’s receipt. Such as the visit date, the visit time, the store number, and the survey invitation code. In the survey, you will only need the survey invitation code.

Sonic calls this survey code as the ID number. You can find this ID number at the bottom of the receipt. The survey page will not ask the date and time of your visit to Sonic Drive-In’s store. Make sure you visit the survey portal within 14 days after purchasing. So, you cannot use your Sonic Drive-In’s receipt along with the ID number after the due date has expired.

  1. A device

As this is online, you must prepare a device. The device you need here can be a laptop, a personal computer, a tablet, or a smartphone. You can use those kinds of devices to access the survey page. talk to sonic guest satisfaction survey has provided the desktop version as well as the mobile version. So, it will not be a matter if you cannot prepare a laptop or a personal letter. It is okay if you want to join the survey using a smartphone or a tablet. But, the desktop version is so much better than the mobile version.

The display qualities of both devices are the causes. Yet, it is not a big problem. You can still access the mobile version, though. Do not forget to complete your device with a browser. It is important to install a browser first. It is impossible for you to access the survey with no browsers. Either laptops or smartphones will need browsers to access online survey pages.

  1. The internet connection

Well, the internet connection is the soul of the online survey. Without the internet connection, it is an absolute failure. Your devices will need the internet connection to run the survey websites. So, you should make sure that your devices are ready for the internet connection. Once you have connected your device, you can access the survey in a few minutes. Remember that your internet connection is stable. We recommend you to have a stable connection to the internet. You can do the survey in a smooth way if you have prepared the stable connection to your device.

  1. English or Spanish ability

the survey will display the survey page in English. If you are an English speaker, it will not be a matter for you. Even though you are not fluent to speak English, you can still do the survey very well. That is because this survey only uses simple words. You do not have to worry if you are not confident with your English ability. You will not join an English Test. It is only a guest satisfaction survey. It will use daily vocabularies so that you can find ease in doing this survey. There is an alternative language here. It is Spanish. You can use it if you have the ability in Spanish. It will help you a lot if you can understand that language. You can consider changing the language setting if you think it will be better for you.

The Guidelines of Taking Talk to sonic Survey

Then, how to do in this Sonic  survey? Well, no need to worry about it. Sonic Drive-In has made its survey easy to do. The steps are simple. Respondents can finish all the questions in a short time. It will only take less than 5 minutes if you can make a smooth way to do the survey. The smooth way means you have no any obstacles in the middle of completing the survey. The obstacles can be your difficulties to understand the language. In addition, trouble connection of the internet can be another obstacle. It will make you take more time. That is why; we recommend you to prepare the requisites very well. If you are certain about your requisites, we can start doing the survey. Follow the guidelines below to help you out. Are you ready? Here we go!

  1. Go to

You can do the first step when you have your browser ready. If you have opened your browser, you can start accessing the survey page. Go to the official survey page. That is not the only way. You can type in your browsing field. After that, you will find recommended sites will appear for you. Choose the one that will lead you to the official guest satisfaction survey of Sonic Drive-in. It will take you to the site in a short time. At its survey home page, you can see a simple survey page design. Also, you will read that you must take the survey within 14 days after you have made purchases at Sonic Drive-In’s stores.

  1. Choose the language

Still on the same home page, you can see the page is full in English, except one sentence. That sentence will suggest you to take the survey in Spanish. We can say it Español here. Click the blue link beside the word Español. It will change the survey page in Spanish. Make sure you really understand about the language you have chosen. If you select the language that you do not understand very well, it will become a problem later. During completing the survey questions, you cannot change the language setting. And worse, you cannot turn back to the first page to change the setting of the language. So, make sure you choose the language that you are comfortable with. Avoid using a language that makes you feel like a stranger to do the survey.

  1. Fill in the ID number

Now, fill in the ID number in the blank field. There’s only one blank field on the survey home page. The ID number means the survey invitation code. You can find this ID number on your receipt. Look at your receipt. You will see the ID number at the bottom part there. This ID number has 12 digits. Make sure your ID number is correct. Then, click Start button.

  1. Answers the questions

To answer the questions, you will only have to rate some scales. It will let you choose what scales that represent your opinion the most. This survey will only ask about your latest experience. Try to recall and let Sonic know the truth. Answer all of the questions honestly. You can say if you are happy or you are disappointed with its services. Your bad rates will not affect the rewards. You will still be able to enjoy it once you receive the validation code. The questions will be about:

  • customers’ satisfaction level in general,
  • the menus you have ordered,
  • Sonic’s foods and beverages quality,
  • how good the service and facilities are,
  • how well Sonic’s employees treat customers,
  • your frequency of visiting Sonic’s stores,
  • your will to recommend people to come to Sonic’s stores,
  • the reasons for rating such levels,
  1. Provide your contact details

Then, you will ask to give your contact details. This question aims to get your agreement to let Sonic give you the newest information. For instance, the information can be about the new promotion of Sonic Drive-In. In addition, it can be about Sonic Drive-In upcoming events. This step is optional, though. You can select No if you do not agree to receive such information. But if you are eager to get updates from Sonic Drive-in, you may select Yes. Then, click Next button.

  1. Write the validation code

On the last page of the survey, a validation code will show up for you. Then, erite this code on your Sonic Drive-In receipt. You can use it as a coupon. That means you can redeem the coupon with the survey reward. The next, just go to the Sonic Drive-In store you visited last time. After that, show the coupon to the cashier and redeem it. Then, you can enjoy FREE Route 44. Remember, this is not a discount coupon. So, you cannot use it to make purchases for other order. Besides, you will not be able to use this for other Sonic’s offers and promos. Furthermore, your coupon will be valid for 60 days only. So, no need to waste your time to redeem it.

How to Check Sonic Gift Card Balance

If you have Sonic Gift Card, you can use it to make purchases online at You should have a PIN to do this, though. In addition, it is possible to use it at Sonic Drive-In’s stores. You do not have to have a PIN for offline purchases. But you should be certain that you still have enough balance before you use it. There are some ways to check your sonic card balance.

  1. By online

If you want to check your Sonic’s gift card balance online, you must do the following steps:

  • Go to is the address of the official website of Sonic Drive-In restaurant. When you have been on this page, click My Sonic button to go to Sonic Sign In page.

  • Sign In to your Sonic Account

Once you have reached Sonic Sign In page, you can fill in the details. But, you should have a Sonic account first. Then, if you have the account, you can fill in your email address or your phone number. The next, fill in your password. If you have got a Facebook account, you can sign in via Facebook.

  • Enter Gift Card code

On your account, you can enter your Sonic’s Gift Card code. Then, click Check Balance button.

  1. By offline

You can check your sonic card balance offline. It means you have to visit the nearest Sonic’s store to your current location. Then, tell the on-duty staffs that you want to check your balance. They will help you to check your balance.

  1. By phone calls

You may do this via phone call. Just dial 1-866-657-642. Then, let the customer support representative know your Card number. The next, the representative will check it for you. You will only need to wait and you will get the information of your gift card balance.

Some Facts about Your favorite Restaurant: Sonic Drive-in

Sonic Drive-in has the unique concept of a restaurant. It offers Drive-in dining concept. When you visit this restaurant, you do not need to get out from your car. It is also not necessary to sit down on the restaurant’s chairs. You can enjoy your meal while sitting in your car. So, how to order and take your order? You do not need to get confused since the Sonic Carhop will take and serve your order. It is the unique concept of dining in, isn’t it? Then, you may not know several facts about this restaurant. Check out the list below to have the deeper understanding about Sonic Drive-in.

  • Sonic was a root beer outlet.

The owner of Sonic Drive-in has a wide range of restaurants. He has the steakhouse, root beer outlet, as well as casual restaurant. The next, he wants to create the new concept of a restaurant. So, he combines the root beer outlet with the intercom. This strategy is successful. Sonic Drive-in can earn the high income and profit by running this concept. Then, the business owner expands the restaurant in other places.

  • Why is this restaurant called as Sonic?

The name of this restaurant is inspired by the service speed. No doubt, many customers feel happy with the quick service offered by Sonic. The intercom system helps Sonic employees to process the customers’ order. Since the service is very fast, Sonic Drive-in has the slogan Service with the Speed of Sound.

  • Sonic has the Carhop competition.

The waiters at Sonic Drive-in is well-known as Carhops. It is because they serve the customers by using in-line skate. Every year, Sonic conducts the carhop competition. This contest aims to improve the carhops’ skill. Sonic offers $1000 as the contest reward. So, as the Sonic’s carhop, you should participate in this competition.

  • The best selling beverage from Sonic.

The most famous drink from this restaurant is Sonic 44 Route Drink. But, the best selling beverage of this restaurant is Cherry Limeades. When you visit Sonic Drive-in, you have the wide range of drinks. As the example, Sonic offers the frozen drink, Slush, and Cola.

  • Sonic offers many combinations of beverage.

Sonic is different from other restaurants. Another restaurant chain may only offer the soft drink or milkshake. But, in Sonic Drive-in, the customers can order the beverage by combining the flavor. For your information, Sonic has over 168.000 drink combinations. Sonic allows its employees to innovate the variety of the drink. So, they can create the new flavor of the drink. The most favorite drink at Sonic is Strawberry Shortcake and Blue Hawaiian.

  • Sonic provides the playground for the adult in the certain chains.

If you like playing the games with your friends, visiting Sonic is the best option. It is because some locations of Sonic Drive-in provides the playground. You will have a fun experience in this restaurant. As the example, the customers can play the volleyball, ball pit, or the batting cages

How to Contact Sonic Customer Service

You can reach out sonic customer service when you find problems related to Sonic Drive-In. For instance, you can make sonic complaints to the Customer Service representatives. Or you can ask for help from them to help you fix your Sonic’s account or check your Sonic Card balance. There are some ways you can do to contact them. Here is Sonic Contact information for you:

  1. Via website

To ask for help, you can do this by visiting Sonic’s official website. It is at Then, the customer service representatives will respond to you within 48 hours. They will send their responses to your email address. You do not have to make purchases if you want to submit your feedback to this website. It does not matter if you do not have a Sonic Drive-In receipt or Sonic ID number. Only, you should provide your complete name, your email address, your phone number, and the Sonic’s store number. The next, tell them as specific as you can. If it is necessary, upload a picture for the proof.

  1. Via mailing

You may send your personal letters or business letters to Sonic. Send them to the address below:

Sonic Drive-In

300 Johnny Bench Dr.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73104

the United States

  1. Via phone

You can reach Sonic sonic customer service representatives by phone. So, you can dial 1-866-OKSONIC or 1-866-657-6642 for immediate assistance.

  1. Via social media

Social media has been a major phenomenon. It is not only easy but also quick. Sonic Drive-In uses this platform to reach customers easily.  So, you can get Sonic’s updates from its official account. Also, you can inform yourself about the newest menus and promos from Sonic Drive-In. Then, make sure you follow the real accounts of Sonic. These are the links to Sonic Drive-In account.

  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:
  • Instagram:
  • Youtube