Talktoregal – How to Win $100 by Completing Regal Survey


Talktoregal is a survey owned by Regal Entertainment. Then this survey  is accessible to all Entertainment service lovers. Furthermore, you can also express your opinion about the service using this survey. In addition, you can give a positive or negative opinion. So, we suggest you be honest in expressing your opinion. Because your opinion becomes material for the company to grow. Fortunately, Talk to regal also has rewards for you. You have an opportunity to get $100. Wow, Is not this really interesting? If you are interested in doing the survey, good if you read our instructions. Before completing the survey, let’s look at the profile of Regal Entertainment.

Is your hobby of watching movies? If you like to watch movies, make sure you visit Regal Cinemas. It is because they will present the best movie for you. Then at this time, the entertainment industry has a variety of types. Among them are film industry, music, tourism etc. During the holiday season, the place will be crowded with visitors. One of the popular entertainment businesses is the cinema. Furthermore, as a business owner must try to provide the best service. But sometimes some visitors feel disturbed comfort. So visitors need to report the event to the owner of the cinema. One way to find out customer complaints and feelings is to use Regal survey.


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Regal Entertainment is a company under the Cineworld Group. They are from the United States. Regal Entertainment is a company engaged in services. They provide a place to watch movies. They have a commitment to showcasing the best place to watch a movie. Amazingly now they have 560 theaters in 43 different countries.



What are the rules for doing Talk to regal?

Before you do the survey, you have to understand the rules. Because this rule becomes the determinant of your validity of carrying out Regal Online Survey. You should not break the rules. It is so since you may get the trouble when completing this survey. As a smart customer, of course, you do not want to miss this opportunity. So if you are qualified, please continue your survey. If you are not eligible, you should not take this survey. In addition, you may need to request the help of an older person to do this survey. Below are some rules before doing the survey:

  1. Specifies age restriction rules

The first rule is about age restrictions. Because to do this survey you must be 18 years of age or older. At the age of 18, you can be responsible for yourself. Then you can understand the rules and survey questions. Also at the age of 18, you can give an objective opinion. So before doing it, make sure that you are old enough. If you are not old enough, then you should ask for help from an older family member.

  1. Your nationality

Second, you should pay attention to your citizenship. Do you live in the United States? If you are an American, then it is your opportunity. Talk to regal is a survey for all Regal Entertainment customers. But it turns out Talk to regal can only be done by the American residents. If you are not American, you should not do the survey. Because if you break the rules, maybe your participation will be disqualified by the company.

  1. Position against Regal Entertainment

Thirdly you have to consider your position when doing the survey. Do you work at Regal Entertainment? If you work there, maybe you are a little disappointed with this rule. Because Talk to regal should not be done by employees of Regal Entertainment. Then Regal wants to collect the objective comments. So that the improvement of the company can be right on target. So if you are an employee of Regal Entertainment, your position may affect your opinion. For example feeling dissatisfied to the company and your view of the company. Your position as an employee can have a positive or negative effect. Below is a person that is prohibited from doing the survey:

  • You are the employee of Regal Entertainment
  • Then you are a business partner of Regal Entertainment
  • Next, you have a family relationship with employees
  • Lastly, you live with your employees
  1. Rewards policy
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Finally, you should understand the policy of giving rewards. In Talk to regal Portal you do not just do a survey. But you also have the opportunity to win prizes. The prize you can get is a Gift Card worth $100. The prize is fantastic. What can you do with the Gift Card? Here you can watch Regal Movies for free. Then you can also buy popcorn or drinks with your Gift Card. So you can enjoy the movie you want. Furthermore, you can save your money more. Below is the rule in determining the winner in the survey:

  • This sweepstake valid from January 1, 2018, to December 31, 2018.
  • Winners are drawn every month by the sponsor.
  • If you win a prize, you will be contacted via email.
  • Rewards can not be redeemed in cash.
  • You can not apply for a rewarding change.
  • Tax and gift financing is the responsibility of the winner.

What should I prepare to complete Talk to regal survey?

Have you completed all the requirements? If you meet the requirements, then you can set up a survey now. Make sure there are no rules that you violate. If you are interested in doing the survey, you have to prepare a few things. The better your preparation, the easier you survey. If you have never conducted a survey, you should not be afraid of failure. Because we will guide you right from the start of the survey. Next, you simply do all of our instructions well. Below are some of the things you should prepare:

  1. Tool

First, you must set up the device for surveys. Because this survey is an online survey. In order for you to access the site, you need a device. In this case, the device we mean is a computer or laptop. It is because they have a widescreen display. So that advantage makes it easier for you to do the survey. You will more easily read the instructions and questions. In addition, both have a comfortable keyboard. But you can also use Android phones and tablets. It’s just that they have a small display screen. But the advantage of both devices is that you can conduct surveys wherever and whenever.

  1. Internet connection

Secondly, you have to prepare internet connection. Here you can choose any internet provider. However, you should consider several things before using it. First, you should consider the speed of internet access. Second, consider provider support at your location. Sometimes there are providers that still have not reached certain areas. If your location is not yet supported by the provider, it is impossible to find a signal. Adjust the signal type with the capabilities of your device. The stronger your signal, the more smoothly you do the survey. Of course, you do not want to get any errors while doing Talk to Regal. It is because maybe you will lose the opportunity to get a reward.

  1. Legitimate receipts from Regal Entertainment

Next, you need to prepare a Regal Cinemas receipt. Here you need to make a transaction first. Because the receipt you can get after. When doing this survey, you must enter the survey code. Then the survey code is written on your receipt. But remember that your receipt has an expiry date. Because you can only do surveys for up to 7 days since you make a transaction. After 7 days, your survey code is invalid. So you can not do the survey. In addition, you can only use one receipt for one survey. So, before doing it, make sure that your receipt is valid.

  1. English and Spanish skills.
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Finally, you need to prepare your English or Spanish skills. Because in Talk to regal you can only choose between the two languages. But the default language used in Talk to regal Site is English. You do not have to do the settings if you believe in your English skills. But if you find it difficult, you can change the settings. Unfortunately, you can only change English to Spanish only. So before doing it, prepare your best ability. Because survey questions will be provided according to the language you choose. No need to worry about your language skills. If you still have trouble, you can ask your friends. Or you can use a popular online dictionary.

How can I Complete Regal Survey?

Is your preparation complete? When you are done, you can already do this survey. Talk to regal is one way to channel your opinions. Then you can give a criticism or suggestion. We encourage you to give your opinion and to be honest. Thus companies can know their weaknesses and strengths. So they can make improvements. Then they can also develop service innovation. So suppose you greatly affect the growth of the company. It only takes you 15 minutes to complete the survey. Therefore, follow our instructions well to make your survey smooth.

  1. Visit the official site

The first step is to visit the official website. Then you just need to write the website address on your search engine. Then click the search button or enter. Next, the search engine and will guide you to the website. There are two addresses you can use. Below is the official site of Regal Survey:

  1. Enter the code written on your receipt

On the first page, you have to enter your survey code. Because on that page there are several blank columns. If you forget, you can look at your receipts. Because the survey code is already written on your receipt. If you are still confused, you can look at the example of the receipt. In the sample receipt, you can see the section of the survey code that should be used. An example of a receipt image is in addition to the survey code column. When you finish filling out the survey code, double check your answer. Make sure your survey code is correct.

  1. Enter information about the time and date you visited.

The next step is to fill in the time and date fields. If you forget, you can look at your receipts. Check back your answer. Adjust your answer with your receipt.

  1. Do your survey now

On this page, you can do your survey. Give an honest assessment of the Regal company. You do not have to worry about getting difficult questions. Because the survey question is about their service. You just need to remember your last visit to Regal Cinemas. The first question is about the facilities available at Regal Cinemas. Here you have to give the answer according to your experience.

  1. Enter information about your order

Next, you need to enter information related to your order. Here you can mention all kinds of your order. Check back your answer. Then make sure your answer is correct. If you are sure, then you can proceed to the next question.

  1. Assess the service to Regal Cinemas

The next question is about your satisfaction. Because here you can give your satisfaction scale. This survey provides questions about some aspects of the service they have. Then you just need to remember your experience.

  1. Give your opinion

Next, you can comment to Regal. Here you can give positive or negative comments. Then you should not be afraid your comment will affect the sweepstakes. On this page are provided columns for you to write a comment. Here are some parts of the service you may want to review:

  • Hospitality officers when providing services
  • Speed of service
  • Cleanliness of the room
  • Taste of food
  • Ticket prices and food prices
  • Customize the order with the food served
  • The availability of the movie you want
  • The unpleasant incident at Regal Cinemas
  1. Mention the title of the movie you enjoy. Then you can also add comments about the movie.
  2. It’s time to register for the Regal Entertainment sweepstakes
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After you answer all the survey questions. Now you are getting closer to your gift. If you are sure of your answer, click on “enter the sweepstakes” button. Next, you need to fill in a column about your identity. The required information is the name and phone number. In addition, you must fill in your email address. We’ve talked about this before. If you are a sweepstakes winner, they will contact you via email. So make sure that your email is valid. If your email is invalid, their message will not get to you. Check back your answer. then you will get the validation code. Good luck on your side.

How can I connect with Regal Entertainment?

For example, you want to enjoy movies with comfortable seating. Or you want your snack to be delicious. But maybe you can have an unexpected accident. Then you will find another. You should report it to the company. But unfortunately, you do not have a receipt. You can not do the survey. But you do not have to look up disappointed. Because Regal Entertainment provides customer service that will receive your attention. Here are some ways to stay connected to the Regal Entertainment company:

  1. Regal Entertainment phone number

Do you have an urgent problem? If you have an urgent problem, then you have to make a phone call. Then you can deliver it directly. Next, you will receive an answer from the clerk immediately. In addition, you should pay attention to hours of customer service operations. Here are the Regal Entertainment phone numbers:

1 877 835 5734

1 865 922 1123

  1. Send a letter to Regal Entertainment

Secondly, you can contact the company by sending a letter. Then you can write as many comments as you want. But you have some shortcomings in sending mail. Because you have to pay for mailing. In addition, you should go to the nearest post box or post office to send mail. Unfortunately, you do not know when your letter will be read. So you have to wait longer to get a response from your problem. Below is the Regal company’s address:

7132 Regal Lane, Knoxville, Tennessee 37918, United States

  1. You can leave a comment on the website

Furthermore, you can also use the website to express your opinion. You just need to visit the Regal website. Then find the contact us menu located at the bottom of the website. Click on the menu. Next, on the menu page, you can see the customer service number and regal address. In addition, you can see the column to provide feedback on Regal Entertainment. There you have to enter your identity. Then name the theater and the movie you watch. In addition, you must enter the date and time of your visit. Finally, you can write feedback on the column provided.

  1. You can connect with social media

At this time the use of the internet is very popular among the public. So boundaries became unclear. Then you can connect using social media. Regal Entertainment provides several types of social media. You can choose according to the social media you have. In addition to communicating, social media also use to do promotions. Below is a website owned by Regal Entertainment:




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