Talktoihop- Participate in IHOP Survey and Enjoy a Free Pancake


Did you receive a purchase receipt from IHOP restaurant last time? If you did, it means you can take part in Talktoihop guest survey. If you look at the purchase receipt, you will see some information. The information may contain a guest survey invitation. There are some more important details printed on the receipt. You can use the details from IHOP purchase receipt to participate in the guest survey. You just have to prepare the survey prerequisites. Next, you must visit the survey website for Ihop survey. Then, you can use the receipt details there. Besides, you should answer several questions from Talk to Ihop guest survey. When you have answered the survey questions, you will get a validation code. This code will be your coupon to get a prize from this guest survey. You can just take this coupon to redeem it with a special menu item from the restaurant.

Did you know that you can use IHOP survey to help this restaurant? It is true. Your participation in Talk to ihop guest will mean a lot to the restaurant. Your feedback will help the restaurant to be a better restaurant. Moreover, the restaurant conducts this guest survey to find out the satisfaction level of the customers.This guest survey will find what makes customers are happy to dine in at the restaurant. But, it is also possible for customers to tell the reasons why they do not like to enjoy their meals at the restaurant. Moreover, you will be able to share your visit experience at the restaurant if you take this guest survey. You can tell problems related to the menu and services. This way, the management team of the restaurant will do something to fix the problems. So, you will feel more satisfied when you come to this restaurant.


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Anyway, we want to update your knowledge about IHOP restaurant. Here is the review. IHOP is a pancake restaurant chain in the United States. IHOP itself stands for International House of Pancake. This restaurant chain has operated since 1958. The first location of the restaurant was in Burbank, California. The founders of this restaurant were Jerry Lapin, Al Lapin Jr., and Albert Kallis. They started this business with their colleagues’ help. They were Sherwood Rosenberg and William Kaye. This restaurant has developed over the years. Now, IHOP is famous worldwide. It has 1650 restaurants inside an outside the United States. Some countries have been the places for IHOP to expand this business.  For example, the locations are in Latin America, North America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Oceania. It is not surprising that IHOP can hire more than 32.000 people to work for IHOP. The headquarters is in Glendale, California.

As you know, this restaurant is popular for its pancakes. But, IHOP restaurant is not a place to find pancakes only. There are some more menu items that you can try here. Apart from the tasty pancakes, IHOP restaurant also has the special menu for its customer. There are steakburgers, salads, sandwiches, crepes, waffles, French toast, omelets, sides, entree, appetizers, desserts, and beverages here. Besides, IHOP restaurant has the special menu for certain customers. For example, there are different menu items for kids. Then, there is 55 plus menu for seniors aged 55 years old and older. If you want big size items, you can order a combo menu. You can also make your IHOP creations and select your preferred items on your plate. Furthermore, IHOP restaurant has provided you with nutrition and allergen information for its customers. This is good news if you really concerned about your healthy foods.

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You can try all the menu items at IHOP restaurant. You just have to come to the nearest IHOP location to your place. If you do not know where to find IHOP restaurant in your area, you use IHOP store locator. This store locator is available on the official website page of IHOP. You can visit it at When you have reached the website page, you just need to click the locator link. You can find it in the navigation bar. Or, you can scroll down the website home page and it’s on the bottom part of the page. Then, a locator page will show up. You can provide the city or state name in the search field. You can also use a ZIP code. Next, you will see a search result of IHOP locations in the search area. Besides, you can use Google with keywords Ihop locations near me.

Things to Prepare for Talk to ihop Guest Survey

You should prepare what you need before you take part in this guest survey. Your preparation will contribute so much to the process of this guest survey. If you can prepare it well, of course, everything will run in a smooth way. That is why you should have some needed things ready. This is to avoid technical difficulties when you have started the survey. Remember that this guest survey will oblige you to go online. And many unexpected problems can happen in this condition. In case you want to participate in this survey, you would better minimize the possibility to get technical difficulties.  So, there are certain things that should be ready before the survey begins. Here is what you should prepare

  1. A receipt

You sill need a purchase receipt from IHOP restaurant. This receipt has some details to unlock the page of the ihop guest survey. The details are a survey code, a visit time, and a server ID. This server ID consists of 7 digits. This purchase receipt will valid for 3 days.

  1. A device

You will need a device to access the survey page. You can sue the most affordable device for you. It can be a laptop, a computer, a smartphone, or a tablet. The, you should install a browser in your device. Be sure that you install a browser with a compatible version for your device.

  1. The internet connection

The internet connection is a must. Without the internet, it will be impossible to reach the survey page. It would be better if you can provide a stable connection. It will work fats. So, you will not have to spend time on the survey page because of slow internet connection.

  1. English or Spanish ability

There are 2 languages available for this survey. You may use English or Spanish.

  1. A Pen

You will need a pen to write down the validation code. if you have this code, it means you are one step closer to an Ihop free pancake.

Step by step to take part in talk to ihop Guest Survey

You still have a chance to check your preparation before you start to Talk to IHOP guest survey. You should be sure that the things you have prepared here can function well. This is important to know the condition of the survey prerequisites before you use it. For example, you can check if you have installed a browser in the device that you will use. Next, you can check the internet connection. You have connected your device to the internet or not. When you have done checking those things, you can continue with the survey steps.

The steps that you should take to participate in the guest survey are very simple. It will not take too much time. You will only need to spare 5 minutes or perhaps 7 minutes. It will not be long as long as you have all the things needed for the survey. if you are not sure how to do it, you can use the following guideline. We have prepared some simple instructions for you. This guideline will help you to understand more about the steps for this guest survey. Now, let us do it!

  1. Go to the survey address
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First, you can go to the survey page of IHOP restaurant. The address of this guest survey page is available at When you have been on the home page of this guest survey, you will see some blank fields. Besides, there is a receipt example to help the survey respondents.

  1. Choose a language

Second, you can choose a language here. This survey page will show up in English. You can skip this step if you prefer using English.  You do not need to force yourself to use a language that you do not understand. But, if you prefer another language, it will not be a problem. You can change the language setting into Spanish. You can just click Español link. Then, the entire pages will turn into Spanish.

  1. Enter details

Third, you should enter the survey details. The details are available on your purchase receipt. You can use your receipt to help you fill in the details. You will need a survey code, a visit time, and a server ID. If you do not know how to locate these details, you can look at the receipt example. This receipt example exists to help you find the details on your purchase receipt. If you have filled in all the details needed, you can click Start button.

  1. Answer questions from talk to ihop guest survey

Fourth, you may start to answer some survey questions. One of the questions will ask about your overall satisfaction with the restaurant. Besides, you will get some more questions about your latest visit to the restaurant. So, you can recall your experience when you came to IHOP restaurant last time.

  1. Note the code

Finally, you will see a validation code on your screen. This validation code will show up when you have finished answering all questions. Then, you can grab your pen and write the code on your purchase receipt. This code and receipt will function as a coupon. You may bring this coupon at IHOP restaurant. You can redeem this coupon to get Ihop survey free pancakes. But, the prize is not always a pancake. The prize can be various based on the information printed on the purchase receipt. You should make sure that you redeem this coupon before it gets expired. You can redeem it within 30 days since you have got this purchase receipt.

How to submit your IHOP feedbacks at

Well, it does not matter if you do not have a purchase receipt. Without the receipt, you can still share your feedbacks for this restaurant. Of course, you will not receive a validation code after you submit your feedbacks. It means you will not get the coupons. It is because you do this without a survey invitation. This is a voluntary feedback to inform the restaurant about anything related to your visit experience at IHOP restaurant. You can follow these instructions to submit your feedbacks for this restaurant.

  1. Go to

Firstly, you must be on the website page of IHOP. You can visit the website at When you have reached the page, you will some beneficial links. These links will help you to get the information you want from the IHOP restaurant. One of the links is Contact Us. You can find this link on the bottom pat of the page. Or, you can use a navigation bar to click the link. Then, this link will take you to the Contact page.

  1. Complete Feedback Form

Secondly, you will see a feedback form on the contact page. You can start to complete the form. There are some blank fields that you should fill in. The following explanation will inform you about the details that you can submit.

  • Personal information
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For the Personal Information section, you can inform your salutation, first name, last name, email address, phone number, and home address.

  • Dining Information

To complete the Dining Information section, you should know the location of IHOP restaurant that you want to review. You can start to select the country, state, city, and then address. You should inform the details of your visit experience at IHOP restaurant. You can use your purchase receipt from the IHOP restaurant to fill in this section. The details are the date and time of your visit, server’s name, and receipt number. Do not forget to select the category of your feedbacks. It can be about service, food, restaurant cleanliness, overall experience, and other.

  • Comment

Now, you can start giving your comments. You can inform your visit experience as specific as possible.

  1. Submit

Finally, you can click the Submit button when the feedback form is complete. Do not forget to tick the captcha box.

How to Contact IHOP Customer Service

Most problems at restaurants are out of expectation. No matter how hard the management team works things out, customers can still find awful problems. Of course, this is not good for the restaurant itself. This is what happens at IHOP restaurant at times. But, IHOP restaurant has provided a customer service to handle its customers’ problems. Customers can just contact them to tell what disturbs them. They can complain about their awful dine-in experience. Besides, they can give suggestions and compliments as well. They can also give inquiries to get more information about IHOP restaurants. In case you are one of IHOP customers and would like to get help from IHOP customer service, you can reach them in several ways.

  1. By website

You can give feedback on the official website of IHOP restaurant. You should go to to do this. The steps to contact IHOP customer service are easy. You can use the instructions in the previous sections to contact IHOP via the website.

  1. By mailing

Letters will be a good way to contact IHOP customer service. It is formal and polite. You can make a complaint letter using your own pieces of paper. Of course, you do not need the internet connection to do this. Besides, you can use this method to send your business letters. If you want to send your mailing post, you can use the address of IHOP restaurant Support Center. The following address is what you need:

450 North Brand Boulevard,

Glendale, California, 91203

The United States

  1. By phone

Perhaps you have found awful problems and need to get immediate help from IHOP customer service. Well, you can contact the customer service representatives by phone. You will get quick responses from them. Make sure you call them during working hours at 08.00 a.m. PT up to 05.00 p.m. PT. You just need to dial 866-444-5144. Besides, you can use the phone number of IHOP restaurant support center. The number is 818-240-6055. In case you want to contact the nearest IHOP restaurant, you can get the local phone number on IHOP official website. You will find local phone numbers for every IHOP restaurant.

  1. Through social media

You may use social media to contact the customer service of IHOP restaurant. You only have to have social media accounts on the same platform with IHOP’s accounts. This will be very convenient for you because it is fast and easy. Moreover, you can use these social media accounts to get updates from the IHOP restaurant. You can get the newest information in the real time. So, you will not miss the news from IHOP restaurant. Well, the following links will take you to social media accounts of IHOP restaurant.

  • Twitter:
  • Facebook:
  • Instagram:
  • YouTube:

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