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Have you just enjoyed your meals at Applebee’s restaurant? If so, you can use your receipt to take part in Talktoapplebees guest satisfaction survey. There will be a survey code on that receipt. The survey code is an invitation code from Applebee’s restaurant for you to take Talk to Applebees guest satisfaction survey. Applebee’s restaurant really expects you to take this survey. So, they are able to know your feedback about this restaurant. You can share your visit experience on Talk to applebees survey website. Besides, you are free to say whether you feel satisfied or not. Then, you can add your reasons why you feel that way. Moreover, This survey will allow you to give suggestions about restaurant aspects that need more improvement. If you take this survey, it means you can help Applebee’s restaurant become better in the future. Hence, you will get better dine-in experience in the next visit.

Here is a bit review about Applebee’s restaurant. Well, Applebee’s is a company from the United States. This company focuses on the restaurant industry. It has a restaurant chain name Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill + Bar. The founders of Applebee’s were Bill Palmer and T. J. Palmer. They had the first location of Applebee’s restaurant in Decatur, Georgia. The beginning of Applebee’s happened in 1980. After a few years, Applebee’s ran into some development and acquisition process. Several things have changed, including the headquarters location. Now, Applebee’s main office is in Glendale, California. It has become a subsidiary of Dine Brands Global, Inc. Company for more than ten years. Besides, Applebee’s has more than two thousand locations. Customers can find these locations in the United States, Canada, and some more countries. With those restaurant numbers, it is not surprising that Applebee’s can hire almost three thousand employees to work with this brand.

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Moreover, Applebee’s has a casual dining concept. Thus, you can enjoy your meals in the casual atmosphere. Also, it has a bar where you can taste special beverages there. Applebee’s restaurant is famous for its variants of steak and ribs. The most popular Applebee’s restaurant menu is the riblets. These are kinds of ribs cooked with secret seasonings. But, it is not the only menu that you can have at Applebee’s restaurant. There is some more delicious menu that you can try when you come to Applebee’s. For example, you can have chicken, seafood, pasta, salads, sandwiches, burgers, and tacos. You can request appetizers and desserts as well. Next, the kid’s menu is available as, too. Furthermore, Applebee’s also has special offers for its customers. For example, there are Lunch Combos that you can enjoy your meals with lunch portions. Then, you can also build your own meals by choosing 3 menus at once.

If you want a tasty menu at a lower cost, you can try a package of 2 for 20 dollars. If you take this package, you are free to choose 2 entrees and one appetizer for your plate. But, this cost may vary in different locations. To make sure yourself about this price info, you can contact the nearest Applebee’s location to your place. The phone number of each restaurant is available on Applebee’s official website. You can visit it at If you are on this website, you can also search for Applebees locations. You just have to type your city, state, or ZIP code in Applebee’s locator. After that, the result of Applebee’s locations will show up. You can use this location list to find the open hours of Applebee’s restaurant. Moreover, you are able to get directions to your preferred restaurant. Further, this website also provides beneficial allergens information.

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Rules of Taking Talk to Applebees Guest Satisfaction Survey

It is necessary to know the rules of this Guest Satisfaction Survey. If you can understand the rules well, it will not be difficult for you to know how to be eligible for this survey. Besides, you can avoid the things that you should not do before you take the survey. Here is the summary of the rules of Applebees survey for you:

  1. Participants

Participants are eligible for this survey if they are:

  • 16 years old at least

Only those who have reached 16 years old are eligible for the survey. If you are older than this minimum age, it means you are permissible for this survey. But, if you have not reached this age yet, you will not be eligible to take part in Talktoapplebees survey. Yet, you are able to ask your parents or guardian to take this survey for you. In certain periods, This survey will allow you to enter a drawing right after you have taken the survey. If you have the luck to enter this drawing, you should be 18 years old at least. If your age is less than 18 years old, you will only permissible for taking the survey.

  • residents of the United States

Applebee’s survey is only open for the legal residents of the United States. This survey will include the District of Columbia. Although Applebee’s has a lot of branches in several countries, it does not mean that this survey is also open in those countries as well. Besides, how long you have been living in the United States will not affect this rule point. As long as you are not a legal resident of the United States, you will not be eligible to take part in this survey.

  • not employees of Applebee’s Company

Talk to applebee’s guest satisfaction survey only allows customers to take part in it. This means that employees of this Company are not eligible for this survey. This rule point also applies to the immediate family members of Applebee’s employees. Moreover, those who are living with Applebee’s employees in the same household are not permissible to take the survey.

  1. Main Requirement

You should have got the main requirement before you take the survey. The main requirement of this survey is a receipt from Applebee’s. The receipt should be recent. It means you will not be able to use the old Applebee’s receipt. Besides, this receipt will expire within 3 days. After 3 days has passed, this receipt is not valid anymore. Moreover, you can use this receipt only for once. Hence, you cannot take the survey twice or more times. Further, this rule obliges you to prepare the receipt because it has important details. You will use these details to unlock the survey question pages. So, you will be able to answer the survey questions. Well, there are 2 sorts of receipt for this guest satisfaction survey. Each sort of the receipts has its own form. This makes the details are not really similar. You can see the difference based on the survey invitation code. For more information related to the receipt, you can keep on reading this:

  • The first Applebee’s receipt

If you have the first receipt, you will use the following details:

  1. Survey code

The survey code of the first sort of the receipt has 13 digits. You can locate this under the survey information. Besides, you can use it to take the survey via phone. You just have to dial 1-800-535-4932.

2. Time

You can see the visit time is next to the date visit.

3. Server Name

This server name is on the left side of the receipt

4. The second receipt

You will be able to use the following details if you get the second receipt:

5. Serial Number

This serial number is a sort of survey invitation code. It has 9 digits. You can find it above the total amount you have spent at the receipt.

6. Date

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The visit date is under the Server Name.

7. Time

The visit time is next to the visit date

8. Check Number

In this receipt type, the check number is also a part of details that you should enter. The first receipt also has this check number. But, it does not get included in the survey details. This check number can consist of 10 digits or 11 digits.

9. Server Name

This is the name printed above the visit date.

The Prerequisites for Taking Part in Talk to Applebee’s Guest Satisfaction Survey

In case you are certain that you are eligible for this survey, then you can begin the preparation. As we have stated, you should have the main requirement first. After that, you can complete your preparation. There are several prerequisites that you will need to access the website of Applebee’s survey. If you can prepare the prerequisites very well, then you can take the survey without difficulties. The survey will run smoothly for you. Now, you can pay attention to the following explanation. Before you take part in this guest satisfaction survey, you should have these things ready.

  1. A device

You can use a tablet, a smartphone, or a laptop to access it. Do not forget to install a compatible browser.

  1. The internet connection

Fast and stable internet connection will make the survey go without troubles.

  1. English or Spanish ability

You may select the most familiar language to you. It can be English or Spanish.

Steps to Take Part in Talk to Applebee’s Guest Satisfaction Survey

When all of the prerequisites are ready, you can take the survey immediately. But, you should be sure that all of the prerequisites can work well for this survey. You may check if your device has used a compatible browser or not. Or, you have installed the browser in your device or not. Then, you would better see if you have connected your device to the internet. Those are what you can do to make sure that your preparation is great. Now, you can begin the survey. This survey will only take 10 minutes. You can even finish it in less than that. It is because the steps are easy. So, you do not have to worry about the steps. Furthermore, we have the guideline for you. Then, you can use the following procedure to help you understand more about the survey steps. Here is what you should do with this guest survey.

  1. Go to

The first thing to do is to visit that website. There will be the place you can take this survey.

  1. Choose the home page

This survey has 2 sorts of home pages. The first homepage uses a survey code. This code consists of 13 digits. The second one uses a serial number. This serial number consists of 9 digits. You can choose the home page based on the details printed on your receipt.

  1. Select the language

Now, you can select the language. If you want English, you can let it as it is. If you want Spanish, you can click on Español.

  1. Enter the details

Then, you can enter the receipt details.

  • If you use the first home page, you will inform the survey code, time and server name
  • If you take the second homepage, you should inform the serial number, visit date, visit time, check number, and server name.

You may click the Start button if all details are complete.

  1. Answer the survey questions

Now, you can begin to answer the survey questions. The questions will be about your overall satisfaction, qualities of food and beverages, the restaurant’s atmosphere and cleanliness, staff’s friendliness, the reason for visiting the restaurant, and many more.

  1. Complete final questions

These final questions are for classification purpose. So, the questions are about your gender, age, income, and ethnic background. Then, you may click the Next button to finish it. Well, this survey does not give you a validation code. So, you cannot have the redeemable coupon from this survey. But, this survey has a drawing program in certain periods. Make sure you do not miss this chance.

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How to Give Applebee’s Feedback at

You can have another way to share your feedback or Applebee’s. In case you do not have a recent receipt from Applebee’s restaurant, you can take this way. Besides, this way will be beneficial for you to let Applebee’s know about your visit experience even though you are not eligible to take this guest satisfaction survey. So, this company can improve its qualities with your feedbacks. Moreover, you can give your comments, suggestions, compliments, or questions using this method. Now, let us do it!

  1. Go to

Firstly, you should go to It is the official website of this company. You can use this website to dig helpful information about this restaurant. For example, you can search for the menu, allergen, nutrition, locations, careers, and many more.

  1. Click Contact Us

Because you are on this website page to share your feedback, it means you should find the proper link to do it. You can scroll down the home page. When you have reached the bottom part of this page, you can click Contact Us link. It will take you to see the feedback form on the next page.

  1. Fill in the Feedback Form

On the Contact page, you will see a blank form. You can start to fill in your information. The information is about:

  • Personal information

This personal information will need your first name, last name, email address, home address, city name, state name, ZIP code, birthday, and phone number.

  • Restaurant information

You can give this information if it is applicable. This means you do not have to complete this section. If you do not visit the restaurant, you can skip this part. But if you make a visit, you can fill in the information about the restaurant. What you need to do is to select some options based on the country, state, city, and restaurant location. You got to select these in sequence.

  • Sort of your order

This section will ask you about the visit date, party number, server’s name, and receipt check number.

  • Visit time

You should inform time of your visit, manager’s visit, and comment category. There are some options that you can choose to be your comment category, such as service, food, restaurant cleanliness, overall experience, and other. You can choose other if you have a different category.

  • Comments

You can give comments as long as you want. There are not maximum characters here.

  1. Submit it

If you have finished all the steps, you can press the Submit button.

How to Reach Applebee’s Customer Service

Applebee’s has customer service that will be helpful for customers. You can reach the representatives of the customer service if you find problems at this restaurant. You can send your complaints as well. These are the ways to reach them

  1. By Website

You can tell your feedbacks on Applebee’s website. It is available at You may use the previous section to find the steps to submit your feedback by the website.

  1. By mailing

In case you cannot go online, you can reach the customer service by mailing. Perhaps, mailing is more convenient for you than the other ways. If you are eager to do it this way, you can send your letter to the following address:

Applebee’s Services, Inc.

450 North Brand Boulevard

Glendale, California, 91203

The United States

  1. By phone

Applebee’s customer service representatives can respond to you immediately if you contact them by phone. You can dial 1-888-592-7753 to let them know your urgent difficulties.

  1. Through social media

If you can use social media, it will be easier for you to reach the customer service. This is fast and simple. You just have to follow Applebee’s social media accounts to do this. Besides, you can get the most updated promotions by these accounts. Here are the links to follow Applebee’s:

  • YouTube:
  • Pinterest:
  • Instagram:
  • Twitter:
  • Facebook:

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