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Did you just visit a Subway restaurant? Then, you might notice an invitation to your Subway purchase receipt to take part in the Subway survey. If you have found the invitation, you can visit the the survey website instructed on the receipt. The official website address of Subway that you will find in the invitation is After that, you can use some information on your receipt to enter the customer survey. you will only need a minute to answer the whole Tellsubway questions. And after you have completed the survey questions, you will get a validation code that you can use to redeem a surprise offer from Subway restaurant.

Apart from survey website, it is possible for you to take the survey on another website at The various survey website from Subway restaurant shows that every feedback from customers matters for the restaurant qualities. Your feedback may improve their services and products. So, you will feel more satisfied with your next visit to Subway.

subway survey

subway survey can be accessed at

About Subway

Subway is a well-developed fast food restaurant from the United States. the headquarters of Subway is in Milford, Connecticut. Subway has been operating since 1965. The founders, Fred DeLuca, and Peter Buck opened the first location of Subway under the name Pete’s Super Submarines in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Then, the restaurant started to run as Subway in 1968. Now, Subway has been running around 45.000 branches worldwide. It will be easy to find Subway as the restaurant locations are available in over 100 countries including the United States. If you come to a Subway restaurant, you will be able to order various fast foods. Even though the main dishes of a Subway restaurant are Submarine sandwiches, you can still enjoy pizzas and salads in this restaurant.

subway survey

how to earn subway rewards

A guideline to take part in the Subway survey

If you have prepared the survey prerequisites, you can begin the steps of the survey. This customer survey will not take too much time. you will be able to finish all the steps for less than 5 minutes. In case you need a guideline to take TelllSubway, you can use the instructions below.

  1. Go to

First, you should go to the official website of Subway at If your survey invitation instructs you to take Subway listens to survey, you can reach the website at or

  1. Enter Restaurant Number

Second, you should enter Subway restaurant number once you have reached You will be able to find the number on your Subway purchase receipt. Then, you can click the Submit button. It will take you to the page of the survey information.

  1. Complete survey information

Third, you can complete some information needed on the survey website. The information that you can fill in the provided fields is:

  • Visit date & time

You should provide the date and time of your visit to Subway. You can look at your receipt if you cannot remember it.

  • Payment type
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You can inform if you yay your transaction at the Subway restaurant by cash or credit card.

  • Receipt number

You can find the receipt number on your purchase receipt as the transaction number or Trans ID.

  1. Answer the survey questions

Fourth, you can answer some questions given on the website directly. You do not need to turn to other pages to answer the questions from Subway. It is because the survey questions are on the same page with the page of  tellsubway information. Well, the topics of the survey questions are mainly about your visit experience at Subway restaurant. If you have done answering the questions, you can click Submit button.

  1. Write down the validation code

Finally, you will be able to view the validation code after you have submitted your responses to Subway. You only need to write down the code on your Subway purchase receipt. then, you can use it as your coupon. This way, you can redeem it to get a surprise offer from Subway in your next visit to Subway restaurant.

Tips to get Subway coupons and deals

Your mealtime at a Subway restaurant will be more joyful if you can enjoy its using Subway coupons. The coupons will help you to pay your transactions with lower prices. Besides, you may take advantage of Subway deals when you want to visit Subway restaurants. This way, you can save some of your money. If you feel interested in Subway coupons and deals, you can keep on reading the following tips.

  1. Take Part in the survey

Subway really appreciates every customer’s feedbacks. This means, your feedbacks that you share through the survey will result in a validation code. You can take the survey at and answer the survey questions on the website. Then, you may use the code with the presence of your Subway purchase receipt as your coupon. If you come to Subway restaurant in your next visit, you can redeem the coupon to receive a surprise offer as the reward of the survey. or, you may find the information about the survey reward printed on your receipt.

  1. Visit the Subway website

The official website of Subway restaurant is available at You can always rely on this Subway website whenever you want to find information about Subway coupons and deals. Moreover, this restaurant often posts its newest offers and promotions on the website home page. So, it will be easy for you to find Subway deals on the website.

  1. Download Subway Mobile App

Subway has gone so sophisticated that you will have a lot of opportunities to receive Subway digital deals through the mobile app. After you have received the deals, you can simply save the deals and use it whenever you want. But, you should make sure you use valid digital deals before it gets expired.

  1. Sign Up SMS Program

You can receive a coupon to enjoy a Subway submarine sandwich for free once you sign up Subway SMS program. You can register your phone number on the Subway website to start receiving Subway special offers via text messages.

  1. Subscribe Subway Emails

You can have a chance to receive emails about Subway exclusive coupons and promos if you subscribe Subway emails. You can do the registration on the Subway website. The registration only needs contact details, such as first name, last name, email address, and ZIP code.

  1. Join Subway MyWay® Rewards
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Subway MyWay® Rewards is a loyalty program that will offer you some benefits. For example, you can earn tokens and get Subway rewards easily. Then, you may receive Yummy Surprises and special offers from Subway if you have registered as a member of Subway MyWay® Rewards.

  1. Follow social media pages

You can follow Subway social media pages if you do not miss any updates of Subway offers and promotions. Besides, you can even push the notifications from Subway if you have followed the social media pages. In case you do not know, you can reach Subway on several social media platforms. You can starts following the pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

  1. Find Deal Sites

If you need Subway promo codes and coupons, you can simply search for them on the internet. Then, you will be able to find a lot of deal sites online. The deal sites will offer you the most updated promotions and offers from Subway restaurant. but, be sure you can differentiate which deal sites are safe. It is because some sites on the internet will only cause some scams to you.

How to find a Subway near me

If you wonder where to find the nearest Subway restaurant location in your current area, you can just search for the location online. This means you have to make sure that you can connect your device to the internet. Then, you can try the following methods.

  1. Subway Restaurant Locator

Subway website is the place to find Subway Restaurant Locator. if you need some helps to use the restaurant locator, you may follow the instructions below.

  • Go to

Firstly, you must go to if you need to reach the Subway website.

  • Find a Subway

Secondly, you can click a button on the top part of the website to Find a Subway. The button will help you reach the page of Subway Restaurant Locator.

  • Enter Location Information

Thirdly, you may enter the information of your preferred Subway location in the search field. You can type in the city, state, or ZIP code.

  • Click Search

Lastly, click on the Search button to process the request. Then, the result will show up in a few seconds.

Subway Restaurant Locator will assist you to find information about Subway location address, phone number, restaurant hours, restaurant services, and the distance. Besides, you may use a feature to Get Directions and Order online.

  1. Subway Mobile App

You can use the Subway Mobile App to find the nearest Subway restaurant locations. This app is available on Google Play Store and Apple App store. Besides, you will not regret to download this app because it can do more tasks for you. For example, you may use Subway Mobile App to earn rewards, customize your favorite menu items, save digital deals, place your orders online, etc.

  1. Search Engine

The last way that you may try is to use a search engine. You can do this if you have installed a browser in your device. Then, you can launch it and use the search engine to look for Subway restaurant locations nearby. You may need to provide some keywords in the search field and wait for some seconds to view the result. Moreover, the search engine can help you collect some information you need about Subway survey.

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Steps to Submit Subway Feedback at

Subway survey is not the only way to share your feedback. It is because the Subway website will be able to help you as well. You may share your visit experience through the Subway website as your voluntary feedbacks. SO, you will not receive any validation code after the feedback submission. It means you will not get a Subway coupon for giving feedbacks to Subway restaurant. If you need to do this task, you can take some steps below.

  1. Go to

First, you should go to the Subway website at this website will facilitate you to share your feedbacks about Subway restaurant.

  1. Click Restaurant Feedback

Second, you can click the Restaurant feedback button. You will find this button on the lower part of the website. Then, the button will direct you the feedback page.

  1. Complete Subway Feedback Form

Third, you can complete a feedback form provided on the feedback page. You may complete the form with the following information.

  • Restaurant Info

You can share restaurant details that you can find on your Subway purchase receipt. the details that you should inform here are:

  • Subway restaurant address,
  • restaurant number,
  • Visit date, and
  • Visit time.
  • Contact Details

The contact information that you can fill in this section is your first name, last name, email address, phone number, country, state/province, and city.

  • Message

There are 3000 characters allowed in this message field. Make sure you tell your feedbacks as specific as you can. This way, Subway management team can understand what you are going to inform them.

Moreover, you may use this feedback form to submit your general inquiries to Subway. You can simply change the feedback category on the upper part of the feedback form. Then, you can fill in the form without providing the restaurant information.

  1. Submit Feedback

Lastly, you can click the Submit button to send your feedbacks. Before you click the button, be certain you have ticked the captcha field to verify that you are not a robot.

How to Contact Subway Customer Service

Having problems when you visit Subway restaurant? You can simply contact Subway customer service. You do not need to have any doubts about the customer service representatives because they will do their best to get the problems solved. If you want to contact them, you can try the following ways.

  1. Website

The only address to visit Subway official website is This website has a page that you can use to share your feedback, including your suggestions, complaints, or compliments of Subway services and products.

  1. Mailing

If you cannot contact the representatives online, you may reach the customer service through your letters. You can send them to the address below.

325 SubWay

Milford, Connecticut, 06461

The United States

  1. Phone

You can get immediate assistance from Subway customer service representatives if you call them by phone. The phone number to talk to them is 1 833 778 2929.

  1. social media

Subway is available on some social media platforms. Then, you may use them to share your comments or feedbacks about Subway. You may reach the pages using the following links.

  • YouTube:
  • Twitter:
  • Instagram:
  • Facebook:

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