Subway Listens Survey – Tips to Get Subway Coupons and Subway Rewards


Have you received a Subway purchase receipt recently? You may check the receipt to find if you get an invitation to take part in Subway Listens Survey. In case the receipt shows an invitation on it, you can follow the instructions to be a participant of Subway Survey. This customer survey is available at Then, you can give responses to the survey questions on Tellsubway website. This survey will only take a minute of your time. After you have taken the survey, you may receive a validation code. This code can be your coupon if you write it down on your Subway purchase receipt. this means you can redeem the coupon to get a free offer from a Subway restaurant.

For your information, you can also access Subway Survey at So, you do not have to worry if the survey invitation asks you to visit the website of survey because both websites are helpful to take part in the Subway customer survey. This way, Subway restaurant can get more feedback from customers to improve the qualities of Subway services and products.

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how to get subway rewards

Steps to take part in Subway Listens Survey

Before you take part in Subway Survey, you should be sure that the survey prerequisites are in good conditions. Hence, those prerequisites can work well during the process of Subway Survey. you may start to prepare the prerequisites, such as a valid Subway purchase receipt, a device with a browser, the internet connection, and a pen. After that, you can take some easy steps to participate in the Subway Survey. If you need to know what the steps are, you can read the following guideline.

  1. Go to

First, you must go to to reach the website of Subway Listens Survey. But, you should visit the Subway survey website at if the survey invitation from Subway receipt has told you to do so.

  1. Enter Subway Listens Survey information

Second, you will be able to view the website home page of Subway Survey. You should fill in some information about Subway Survey in some blank fields. The information on this page is important because it will be the key to unlock the survey page. You will find all of the survey information printed on your receipt. What you can provide in this section is:

  • Subway Restaurant Number

The restaurant number is available on the top part of your purchase receipt. If you do not know where to locate it, you can use the receipt examples on the page.

  • Visit date & time

You can inform the visit date and time when you came to the Subway restaurant last time. The information about the date and time is available on the upper part of your purchase receipt.

  • Payment type

The payment type is how you make the transaction of your purchases at the Subway restaurant. You can answer it by credit card or cash.

  • Receipt number
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You can enter the transaction number or Trans ID number that you can find on the receipt.

If you have completed all of the survey information, you can click Next button to go to the question pages.

  1. Answer Subway survey questions

Fourth, you will read some questions from Subway Listens Survey right after you have filled in the survey information. Then, you can give honest responses about your recent visit experience to Subway restaurant. After you have finished completing the survey, you can end the survey steps and click Submit.

  1. Write down the validation code

Finally, the validation code will show up after you have submitted your answers. You can take your pen and purchase receipt now. Then, you can write down the validation code in the provided space on your purchase receipt. Or, you may write down on the back of the receipt. The code with the receipt will be able to work as your Subway coupon. Next time you visit Subway restaurant, you can take the coupon and redeem it to receive the reward from Subway Listens Survey.

subway listens survey

subway listens survey how to get Subway rewards

How to Get Subway Rewards and Deals

Who doesn’t love free tasty foods? The question perhaps what has made Subway restaurant creates a lot of programs to get more customers with delicious restaurant menu for free. In addition, you can there are some menu items that you can enjoy with lower prices to let you experience a great visit time at Subway restaurant. it is not surprising because Subway loves to satisfy its customers with a lot of rewards and deals. Besides, you may earn rewards from the Subway restaurant. If you wonder how to get the deals and rewards, you can read the following information.

  1. Go to

First, you should go to Subway official website. It is the main source to get information about Subway Rewards & Deals. the website is available at

  1. Click Rewards & Deals

Second, you can click the Rewards & Deals button. You will find this button on the menu bar. If you click it, there will be a drop-down bar that will show some options for Subway Rewards & Deals

  1. Select options

Third, you can select which options that you really want. The available options which you can find on the bar are:

  • Rewards & Deals

If you select this option, you will be able to view all current promotions of Subway restaurants. It can be about the newest deals and offers.

  • Join Rewards

This option will help you to register a reward account of Subway MyWay® Rewards program. The, you may be able to read some benefits of joining the reward club from a Subway restaurant.

  • Get the app

From this option, you will get directed to a page that will enable you to get information about Subway Mobile App. Besides, you may download the app from this page.

  • Learn more

This option is only for a limited edition of Subway rewards & deals. For example, the currently limited offer is Subway Golden Token. This promotion will grant you rewards after you have joined it.

  1. Follow the instruction
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As each section will direct you to different pages, you can just follow the instruction given to you on the page. After that, you can enjoy the rewards & deals from Subway anytime you want.

How Subway MyWay® Rewards Program Works

Subway MyWay® Rewards is a special program from Subway restaurant. If you are a loyal customer of Subway, you must not miss this program. It is because every participant of this program will be able to receive some benefits, such as Subway tokens, Yummy Surprises, Delicious Subway offers, and many more.

If you feel interested in the benefits of Subway MyWay® Rewards, you can simply participate in this program. There are some steps that you can take before you can get the benefits. You can follow the instructions below as your guideline.

  1. Join the Program

All customers of Subway can join Subway MyWay® Rewards program. But, you should know that this program requires you to be eligible before you join it. You will be eligible if you have the following conditions.

  • Participants are13 years old at least.
  • Only residents of United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands, and some approved locations are eligible.

Then, you have 2 ways to join this Subway MyWay® Rewards program. For the registration, you can try one of the following ways.

  • Sign up online

If you choose to sign up online, you should visit the Subway website at Then, you can go to the registration page to create an account. Next, you may complete the registration form by providing your email address and the password.

  • Download Mobile app

It is also permissible to join Subway MyWay® Rewards program through Subway mobile app. After you have downloaded the app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store, you can do the registration process from the mobile app.

There are no strict rules about which ways that you should take to join the program. It means you may select the easiest way for you.

  1. Place Orders

You may use the Subway account to order Subway menu dishes. You can place your orders online from Subway website. Or, you may use Subway mobile app to do this task. In case you prefer to place your orders offline, you can use your Subway MyWay® Rewards card at Subway restaurant. this way, you can still get the benefits of this program.

  1. Earn Tokens

After you have made transactions for your purchases at Subway restaurant, you may receive Subway tokens as the rewards. For every dollar you pay at Subway, you will get 4 tokens. If you have reached 200 tokens, you will be able to earn $2.00 Reward. Then, you may use the $2.00 Reward for your next purchases at Subway.

  1. Enjoy other benefits

Apart from the tokens, you still have chances to enjoy the benefits from Subway MyWay® Rewards. for instance, you may receive surprises, Subway offers, and the most updated deals from this restaurant.

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Ways to find a Subway near me

Do you need to reach the nearest Subway really soon? Do not worry. You will be able to reach the Subway restaurant location that you want easily after you use the following smart ways. But, you should prepare the internet connection before you can find the nearest locations of Subway restaurant because the ways that you are going to try to require you to come online. Here is the explanation.

  1. Subway Restaurant Locator

You can use Subway Restaurant Locator when you have reached official website of Subway restaurant. There are some steps that you can do if you are eager to use this restaurant locator. These are the steps.

  • Go to

Firstly, you can reach the Subway website at This website has provided a restaurant locator that you can use to locate the nearest Subway in your area.

  • Find a Subway

Secondly, you must Find a Subway. To find a Subway location, you can click a button on the top part of the website home page. the button will take you to the page of Subway Restaurant Locator.

  • Enter Location Details

Thirdly, there are details that you can use to search for Subway restaurant locations. You can type in the details in the provided field. The details that you can use are the city name, state name, or ZIP code.

  • Click Search

The last step is to click the Search button. Then, you can get the search result just in a few seconds.

Subway Restaurant Locator can be a good tool to find information about Subway location address, phone number, store hours, services, and distance. Moreover, Subway Restaurant Locator also provides you with some features that will enable you to Get Directions and a map. Besides, there is a button to place your Order online available on Subway Restaurant Locator.

  1. Subway Mobile App

Subway Mobile App is very handy because you can use this app using your portable device. This mobile app will help you to find your preferred Subway locations. Besides, you can do more things with this app as it can help you to earn Subway rewards, customize menu items, save digital deals, place orders online, etc. If you want to have this mobile app, you can download it from Google Play Store or Apple App store

  1. Search Engine

In case you want to search for Subway restaurant locations using a search engine, you can just launch a browser in your device. Then, you can type in some keywords in the search field. You can use the location information as the keywords. Besides, you may make it specific by adding some filters to find your preferred Subway locations. Next, the search result will appear after some seconds. Further, the search engine is also useful to gather some details related to Subway Listens Survey.

Everyone will be happy if they receive a special offer from Subway. For instance, you can get a free cookie from this restaurant. If you want to find out the tips to receive a freebie from Subway, you can click here.

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