Sonic Coupons – Tips to Get Talktosonic Free Route 44 and Sonic Deals


Are you a fan of Sonic Drive-In? Then, this must be good news for you. it is because Sonic Drive-In will grant you Sonic coupons if you take part in Sonic Drive-In Guest Experience Survey. If you have got the invitation, you can use the receipt information to enter the survey website at After you have submitted your responses through this guest survey, you will get a validation code that you can use as your coupon. Then, you may redeem the coupon with a Sonic route 44 for free. In case you don’t know, Route 44 is an iconic drink size from Sonic Drive-In. if you have this drink on your table; it means you can enjoy a 44-oz fresh drink. This size is enough to quench the thirst of 2 or 3 people at once.

Besides, Sonic Drive-In Guest Experience Survey can be a means to share your ? about this restaurant. you may tell about your visit experience when you come to Sonic Drive-In. also, you can give some reasons why you feel satisfied or unsatisfied with the services, products, or facilities at Sonic Drive-In restaurant. to participate in it, you should have a survey invitation printed on your purchase receipt. for your information, this Sonic Drive-In purchase receipt will be valid for 14 days only. Thus, you should use it before it gets expired. Well, if you want more information about Talktosonic survey, you can read this entire article. Enjoy!

sonic coupons and sonic deals

sonic coupons and sonic deals

About Sonic Drive-In

Sonic Drive-In is a restaurant chain with a drive-in concept. In 1953, Troy Smith opened the first location of this restaurant as Top Hat Drive-In in Shawnee, Oklahoma. But, the headquarters now is in Oklahoma City. There have been 3557 locations of Sonic Drive-In in 45 states so far.

You can order many kinds of fast foods at this restaurant. What has made this drive-in restaurant famous is its skating carhop. Sonic Drive-In employees will deliver customers’ orders using roller skates to fast the restaurant service. This way, customers do not need to wait for a long time to enjoy their foods. To appreciate those Sonic Drive-In employees, the restaurant company holds an annual competition to find the best skating carhops.

A guideline to take part in Sonic drive in the survey

It is necessary for you to prepare some survey prerequisites before you take part in the survey. you may prepare a valid purchase receipt from Sonic Drive-In, a device, a browser, and a pen. Then, you can do follow some steps below as your guideline.

  1. Go to

First, you must go to the website of Sonic Drive-In Guest Experience Survey. You will reach it at

  1. Select a language

Second, you will be able to select what language that you are going to use on this survey website. The website home page will appear in English. However, you can select to use Spanish if you want. You will find a link that will help you to change the language setting on this website into English.

  1. Enter ID Number
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Third, you can just enter the ID Number. There is a blank field provided for this number. You can use your Sonic Drive-In purchase receipt to do this step. It is because you will only find this number on the receipt. It has 12 digits in length. You can locate the ID number on the lower part of the receipt. if you have entered the correct number, you can click the Start button.

  1. Answer survey questions

Fourth, you can answer some questions that appear on this Sonic Drive-In survey website. All the questions that you need to answer are about your visit experience at Sonic Drive-In restaurant. some sections will require you to rate some statements, while other sections may allow you to elaborate on your feedback and experience. These are some topics that may show up on the question pages.

  • Overall satisfaction level,
  • Items you order,
  • Food qualities,
  • Service speed,
  • Restaurant facilities,
  • And some more topics.
  1. Provide contact details

Fifth, you can provide your contact details if you want to keep informed with the Sonic Drive-In updates. However, you may skip this step as it is optional. If you do not want to get Sonic Drive-In information, you can select No and click Next button.

  1. Write down the validation code

Finally, you can get the validation code after the survey completion. All Sonic Drive-In purchase receipts can be Sonic coupons if you use Sonic survey validation codes on the receipts. Each survey participant will get one validation code only. Then, you may write the code in the provided space on the receipt. After that, you will receive a FREE Route 44 after you redeem your coupon at Sonic Drive-In restaurant. remember, this coupon will be valid for 60 days after the receipt date.

sonic coupons

tips to find sonic coupons

Tips to Find Sonic deals

Sonic Drive-In has provided some deals to satisfy its customers better. With the deals, you can enjoy various kinds of Sonic Drive-In dishes with lower prices. Sometimes, you may get them for free with Sonic coupons. This way, you can save your cash every time you come to Sonic Drive-In restaurant. if you wonder how to find Sonic Drive-In deals and coupons, here are the tips for you.

  1. Take part in Sonic Drive-In guest experience survey

You can always rely on Sonic Drive-In guest experience survey whenever you want to get coupons from Sonic restaurant. You only need to answer some survey questions. Then, you will get a code for your coupon at the end of the survey. if you redeem it, you can receive a Sonic Route 44 for free on your next visit.

  1. Visit Sonic Drive-In website

the website of Sonic Drive-In is available at You must not skip this website as it can be the greatest source of Sonic Drive-In deals and special promotions. This website has a special button to take you to the page of Sonic Drive-In deals. you will find out a lot of offers if you visit this website regularly.

  1. Download Mobile App
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If you download Sonic Drive-In Mobile App, you will get some benefits from it. One of the most anticipated benefits is the easiness to get Sonic rewards. Moreover, this app will be the source of offers and promotions for you.

  1. Subscribe Text Program

You will never miss a deal from Sonic Drive-In if you subscribe to Sonic Text program. You only have to text DEALS to 876642 from your phone. Then, you will receive 10 auto-dialed messages every month. The messages are going to bring interesting news about Sonic Drive-In offers and exciting promotions.

  1. Go to Local Sonic Drive-In

There are some Sonic Drive-In locations that offer coupons and promotions on a certain occasion. It is not surprising as some of Sonic locations are franchises. So, the offers can vary at the different location. Thus, going to any local Sonic Drive-In restaurant can be the best idea to find the newest offers available on the location.

  1. Find Deal Sites

If you use the internet to get Sonic coupons, you’d better find trusted online deal sites. Besides, you will be able to find promo codes as well from the sites.

How to Get Sonic Drive-In Rewards via Mobile App

As you have known that there will be Sonic rewards if you installed Sonic Drive-In mobile app in your device. if you are eager to get this app, you can download it from Google Play Store and Apple App Store. So, what are the rewards that you may receive if you have installed this app? Now, pay attention to the information below.

  1. Free Slush

Right after you have installed Sonic Drive-In mobile app, you will be able to receive a free Sonic famous slush at any participating Sonic locations. This reward also applies to other certain Sonic drinks, such as soft drinks, limeade, and iced tea. This offer will be valid for 30 days after you have got the mobile app. However, you should use the Mobile Order Ahead feature before you can redeem this reward. this reward is not applicable for  Ice Cream Slush, Frozen Lemonade or Limeade, or with other Sonic promotions.

  1. Any time Happy Hour

Whenever you place your order using Order Ahead feature on Sonic Drive-In Mobile App, you will get the ½ price of Sonic drinks and slushes. This way, you can enjoy Iced Teas, Soft Drinks, regular Lemonades and Limeades, Ocean Water® and Famous, Frozen Lemonades and Limeades, Candy Slushes, and Real Fruit with 50% discount.

  1. Half Price Shake

Order Ahead feature will also allow you to enjoy Sonic Shake for ½ price. You can apply this for once per visit. However, this is a limited offer from Sonic Drive-In. make sure you know when this Sonic special offers will get expired.

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How to Search for Sonic near me

Do you want to find Sonic locations as soon as possible? You only need to prepare the internet connection to search for the location nearby. These are some simple ways to find the nearest Sonic Drive-In locations.

  1. Sonic Drive-In Restaurant Locator

If you want to find Sonic Drive-In location using a restaurant locator, you can do it by using the website. Then, you may do these steps to operate it.

  • Go to

First, you should go to Sonic Drive-In website to find the locator. It is available at

  • Click Locations

Second, you can click Locations. This button is on the menu bar. You will find it on the top part of the website.

  • Enter location information

Third, you may enter the location information. You may use a city name or a state name in the provided field.

  • Click Search

Lastly, you are able to click the Search button next to the search field. Within some seconds, you will get the search result about the locations that you are looking for.

Sonic Drive-In Restaurant Locator will help you to get information about your preferred Sonic Drive-In location. This locator will inform the location address, restaurant hours, phone number, and the distance to reach the location. Besides, there is a map and a button to Get Directions that you can use to find the specific ways to reach the place.

  1. Sonic Drive-In Mobile App

You may use Sonic Drive-In Mobile App in your device to find the nearest locations of Sonic Drive-In. besides, this mobile app can do more helpful things for you. for example, it will enable you to browse Sonic Drive-In menu, pay online, earn rewards, and many more. If you have not had it in your device, you may download it from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

  1. Search Engine

A search engine is able to help you to locate the locations of Sonic Drive-In restaurant nearby. You just need to enter the keywords in the search field. Then, the result will show up after some seconds. Besides, the search engine may also give you information about Sonic coupons.

Need to Contact Sonic Drive-In Customer Service?

Do you need to contact Sonic Drive-In to tell about some issues you find at this restaurant? You can reach the customer service of Sonic Drive-In using some of these ways.

  1. Website

The official website of Sonic Drive-In is available at You can use this website as it has provided a feedback form on it. This way, you can share any comments about Sonic Drive-In through this website.

  1. Mailing

If you prefer contacting Sonic Drive-In customer service by mailing post, you may send your letters to this address.

Sonic Drive-In

300 Johnny Bench Dr.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73104

the United States

  1. phone

For immediate assistance from Sonic Drive-In customer service, you can simply contact the representatives by phone. This is the number that will be helpful to reach them 1-866-OKSONIC or 1-866-657-6642

  1. social media
  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:
  • Instagram:
  • Youtube:

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