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Are you a new employee of SkyWest Airlines? If so, you may start to be familiar with Sky west online. So, what is Skywestonline? Well, It is an employment portal page of SkyWest Airlines. This portal is able to function as a Human Resource website for all employees of SkyWest Airlines. And all employees should go online to access this portal. To get access to Sky west online, employees should get permission from the Human Resource Division from this Airlines first. As an employee of SkyWest Airlines, you can get the permission to access this employment portal if you have done a portal registration. It means you should create an account on this employment portal. Without this account, you may find some difficulties with duties. When you have got a registered account here, you can do some beneficial activities related to your job as an employee of SkyWest Airlines on this portal.

You must have heard about SkyWest Airlines a lot. But, how well do you know about this company? So, we have made a bit review to upgrade your knowledge about it. SkyWest Airlines belongs to SkyWest, Inc. It is an airline company which serves commercial flights in North America. This airline has a vast number of destinations and passengers. Not less than 2200 Skywest flights are successful to take passengers every day. There are 254 destinations served by this airline throughout North America. The destinations are in the United States, Mexico, the Bahamas, and Canada. In the United States, passengers can use the service of SkyWest Airline at Los Angeles International Airport, San Francisco International Airport, Denver International Airport, and many more. No wonder, SkyWest Airline has been the biggest airline in the region of North America. Busy flight schedules make this airline hire around 12.700 employees to work in the company.

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skywestonline employee portal is accessible at

It must be quite hard to handle all employees at the same time in the airline company. It is very understandable because there will be a lot to do to make things run well. This is the reason why SkyWest Airlines has decided to create a system to manage everything related to employment matters in the airline company. Sky west online is the manifestation of SkyWest Airlines to provide a good management in the Human Resource Division. It is a portal that will connect the airline company to all employees without exception. If employees have created an account on this employment portal, they will be able to get exclusive benefits. For example, they can manage their retirement plan, profit plans, and insurances. Besides, This portal will help you to do your job because there is a feature to view documents and print them out. Moreover, there are payment stubs online to see your salary.

Skywestonline Steps
Skywestonline Steps to Create the New Account

Benefits of Having Careers at SkyWest Airlines

SkyWest Airlines has a hiring policy that supports equality for all human beings. This policy is to show the commitment of SkyWest Airlines to equality. The company has made fair employment recruitment with its Equal Opportunity Employer. This means SkyWest Airlines will not differentiate between job applicants based on their ethnicities and backgrounds. Besides, there are opportunities to work for this airline company for women, veterans, minority people, and disabled people. Moreover, sensitive issues like genders, religions, races, and marital status will not be the reasons for employees to get discriminations at work. All employees of SkyWest Airlines will get the same respects from other people as long as they can show good behaviors when they work for this airline company.

Furthermore, SkyWest Airlines Company will base its hiring process on job qualifications. For example, job applicants should have good educational backgrounds, proper working skills, or internship experiences. Then, SkyWest Airlines will consider certain principles before they allow job applicants to work for the company. For instance, this company will need to know about the behaviors, attitudes, and personal characters of the job applicants. It is because the jobs at SkyWest Airlines will oblige all employees to interact with other people, such as company staffers and passengers. SkyWest Airlines will be objective in its recruitment process. These qualifications and principle will give all job applicants the same chances to secure a position in the airline company. If you do not have those things needed, of course, it will not be possible for SkyWest Airlines to hire you to work for the company.

In case you are searching for job vacancies at SkyWest Airlines, you may try the official website. SkyWest Airlines always announces its vacancies on its website. The address of SkyWest Airlines website is For example, you will find some vacancies for SkyWest Flight Attendants, SkyWest Pilots, Crew Support, Avionic, Ticket Agent, and many more. You can select the vacancies based on your qualifications. And as a quality company, SkyWest Airlines must provide benefits for its employees. We all know that such benefits are a part of the future career plan. The benefits will be a booster for employees to show a good performance at work for a long working period. Besides, employees tend to be very loyal to a company because of a promising career and benefits. This is what has been the consideration of SkyWest Airlines. In this airline company, employees can get various benefits.  Here are the explanations.

  1. Financial

Employees of SkyWest Airlines will get financial benefits once they work for this company. The benefits include 401K plan, stock purchase plan, and a program of performance reward.

  1. Health

SkyWest Airlines hires 2 sorts of employees. They are part-time employees and full-time employees. If you are working for SkyWest Airlines Company as a full-time employee, you may get health insurance. You can use and dental and vision plan. Besides, you will get a chance to select health plans given by the company based on your needs.

  1. Life Insurance

Another benefit for full-time employees of SkyWest Airlines is that they are able to get life insurance for free. These employees will not need to make monthly payments for this life insurance. The aim of this life insurance is to give protection to employees in case unexpected things occur.

  1. Travel

SkyWest Airlines offers travel benefits for all employees. And the good thing is that family members of the employees can be a part of this benefit. They can get privileges to travel with SkyWest Airlines for unlimited times. It is also permissible for them to travel using other partnership airlines of SkyWest Airlines.

  1. Assistant Program

Employees have the right to join the SkyWest Assistant Program for free. The purpose of this program is to give help to employees and family members to deal with difficult situations. And perhaps the situations can bring negative effects on employees’ performances at work. To give solutions to the problems, employees can get financial counseling or psychiatric treatment.

What to Prepare Before Accessing Sky West Online Employment Portal

Before you create an account on SkyWest online Employment Portal, you would better prepare the things for the registration. If you can have the things ready, you will not need to find them here and there. If you have made the preparation, you only have to sit down and start the process. Things that you should prepare are:

  1. An Employee ID

You will need an Employee ID to create an account on the employment portal. You can get this employee ID from this company. This ID consists of 6 digits number.

  1. An SSN

SSN stands for Social Security Number. This is a number for your residential needs. You may prepare an ID card as well in case you forget your birth date. The registration process of SkyWest Employee Portal account will oblige you to inform your birth date.

  1. A device

For the registration process, we recommend you to use a laptop or a personal computer. These devices will help you to create your account more easily compared to smaller devices. If you have made an account, you may use a tablet or a smartphone to sign in. You can access your account using this mobile at

  1. The internet connection

Of course, you will need the internet connection because this is an online portal. If you do not get access to the internet, automatically you will not able to access the employment portal.

Steps to Make Account Registration on Sky West Online Employment Portal

As an employee of SkyWest Airlines, This Employment Portal will be the right place to get fast information related to your job. Besides, there are some benefits that you can enjoy from this employment portal. If you want to have access to the Portal, you should have an account first. Your account on this employment portal will be the only way to get the benefits of, this Employment Portal. If you do not create an account on this portal, things will be difficult for you. For example, you cannot view your payment online. Then, you will not be able to get important company data to ease your work. And other awful things may happen without the account.

There are some steps that you can take if you are eager to make an account on this Employment Portal. The steps are not difficult to do. If you do not know anything about the account registration for SkyWest Online Employment Portal, you can learn the following instructions. We have summarized all the steps for you. You just have to follow these steps:

  1. Go to the employee site

Firstly, you should visit the official website of the Employment Portal. It is available at This is the only address of Sky west online Portal. You can make an account if you have reached this page.

  1. Click Register

Secondly, you can click the Register button. It is not difficult to find this button. On the home page of this Portal, you will see a login form in the center of it. Then, you can find the Register button under the login form. If you click the button, another page will show up. The content of this page is about the terms and conditions of this Employment Portal. This page will tell you about liability disclaimer, limitation, material, and contact service. It would be better if you read all terms and conditions first. So, you will understand what your obligations and rights in using this employment portal. After you have read the terms and conditions, click I Agree button.

  1. Enter Employee ID

Thirdly, you will see another page that shows a registration form to create an account. Then, you can enter your Employee ID first. It has 6 digits. But, you can add 0 in front of the ID if the form needs you to do it. You may use your ID card in case you forget about this employee ID.

  1. Provide Your Birth Date

Fourthly, you should provide the date of your birth. The purpose of this step is to match your information with the data you that you have submitted to this airline company. There will a small calendar there. You may specify the date of your birth using this calendar. Make sure you complete it with the date, the month, and the year of your birth.

  1. Fill in SSN

Then, you can fill in your SSN. If you have done filling the registration form, you may click Continue button.

  1. Make Password

Next, you must make a password for your account on this Employment Portal. This password will make your account safe. There some instructions to make the password for your account. You can just follow the instructions there. Be sure that you make a strong password. You may try to use numbers, letters, and characters at once. If your password is strong, it will minimize the chance to get hacked. It will be safe for you to save your personal data in this account using the password.

  1. Create Security Questions

Lastly, you should create security questions. These questions will help you at the time you forget your password. Besides, you will have to provide the answers to the questions. You can try to make easy personal questions, so you will not find it hard to give the answers when you really need it. After you have completed this last step, it means you are officially a user of this Employment Portal. Congrats!

Now, that you have an account on this portal, you will be able to access it at anytime you want. If you want the mobile version, you can use the mobile at

Further, you do not need to get panic in case you get problems during the registration process. You can contact the Service Contact via email. The email address is [email protected] you also ask the HR manager of SkyWest Airline to help you.

A Guideline to Sign In to an Account on Skywestonline Employment Portal

If you have completed the registrations process on SkyWest Employee login Portal, you can try to make your first sign in. The steps to Sign In are quite the same as the registration process. But, this part is shorter and easier. You just need to do the following steps:

  1. Visit Sky West Employee Site

First, you should go to the Employment Portal. The address is at There will be a login form on this home page. This form is in the center. This form has some blank fields.

  1. Enter Employee ID

Secondly, you can enter your account details in an available blank field. The first detail is your Employee ID.

  1. Enter Password

Thirdly, you can enter the password. This is the password that you have created in the registration process. To prevent yourself from forgetting your password, you may note this password on a paper or on your phone. Put it in a safe place. Then, you may look at it when you forget what your password is. And if you really cannot remember your password or you have lost your password note, you can click Forgot Password. This link will help you to reset your password.

  1. Type Image Text

Fourthly, you can type an image text in the provided field. This a double protection for your accounts. This Employment Portal really cares about the security of its users. This is why this portal gives you an image text. Besides, this image text will be a way to prove that you are a human. You are not a robot which wants to do malicious activities in your account.

  1. Click Sign In

Finally, you may click the Sign In button. If your attempt is successful, you will reach the page of your account.

Your account on this employment portal has some features. For example, you can inform your personal details and your job information. Then, you may view the menu. You will be able to get property information, check your payment online, use some documents, communicate with other employees, and many more. Even though this employment portal gives secure ways for your account, you still need to be careful to do your activities on this portal. So, be wise in using your account.