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Have you just begun your career at Sears Holdings Corporation? Congrats! It means you are in the right place to get a great working environment. There will be a lot of benefits that you can receive by working at this company. To enhance the qualities of your working performance, Sears Holdings Corporation has provided an employee portal. With this portal, you may get a lot of information you need as an employee at this company. Moreover, you will feel more connections to the company through the portal. Besides, this employee portal can help you do your job duties as easy as possible. However, you should have an employee account if you are eager to use the portal. Then, you can access the portal on Sears88 Login Portal. After you have logged in the portal, you may use the features provided on Sears Holding Employee Login Portal.

If you want more things to know about Sears Employee Login Portal, you can just read this article. Here, you will be able to learn about the 88Sears Associate Login benefits, ways to sig in, steps to reset the password, and how you may get help from  88 Sears Support Central. Happy reading!

sears88 login page

sears88 login page

About Sears

Sears Holdings Corporation is a company of retail chains in the United States. The chains managed by this company are Sears and Kmart. The main office of Sears Holdings Corporation is located in Hoffman Estates, Illinois. Sears Holdings Corporation started in 2005 after Kmart acquired Sears. So far, Kmart and Sears branches are available in 766 locations in the United States, Guam, and Puerto Rico. It is not surprising that Sears Holdings Corporation should hire approximately 89.000 employees for the company. At Kmart, you can purchase several products including clothing, accessories, jewelry, shoes, linen and bedding, electronics, appliances, health and beauty products, sporting goods, toys, food, automotive, hardware, and pet products.  While at Sears, the products are clothing, footwear, furniture, electronics, beauty products jewelry, bedding, appliances, housewares, and tools

What is Sears88 Login Portal?

Sears88 Login Portal is an online platform that will help you access your employee account. This Sears Holdings Corporation Employee Portal address is available at the portal is going to manage all of the employment matters for Sears Holdings Corporation. The company has created this 88 Sears HR portal to help staffs of Human Resources Division. As you know, this company has to manage around 89.000 employees equally at the same time. Thus, this HR Sears Login Portal is supposed to be helpful in handling anything related to Sears Holdings Corporation employment.

If you need an employee account on this Sears 88 HR portal, you cannot sign up by yourself. Sears Holdings Corporation Employee Portal does not provide a way for self-registration on the portal. It means you should see a staff of the Human Resources Division at Sears Holdings Corporation. The staff will help you make a new employee account. You can just share any information needed to create the account.  If the account registration process is done, you will get the new account credentials that you can use to log in at After that, you may have access to the Sears Holdings Human Resources website.  The portal will share important information about employee benefits, payroll & W2, resources, and contact center.

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My88sears Portal Benefits

When you have been on Sears HR Login Portal, you will get a lot of opportunities to find information about all things related to the employment system at Sears Holdings Corporation. Besides, this employee portal may give you more benefits. With the benefits, you will find it easier to perform your best capabilities at this company. Moreover, you may get helps in handling your duties as an employee at this company. Well, the following explanation will give you more knowledge about how this employee portal can assist you.

  1. Employment Information

On this Sears Holdings Corporation employee portal, you are able to save your information and data. The data that you can manage through your employee account can be contact details, health benefits, life benefits, digital paystubs, Sears88 Work Schedule, and some more important things.

  1. Career Benefits

You may learn about the career benefits provided by Sears Holdings Corporation. Besides, it will be easy for you to find chances to apply for the benefits. even though all Sears employee may receive benefits once they work at this company some benefits still need you to fulfill some requirements to be eligible for the benefits.

  1. Company Announcement

Sears Holdings Corporation often informs company announcement through the employee portal. You do not need to worry if you will miss updates from the company as the information will be available in real time. The information that you may get is about job vacancies, employee discounts, etc..

  1. Easy Communications

In case you have difficulties in handling your job duties, you can use your employee account to discuss the ways to solve the problems. You can communicate with other employees about the problems, next projects, and other beneficial things trough Sears Holdings Corporation employee portal.

  1. File Access

Your job may require you to manage your files through your employee account. You may share and save your digital files on this portal. so, you will not find difficulties anymore in case you need the files anytime you want.

sears88 login guideline

sears88 login guideline

How to Log In to Sears Current Employee Account

As you know, it is important for you to have an account on Sears Holding Corporation Login portal before you can access all employment information from the company. A Human Resource staff will help you make a new employee account and share the credentials with you. If you have received the credentials of your employee account, you can use them to log in. apart from the credentials, you may need more things to prepare before you are able to sign in to your account.  For instance, you can prepare your device. Make sure you have installed a browser in the device. Then, you absolutely will need an internet connection. Sears Holdings Associate Login portal requires you to go online anytime you need to access your employee account.

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If you have done the preparation, you can start your login steps as the current employee of Sears Holdings Corporation. it may only need less than 2 minutes to complete all of the steps. you may use the guideline below to log in.

  1. Go to

First, you should go to Sears Holdings Corporation Employee Portal. it is available at once you have reached the employee portal, you will be able to see 3 columns providing information about Sears Holdings Corporation employee benefits, payroll & W2, and resources & Contacts. There are a lot of links that will take you to the page you want.

  1. Click MPI

Second, you need to click the MPI link. MPI stands for My Personal Information. if you click this MPI link, you will get directed to the login page of Sears Holdings Corporation Employee Portal. Besides, you can reach this link directly at

  1. Fill In Enterprise ID

Third, you can fill in Enterprise ID in the upper field of the Login page. You must get this Enterprise ID when you have officially accepted as an employee of Sears Holdings Corporation.

  1. Enter Password

Fourth, you have to enter the password of your Sears Holdings Corporation employee account. you can enter it in the second field. You must enter the correct password based on the password that was registered last time.

  1. Click Log In

Finally, you can click Log In button. It will help you unlock your employee account one your login request is accepted. Just make sure you have entered the correct account credentials if you want successful login attempts. Then, you will be able to view 88sears My Work Schedule provided on the account.

Steps to Log In Account as Former Sears Employees

There can be a lot of reasons why employee decides to resign from the company where they work for. It may happen to Sears Holding Corporation as well. However, it may be still necessary for former employees to get access to any information they need from the company. so, if you are not active anymore as an employee of Sears Holding Corporation, you have a chance to access the 88sears Associate Login portal through a former employee account. These are the steps that will help you access the account easily.

  1. Visit

Firstly, you must go to the Sears Holding Corporation portal for former employees. You can reach the login page at Besides, you can start your step at and click MPI link. Then, you will get directed to the Sears Holding Corporation employee portal. on the login section, you can click a link section stated Former SHC Associates Logon Page. if you click it, it will take you the same login page for former employees for

  1. Provide Login ID

Secondly, you have to provide the Login ID for Sears Holding Corporation former employees. The Login ID needed here should be your Social Security Number (SSN). Then, you can type it in the upper field.

  1. Enter PIN Number
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Thirdly, you need to enter your PIN Number in the second field. The logon page will instruct you to type in an encrypted password as the PIN Number on Sears Associate Login Portal for former employees.

  1. Click Log In

Lastly, you can click Log In button to access your former employee account. The login process will be over if you can provide the right account credentials.

Procedure to Reset Sears Employment Login Password

For your information, the password of your account on Sears Holding Corporation employee portal will not be valid anymore after 90 days. It means you need to renew your password every time the password is going to be expired. To renew it, you can reset your password by yourself. You do not need to see Human Resources staff to do this task. The procedure below will show you how to reset the password of your Sears employee account as simple as possible.

  1. Go to

Firstly, you can go to the reset password page of Sears Holding Corporation employee portal at

  1. Log In

Secondly, you need to try to log in to your account through this page. If your login request is rejected, you may do the next step.

  1. Contact Phone Numbers

Secondly, you will find phone numbers that you can contact to tell your difficulties. You may call the representatives at 1 866 562 7800 or 1 700 321 1040. The representatives will direct you to make a new password combined from symbols, numbers, and letters. the password should be in 8 digits in length at least.

Ways to Reach Sears Employee Support Central

In case you experience any problems with your Sears employee account, you do not need to feel confused. You can simply contact Sears Employee Support Central to solve the difficulties you have got with your employee account. Sears Employee Support Central has representatives that will be ready to help you find solutions for the problems. If you need helps from Sears Employee Support Central, you can reach the representatives using the following ways.

  1. Phone

For fast responses, you can just contact the representatives of Sears Employee Support Central via phone. This way, you are able to explain the problems that you have found during your login attempts directly to the representatives. You can use 88sears Phone Number to talk to them at 1 866 562 7800 or 1 700 321 1040.

  1. Website

If you have got the internet connection, you can contact Sears Employee Support Central through its official website. These are the link of the websites that will be beneficial to reach the representatives of Sears Employee Support Central.


the website will be useful to submit your inquiries about the password of your employee account and Enterprise ID/LDAP ID.


this link can help you solve the problems of your account password.


to get helps related to Enterprise ID of your Sears employee account, you may use the link above.


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