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Do you often visit at Safeway Supermarket?  therefore do not throw away your purchase receipt. You can do the survey with your receipt. So, the survey is a survey for customers of the Supermarket. At this time, the concept of shopping is different. So you can do shopping online. Then you can also do shopping directly. The Supermarket gives you good service. Regardless to be able to maintain customer trust, they provide Safeway Survey. Therefore the survey is one way to get information from customers. The survey helps them get feedback from customers.

As a wise consumer, you should take advantage of this. You can save 100 Dollars for shopping. Wow, this is amazing! You do not just do surveys. But you also get a big profit. If you have never conducted a survey, do not be afraid to fail. Thus We will assist you with easy and simple instructions. You just do every step we write. Then you will more easily conduct a survey. So what are you afraid of? let’s do it now! Before we start the survey, let’s look at the profile of the Supermarket.

Safeway Survey
Safeway Survey tutorial at

About Safeway Supermarket

Safeway Supermarket is a subsidiary of Safeway Inc. This company is from North America. The Supermarket was established in 1915. Then the Supermarket Office was at the center of the United States. They have the slogan of “Ingredient for Life”. Then this means the supermarket offers the best ingredients for consumers. Furthermore, they also favor organic goods. So they sell organic materials like vegetables and fruits. Then in 1929, the Supermarket expanded the business to Canada. At that time they had 127 stores in Canada. In addition, in 2000 they began to innovate. So they use the delivery operation system. The Supermarket now has branches in many developed countries in the world. So to maintain its glory, they try to understand the consumer. Therefore they provide a survey portal for consumers.

What are the rules of doing Safeway Survey?

Before you do the survey, pay attention to the survey rules. Because the survey set several requirements. This requirement determines the validity of your participation in the survey. If you have not qualified, then do not do the survey. If you are qualified, please try the survey. Below is a rule in doing the survey:

  1. Age limit on the Survey.

The survey is a survey for all consumers of the Supermarket. But, the survey has requirements for you. How old are you now? Since the survey sets the age limit of participants, you must be 18 years of age or older. If you are less than 18 years old, you should withdraw from the survey. The age of 18 is a legal age. You can take responsibility for yourself. Then you are considered able to answer questions at the survey. In addition, you are able to complain objectively. So before doing the survey, make sure you are old enough.

  1. Citizenship.

Safeway is a supermarket in North America. What is your nationality? if you are an American, this is your advantage. you can take the opportunity to get 100 Dollars discount. The survey set of citizenship. If you do not belong to the population of the area, then you have to back off doing the survey. Do not let you break this rule. Because We do not want you to get in trouble later. Basically, the survey is for the US residents. However, there are some countries that are allowed to do the survey. You can see the rules on Legal survey. Just click on the “here” button you found on the the survey page. Then you will see the rule page.

  1. Your position against the Supermarket.

Do you work at the Supermarket?. Therefore you can not participate in the survey. Because the urvey is a survey for the supermarket customers. Then, the survey should not be done by employees. because your position as an employee can affect the objectivity of your opinion. many factors of your work affect your opinion. for example your view of the workplace. Then your dissatisfaction as an employee. So before doing the survey, check your position first. Below is a person who is not eligible for the survey:

  • You are an employee of the company.
  • Then you are the parent of the company.
  • You are a the business partner.
  • You are the family of the employees. This includes if you are a parent brother or child of the employee.
  • Then you live in a house with a the employee.
  1. Terms applicable.

The Survey establishes several terms and conditions in determining the winner of the survey. After you do the survey, you will be prompted to enter the identity. If your identity is incomplete, you will be disqualified from the survey. Then you will get one lottery number. The sweepstakes number is valid within one month of the survey period. Your answer in the survey does not affect the lottery to be done. Every one raffle period, they take 20 winners randomly.

  1. The Survey Reward.

At the survey you do not just survey. In addition, you also get a chance to win prizes. The prize offered in the survey is a discount of 100 Dollars. Wow, this is great. Then you can save your money. some provisions in the use of discount coupons:

  • you can redeem coupons with items in the supermarket.
  • Then you must show your coupon when making a transaction.
  • You are not allowed to redeem the coupon in cash.
  • Additionally, All taxes and conditions related to prize fees are charged to the consumer.
  • No reward change except for sponsor policy.
  • Winners will be contacted through available contacts.

What do You need to prepare for Safeway Survey?

Do you complete all the requirements? If you meet the requirements, you can continue the survey. Now we will discuss about the survey preparation. If there is prepared all well, your survey will be smooth. Some things that are needed in doing the survey:

  1. Device to do the Survey.

The survey is an online survey portal. So if you want to do the survey, prepare your device. we suggest you use a computer or laptop. Both are ideal devices to do the survey. The computer or laptop has a widescreen display. So this advantage allows you to read instructions. Then you are also more comfortable in entering the survey answers. If you do not have a computer or laptop, you can use a smartphone or tablet. This device is more practical to carry anywhere. Because you can do the survey anywhere without difficulty. Choose a device that gives you comfort.

  1. Internet connection.

The survey is an online survey. So your device requires the internet connection. therefore to enter the survey portal, you must use the internet. then you can use any internet provider. The provider determines the smoothness of your internet signal. make sure your location is supported by the provider. if your location is not supported, it is impossible to find a signal. So before doing a survey, make sure your internet is connected.

  1. Basic language skills.

The survey is available in English. If you are able to speak English well, this is your advantage. you can easily complete the survey. Because the entire question is available in English. If you do not speak English, ask for help from the people around you. usually on the survey portal will be provided a choice of language. but on the survey there is no language setting. so prepare your language skills well. So that your survey can take place smoothly.

  1. Prepare your receipt.

The survey requires information on your receipt. on the first page of the survey, you will be asked to enter the survey code. Your survey code is already listed in the receipt. so you can have a receipt if you already make a transaction. If you have a receipt, do not throw away your receipt. because this is your chance to win 100Dollars at the Supermarket. The survey code is available in 13 digit numbers. Remember you can only use your receipt one time.

How can I complete Safeway Survey?

Are you done with the survey preparation? then now you are ready to take a survey. The survey gives you the opportunity to argue. Amazingly, the survey also opens your chance to win 100 Dollars. You may give a positive or negative opinion. Nevertheless, your opinion has no effect on your draw. then the company can fix against the parts that are still lacking. In addition, they can also maintain a good service. The most important thing is always to innovate in doing service. Below are the steps to perform the survey:

  1. Visit The Survey’s official website.

The survey is an online survey portal. So you must visit the official website. You simply write the website address on your search engine. The Survey website address is Then click on the enter or search button on your search engine. After that, you will be directed to the survey website.

  1. Enter the survey code on your receipt.

The second step you should do is enter the survey code. The survey code is already written on your receipt. Therefore you simply look at your receipts. If you are still confused, you can see the example of the receipt picture. You just make sure your answer is in accordance with the example. The survey code consists of 14 digit numbers. If you have filled in the fields, check back your answer. Make sure there is nothing wrong.

  1. Enter the date and time of your visit.

Next, you must enter the date and time you visit the supermarket. You can remember your time and your visit. if you forget about date and time, you can see it on your receipt. On your receipt already written date and time you visit the supermarket. Make sure your answer is in accordance with the receipt.

  1. Enter your email address.

Next, you have to enter your email address. but you have to set up a valid email address. If your address is invalid, feedback survey cannot be received. If you have filled in the email field, make sure it is correct. Check back your answer. if you are sure, you can press the start button.

  1. Do your Survey

On the next page you can survey. We discussed this before. That survey questions are presented in English. You can ask for help from people around you if you have trouble. In the first section you can give your satisfaction  rating when shopping. Then for the next you can comment on the Supermarket. You do not have to worry about getting a difficult question. Because the Questions on the survey is a simple question. In addition, the question given is about the services that are in the Supermarket. So let’s find out what kind of questions are given:

  • The first question you receive is about satisfaction. You can do a thorough assessment. This means you should remember your last experience of visiting the Supermarket. Next you can consider the completeness of the goods. Then consider the cleanliness or hospitality service. So the higher the rating you give, the higher your satisfaction.
  • The second question given is about a certain section of the supermarket. Here you can provide a detailed assessment of each section in question. Then you can provide an assessment of the cleanliness of the environment and the atmosphere of shopping. In addition, you can assess about the services of employees. the last one you can judge about availability, price or ease of finding shopping goods.
  • Next, you need to answer questions about the area you visit. There you can select the part you visit. Then you can give your opinion freely. We hope you give an honest answer. Because this will affect the growth of the company.
  • Then you have to answer about the employees performance. You can assess freely according to what you experience. Do they help you? or when you need something they will respond quickly? You may advise company improvement.
  • Next, you need to remember about your transactions at the cashier. You can consider the existing queue. Then you can consider the cashier’s cashier’s hospitality. In addition, you can consider the suitability of the price of goods with the price at the checkout. Give your opinion.
  • During the survey, you will get an offer to join Just For you. On Just For you will receive some questions about this prize program. the questions provided include:
  • You can assess your satisfaction with this program.
  • You will likely recommend Just for U to others.
  • Next, you can give an opinion on Just For U program.
  • Next, you receive a question about the possibility of you redeeming your coupon. Remember, your coupon can be valid for 30 days only. So after the survey, you must immediately exchange coupons to the supermarket.
  1. Create your coupon.

In this final step, you should fill out your identity. You have to fill in completely. We have discussed this before. In the rules that your identity should be complete. If the existing identity is incomplete, then you will be disqualified. Moreover, your identity is required to communicate with you. if you are lucky, you will be contacted by the company.

How can I connect with Safeway?

Every customer would want to get good service. But it often happens as you do not want. then you also do not have a receipt to do the survey. you do not have to worry. The company provides other facilities for your opinion. if you want to report the incident, you can contact customer service. Then you can give your opinion for the improvement of the company.

  1. You can contact by phone

If you have an urgent problem, you can contact the phone. By using the phone, you can submit a complaint directly. You also do not have to wait for a response from your complaint. you can immediately know the answer to your question or complaint. the following is the number of the service customers: 1-877-723-3929

  1. If you are the employee, you can do Safeway Employee Survey

Even if you are an employee, you can still give an opinion to the company. You can use the survey link portal. On that page you will get a few questions:

  • you can assess your satisfaction while working.
  • then you can rate your comfort with co-workers.
  • Next, you can tell about your activities while working
  • In addition, you can assess the atmosphere at work. then about the problems that occur in the workplace.
  1. You can contact through the website.

If you do not wish to contact by phone, you can contact us using the website. on your website just press on the menu contact us. The contact us menu will show you how to connect to the Safeway. You can also leave messages there.

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