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Are you wondering how to take part in Red Lobster Survey? You will have a chance to be a participant of this survey if you receive an invitation from Red Lobster restaurant to take the customer survey. if you do not know about the survey invitation, you may check your Red Lobster purchase receipt. You will find the survey invitation and the instructions to take part in RedLobsterSurvey there. After you have found the invitation, you can visit the survey website. Then, you can answer some survey questions. when you have finished the survey, you will get an opportunity to enter Red Lobster sweepstakes. if you can win the sweepstakes, you may receive $1000 cash as the reward.

About Red Lobster

Red Lobster is a restaurant chain from the United States and famous with its seafood menu. This restaurant started in 1968 since Darden and Charley Woodsby opened the first Red Lobster restaurant in Lakeland, Florida. Now, Red Lobster has over 700 branches in the United States, Canada, Brazil, Puerto Rico, and some other countries. The headquarters is in Orlando, Florida.

red lobster sweepstakes

the survey is accessible at redlobster survey portal

To attract more customers, this seafood restaurant often holds red lobster crabfest. it is a kind of celebration where most of the menu items made of crab. It means customers are able to enjoy various tastes of crab dishes. In case you fail to come for this fest, you can still enjoy the delicious red lobster ultimate feast on regular restaurant hours. This food item consists of a lobster tail, snow crab legs, and shrimp. Make sure you do not miss it for your dinner at Red Lobster restaurant.

red lobster survey

how to get red lobster coupons from red lobster and others

Red Lobster Sweepstakes Rules

There are some rules that you should know before you submit your Red Lobster sweepstakes entries. Pay attention to the explanations about the sweepstakes rules below.

  1. Participants

You will be eligible to participate in Red Lobster sweepstakes if have these conditions.

  • You are legal residents from the United States (including the District of Columbia), Puerto Rico, and Canada (excluding the Province of Quebec).
  • Sweepstakes participants should have reached 18 years old at least.
  • You are not employees of Red Lobster Company. This rule also applies to employees family members, household members, and business partners of Red Lobster.
  1. Sweepstakes Entry Period

This sweepstake will begin on October 1st, 2018 up to December 30th, 2018.

  1. Entry Methods

There are 2 sweepstakes entry methods:

  • Online Entry

You can enter it after you have taken part in the survey. It is available at the official website of Red Lobster sweepstakes.

  • Offline Entry

You can send your entry to the address below:

Red Lobster Restaurants Guest Satisfaction Survey Sweepstakes

PMI Station P.O. Box 3511

Southbury, Connecticut, 06488-3511

The United States

  1. Winners

Each monthly random drawing will result in 1 grand prize winner and 100-second prize winners.

  1. Prizes
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The prizes are for each monthly drawing are:

  • $1000 cash for the Grand Prize
  • $50 cash for the Second Prize

A guideline to take part in the Survey from Red Lobster

You may take part in this survey successfully if you can get some good prerequisites. For instance, you can prepare a valid purchase receipt from Red Lobster restaurant, a device with a browser in it, fast and stable internet connection, and English or Spanish ability. Then, you can take the steps of the survey. You do not need to worry whether this survey will take too much time as you can take it in 5 minutes only. Now, you can learn the following survey steps as your guideline.

  1. Go to the official survey portal

First, you should go to survey website at if you have reached this website, you will be able to read some information about Red Lobster sweepstakes rules.

  1. Select a language

Second, you may decide which language that you are going to use to take this survey. This website appears in English. Besides, it also provides Spanish on it. If you prefer Spanish, you may just click Español link.

  1. Enter ID Number

Third, you can enter the ID number in the provided field. You will find it on your Red Lobster purchase receipt. If you have filled in the number, you can click the Start button.

  1. Answer the survey questions

Fourth, you may answer the question on the website. The questions are mostly about your recent visit experience at Red Lobster.

  1. Submit Red Lobster Sweepstakes Entry

Finally, there is a form to enter Red Lobster sweepstakes after you have done the survey. The form may only need your contact information. If you have entered the sweepstakes, you can leave the survey website.

Tips to Find Red Lobster Deals

Creating the survey is a part of Red Lobster ways to satisfy its customers. Even though this survey does not grant any red lobster coupons, this guest satisfaction survey offers a chance to win $1000 cash from its customer sweepstakes. Now, you can find more ways to find great deals from a Red Lobster restaurant. You can try the following tips and be ready to enjoy the deals.

  1. Red Lobster website

The restaurant website will always be #1 place to find deals. All of the fresh deals will appear on the website homepage. Hence, you can check what’s new from Red Lobster only by looking at the home page. If you are eager to visit the website, you can go to

  1. Red Lobster Mobile App

You will have a lot of chances to receive offers from Red Lobster if you have the restaurant mobile app in your device. This app will require you to create an account before you can receive the offers.

  1. My Red Lobster Rewards program

If you join My Red Lobster Rewards program, it will be easy for you to get some restaurant offers regularly. Besides, there will be redlobster coupons on special occasions, such as your birthday.

  1. Fresh Catch News

You can subscribe Fresh Catch News to get updates about Red Lobster latest information and deals. The registration to be a part of this service is available on Red Lobster official website.

  1. Red Lobster social media pages

Be sure you follow Red Lobster social media pages. This way, you may never miss any updates from Red Lobster about the new offers and promotions. Red Lobster is available on some social media platforms, such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

  1. Online Deal Sites
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It is also possible to get Red Lobster deals from online deal sites. You will be able to get new Red Lobster coupons and promo codes from such deal sites.

How to Use My Red Lobster Rewards program

As you know, My Red Lobster Rewards program can be a way for you to find amazing deals from Red Lobster restaurant. Besides, you may receive more benefits from this rewards program. For instance, you can get points once you have signed up this program. Also, you may get extra rewards on your special birthday. Moreover, this registration is free. So, everyone (18 years old at least) can participate in this program and enjoy the program benefits.

In case you feel interested to be a member of My Red Lobster rewards program, you can do some simple steps below.

  1. Download Red Lobster Mobile App

First, you should have Red Lobster Mobile App on your mobile device. If you have not had it, you can get the app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Then, you should create an account on this Red Lobster Mobile App before you can operate it. If the registration is successful, you will automatically receive 75 bonus points.

  1. Place an order

Second, you can place your orders at any Red Lobster restaurant location in the United States. After the transaction is complete, you will get a purchase receipt that you can use to earn points.

  1. Earn Red Lobster points

Third, you will be able to earn points from Red Lobster if you scan your purchase receipt using Red Lobster Mobile App. Your purchase receipt has a QR code on it. if you have scanned the code, the points will be sent to your My Red Lobster Rewards account immediately.  There will be 1 point for every dollar you spend on your purchases at the Red Lobster restaurant.

  1. Redeem the rewards

Finally, you may redeem the rewards after you have collected 125 points. It means you will automatically get a chance to pick one of 3 offers given by Red Lobster.

How to find a red lobster near me

If you cannot wait to taste the delicious seafood menu made at Red Lobster restaurant, it means you need to go get the menu items as soon as possible. You do not need to feel confused in case you do not know where the nearest location of Red Lobster restaurant because you can easily search for the location online. You only need to have an internet connection and try the following ways.

  1. Red Lobster Restaurant Locator

The Red Lobster website is where you can find Red Lobster Restaurant Locator. If you have found the locator, you use it using some simple steps below

  • Go to

Firstly, you should go to the official website of the Red Lobster restaurant. It is available at

  • Find a Restaurant Near You

Secondly, you need to click a button to Find a Restaurant Near You. the button is on the top right corner of the website home page. if you click it, there will be a drop-down field show up.

  • Enter Location Detail
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Thirdly, you can enter the location detail of the Red Lobster restaurant that you are looking for in the search field. You will be able to use the search field on the drop-down field. You can type in the name of a city, a state, or a ZIP code.

  • Click Go

Lastly, you can click the Go button next to the search field. This button will process your request to find information about the restaurant location that you need. Then, you can view the search result on the drop-down list of Red Lobster Restaurant Locator within some seconds. Next, you can click one of the recommended options to dig more information about the location.

Red Lobster Restaurant Locator will help you to get information about Red Lobster Restaurant as much as you want. You can get the restaurant address, local phone number, restaurant hours, and the distance from your current place to the restaurant location. Besides, Red Lobster Restaurant Locator has put some features on this restaurant locator, such as a digital map and directions. Also, you can place your online ordering from this locator as well.

  1. Red Lobster Mobile App

You may use Red Lobster Mobile App to locate the nearest location of Red Lobster restaurant. this way, you can access some information about your preferred restaurant locations easily. Moreover, this app can do more things for you. For example, you can place your order, earn points, get special deals, and many more. If you want to have this app in your device, you can download it from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

  1. Search Engine

There are so many things a search engine can do. One of them is to locate Red Lobster restaurant location nearby. You only need to type the keywords in the search field. Then, you will get the locations in some seconds only. Besides, you can use this search engine to collect some information related to Red Lobster restaurant.

For your information, your points will last for 12 months. Besides, the rewards will be valid for 90 days only. So, you’d better use all of our points before you decide to leave the rewards program.

Login Steps of Red Lobster Employee Portal

If you are a new employee at Red Lobster company, it is time for you to know about red lobster navigator. It is an employee portal for Red Lobster employees. You can access anything related to your job and work duties from this portal. You can use the following guideline in case you need to login to your account on red lobster portal using a personal computer or a laptop.

  1. Go to the red lobster navigator

Firstly, you should visit the portal for Red Lobster employees. You can use your browser to do this task. Then, you may visit the portal at

  1. Enter Account Information

Secondly, you can enter the account information when you have reached the employee portal. the information that you should provide here is:

  • Email address
  • Password

Make sure you enter the correct information. Otherwise, you will not be able to login to your Red Lobster account.

  1. Sign In

Finally, you can click Sign In button under the account information fields. You can finish this login process only for less than a minute.


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