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Well, guys, you can find various foods around you. Many restaurants use certain themes in serving food. There are Japanese-themed restaurants, so they serve menus from Japan. There is a restaurant that serves steak as the main menu. Then there is a restaurant that uses seafood as the main ingredient. Now if you want to enjoy seafood, you don’t need to go to the beach or the sea. Because they have brought your favorite menus closer to you. One of the popular seafood restaurants is Red Lobster. As the name suggests, of course, you can imagine the menu that they will serve to consumers. Do you want to know the Red Lobster Menu Prices? Previously, you need to know the profile of this restaurant.

Red Lobster was founded in 1968 in Lakeland, Florida. The founder of this seafood restaurant is Bill Darden. At first, they only had one business, now they manage 700 restaurants in 11 countries. Bill has a commitment to serving seafood that is quality and affordable for everyone. They want to bring seafood around you. So you don’t have to go to the sea just to buy seafood. Every year they innovate. Red Lobster presents new programs, designs, and menus for consumers. As the example, this restaurant has RedLobstersurvey program for the customers. If you have never visited there, you need to know about the menu and price at Red Lobster. Red Lobster Prices menu prices will help you overcome confusion when choosing favorite foods. So let’s find out about Red Lobster Menu with Prices now.

red lobster menu prices

red lobster menu prices

How to Check the menu and Price at Red Lobster.

Well guys, now we will find out about the latest menu and price at a Red Lobster restaurant. Previously you need to prepare some of the needs to explore the online portal. Because we will use the internet to find out the current menu and price list in RedLobster restaurant. First, prepare your cell phone and the computer device. Next, you need internet services on your device. So you can find out about menus through social media or their website. If you use social media, you will only find Red Lobster Promotion. Because social media is not relevant in presenting information. Whereas if you use the website, you can see the Menu and Prices information in full. Here’s how to find out the Menu Pricelist at Red lobster through the restaurant’s official website.

  1. First, visit the Red Lobster official website.

the first step is to access their website. You can use google chrome or other search engines. Then you need to enter the address or keyword of the restaurant website. Make sure the address you entered is correct. Finally, click on the search button. The following is the Red Lobster website address. Or you can use the keyword Red Lobster Official Restaurant Website.

  1. Second, click on the “Menu” button.

On the first page, you can access various information. They are information about menus, job openings, Red Lobster Locations, Red Lobster Hours. If you want to see the menu, click on the menu button.

  1. Third, click on the menu category you selected.
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On this page, you will see several menu categories. Red Lobster Menu has 5 categories. They are Now Serving, Today’s Catch, Dinner, Lunch, and Kids. You can choose the menu according to your favorite. They serve lobster and shrimp as the main food ingredients. But they don’t only serve shrimp menus. Here you can choose foods with shellfish, chicken, sea fish and etc. Maybe all you need to pay attention to is the allergy you have. Because there are some people who are allergic to seafood. So you need to be careful when choosing a menu. Here are some categories of the menu at Red Lobster.

  • First, the menu category is now serving.

First, you can search for special shrimp menus in this category. They serve several menus at lower prices. If you want to enjoy this menu, you need to place an order immediately. Because they set a date for ordering food.

  • Second, today ‘s catch category.

In this category, you can choose several menus. This menu arrangement is not fixed. Every day they present a different menu. So if you want to find a special menu, click on this category. Because there are ingredients that are seasonal. So you can’t enjoy it every day.

  • Third, Red Lobster Dinner Menu.

Then they serve the appropriate menu for dinner. Here they provide many menu choices for you. You can choose baked goods. Then you can choose the popular modification menu like the taco. Or you want to enjoy the delights of the fish menu.

  • Fourth, Red Lobster Lunch menu

They have grouped a menu that is suitable for your lunch. They present 17 menus in this category. You can order soups, salads, and spaghetti. Amazingly they don’t only provide normal menus. They usually offer several Red Lobster Promotion. They will provide a special price for you. But you need to order the menu at the specified time and date. What are you waiting for, get your shrimp menu right away?

  • Fifth, Red Lobster Kids Menu.

Well, guys, it turns out this restaurant is friendly to small children. Because they present a special menu for children. So that Red Lobster kids menu is for children aged 12 years or younger. If you have children or siblings aged less than 12 years, this is the appropriate menu category. They have 9 types of menus.

  1. Fourth, click on the menu you want.

There you can see the number of calories and menu descriptions. Then you can see photos of food, calories and allergen information. If you have allergies to the menu they provide several choices. Click on the Interactive menu button to find another menu reference. Then click on the Get Started button to arrange your own menu. Following are the steps to order your own menu at Red Lobster.

  • First, choose the menu groups. You only need to press the down arrow key. Then click on the menu groups. They provide 19 menu groups.
  • Second, fill in your own menu creation column. So you need to fill in the refill column, accompaniment, type of salad, salad dressing and write it down.
  • Third, determine the number of servings you ordered.
  • Fourth, you can check the nutritional content of your menu. Each menu that you add will affect the number of calories.

After ordering Red Lobster menu items, you should not miss taking part in Red Lobster Survey. This way, you will get a chance to win $1000 from Red Lobster restaurant. You should not miss this chance, should you?

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The List of Red Lobster Menu Prices.

After you know the description of each category, you now need to know the price of their menu. We will present a list of menus and prices that you have to pay. Here you can start choosing your favorite menu. Next is the Red Lobster Menu Prices. Please note important information in this review. Then adjust the menu price that you ordered with your budget.

  1. First, the starters menu.

in this menu, you can choose according to the 5 categories we have mentioned. Then you can enjoy the main menu. Here are some menu lists and prices.

Red Lobster main menuPrice
Chilled Peel-N-Eat Shrimp (1/2Doz) $12.00
Spicy Clams (1/2 Doz) $8.00
Grilled Clams (1/2Doz) $8.00
Grilled Oysters with Asian Sauce (1/2 Doz) $14.00
Seasoned Grilled Clams (1/2 Doz) $8.00
Mussels in White Wine & Garlic $15.00
Pot of Steamers $16.00
Crispy Calamari with Marinara Sauce $12.00
Grilled Sampler $46.00
Fried Clams Strips $12.00
  1. Second, the salad and soup menu.

If you want something fresh at your table, choose a few menus from this group. Here you can enjoy the freshness of salads and soups. Usually, this food is eaten as dessert. So that your appetite will increase. Here are some menu lists and prices. You can order Mesclun Mix Salad just by paying $10. Besides, there is also the famous Lobster Bisque with the price $8.

  1. Third, Sides and Kids menu.

Next, you can order a companion menu and children’s menu here. We have discussed this before. You can order the Kids meal for children less than 12 years old. But consider the allergen content. For your kids, you can order Corn on the Cob, Homemade Coleslaw, French Fries, Chicken Finger, or Cheese Quesadilla.

  1. Fourth, sandwiches menu.

In this group, you can enjoy delicious sandwiches from Red Lobster. They serve burritos, chicken sandwiches or fish sandwiches. The menu items in this category are Mahi Sandwich, Fried Cod, Lobster Grilled Cheese, Chicken Sandwich, and Shrimp Burrito.

  1. Fifth, the Raw Bar menu.

In this menu group, you can enjoy oyster or clams menus. Usually, they present this with after their shells. Isn’t this an interesting menu choice? Here are some menu lists and prices.

  1. Sixth, the Crispy Platters menu.

If you want something crispy, you need to order it in this menu group. They provide scallops, fish and chips, shrimp and clams. Here are some Red Lobster Menu Prices.

Raw Bar and Crispy PlatterPrice
Clams on Half Shell(1/2 Doz) $7.00
Oysters on The Half Shell (1/2 Doz) $13.00
Chilled Sampler $46.00
Clam Strips $18.00
Fish N Chips $19.00
Shrimp $20.00
Scallops $24.00
  1. Seventh, Soda and Fountain Drinks menu.

To complete your menu, you need to order a beverage. Here they have soda and fountain drinks. You can customize your drink according to your food menu. Here are some Red Lobster Beverage Prices.

Red Lobster Drinks MenuPrices
Diet Root Beer $3.00
Cream $3.00
Birch Beer $3.00
Black Cherry $3.00
Diet Cream $3.00
Sweet Iced -T $2.00
Club Soda $2.00
Pink Lemonade $2.00
Bottled Water $2.00

What Do You Know about Red Lobster Specials?

Once you know the list of menus and prices, now you need to find profits from the restaurant. To save money, you can see a special menu. There they will give some interesting offers. Starting at cheap prices or special ingredients. how to find out Red Lobster Specials is quite easy. They provide low prices for special menus. But they also tied up the restrictions for ordering the menu. They will change the offer on a cash basis. Here’s how to find out Red Lobster Specials.

  1. First, use the website to find out about Red Lobster Specials. After visiting their website, you need to select the “Specials” menu. There you will immediately appear a menu that is currently on the promo.
  2. Second, follow the social media of the restaurant. There they will announce the promotion menu. Usually, they will give discounts to commemorate national holidays.
  3. Third, download the My Red Lobster application. Here you can download via the App Store and Google Play. Adjust to the type of your smartphone. Besides you get promo product information, you can collect points. Every purchase for 1 dollar you will collect 1 point. Then get rewards from Red Lobster when you join My Red Lobster. Amazingly you can enjoy the trip, do a surprise birthday party through this application.
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How to Order Red Lobster Menu Online.

After you know the promo menu and menu prices, make your order now. This time we will help you with online ordering instructions. Here you can use the application on your smartphone and restaurant website. But now we will discuss ordering menus online through the website. Here’s how to order menus through the website.

  1. First, visit the restaurant website at the address
  2. Second, click on the “Find a Restaurant Near You” button. On this page, you can see several restaurant choices. Choose the restaurant that is closest to your location. Pay attention to restaurant operating hours. Because you have to order the menu during their operating hours.
  3. Third, click on the Online Ordering button. There you need to choose your menu.
  4. Fourth, set the food delivery address. Enter your name, telephone number, address and zip code.
Find Red Lobster Near Me.

Well, guys, you can easily find this favorite seafood restaurant. You can choose the location closest to your home. Use facilities from websites and social media. Or you can enter the restaurant address on the google map application. But you need to connect your device to the internet. Here’s how to find out Red Lobster Near Me.

  1. First, like when you will order a menu online. You need to access the Red Lobster Restaurant website.
  2. Second, Second, click on the “Find a Restaurant Near You” button. On this page, you can see several restaurant choices. On the first list, you will see the restaurant closest to your location.
  3. Third, click on the directions button. Thus you can visit the restaurant with directions. You can also order food online.
  4. Fourth, note the Red Lobster Hours. Make sure that you visit the restaurant during operating hours. Or you can make a phone call to confirm to the officer.
The Way to get in Touch with Red Lobster Customer Service.
  1. First, the Red Lobster phone number.

1-800-562-7837. You can contact them at 10am – 1pm and 2pm until 5pm. There you can ask about the Red Lobster Coupons and how to exchange rewards.

  1. Second, Red Lobster Social Media.
  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:
  • Instagram:
  • Youtube: Seafood.

Any of you is the employee of red Lobster restaurant? You should be familiar with Red Lobster Navigator. But, if you are the new employee, you may not know about Red Lobster Portal. So, you can Click HERE to find out more about Red Lobster employee portal.

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