RateFD – Take Family Dollar Survey to Win $1500 Weekly or $1000 Daily Cash


Did you just receive an offer to take part in RateFD survey? If you notice your purchase receipt, you may find a survey invitation on it. and if you really find the invitation, you’d better take this chance as soon as you can. It is because this survey will give you an opportunity to enter Family Dollar sweepstakes. If you can win the sweepstakes, you may receive weekly cash of $1500 or daily cash of $1000.

For your information, Family Dollar is a retail chain in the United States which is popular with its quality products and low prices. Besides, this store often giveaway discount coupons for customers. So far, Family Dollar has been operating more than 8000 stores in almost 50 states. If you visit this store, you can shop for grocery, clothing, home decor, and cleaning supplies. Hence, if you take part in Family Dollar Survey, you can help Family Dollar to be a better store in the country.

family dollar survey

family dollar survey can be accessed at ratefd.com

Official Rules of Family Dollar Sweepstakes

Before you enter Family Dollar sweepstakes, it will be better if you learn the official rules of the sweepstakes. These are the rules that you should know.

  1. Participants

To be an eligible participant of Family Dollar sweepstakes, you should know that there are some conditions which you should fulfill.

  • Legal residents of certain countries

Participants of Family Dollar sweepstakes are those legal residents of the following countries.

  • The United States (including 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico)
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • The Republic of Ireland
  • Germany
  • Denmark
  • Honduras
  • The Republic of Korea
  • Minimum age is required

The sweepstakes sponsor only allow legal residents who have reached the minimum age to enter Family Dollar sweepstakes. The minimum age is in different areas. These are the differences.

  • The United States, Honduras, and Canada residents should be over the age of majority.
  • The United Kingdom, The Republic of Ireland, Germany, and Denmark residents should be over 18 years old.
  • The Republic of Korea residents should be over 20 years old.

If you are older than the minimum age based on the law in the place you are residing now, you can be eligible to be Family Dollar sweepstakes participants. Otherwise, you cannot be permissible to enter it. But, you can ask for your parent or legal guardians to submit the sweepstakes entry for you.

  • Not employees of Family Dollar

As Family Dollar sweepstakes are only open for Family Dollar customers, employees of this company are not eligible to enter the customer sweepstakes. Moreover, all business partners of Family Dollar cannot join the sweepstakes as well. Besides, employees of sponsors are not permissible as well. further, immediate family members and household members of Family Dollars employees and the sweepstakes sponsors are not eligible to participate in this Family Dollar sweepstakes.

  1. Sweepstakes Period

Family Dollar sweepstakes hold 2 types of sweepstakes. No wonder, there are different periods for each sweepstakes types. This is the explanation.

  • Family Dollar Daily Sweepstakes

The daily sweepstakes will last for 1 day every day. The sweepstakes period will start on the first day of the month until the last day of the month. This means, the current daily sweepstakes period begins on October 1st, 2018 and will finish on October 31st, 2018.

  • Family Dollar Weekly Sweepstakes
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For the weekly sweepstakes, the period will start on October 14th, 2018. Then, it will be over on November 10th, 2018. This weekly sweepstakes period has 4 different weekly periods that will last from Sunday to Saturday each week.

  1. Entry Methods

There are several ways to submit entries for Family Dollar sweepstakes. You may choose one method that is suitable for your conditions.

  • By survey

If you get a survey invitation to take part in family Dollar survey, you can select this survey method before you enter the customer sweepstakes. You may take the survey in some ways below.

  • Telephone survey

You can dial the phone number available on the survey invitation. Then, you may give responses to the questions give to you by phone.

  • SMS survey

You may send your responses by SMS to the phone number given from the survey invitation.

  • Website survey

To take part in the website survey, you should visit the website at RateFD.com. Then, you can rate some statements based on your level of satisfaction appeared on the website. After that, you will get a chance to enter the sweepstakes when the questions from FD survey are complete. You only need to submit your contact details, such as name, address, phone number, and email address.

  • By non-survey

You may do the following steps to enter the sweepstakes without taking the survey.

  • First, you should prepare a piece of paper.
  • Second, you can write down your contact information on the paper. You may inform your first & last name, phone number, email address, complete home address without PO Boxes, and the nearest Family Dollar store location.
  • Third, you should also write down this sentences:

Weekly sweepstakes

“Please enter me in the Empathica Daily Sweepstakes for a chance to win one (1) Daily Prize”

Daily sweepstakes

“Please enter me in the Empathica Weekly Sweepstakes for a chance to win great prizes”

  • Fourth, put the paper in an enevelope and send it to one of the addresses below.
  • 511 Avenue of the Americas, #40

New York, NY


  • 2121 Argentia Rd., Suite 200

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

L5N 2X4

  • One Victoria Square

Birmingham, UK

B1 1DB

  1. Winners

To select the weekly sweepstakes winners, the administrator will hold a random drawing every week. However, the daily sweepstakes winners will be determined by the monthly random drawing. All winners will get notified by phone or email.

  1. Prizes

As you know, there are 2 kinds of prizes for Family Dollar sweepstakes.

  • Weekly Sweepstakes winners will get a prize worth either USD $500, CAD $500, £500, DKK 4000 or €500. There are 3 prizes every week.
  • Daily sweepstakes winners will receive a prize worth USD $1000, CAD $1000, £1000, DKK 8000 or €1000.

All winners will get the prizes within 60 days from the date of random drawing.

Things to Prepare for Family Dollar Survey

Family Dollar Survey requires you to prepare some prerequisites before you take part in the customer survey. You can have the following things ready.

  1. Family Dollar purchase receipt

You can enter the survey pages if you can provide some Family Dollar Survey information. You can find the information from Family Dollar purchase receipt.

  1. A device

You can use a laptop, a tablet, or a smartphone if you want to access the Family Dollar Survey website.

  1. The internet connection

Your device will need the internet to reach the survey website. Make sure you can provide a fast and stable connection.

  1. English or Spanish ability
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You can choose one of 2 available languages here. It can be English or Spanish.

rate fd

rate fd survey steps

Steps to Take part in RateFD Survey

It will only take less than 10 minutes to complete all of the survey steps. If you are eager to take the survey, you can use the guideline below.

  1. Go to Family Dollar Survey Website

First, you should go to the official website of Family Dollar customer satisfaction survey. You may visit it at www.ratefd.com.

  1. Select a Language

Second, you can select a language once you have reached the website of Family Dollar Survey. You will see a page that instructs you to select English or Spanish. You can just click on the language button that you prefer the most. Then, the button will take you to view the home page of Family Dollar Survey website.

  1. Enter Family Dollar Survey Information

Third, you must enter some information needed. All of the information that you need to enter on the website homepage is available on your Family Dollar purchase receipt. hence, you can just grab your receipt and find what you should provide here. The things that you should inform on this page are offer code, register number, cashier number, and transaction number.

For your information, the Family Dollar survey does not attach any receipt examples on this page. So, you should be able to find which information is suitable with the available fields. If you have finished entering the survey information, you can click the Next button. The button will help you open the question pages of RateFD customer Survey.

  1. Answer RateFD Survey Questions

Fourth, you can answer some survey questions given on the website. You will get questions about your recent visit to Family Dollar stores. Therefore, you can just recall your visit experience at Family Dollar store last time. Then, what you need to do is to rate and comment. The questions will be in the form of statements that you need to rate based on your satisfaction level. And some sections will need you to share your feedbacks about Family Dollar.

If you wonder about the questions from RateFD Survey, you may look at the following topics. You may get some questions about:

  • satisfaction level on your visit to Family Dollar store,
  • store display,
  • products availability
  • store cleanliness,
  • employees’ behaviors,
  • prices,
  • and some other questions.
  1. Enter Family Dollar Sweepstakes

Finally, you can enter Family Dollar sweepstakes when you have completed all questions from RateFD customer satisfaction survey. you will have to provide some information if you are eager to submit your sweepstakes entry. You can inform your name, phone number, email address, and home address. If you are so lucky, you will receive $1500 as the instant prize weekly. Otherwise, you may still have a chance to win $1000 from Family Dollar Sweepstakes.

About Family Dollar Coupon

Family Dollar is famous for its discounts and low prices. Therefore, it is not surprising that this store provides Smart Coupons for its customers. Smart coupons are Family Dollar digital coupons that can function just like Family Dollar paper coupons. If you wonder how Family Dollar Smart Coupons work, you can learn from the information below.

  1. Get Smart coupons

You can find Smart Coupons from Family Dollar official websites at www.familydollar.com. Besides, you can use Family Dollar Mobile App to do this task. If you have browsed your preferred smart coupons, you can clip and save them in a folder of Clipped Coupons.

  1. Redeem the Coupon
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When you have done shopping at Family Dollar, you may redeem the smart coupons that you have clipped. You can show the coupons at checkout to scan the bar code of your app. Or, you can just simply use your phone number. Your payment will get reduced automatically after the redemption is successful.

  1. Earn a spin

After you redeem the smart coupons, you can earn a spin immediately. It means you will be able to save more to purchase your favorite store products at Family Dollar.

Furthermore, Family Dollars also have other ways to save your cash when you shop at Family Dollar store. You can just check the weekly ads and Family Dollar deals on its website or mobile app regularly.

How to Find Family Dollar Near Me

You do not need to feel confused to find the locations of Family Dollar stores. Just connect your device to the internet. After that, you can try the ways below.

  1. Family Dollar Store Locator

If you are eager to use Family Dollar Store Locator, you can visit the Family Dollar website. Then, you may do some simple steps below.

  • Go to locations.familydollar.com

Firstly, you should go to locations.familydollar.com. This address will take you to the page of Family Dollar Store Locator.

  • Select your preferred states

Secondly, you can select the states of your preferred Family Dollar store that you are looking for. Besides, you can choose the states you are residing in currently if you want to know the location of Family Dollar stores near to your house.

  • Choose the city

Thirdly, you can choose the city of Family Dollar store that you are going to visit. After that, you will be able to view the search result in a few seconds.

Family Dollar Store Locator is a good tool to find complete information about Family Dollar store locations. From the store locator, you will know store address, store phone number, store hours, and store amenities. Besides, you can use the Get Directions feature to get to the locations quickly.

  1. Family Dollar Mobile App

Family Dollar also has a mobile app that will help you to do several tasks. For example, you can use the app to find the nearest location of Family Dollar store. moreover, Family Dollar app can also enable you to browse weekly ads, get smart coupons, scan products, and many more. You may get the app from Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

  1. Search Engine

In case you prefer using a search engine, you only need to launch your browser. Then, type some keywords in the search field. You will get the search result within a few seconds. Further, the search engine will be able to help you get information about RateFD Survey.

How to Contact Family Dollar Customer Service

Found problems at Family Dollar? You can just contact the customer service with the following methods.

  1. By website

the website address of Family Dollar is available at www.familydollar.com. You can reach the customer service by completing the feedback form provided on the website.

  1. By mailing

If you want to share feedbacks by mailing post, you can send your letters to Family Dollar headquarters at:

PO Box 1017

Charlotte, North Carolina, 28201-1017

The United States

  1. By phone call

Need to talk to customer service representatives? You can contact them by phone at 1-844-636-7687.

  1. By social media

Family Dollars has some social media pages that you can use to share your feedback. You can reach the pages using the links below.

  • Facebook: web.facebook.com/familydollar
  • Twitter: twitter.com/myfamilydollar
  • YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/TheFamilyDollar
  • Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/familydollar/

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