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Are you just hired by Price Chopper Supermarket? If so, you should be very glad about having the opportunity to work at this company. As the new employee at Price Chopper, you should be familiar with the use of Price Chopper Direct Connect Portal. This portal is the official employee portal for all Price Chopper staff. Fortunately, the employees of Market Bistro banners, Market 32 and Golub Corporation are also allowed to access this site.

Once you are accepted by Price Chopper, you have to register yourself at My Portal Price Chopper. This way, you will be able to get the login credentials to access the Price Chopper Employee login portal. You also need to do this registration process if you have been just hired by Market 32, Golub Corporation, and Market Bistro. You do not need to get panic about the Price Chopper My Portal registration and login process. It is because, in this article, we have explained the process of registration and login in details. Happy reading.

price chopper direct connect login
price chopper direct connect login page is accessible at

About Price Chopper Direct Connect

As the new Price Chopper employee, you may be still unfamiliar with the use of Direct Connect portal. For your information, Direct Connect portal is not only accessible by Price Chopper employees. But, anyone who works at Market Bistro, Market 32, and Golub Corporation is allowed to access this site. In short, Direct Connect serves as the online HR portal. So, you can access any information related to your job as well as the employment issue.

To explore the content of Price Chopper employee porta, you have to register yourself. This registration process can be done online. So, you just need to prepare your employee ID, computer, and internet to start the registration process. In the process of account registration, you may be requested to provide the Unique ID. This ID number is the combination of your employee ID and SSN. If you do not know this ID number, you can ask for assistance from the HR officer. After completing the registration process, you will have the username and password which you can use to log into Price Chopper My Portal.

What Can You Access at Price Chopper Direct Connect

It can be said that My Portal Price Chopper is a multipurpose site. You can access various information in this portal. Besides, this portal also has some features that will make your job easier. Before exploring this portal, you need to learn every feature available on this site. This way, you will be easier to get the benefits from this employee portal. Check out the features of Price Chopper employee portal below.

  1. Price Chopper benefits.

As stated before, working at Price Chopper is prestigious. It is because as the employee, you will be able to receive the various benefits from this company. To view the employee benefits you are eligible for, you should access My Price Chopper employee portal. Here is an example of the benefits you can get.

  • Medical benefits
  • Life insurance
  • Retirement benefits
  • Paid holidays and longer vacation
  • Tuition reimbursement program
  • [email protected] program
  • Employee discount
  1. Price Chopper teammate.

In order to give the best treatment for its employees, Price Chopper offers [email protected] program which is accessible at Price Chopper teammate login. The goal of this program is to improve the employee’s health. When the employees are healthy, they will be able to give their best performance at work. So, they will be more productive too. There are several programs offered by Price Chopper. As an example, you can take part in Corporate Challenge, Educational resources, or Weekly program.

  1. Check the payroll information.

When you log into connect portal login price chopper, you will be able to view the payroll service. This way, you can check the details of your salary. Besides, you can view the previous and the current pay stub.

  1. Access Price Chopper Scheduling System.

Perhaps, you are working at Price Chopper as the part-time employees. This way, you may have a different work schedule. In this week you may work in the morning shift. Then, in the following week, you may work in the afternoon shift. This way, you have to check your schedule online at Price Chopper employee portal.

  1. Communicate with other employees.

Price Chopper Direct Connect is mean to share any information related to the job. So, you can gain important information from this site. You are also allowed to create a group discussion with the teamwork. In short, your working performance can be increased if you use this portal.

What is the Preparation to Access My Portal Price Chopper?

To minimize the trouble when you log into Price Chopper Login site, you have to make good preparation. There are several things that you have to prepare. Here are they.

  • Electronic device.

In order to access the Price Chopper employee portal, it is recommended to use a personal computer. You may not be able to view good website display when you use a tablet or smartphone to access this portal.

  • The latest version of the browser.

The next, make sure that you install and use the compatible browser. As an example, you can use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

  • The stable internet connection.

Internet access plays a crucial role in accessing Price Chopper my portal. If your internet is slow or unstable, you will face the login trouble.

  • Login credentials.

The last, you must have a valid uniqueID and password to access Price Chopper employee login site. If you do not have it, you should meet your HR manager to ask for assistance to create an account.

price chopper direct connect registration
price chopper direct connect registration

How to Register a new Account at Price Chopper Direct Connect?

This part is useful for the new staff of Price Chopper. Soon after you start your work at Price Chopper, you have to create a new account at Price Chopper employee portal. You should not worry about this registration process. It is because you can do it yourself by accessing Price Chopper My Portal. This process will not take too much time. Within ten minutes, you will be able to create an account successfully. Here is the step by step of Price Chopper Direct Connect registration.

  • Step 1. Visit the Direct Connect website.

Since the registration process is completed by online, you need to access Price Chopper Employee Portal first. The website address is

  • Step 2. Select User management.

On the home page of Price Chopper employee website, you will see two options. They are Login button and User Management. Since you have not created the account yet, you should choose the second option that is User Management.

  • Step 3. Press the Register button.

Once you select the User Management option, the website will display a pop-up page containing three menus. They are Reset Password button, Forget Password and register. Of course, you have to select the Register menu.

  • Step 4. Fill out the registration form.

The next, My Portal Price Chopper will display the registration form. You have to complete this form with valid information. First of all, you are required to enter your Unique ID. If you do not know this ID number, you should ask your HR manager. Then, you have to create a password. This password should be 8 up to 12 characters. Confirm this password by retyping it on the following field. The next, you need to choose a security questions. Do not forget to provide the answer to these two security questions. The last, you have to provide the last four digits of your SSN or Social Security Numbers.

  • Step 5. Press the Submit button.

After checking all information you enter to the registration form, you can press the Submit button. Now, you are successfully creating the new account at direct connect Login portal. You can try to log into your account for the first time by using the unique ID and the password you have just created.

What are the Steps of Price Chopper Direct Connect Login?

Congratulations, you have just registered as the user of the Direct Connect Login portal. Now, you have the valid login credentials to explore Price Chopper Employee portal. In order to reach your account, you can do the guideline below.

  • Step 1. Visit the Price Chopper Employee Login site.

Do you still remember the official web address of Price Chopper Employee Portal? Yup, you are right, you can access this portal at

  • Step 2. Select the Login Options.

There will be two options at Direct Connect Login portal. At the top right corner of the page, you will see Login and User Management options. Since you want to reach your account, you have to choose the Login option.

  • Step 3. Enter Price Chopper Unique ID

The next, the login field will appear. Then, you need to provide the UniqueID number. If you forget or you do not know your UniqueID, you should meet your HR manager soon.

  • Step 4. Provide the password.

Do you still remember the Direct Connect password that you have set up during the registration process? You have to enter the password correctly. If you forget this password, you can retrieve it by selecting the User Management menu.

  • Step 5. Click on Submit button.

The last, after making sure that the UniqueID and the password are correct, you can press the Submit button. But, if you are not sure, you can press Cancel button then retype the correct UniqueID and password.

How to Change Direct Connect Password.

In order to protect your password and make it secured, you have to change your password regularly. This way, you can avoid being hacked by an unresponsible person. You have to note that the data you can access in Price Chopper My Portal is confidential. So, you cannot share your login credential with others. Do not let other people access your account. here is the way to change your password.

  • Visit Direct Connect Price Chopper.

You have to access Price Chopper login page at This is the only web address that you have to access if you want to access your account or make some changes about your password.

  • Select User management.

Choose User Management menu if you want to change or reset the password.

  • Select Change Password.

There will be three options available. Those are Change password, reset password, and register. You have to choose the Change Password option.

  • Provide the Unique ID.

The next, to verify your account, you need to enter your Unique ID to the provided field.

  • Enter the old password.

Then, you will be asked to provide the password you want to change.

  • Enter the new password.

If the password you enter is correct, you will be allowed to create the new password. Do not forget to confirm this new password by retyping it on the following field.

Now you have the new password. You have to memorize this password well. The next, you can log in to your account by using this new password.

How to Reset Price Chopper Direct Connect Password.

The users of Direct Connect portal often forget their password. But, if this problem occurs, you should not be panic. Price Chopper provides the way to reset your password. By following the method below, you will be able to get your password back. Check this out.

  • Access My portal Portal Price Chopper.

As usual, you have to visit the Price Chopper employee portal first. It is accessible at

  • Click User Management.

You have to select User management every time you want to reset or change your password.

  • Select Reset Password.

Since you lose your password, you need to retrieve it by selecting Reset Password.

  • Enter the Unique ID.

On the provided field, you have to enter the valid UniqueID.

  • Answer the security questions.

You will get three security questions. You have to provide the same answer as you provide during the registration process.

  • Get your password back.

If your answers are matching, you will be able to get your password back.

How to Contact Price Chopper Help Desk

Whenever you find any trouble when you access your account at Direct Connect Login website, you should contact Price Chopper IT services soon. Perhaps, you cannot log into Direct Connect or your account is locked. If this problem occurs, it is better to contact your HR manager soon. Besides, if you want to fix your account fast, you can contact 1 800 666 7667. Make sure to contact this number during Price Chopper hours. They will be ready to help you every day from 8.30 am up to 7 pm.

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