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Did you just dine in at Pollo Tropical restaurant? Then, you may receive an invitation to take part in PolloListens Guest Satisfaction Survey printed on your receipt. When you have found the survey invitation, you do not need to waste your time. Participate in this survey with a chance to get a Pollo Tropical coupon for free. Besides, you may take this survey to share your feedbacks for Pollo Tropical. This means you can help Pollo Tropical to grow as a restaurant with better qualities. It is because Pollo Tropical conducts this Pollo Tropical Survey to find out if customers are happy to visit this restaurant. If you want more information about the Pollo Tropical survey, keep on reading the explanations below.

About Pollo Tropical

Pollo Tropical is a restaurant chain based in Florida. In case you are wondering, Pollo Tropical means tropical chicken. The restaurant began in 1988 when Larry Harris and Stuart Harris opened the first Pollo Tropical location in Miami. Today, there are more than 140 Pollo Tropical restaurants available in the United States. and the headquarters is in Miami-Dade County, Florida.

When customers come to a Pollo Tropical restaurant, they can order various chicken dishes. Besides, this restaurant is famous for its Caribbean cuisines and fire-grilled chickens. For your information, there are a lot of Pollo tropical specials that you can try at this restaurant. You can get the updates of what is special from Pollo Tropical at www.pollotropical.com.

pollo tropical survey

pollo tropical survey can be accessed at pollolistens.com

Things to Prepare for Pollo Tropical Survey

There are some prerequisites that can help you to take Pollo Tropical survey. Here are the things that you should prepare before the survey starts.

  1. Pollo Tropical purchase receipt

You need a Pollo Tropical receipt to take the survey. This receipt has a code that you should use within 2 days from the purchase date.

  1. A device

A laptop, a smartphone, or a tablet can be useful to access the survey website. Be certain you have installed a browser in the device.

  1. The internet connection

You will need the internet to visit Pollo Tropical Survey website. Prepare fast and stable connection to make the survey run smoothly.

  1. English ability

English is the only language available for Pollo Tropical survey. You only need to use your Basic English to do the survey.

  1. A Pen

Use a pen to write down the validation code. If you cannot find it, you may use other writing tools.


Pollo Tropical Survey guideline

Steps to Take part in Pollo Tropical Survey

This survey has some simple steps that you can do not more than 10 minutes. If you are eager to take this Pollo Tropical Survey, you should pay attention to the guideline below.

  1. Go to Pollo Tropical Survey website

First, you must go to the website address of PolloListens Satisfaction Survey instructed in the survey invitation. You may visit the website at www.PolloListens.com.

  1. Enter Receipt Code

Second, you will have to enter the receipt code once you reach the website. You can take your purchase receipt to do this step. You will be able to find the receipt code from Pollo Tropical printed on the receipt. There are 16 digits of numbers that you should enter in the provided field. The codes are divided into 4 digit groups. When you enter the code, please skip the spaces you see between each digit groups. The spaces will not make the receipt code valid to enter the survey pages.

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After you have been sure that the code is correct, you can click the Next button. Then, you will see the question pages of Pollo Tropical Survey appear.

  1. Answer the Survey Questions

Third, you can answer some survey questions on the Survey website. The questions will ask about your latest visit experience at Pollo Tropical Restaurant. Therefore, you only need to recall what happened when you dined in at Pollo Tropical last time. To make it clearer, we have provided some topics that may appear on the pages of Pollo Survey questions. the topics are:

  • overall satisfaction regarding your visit to Pollo Tropical Restaurant,
  • your visit type,
  • food taste & temperature,
  • restaurant atmosphere & cleanliness,
  • menu variety,
  • staffs’ friendliness,
  • service speed,
  • prices,
  • and many more

Moreover, you will get more questions from Pollo Tropical Guest Satisfaction Survey. the final questions given to you will be for qualification purposes only. In this part of survey final questions, you may just inform your gender, age, annual income, and ethnic background. Besides, you may accept an offer to receive promotions from Pollo Tropical restaurant. Then, you can provide some contact details if you want to get Pollo Tropical promotions.

  1. Write down the Validation Code

Finally, you can write down a validation code that will show up in the very last page of Pollo Tropical Survey website. Get your Pollo Tropical purchase receipt and a pen. You can write the validation code in the provided space on your receipt. This can be your coupon as the survey reward from Pollo Tropical survey. And if you take the coupon to Pollo Tropical restaurant, you can redeem it with the offer printed on your Pollo Tropical receipt.

Ways to Get Pollo Tropical Coupons

Want to save your cash at Pollo Tropical restaurant? You only need coupons to get delicious foods at lower prices. Get the coupons using the following ways.

  1. Take part in PolloListens Guest Satisfaction Survey

To be a participant of PolloListens Survey, it is necessary for you to get a survey invitation printed on your Pollo Tropical purchase receipt. The invitation will give you a survey code to enter the survey pages at PolloListens.com. Then, you can answer some questions about your visit to the page. at the end of the survey, you will get a validation code that you can redeem to take the survey reward. PolloListens survey will give you free menu items or some discounts for your next purchases at Pollo Tropical restaurant.

  1. Join My Pollo Club

Pollo Tropical restaurant has a loyalty program, named My Pollo, for its loyal fans. If you are eager to join My Pollo Club, make sure you are eligible for this loyalty program. Pollo Tropical obliges the club member to be 18 years old at least at the time they register for this club. The registration is available at www.pollotropical.com. if the registration is successful, you may be able to receive special offers by email or text. This way, you can get information about the newest deals, exclusive perks, rewards, and contests from Pollo Tropical.

  1. Search for Deal Sites
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There are a lot of deal sites on the internet that you can visit to get Pollo Tropical coupons. but, you should be certain that the coupons and promo codes you take are from a trusted source and credible deal sites.

How to Find Pollo Tropical Near Me

Need to go to Pollo Tropical very soon? Connect your device to the internet. Then, you can try these ways below.

  1. Pollo Tropical Restaurant Locator

The website of Pollo Tropical will enable you to use Pollo Tropical Restaurant Locator. If you do not know how to operate the restaurant locator, you may use some instructions below.

  • Go to www.pollotropical.com

Firstly, you must go to the official website of the Pollo Tropical restaurant. The website is available at www.pollotropical.com.

  • Click Locations

Secondly, you can click the Locations button. You will find this button on the menu bar of the website. If you click the button, you can view the page of Pollo Tropical Restaurant Locator. Besides, you may go to the locator page directly at  www.pollotropical.com/locations.

  • Enter Location Details

Thirdly, you can enter the location details of the Pollo Tropical restaurant location that you are searching for in the search field. You will be able to use the search field when you have reached the store locator page. You may type in a ZIP code, a city name, or a state name in the provided field.

  • Click Search

Lastly, you can click the Search button to start locating your preferred Pollo Tropical restaurant. Or, you can press the Enter button after you have typed the last letter in the search field. Then, you can wait for some seconds until the result appear.

Pollo Tropical Restaurant Locator will help you find complete information about the locations of Pollo Tropical restaurant. You will get the details about the restaurant address, restaurant phone number, distance to the location, and the store hours. And if you click the store address, you will get directed to the page of Google Maps. The same thing will happen if you click Get Directions feature on this Restaurant Locator page. Moreover, you will be able to place an order from this locator by clicking Order Now button. Next, the button will take you to the page to order Pollo Tropical menu items.

  1. Pollo Tropical Mobile App

Pollo Tropical has launched a mobile app to make it easy for its loyal customers to do all tasks related to Pollo Tropical restaurant. No wonder, you can use Pollo Tropical Mobile App to find the nearest Pollo Tropical restaurant in your current location. Besides, the mobile app can give you more advantages. For instance, you can register Pollo Rewards account using this app. Also, browse the Pollo Tropical menu and place your order online. In case you have not got this great mobile app in your device, you can download it from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

  1. Search Engine

You can find Pollo Tropical restaurant location nearby by using a search engine installed in your browser. After you have launched the browser, you only need to enter some keywords in the search field. Then, a list of your search result will show up. Further, the search engine can also be helpful to collect information related to PolloListens Guest Satisfaction Survey.

How to Submit Pollo Tropical Complaints at www.pollotropical.com

Have you got any awful experience when you visited Pollo Tropical restaurant last time? You can let the restaurant know using the instructions below. You should be 13 years old at least if you want to do this task.

  1. Go to www.pollotropical.com
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First, you can visit the official website of the Pollo Tropical restaurant at www.pollotropical.com. If you have reached this website, you may find it helpful to be your number one source of Pollo Tropical restaurant.

  1. Click Contact

Second, you may click the Contact button. This button will direct you to the contact page of Pollo Tropical website. The contact page has a feedback form that you will need to submit your complaints about your visit experience at Pollo Tropical restaurant. You can find the Contact button on the lower part of the Pollo Tropical restaurant.

  1. Fill in Pollo Tropical Feedback Form

Third, you are able to fill in the feedback form with some information needed. Here is the information that you can submit on this page:

  • contact details

You should leave your contact details if you want to submit your complaints to Pollo Tropical. The details are your first name, last name, phone number, email address, and ZIP code. Then, you may choose how you want Pollo Tropical to contact you back. It can be by email or phone calls.

  • feedback subject

There are some options available in the drop-down field to select your feedback subject. You can choose to discuss the food, service, catering, rewards, or other feedback subjects. Remember, you can pick only one subject.

  • restaurant location

The form also has a field that you can use to inform the restaurant location that you have visited recently. There is a list of restaurant address in the provided field. You can select one of them to complete the feedback form.

  • message

You can type in your feedback in the Message field. Make sure you tell all the information that Pollo Tropical needs to know about your complaints.

  1. Send your Feedback

If you have filled in all the blank fields, you can submit the form. Just click the Submit button to end the steps.

How to Contact Pollo Tropical Customer Service

Have problems at Pollo Tropical? Do not hesitate to tell the customer service. Contact Pollo Tropical representatives using the following ways.

  1. By website

Pollo Tropical website has provided a page that you can use to send your feedbacks about Pollo Tropical by fill in the feedback form there. You may visit Pollo Tropical official website at www.pollotropical.com.

  1. By mailing

If you want to use an offline way to reach Pollo Tropical, you can use mailing post. Just write or types some letters about your feedbacks. After that, you can send the letters to the corporate office of Pollo Tropical. The address is:

7255 Corporate Center Drive, Suite C,

Miami, Florida, 33126

The United States

  1. By phone call

In case you need to talk to the customer service representatives of Pollo Tropical; you can contact them by phone calls. They will be available at working hours. You can call them at 866 769 7696.

  1. By social media

Pollo Tropical has some social media pages that you can visit to share your feedback. Besides, you may follow the pages to get the most updated news and promotions from Pollo Tropical. You can use the links below to go to Pollo Tropical social media pages.

  • Facebook: web.facebook.com/PolloTropical/
  • Twitter: twitter.com/pollotropical
  • Instagram: www.instagram.com/pollotropical/
  • YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/PolloTropicalUS

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