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Have you just got an invitation from Perkins Experience Survey? You’d better not miss it. It will give you a 10% discount when you have done the survey. This survey will measure your satisfaction level when you dine in at Perkins restaurant. For information about Perkins Experience Survey, you can keep on reading this article.

About Perkins

You may wonder about the Perkins restaurant. Do not worry because we have provided a little review about it. Well, Perkins restaurant is a restaurant chain in the United States. It focuses the business in breakfast and pastries specialties. As it provides breakfast, you will find this restaurant open very early in the morning. Well, the history of Perkins restaurant began when Ivan Perkin and Matt Perkin opened a Perkins Pancake House in 1958. The first restaurant location was in Cincinnati, Ohio. Then, the restaurant company underwent some acquisition process which made it go as Perkins family restaurant in 1987. Today, Perkins restaurant has been operating 365 Perkins restaurants in the United States. besides, there are 17 Perkins locations in Canada as well. However, the headquarters remains in the United States. Precisely, it is in Memphis, Tennessee.

perkins experience survey
perkins experience survey can be accessed from

As we have mentioned, Perkins restaurant always serves breakfast every morning. You can enjoy omelets, biscuits, toasts, pancake and other dishes for breakfast. But, it does not mean Perkins restaurant does not provide other menu items. There are salads, soups, steak, beef barbeque, burgers, southern cuisines, side dishes, and many more for your lunch and dinner. Do not forget to complete your meals with some choices of Perkins bakery and beverages. Besides, Perkins restaurant offers some promotions as a part of its menu. For example, you can order great plates at affordable prices. Next, you can have breakfast, lunch, and dinner for 55 plus meals which are available for older people. Moreover, you may order kids perks menu for your children and some special limited menu dishes from Perkins restaurant. Do not worry about the number of calories. This restaurant has provided enough information about the nutrition of each menu item.

perkins survey
perkins survey

Rules of Perkins Experience Survey

Perkins survey has some rules for its respondents. These are the rules which you should know before you take part in Perkins Experience Survey.

  1. Survey period

Perkins Experience Survey will last until December 31st, 2018. Make sure you check your date visit before you take part in this survey.

  1. Participants

There are no specific rules about the survey participants. It means anyone can join this survey without a doubt. Each participant may only participate in this survey once per month. And because this survey is only for Perkins customers, employees of this restaurant company are not eligible for this customer survey.

  1. Survey reward

The reward for Perkins Experience Survey is a 10% discount on your next purchase. When you come or the redemption, you should visit your receipt with the validation code. This reward is not valid with other promotions.

Prerequisites of Perkins Experience Survey

To make Perkins Guest Experience survey runs smoothly, it is necessary for you to prepare the survey prerequisites of this survey. This way, you will be more ready to do the survey steps without troubles. You can just have these things ready:

  1. Perkins purchase receipt

To unlock the questions page at, you should get a purchase receipt. It is because the receipt has important survey details on it. There are 2 sorts of Perkins purchase receipt. The first receipt has a survey code, while the second one has a store number, check number, and visit date and time. This receipt will be valid for 3 days right after you have received from Perkins restaurant.

  1. A device

You can use the most affordable device for you. You may use a laptop, a smartphone, etc. Also, you should have a browser in your device.

  1. The internet connection

The internet connection is a must for an online survey, like Perkins Experience Survey. Prepare the internet with the stable connection. So, it can minimize technical difficulties later.

  1. A Pen

You will need a pen to write a validation code on your receipt. if you cannot find a pen, you may use a pencil or other writing tools.

Steps to take part in Perkins Experience Survey

After the preparation is enough, you can do some steps of Perkins Experience Survey. just follow the following survey procedure:

  1. Go to

First, you should go to the Perkins Experience Survey page. It is available at Once you have been on this page, you will not need to change the language setting. Every instruction will appear in English.

  1. Fill in Perkins Experience Survey details

Second, you will see some fields for the survey code if you have reached this page. This code has 15 digits. You can use a receipt example in case you do not know the locations of your survey code. But, you may use another Perkins Experience Survey page if you do not have this survey code. This page has provided a link for you to get there. Or, you can visit it at on this Perkins feedback survey page, you will have to enter several details printed on your purchase receipt. You can fill in the store number, check number, date and time of your visit to Perkins restaurant. if you have done with this step, you can click the Start button. It will take you to the survey questions.

  1. Answer Perkins Experience Survey questions

Third, you can answer some short questions on Perkins Feedback Survey page. You can recall your latest experience at this restaurant. Next, you can answer the questions about your satisfaction level, food qualities, restaurant cleanliness, employees friendliness, and some more.

  1. Provide contact information

Fourth, you can provide your contact information if you want to receive promotions from Perkins restaurant. You can inform your name, home address, and email address in this section. Otherwise, you can skip this step and go on to the next page.

  1. Write the validation code

Fifth, a validation code from Perkins Experience Survey will show up. Then, you can write it down on your purchase receipt. You can bring this receipt to a Perkins restaurant to receive the survey reward. so, you can get a 10% discount on your next purchase at a Perkins restaurant.

How to Find Perkins Near Me
  1. Perkins Restaurant Locator

You can find Perkins restaurant locations using Perkins Restaurant Locator. This is only available on the Perkins restaurant official website. You can do the following instruction if you do not know how to use a Perkins restaurant locator.

  • Go to

First, you should go to It is the address of Perkins official website. You will find the restaurant locator on this website.

  • Click Locations

Second, you can click on Locations. This is one of the buttons provided on the menu bar. Once you reach Perkins restaurant website, you will see this button on the home page. If you click this button, it will direct you to the page of the Perkins restaurant locator.

  • Enter a location detail

Third, you should enter a location detail in a provided box. When you have been on the page of the Perkins restaurant locator, you will see a blank search field. You can just type a ZIP code, a city name, or a state name of your preferred area.

  • Click Let’s Eat

Fourth, you can click Let’s Eat button if you have finished typing the location detail. By clicking this button, you will start the locator to work. It will only take a few seconds for you to view the search result shows up on your screen.

When Perkins restaurant locator has successfully shown the locations, you may get some beneficial details about the locations. You can see the location address, the local phone number, distance from your current place, and the restaurant open hours. Besides, there will be a map next to the search result. You may use the map to find the locations. Or, you can use a feature from the Perkins restaurant locator which will enable you to get directions to the Perkins locations you want. This feature is going to be your savior in case you never visit the Perkins locations.

  1. Search Engine

You can use a search engine as well. Of course, you should be online if you want to use this tool. Then, you must launch a browser in your device. The browser has a search field which you can use to find any information from the whole world. It means you can use it to search for the information about Perkins restaurants locations. Next, you can just type the keyword. You may use a city name for the more helpful search result. You will not need to wait for a long time. The search result will appear in only a few seconds. Moreover, you may use the search engine to get information about Perkins Experience Survey.

How to Contact Customer Support of Perkins

Have you experienced problems when you are visiting Perkins restaurant? Then, you can tell your experience to Perkins customer support. This is a service provided by Perkins restaurant to handle customers. There are several professional representatives in who will be ready to help you. as you know, Perkins restaurant dedicates their time and energy to 100% for customer satisfaction. Hence, you may tell your complaints, compliments, and suggestions to them. Besides, you may ask them if you have some inquiries about the Perkins restaurant or Perkins Experience Survey. This restaurant really hopes you will feel satisfied with what the management team does.

In case you are wondering about the ways to contact the customer support representatives of Perkins restaurant, you can read the following information. You may try these things to contact them.

  1. By website

Reaching the customer support representatives of Perkins restaurant y website is easy. You just have to be online to do this. Then, you can visit the Perkins official website at If you have reached this restaurant website, you can go to the Perkins Contact page. Besides, it is also possible for you to access the Contact page directly at On the feedback page, you will have to tell the type of restaurant issues. There are only 2 choices for you. You may select a restaurant experience or just a general comment. Next, you need to fill in the feedback form. You also need to provide certain information. You can just follow the instruction which appears on the website.

  1. By phone.

For the quickest way, you may contact the customer support representatives by phone. You will get bigger chances to get immediate assistance if you contact them using this method. The representatives of Perkins restaurant will be happy to help you. You can talk to them using the following phone numbers. Make sure you contact them during working hours.

  • 1800 225 5939 will take you to Perkins customer support representatives
  • +1 901 766 6400 will connect you to staffers of Perkins Head Office
  1. By fax.

Perkins also has another number to contact. You can use the number using the fax machine. So, you can send your feedback by fax at +1 901 766 6482.

  1. By mailing.

Want to share your long experience? You can use the mailing post. You will not have to be online to do this. Just make a simple preparation. For example, you can have some pieces of papers, a pen, and an envelope ready before you write your feedbacks. Moreover, you may use this method for your business matters. If you feel more interested in this, you can just send your letters to the address of Perkins restaurant corporate office.

6075 Poplar Avenue, No. 800

Memphis, Tennessee, 38119

the United States

  1. Through social media

Got any personal social media accounts? You might try to follow Perkins social media pages, then. Perkins often posts promotions, announcements, and other beneficial information on its social media pages. It will be good for you to follow Perkins pages because you will not miss any interesting information from Perkins restaurant. You only need to create an account on the same social media platform with Perkins. Then, you can use the following links to follow Perkins social media pages.



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