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Do you like to drink coffee in the morning ?. If you love coffee, then you need to visit Peet’s Coffee Store. Then, you can take PeetsListens to win the gift card. Coffee is a popular drink among the public. It is because Coffee has many benefits for the health of the body. One of the benefits of coffee is to make the body fresher. Furthermore coffee can make you concentrate more. Thus if you are a coffee lover, you need to read our instructions. From our explanation, you will understand how to complete Peet’s survey. This way, you will have a bigger chance to win Peet’s gift card.

Peetslistens is a survey portal for Peet’s Coffee customers. Thus you can give your assessment to the company. Then you can give a positive or negative comment. Your opinion will affect the growth of the company. Peets listens also provides rewards for you. After you do the survey, you have the opportunity to win gift cards. Amazingly, you can win a Gift Card worth 100 Dollars. A fantastic reward is not it? As a smart consumer, of course, you do not want to miss this opportunity. You do not have to worry about failing when conducting a survey. Because we will guide you from the preparation of the survey. We will provide easy and simple instructions. Before we do a survey, let’s find out about Peet’s Coffee Store.

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About Peet Coffeehouse.

Peet’s Coffee Store is a coffee shop that operates in America. The store was established on April 1, 1966. The first place stands on Vine Street, Berkeley. Peet cofounder is Alfred Peet. He also includes people who the inspiring founder of Starbucks restaurants. At first, Alfred Peet lived in the Netherlands. Then after World War II, he moved to America. Currently, they always maintain the quality of their products. They produce black, fresh with quality coffee.

Rules to enter the Sweepstakes through Peets listens.

Before you conduct a survey, you should know the rules. Because this rule determines your validity to conduct a survey. Peet’s Customer Survey establishes several rules. We hope you do not try to violate any rules. Because we do not want you to have consequences for your actions. So before doing the survey, make sure you understand all the rules. If you qualify, then you may continue the survey. But if you do not qualify, then you should back off from the survey. Below is a Peet’s Coffee Survey rule:

  1. Age restrictions to conduct Peet’s Listens Survey.

How old are you now?. If you are 18 years old, then this is your chance. Because the survey set rules on age restrictions. So you must be 18 years old to be able to survey. If you are under 18 years of age, then you should withdraw from the survey. At the age of 18, you can give your personal assessment. Then you can take responsibility for yourself. Furthermore, you can give your opinion more objectively. So, before doing a survey make sure you are old enough.

  1. Citizenship.

What is your nationality ?. This survey is limited to residents of the United States. If you are an American, then this is your chance. Because you can enter the sweepstakes with a gift card worth 100 USD. Never try to break this rule. Because you can get punishment for your actions. Even your participation can be canceled. Then you will lose your chance to get the reward. So before doing a survey, check back your nationality. If you are not a resident of the United States, then you should not take the survey. It is because the survey is only for residents of United States.

  1. Your position on Peet’s Coffee Store.

Do you work at Peet’s Coffee Store ?. If you work there, then this rule harms you. Because Peets listens should not be done by employees. Companies want to get honest and objective comments. But your position as an employee may affect your judgment. Because your views can have a positive or negative effect. So the objectivity of your judgment is questionable. For example your opinion about the company’s management system. Then your dissatisfaction as an employee of the company. So if you are an employee of a store, then you are not eligible to conduct a survey. Below are some people who should not do the survey:

  1. You are an employee of Peet’s coffee.
  2. Then you are a restaurant business partner.
  3. You have family relationships with Peet’s employees.
  4. You live one household with Peet’s employees.
  5. Terms of the prize you will get.

Furthermore, Peets listens sets the rules of the prize drawing. You should understand the terms and conditions of the sweepstakes prize. Here you do not just do a survey. But you also get a Gift Card worth 100 Dollars. Then you can enjoy the products at the restaurant. The following are rules about the Peets survey reward:

  • They provide 5 Grand Prizes and 13 First Prizes. Each Grand Prize Winner will get a Gift Card Worth 500 Dollars. While every First Prize Winner will get Gift Card Worth 100 Dollars.
  • Winner determination using the lottery system. Each coupon will be randomly drawn. The determination of the Grand Prize winner is done in 5 periods. The 5 periods are January, April, July, October of 2018. Then the last draw was in January 2019.
  • While the determination of First Prizes winner is done in 14 draw period.
  • If you are lucky, then you will be contacted by the company. The company will contact you by phone, email, and mail.
  • Everyone has the same chance to be a Grand Prize winner.
  1. Terms of doing Peets listens.

Finally, you should pay attention to the rules of the survey. The sweepstakes began on 19 December 2017 until 31 December 2018. In this survey, there were 13 entry periods. So you have to enter the lottery according to the period. Sweepstakes that enter beyond the date of the period, will be disqualified. Of course, you do not want to lose the opportunity to get the Gift Card. So you should pay attention to the entry period before doing the survey. After you do the survey, you will get notification via email. Then you can only do 1 entry in each entry period. Furthermore, the company will disqualify incomplete entries.

Preparation before doing Peets listens.

Are you eligible to conduct a survey ?. If you qualify, it is time for you to prepare for the survey. If you have not qualified, you can try it later. Or maybe you can ask for help from your parents or relatives. Peets listens is an online survey. So you have to prepare some things to do the survey. Suppose you have to prepare survey tools. The preparation of this survey is similar to other online surveys. If you have done a survey, of course, you already understand the needs of the survey. Below are some of the survey needs:

  1. Tool to do Peets listens.

First, you have to prepare a device to conduct a survey. Here we recommend you to use a computer or laptop. Because the computer or laptop is the ideal tool for conducting surveys. Then both devices have a large screen display. So that advantage allows you to read the instructions and answer questions. But you can also use your smartphone or tablet. Smartphone or tablet is a device that is easy to carry anywhere. So you can survey wherever and whenever. Unfortunately, both of these devices have a small display screen. So you need to be more careful when doing a survey.

  1. Internet connection.

Secondly, you need to prepare internet connection. Peets listens is an online survey portal. Then your device must be connected to the internet. Because when conducting a survey, you must access the survey website. Without internet connection then your device cannot access the website. Then you can use any internet provider. Consider the access and signal speeds available. In addition, you should consider your location. Because your location will affect the speed of the signal. Then consider the type of signal available. Currently, there are two types of internet signals namely 3G and 4G. You must adjust the signal type with the capabilities of your device. If your internet signal is strong, then your survey will be easier.

  1. English proficiency.

Third, you must prepare your English proficiency. Because in this survey you have to answer questions in English. Usually, online survey portals provide two types of languages. Commonly used languages are English and Spanish. Unfortunately, in the survey you can not set language. If you are able to speak English, then your survey will be easier. But if you find it difficult, you can ask your colleagues. Furthermore, you can use the popular online English dictionary. So you do not have to worry about your limited English skills.

  1. Legitimate receipt from Peet’s Coffee Store.

Finally, you need to prepare a receipt. After you make a transaction, you will get a receipt. So you need to make a transaction first. On the survey website, you have to enter some information from your receipt. So you need to enter the survey code on your receipt. If you do not have a receipt, then you should back off from the survey. Then you can enter the lottery in another way. For example, you can send a letter to enter the sweepstakes. Once you have done the survey, you will get a validation code. The validation code can be redeemed at the next visit. Then you will get coffee or tea for free. Amazingly, you also have the chance to win Grand Prizes and First Prizes.

How can I complete Peets listens?

Are you done with the survey preparation ?. If you have prepared everything, now you are ready to do the survey. Here you just need to prepare your judgment. We suggest you provide an honest assessment. Because your opinion can affect the growth of the company. Currently, to find out the customer’s wishes, the company provides survey portal. Their customers can provide an assessment of the company. Then companies can know their strengths and weaknesses. Then they can fix their lack of service. So their service can make customers satisfied. Below are the steps to do the survey:

  1. Visit the official website of Peets listens survey portal.

First, you need to visit the official survey website. Make sure your device is connected to the internet. Then you just need to write the survey address on your search engine. Next, click on the search or enter button. Then your search engine will direct you to the survey website. Here you can do your survey.

  1. Enter your survey code.

On the first page, you will see an empty box. Here you have to fill the box with the survey code. The survey code has been listed on your receipt. Then the survey code consists of 16 digit number. You just have to look at your receipts. If you have entered the survey code, double check your answer. Make sure your survey code matches your receipt. If you feel confident, Click on the start button to start the survey.

  1. Do your survey now.

Next, now you should do your survey. Prepare your assessment as a consumer of restaurant service. Then you just need to remember your experience of enjoying coffee in the restaurant. We advise you to provide an honest assessment. If you are satisfied with their service, then give your appreciation. If you are not satisfied, then give them advice. On this page, you should answer some survey questions. Then you do not have to worry about getting difficult questions. Because the survey question is about the service in the restaurant. Then the survey question is a simple question.

First, you must answer the question by scale. The scale shows your satisfaction level. The highest scale shows you are very satisfied. While the lowest scale shows you are not satisfied. Give your honest judgment. Then you have to answer questions related to the service in the restaurant. Here you only need to answer based on your experience. Then you can comment to the company. Here you can give positive and negative comments. Here are some components of the service you may want to review:

  • The hospitality of the waiter.
  • The speed of service.
  • The suitability of food delivered with meals ordered.
  • Food and beverage prices.
  • Taste of food and drink.
  • Cleanliness of the place to eat.
  • Completeness of facilities at outlets.
  • Unpleasant events that you experience.
  1. Enter information about your identity.

In addition to the validation code, you must enter the information. You must enter information about your identity. You must enter the correct identity. Because the company will contact you through the information. Here you have to enter email, phone number and residential address. We discussed this before. If you are lucky, the company will contact you. Now you just have to wait for the sweepstakes draw. Good luck on your side.

How can I contact Peet’s Coffee Store?

Are you done with the survey?. If you are lucky, the company will contact you by phone or email. As a consumer, of course, you want to get the best service. You want to get friendly service. Then you want to enjoy the meal comfortably. But sometimes you experience an incident that makes you uncomfortable. So you need to report the incident to the company. Unfortunately, you do not have a receipt. So you can not follow the survey. But, you don’t have to worry. Because Peet’s Coffee Store provides customer service for you. Below is a way to contact Peet’s Coffee Store:

  1. Customer Service Phone Numbers.

Do you have an urgent problem ?. If your problem is urgent, then we suggest you make a phone call. Here you can submit your complaint directly. Then you will soon get an answer from the customer service officer. Officers will serve you from Monday to Friday from 6 am to 6 pm. So before making a phone call, double check the operation schedule. Here is the customer service number of Peet’s Coffee Store: (800) 999 – 2132.

  1. Social Media.

Do you have social media ?. Currently using social media is very popular in the community. Companies also use social media to communicate with customers. Then they use social media for product promotion. So the boundaries became unclear. Because actually we are connected to the internet. Here is a social media Peet’s Coffee Store:
Youtube :
Twitter :
Facebook :
Instagram :

  1. You can leave a message through the website.

If you do not have social media, then you can use the website. You just need to enter the Peet’s Coffee website address on your search engine. Then you must click on Search or enter button. Your search engine will then redirect you to the website. Furthermore, you must enter the Contact Us menu. There you can give your comment to the company. Before entering a comment, you must enter your identity. Here is a Peet’s Coffee website address:

  1. You can send messages via live chat.

In addition, you can perform live chat using the website. On the menu contact us there is a sub menu live chat. By pressing the live chat button, the mailbox will appear immediately. Then you can send messages via chat. You can see the officer status above the mailbox.

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