PapaSurvey – Papa Murphy’s Survey Guideline to Get the Coupon Code


The loyal customers of Papa Murphy’s Pizza will be familiar with PapaSurvey. Yups, Papa Survey is also known as Papa Murphy’s survey. This online survey is run by Papa Murphy’s Pizza. The aim of this guest experience survey is to find out the customers’ feedback after visiting this Pizza house. If you have just purchased the pizza dough from this store, you have to check Papa Murphy’s Baking instructions. It is because you may find murphy’s survey invitation there. Just allocate a few minutes of your time to complete Papa Murphy’s survey. So, you can tell your purchase and baking experience. Besides, you also can receive Papa Murphy’s coupon code as the prize.

About Papa Murphy’s Pizza.

Papa Murphy’s is a well-known pizza outlet in the US. Established in 1995, Papa Murphy’s can compete with other pizza stores such as Pizza Hut and Dominos. No doubt, Papa Murphy’s can expand its chains up to 1300 outlets. So, you can find this pizza house in 38 states in the USA. Surprisingly, this company also can expand the business in Canada as well as the United Arab Emirates. Why is Papa Murphy’s so popular that it has many chains? The answer is Papa Murphy’s offers the different concept of selling pizza. This concept makes this company different from other pizza outlets. You have to note that you cannot enjoy your pizza at Papa Murphy’s outlet. It is because you have to bake the pizza by yourself at home.

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When you visit Papa Murphy’s pizza, you will take away the pizza dough as well as the topping. Then, when you arrive at home, you can bake it in your microwave. As a result, you can taste the delicious and warm pizza at home. In contrast, if you purchase and carry out the pizza from other pizza house, your pizza may be cold when you arrive at home. Enjoying Papa Murphy’s pizza is like eating the homemade pizza.


PapaSurvey Step by Step Guidelines

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papasurvey.comWanna get Papa Murphy's coupon? Simply complete Papasurvey and grab Papa Murphy's coupon code as the reward.
Culvers SurveyWhen you complete Culvers Survey or Tellculvers survey, you can grab Culvers validation code.
MoegottaknowHow to save $2 when yo visit Moe's? You can complete Moegottaknow srvey and enjoy this discount offer.

Papa Survey Requisite

You do not need to prepare the complicated things to take part in Papa Survey. It is because Papa Murphy’s only requires the simple preparation. The main thing you should have is the valid receipt or the baking instruction. Papa Survey receipt contains some information you need to enter the survey. Besides, what other items do you need as the requirements of Papamurphy survey? Check this out.

  • Papa Murphy’s baking instruction or Papa Murphy’s receipt.

Whenever you make a transaction at Papa Murphy’s, the cashier will give you a receipt as well as the baking instruction. This piece of paper contains the transaction details. For instance, it informs about the details of Papa Murphy’s store. At the top of Papa Murphy’s receipt, you will find the address of the store as well as the store number. Besides, it contains the time when you came to Papa Murphy’s.

  • Computer or other devices.

Papa Murphy’s only provides the online survey. So, you need a device to access Papamurphy survey portal. The display of Papa Murphy’s survey will be better if you use a laptop or computer. But, if the computer is not available, this restaurant allows you to complete the survey via mobile phone.

  • Internet.

A computer or a smartphone is useless if there is no internet connection. So, make sure that the internet accessibility is stable. This way, you can open every Papa Murphy’s survey page easily. As a result, you can complete the survey quickly.

  • A pen.

After completing Papa Murphy’s survey, you will receive Papa Murphy’s validation code. Unfortunately, you cannot save this code on your computer. So, you have to write it manually on your Papa Murphy’s receipt. This way, you need a pen or other writing tools to record this code. Never ignore this code. It is because you can claim the reward by presenting this code.

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The Rules of Papa Survey

We have discussed the items needed to take part in Papa Murphy’s guest satisfaction survey. Now, it is the time to discuss the rules of Papa Guest survey. In general, the rules of Papa Murphy’s survey is similar to other restaurant surveys. But, you still need to review the rules below. So, you will not be confused when you take part in this Survey.

  • Survey taker’s age.

Luckily, Papa Murphy does not limit the age of the survey takers. It means, whatever your age is, you can access Papa murphy’s survey. As long as you have Papa Murphy’s receipt, you can enter this survey.

  • Papa Murphy’s receipt.

You have to note that you can use the receipt to enter the survey once. The more receipt you have, you can collect more Papa Murphy’s coupon code. So, you have to visit and make a transaction at Papa Murphy’s more frequently.

  • Papa Murphy’s coupon code.

All of the survey takers of Papa Murphy’s survey will receive the coupon code. Their opportunity to get this coupon is the same. So, no matter the feedback they give through the survey, they will receive the Papa Murphy coupons as the reward. Even they provide the negative feedback, Papa Murphy’s will still give them the coupon.

  • Survey reward.

In every survey period, Papa Murphy’s gives the different reward. In order to know what the reward offered, you have to check the survey invitation on Papa Murphy’s receipt. Sometimes, Papa Murphy’s offers free pizza dough as the reward. But, in another occasion, Papa Murphy’s may offer the discount as the survey reward. No matter the reward, you will be happy if you have this Papa Murphy’s coupon, won’t you?

  • Coupon redemption.

There are some rules you have to understand about Papa Murphy coupon redemption. First, you cannot redeem the validation code together with other offers or coupons. So, if you have more than one Papa Murphy’s coupons, you should use other coupons on another visit. Besides, you cannot claim the survey reward for cash. You only get the offer printed on your receipt. The last, you can redeem Papa Murphy’s reward by presenting Papa Murphy’s receipt along with the code you get after the survey.

The Step by Step of Papa Murphy’s Survey

Indeed, Papa Murphy appreciates your feedback. It is because the feedback, as well as the comment you give, can help Papa Murphy’s to be better. The suggestion and critics from the customers can lead Papa Murphy’s to give the better products and services. So, you should not doubt to voice up whatever in your mind. The response you give during the Survey will be beneficial not only for the restaurant but also for yourself.

Now, if you have Papa Murphy’s receipt, you have to access the survey website. The sooner you participate in Papa Murphy’s survey is better. It is because you have the fresh memories about the details of your visit to Papa Murphy’s. As a result, you can response every questions honestly and quickly. If you have never taken Papa Murphy’s survey before, the guideline below will help you a lot.

  • Step 1: Visit Papa Murphy’s survey website.

There is only one Papa Murphy’s survey site. You can access this survey by visiting the survey portal. We do not recommend you to find the website by using the search engine. It will be better if you directly write the website address at your browser’s address bar.

  • Step 2: Select how you will enter the survey.

Papa Murphy’s allows the customers to enter the survey website through two methods. First, they can access the survey by entering Papa Murphy’s store number. Besides, the survey taker also can enter Papa survey by searching Papa Murphy’s store. In this case, you need to provide the city and state. Both methods aim to locate Papa Murphy’s store which you have just visited.

  • Step 3: enter the date.

After verifying the location of Papa Murphy’s outlet you visited, you can go to the next survey step. In this step, you have to indicate the date you visited Papa Murphy’s. Just check your receipt if you forget the date on which you go to this pizza house.

  • Step 4: Confirm the location.

The next, this Survey will ask you to verify the exact store you have just visited. You can confirm the location by choosing the option Yes or No.

  • Step 5: rate some statements.

Papa Guest Survey consists of two sections. In the first section, the respondents have to rate some aspects of Papa Murphy’s. You have to give the rating for Papa Murphy’s food, service, and the outlet. In order to respond this questionnaire, you have to recall your experience when you go to Papa Murphy’s.

  • Step 6: Give some comments.
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Papa Survey also allows the survey taker to provide the comment. You have to use this chance properly. Papa Murphy’s welcomes your complaints, suggestions, compliments, and critics. It will be better if you write your feedback briefly and straightforward.

  • Step 7: Provide the personal details.

This Survey can be completed anonymously. So, you do not need to mention your name. But, Papa Murphy’s requires your home address. Then, you have to provide the address or location you live. As the example, you need to write down your street, city, zip code, and state. You do not need to worry that Papa Murphy will misuse your information. It is because Papa Murphy will not give the survey takers’ information to the third party. Just review Papa Murphy’s privacy policy if you doubt about this.

  • Step 8: Write Papa Murphy’s coupon code.

The last, you can submit the Survey. After completing all steps of Papa Murphy’s guest satisfaction survey, the coupon code will appear. This coupon is the way to thank the survey takers. So, you should not ignore this code. Write this validation code on the back of the receipt. Do not forget to bring this receipt when you make a purchase at Papa Murphy’s. It is so since you can claim the survey reward by showing this code. You may get the discount or even a free menu item from Papa Murphy’s pizza.

That’s all the steps to complete Papa Murphy’s Customer feedback system. After the survey, Papa Murphy’s will offer you to sign up Papa Murphy’s Club. If you want to receive several benefits, you have to join as the member of Papa Murphy’s e-club. The example of benefits you will get is Papa Murphy’s special offers.

Papa Murphy’s Survey Questions

Have you ever accessing Papa Murphy’s survey? If you never take this survey, you may wonder what questions are there in this survey. So, in order to help you to get started, we try to present some topics asked in Papa survey. Reviewing the survey questions from Papa Murphy’s below will make you easier to complete Papa Murphy’s Survey.

  • The visit details.

After verifying the location of Papa Murphy’s Pizza store you have just been visited, you will start the survey. The questions in the first Murphy survey page is asking about the details of your visit. First, you need to select the time when you visited Papa Murphy’s Pizza outlet. For instance, you may go there before 3 pm, 3-5 pm, 5 -7 pm, and after 7 pm. Then, you have to state how you place your order. You may order the pizza via call in, walk in, or third party delivery service. Besides, you may order the pizza online via the mobile device such as phone or tablet.

  • The frequency of order.

The question on the next page asks about the frequency of visiting Papa Murphy’s. You may say that it was your first time visiting Papa Murphy’s. Besides, you may go to Papa Murphy’s about two or more times in a month or once a month. Furthermore, you may visit this store once every other month or less than six times in a year.

  • Overall satisfaction.

Papa Survey provides five scale points to reflect your satisfaction level. Just select number five if you think Papa Murphy’s gives you the excellent service. In contrast, select number one if Papa Murphy’s provides the poor service.

  • Rating about some statements.

To respond this section, you have to think about your recent visit. Then, state your agreement with several statements. First, the time you spent was quick. Then, your order was exactly as you want. The next, the food was great. The last, the Papa Murphy’s store was clean and well maintained.

  • Recommend.

Then, you have to select the rating to represent how likely you are to recommend Papa Murphy’s to others. You can select 1 up to 5 points.

  • The pizza you order.

Then, write down the type of pizza which you order at Papa Murphy’s. The next, you can select the type of crust you have on your pizza. For instance, you order thin, original, favorite, pan, gluten-free, or stuffed.

  • Baking details.

In this section, tell Papa Murphy’s when you bake your pizza dough. You can say that you bake within one hour of purchase, later than one hour but still on the same day, next day, or more than one day. The next, state your satisfaction with your pizza after baking it.

  • Personal details.

For the classification purpose, Papa Murphy’s requires the data about your age and gender. So, you have to select your gender. Then, choose the range of age.

  • Feedback.

Papa Murphy’s wants to improve the customers’ experience. So, this restaurant needs your help to make a betterment. You have to use this section well to write down your feedback about Papa Murphy’s. For instance, you can provide your experience when you order the pizza online at Papa Murphy’s. Besides, you also can tell your experience when you visit Papa Murphy’s outlet.

  • Your address
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Provide your address by writing the city, street address, zip code, and state. You should not worry providing this information. It is because Papa Murphy’s will not share your data with others. The aim to collect the customers’ address is only to find out the distance between the customers’ house and Papa murphy’s outlet.

Papa Murphy’s Customer Service

In case you have some issues related to Papa Murphy’s, you should not doubt to contact Papa Murphy’s Customer Care. Papa Murphy’s Customer Service staff is ready to listen to your feedback and questions. If you need help, they will be glad to assist you. You have the wide range of options to get in touch with Papa Murphy’s Customer Service staff. Check out the options below.

  1. By phone.

Calling Papa Murphy’s Customer Service is the best option when you have the urgent problem. You can ask your question and get the response from Papa Murphy’s staff. You can call 1 844 620 2501 to get the fast response from Papa Murphy’s.

  1. By mail.

Writing a letter may be the outdated way of communication. But, if you want to send the business inquiry, you can use this method. Just send your business letter to Papa Murphy’s. Then, address your letter to Papa Murphy’s International, Guest Service, 800 NE, Parkway DR. 350. Vancouver, WA 98662.

  1. Social media.

Social media is not just a trend. Nowadays, it becomes the effective tool to communicate. No doubt, many companies including Papa Murphy’s Pizza use social media to get in touch with the customers. If you want to get the updated info about Papa Murphy’s, you can follow its social media account. Papa Murphy’s has Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, as well as Pinterest account.

  1. Website.

Have you ever visited Papa Murphy’s website? Trust me, this portal provides the essential information about this pizza house. As the example, you can check Papa Murphy’s menu. Besides, the visitors also can browse the special offer and deals from Papa Murphy’s. Furthermore, Papa Murphy’s also allows the customers to contact the Customer Service by submitting the feedback form. Filling out Papa Murphy’s contact form is the alternative if you do not want to enter the survey. Through this form, you can express your feedback in details. Follow the guideline below if you want to submit Papa Murphy’s feedback through its official site.

  • Visit Papa Murphy’s official portal.

First of all, you have to access Then, in order to reach the feedback form, you have to select Contact Us. This option is available at the bottom of Papa Murphy’s website. Once you click Contact Us menu, the website will direct you to the feedback page.

  • Fill out the form.

Papa Murphy’s message form consists of some parts. For instance, it has the location details, visits information, contact details, as well as the comment section.

  • Choose Papa Murphy’s feedback type.

For the classification purpose, you have to select the type of feedback. Two types of feedback are available. For instance, you can select either Recent Visit Feedback or General Ordering. If you want to share your experience when you came to Papa Murphy’s, you have to choose Recent Visit Feedback. But, if you want to share the feedback about the online order, you have to choose General Ordering.

  • Specify your location.

The next, this form requires the location details. So, give the information about your location as specific as possible. First, you should click on the state or the province. Then, you can write down the city. The next, write down the full address including the street name and the zip code.

  • Provide the details of your visit.

The next, you need to specify the visit detail. For instance, you can tell when you visit Papa Murphy’s store. Include the date as well as the time. Also, select the type of your visit. You may purchase the pizza through the call in the order, online order, restaurant order, or Papa Murphy’s app order.

  • Supply the contact information.

You cannot provide the candid feedback. It is because Papa Murphy’s feedback form needs your contact information. So, you have to write down your name, mailing address, as well as the email address. If you need the response from Papa Murphy’s, you should select the way of Papa Murphy’s contact you. For instance, you may prefer to be contacted by phone, mail, or email.

  • Provide your comment.

Now, you are stepping the main part of Papa Murphy’s feedback form. You can write your feedback, message, or comment in details. In order to send your message, you can press the Submit button.

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