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Have you noticed beneficial information printed on your Papa Murphy’s purchase receipt If you have not, you’d better take a look at it once again. Then, you can find yourself getting invited to take part in Papa Murphys survey. Given to Papa Murphy’s customers, this survey is a means to find out if you are happy with services and products at Papa Murphy’s restaurant. To take part in this Papa survey, you only need to visit the survey website at and give your honest responses towards Papa survey questions. Next, you can submit your answers before you can receive a validation code that you can use as a Papa Murphy’s coupon. If you take this coupon to Papa Murphy’s restaurant location, you may get a chance to choose 1 of 3 survey rewards offered to you.

Need more explanations about Papa Murphy’s survey? We have prepared all information needed in this article to take part in Papasurvey for you. Happy reading!

papa murphys survey

papa murphys survey can be accessed at

About Papa Murphys Pizza

Papa Murphy’s is a pizza restaurant chain from the United States. However, this restaurant is quite different from other pizza restaurants as it offers take-and-concept for its pizzas. This means, the restaurant only makes the pizza without baking it. Then, customers can take the pizza and bake it at home. This way, customers can bake the pizza anytime they want. In addition, you may need some baking instructions before you bake the pizza that you have ordered. You may get the instructions directly at Papa Murphy’s restaurant directly or just visit Papa Murphy’s official website at to learn the baking instructions. Besides, Papa Murphy’s also serves other tasty dishes, such as salads, cheesy bread, chocolate chip cookie dough, smores dessert pizzas, cinnamon wheels, and soft drinks.

Papa Murphy’s has operated since 1981 when Terry Collins bought 2 local restaurant chains, Papa Aldo’s Pizza and Murphy’s Pizza. The headquarters is in Vancouver, Washington. This restaurant chain now is running more than 1500 branches in the United States, Canada, and Uni Emirates Arab. No wonder, Papa Murphy’s has been able to secure its position as the 5th biggest pizza restaurant chain in the United States.

papa murphys survey

How to get papa murphys coupon from papa survey

A guideline to take part in Papa Murphys survey

After all survey prerequisites are ready to use, you can take some steps of Papa Murphy’s survey now. This survey will only take 5 minutes up to 10 minutes. So, you do not need to worry if you will spend to much time on the survey website. You can learn what steps that you need to take for this Papa survey from the following information.

  1. Go to

First, you should go to the website of Papa survey. The website address is Once you reach the website, you will be able to read some information related to Papa Murphy’s survey.

  1. Enter Receipt Details
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Second, you can select how you want to enter Papa survey. you will have to choose 1 of 2 options available on this Papa Murphys survey website home page. In this step, you can decide to use:

  • Store Number

if you select this options, you should be able to provide the store number of Papa Murphy’s location in the provided field. You can find the store number on your Papa Murphy’s purchase receipt. This store number has 5 or 6 digits. Then, you should enter the date of your visit based on the receipt.

  • Store Locations

You can choose this option if it is not possible for you to use the store number of Papa Murphy’s location. After that, you can choose the locations based on the state name, the city name, and the store location address. Also, you need to fill in the date field to show the date of your visit to Papa Murphy’s location recently.

  1. Answer Papa Murphys survey questions

Third, you will be able to answer some questions on the website of Papa Murphys survey. The questions are about your recent visit experience at Papa Murphy’s restaurant. Here are some topics that may appear on the questions pages of Papa Murphys survey website.

  • Overall satisfaction with Papa Murphy’s,
  • Restaurant cleanliness.
  • Food qualities,
  • Staffs’ behaviors,
  • Service speed,
  • and some more questions

Then, you may also get some classification questions about your gender and age.

  1. Write Down the Validation Code

Finally, you can receive the validation code when you have finished all of the questions from Papa Murphys survey. You can go take your pen to write down the validation code on your Papa Murphy’s purchase receipt. then, you can bring the receipt with the code on it to Papa Murphy’s restaurant location. You will be able to redeem the survey reward there. A restaurant staff will offer you 3 choices and you can only take 1 survey reward only.

Tips to Find Papa Murphys deals

Everyone must be fond of enjoying pizzas with the lower process, right? And the happiness will be double if the pizzas are free to enjoy. Now, it is not impossible to be true because Papa Murphy’s has got several ways to satisfy your needs of tasty pizzas. There are some deals from Papa Murphy’s restaurant that you should try at least once. These are the ways to find Papa Murphy’s deals.

  1. Take Part in Papa survey

There are Papa Murphys coupons for all participants of Papa survey. After you take part in Papa Murphys survey at, you will get a validation code that will function as coupons. You can redeem it with 1 of 3 choices offered to you at Papa Murphy’s restaurant.

  1. Visit Papa Murphy’s website

You can visit Papa Murphy’s website to find the newest offers from this restaurant. In case you are wondering about the current, Papa Murphys specials This website has a “Specials” section that informs you about some limited menu items at Papa Murphy’s.

  1. Download Papa Murphy’s Mobile App

Papa Murphy’s Mobile App can be a way for you to receive a lot of special offers from Papa Murphy’s restaurant. So, do not hesitate t download this app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

  1. Subscribe Papa Murphy’s Emails
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You can subscribe emails to get offers from Papa Murphy’s regularly. You only need to visit Papa Murphy’s website and submit your email address in a provided field.

  1. Join Papa Murphy’s eClub

If you want to join Papa Murphy’s eClub, you can go to the restaurant website to fill in the registration form. After that, you can prepare yourself to receive benefits from Papa Murphy’s. For example, you will get a 25% discount as Papa Murphys rewards right after you have done the registration process.

  1. Follow social media pages

Be sure you follow Papa Murphy’s social media pages. You will not regret being a part of these beneficial pages as you can find many offers and promotions posted on the pages.

  1. Go to Papa Murphy’s Stores Nearby

There are local stores that may provide special offers for certain occasions or certain people. For instance, seniors and military personnel may get discounts for some purchases at local restaurant locations.

  1. Find Deal Sites

You can always surf the internet to find online deal sites. Such deal sites will offer you Papa Murphys coupons and promo codes that will let you save your dollars while enjoying Papa Murphy’s delicious menu items.

How to find Papa Murphys near me

There are some smart ways that may help you to find the nearest location of Papa Murphy’s’ restaurant. You can try the following methods to search for your preferred location.

  1. Papa Murphy’s Restaurant Locator

The only place to go when you need to use Papa Murphy’s Restaurant Locator is the restaurant website. After that, you will be able to operate it in some easy steps. if you have not ever done it, you may use the instructions below as the guideline.

  • Go to Papa Murphys website

Firstly, you should go to Papa Murphy’s website at

  • Enter ZIP Code

Secondly, you can Find A Store by providing a ZIP code in the search field.

  • Click Search

Thirdly, you can click the Search button to get the search result. After you click this button, you will get directed to a page at

Papa Murphy’s Restaurant Locator is able to help you find complete information about the nearest Papa Murphy’s restaurant location in your region. This restaurant locator provides information about restaurant address, restaurant phone number, open hours, and the distance from your current place to the restaurant that you prefer. Besides, Papa Murphy’s Restaurant Locator also has a feature to show a map that will be useful to find the specific ways to reach the restaurant location. Moreover, you can place your orders from this locator as well.

  1. Papa Murphy’s Mobile App

You can rely on Papa Murphy’s Mobile App when you need to find the closest Papa Murphy’s restaurant location in your area if you have installed it on your mobile device. In addition, this mobile app has several features that will be beneficial to do some tasks related to Papa Murphy’s restaurant. For instance, you can customize your own pizza, place online orders, and get some interesting deals from Papa Murphy’s restaurant. In case you have not got this app in your device, you may download it from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

  1. Search Engine
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If you have a browser in your device, you can take advantage of its search engine to locate the nearest Papa Murphy’s restaurant location. You will only have to type some keywords in the search field. Then, the search result will appear after some seconds. Besides, the search engine will be able to get information about Papa survey as well.

Steps to Submit Feedbacks at

If you do not take part in Papa survey, it does not mean you cannot share your visit experience at Papa Murphy’s restaurant. You can still voice out your opinions by sending some voluntary feedbacks to Papa Murphy’s via the website. These are the steps to do it.

  1. Go to

First, you must go to the website at

  1. Click Contact Us

Second, you should click Contact Us button on the lower part of the website. This button will take you to the contact page of Papa Murphy’s website.

  1. Fill in the form

Third, you can fill in a feedback form on the contact page. You can enter some information, such as:

  • Feedback type

There are 2 options that you can select in this section. Those are:

  • visit experience feedback
  • ordering feedback
  • Location information

You may inform the location information, including the state, the city, and the restaurant address.

  • Visit information

This section requires information about your visit date, visit time, and visit type.

  • Contact Details

There are some details that you can provide here, such as your first name, last name, complete address, phone number, and email address.

  • Comments

You can enter your comments in the provided field. Make sure you tell the feedbacks as clear as you can.

  1. Submit

After all the fields have been completed, you can click the Submit button under the feedback form.

How to Contact Papa Murphy’s Customer Service

Did you get some issues related to your visit experience at Papa Murphy’s? you’d better let Papa Murphy’s knows it all by contacting its customer service representatives. Then, they will help you find the solutions to fix the issues. To reach them, you can try the following methods

  1. Website

Papa Murphy’s website has a page that you can use to contact its customer service representatives. If you prefer contacting the customer service using this method, you can visit the official website of Papa Murphy’s website at

  1. Mailing

It is also possible to contact Papa Murphy’s customer service by mailing post. Make sure you send your letters for Papa Murphy’s to the address below.

Papa Murphy’s International

Attn: Guest Services 8000 NE Parkway Dr. #350

Vancouver, Washington, 98662

the United States

  1. Phone

In case you need to get immediate help from Papa Murphy’s customer service, you’d better talk to them by phone. the hotline will be available at 7.00 a.m. to 11.00 p.m. Central Standard Time. to call them by phone, you can dial 1-844-620-2501.

  1. social media

it will be nice to share your feedbacks through Papa Murphy’s social media. It is because you may get fresh information from Papa Murphy’s restaurant every single day. You can follow the pages using these links:

  • Facebook:
  • Instagram:
  • Twitter:
  • Pinterest:

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