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Well guys, do you often visit Papa Murphy’s Pizza? If you often go there maybe you already know some of their menus. Papa Murphy’s is one of the popular pizza restaurants. Pizza is identical to the Italian. But now you don’t need to go to Italy to enjoy the delights of pizza. They will serve various kinds of pizza for you. So you can choose a pizza variant through toppings, pizza crust, and sauce types. If you often visit there, maybe you already have a favorite pizza. But it’s not wrong if you know other menus. So you can try other flavors to avoid boredom. Then you can take the package menu if you are visiting with your friends. So you need to know about Papa Murphys Menu Prices.

Through Papa Murphys website you can increase knowledge about the menu and prices of their products. Before we discuss the Menu Prices, we find out the profile of this restaurant first. Papa Murphy’s uses the concept of take n pizza since 1981. They produce their own pizza dough. The commitment they build is to serve fresh pizza. Amazingly here you can make your own pizza. Starting from choosing the crust type. Do you choose original, thin, pan or stuffed crust? Then you can choose fresh ingredients to serve with your pizza. Next, you can bring home the pizza from them. Furthermore, you only need to pop it in the oven and the pizza is ready to be served for your family.

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papa murphys menu prices
the menu prices of Papa Murphys can be accessed at

How to Check Papa Murphys Menu Prices.

Here we will explain how to find out the Papa Murphys Pizza Menu. Besides being able to find out the name of the menu, you can also find out Papa Murphys Prices. The old way to find out the menu is to come to the restaurant and see the menu book. Now we live in the era of technology and the internet. All information you can access via the internet. So they have followed technological developments by utilizing the internet. Furthermore, they use the internet as a media campaign. So this restaurant is able to reach consumers all over the world. So you can access the Menu Prices information through social media and restaurant websites. Usually, you need to access the official website first. Then they will direct you to the nearest restaurant website.

  1. Visit their official website and social media. There you can usually order online. So you can see the menu list and the price of the pizza there. But we will discuss how to find out the menu via the website. Because the website provides more complete information compared to social media. Here’s the Papa Murphy’s website.
  2. Then click on the “Our Menu” menu. There you can see 4 groups of pizza menus. They are signatures, Gourmet Delite, Stuffed, and Create your Own. So they offer you the pizza with crust, topping, and sauce. The concept of this restaurant is different. So you need to choose your own pizza from crust, sauce and topping ingredients. Here are the menu details that you can order for your own pizza.
  • Types of Crust at Papa Murphys Pizza Menu. So you can choose several types of crust. They are thin, original, fresh pan, stuffed and gluten-free. Then Papa Murphy’s has provided baking instructions for you. You only need to click on the baking instructions button under the crust type. Thus the pizza you serve will be according to your expectations.
  • Sauce Types at Papa Murphys. As for the type of sauce for pizza, they provide 3 choices for you. You can choose your own favorite sauce.
  • The size of the pizza you can order.

Well, guys, they provide various sizes of pizza. So you can order pizza according to the number of consumers. Thus you don’t need to worry about your remaining pizza. Because you can order the pizza of a certain size. Here you can order pizzas with sizes ranging from Small to X Large. They are 8 inches for 6 pieces, 10 inches for 8 pieces, 12 inches for 10 pieces and 14 inches for 10 pieces.

  • Topping ingredients that you can choose.

As for topping material you can choose from several groups. They are a group of ingredients of meat, vegetables, and cheese toppings. The group of meat ingredients consists of pepperoni, sausage, beef, and chicken meat. While the cheese ingredients group consists of mozzarella, feta, parmesan, and combinations. If the pizza without cheese and meat becomes incomplete. So make pizza with the ingredients you want.

  1. If you want to know the price of pizza, you need to choose the “Order Now” menu. There you can make your own pizza by choosing ingredients like the previous review.

Some of the ingredients above are the basis for making your own pizza. So you can’t determine the Prices. Because the price of pizza depends on the ingredients you use. When you order, Papa Murphys prices will appear according to your pizza. But there is another menu that you can order there. You can order spaghetti, tomato soup, garlic toast, dessert, and drinks. Isn’t this an interesting restaurant? Thus you will have your own warm pizza to serve at home. But if you don’t want to bake pizza, you can order ready-to-eat pizza. After enjoying the pizza, you should not miss taking part in Papasurvey. This way, you can get the reward from papa Murphys.

The List of Papa Murphys Menu

Once you know the type of menu at Papa Murphy’s restaurant, now you need to know the price. So we will mention the prices of each menu group. Thus you can calculate your expenses when buying pizza. Because the price of pizza will match the ingredients you choose. The following lists of the Menu Prices at Papa Murphys.

  1. Papa Murphys Signature Menu Prices.

In this menu group, you can enjoy pizza with classic recipes. They use the original crust on this pizza. Here’s a list of menus and prices for the Signature pizza group.

  1. Papa Murphys Gourmet Delite.

Next, you can enjoy gourmet toppings in this menu group. Then they used thin crust in making pizza in the Gourmet group. Here’s a list of names and prices of pizza in the gourmet menu group.

Papa Murphys Pizza MenuPrices
Spicy Fennel Sausage (Original Crust)$16.00
Angus Steak & Roast Garlic (Original Crust)$14.00
Chicken Bacon Artichoke (Original Crust)$13.00
Gourmet Vegetarian (Original Crust)$14.00
Herb Chicken Mediterranean (Original Crust)$15.00
Thai Chicken (Original Crust)$15.00
Chicken Garlic (Original Crust)$14.00
Murphy's Combo (Original Crust)$14.00
Garden Veggie (Original Crust)$14.00
Papa's Favorite (Original Crust)$14.00
Papa's All Meat (Original Crust)$14.00
  1. Papa Murphys Stuffed Pizza Menu Prices.

While in this menu group, you can enjoy two-layer pizza. This means you can add stuff to your pizza. They use the original crust type on this pizza. Toppings that are usually spread over pizza, you can enjoy as a pizza filling. There are four menu options in this category. You can order 5-meat, Chicago Style, Big Murphys, and Chicken Bacon.

  1. Papa Murphys Prices for Topping’s menu.

When you make your own pizza, you can add some of your favorite ingredients. So you can add gourmet, cheese, meat, and vegetables. They have different prices. Then the value of these additives will be accumulated with the type of pizza you choose. The following are the toppings you can choose. For instance, you can choose Gourmet topping or Classic topping.

  1. Papa Murphys Prices for Starters, Sides and Dessert.

Here they don’t only serve pizza. But they also provide starters, sides, and dessert. So what are you waiting for? Complete your order with the following menu.

Papa Murphys dessert and sides menuprices
Garden Salad$5.00
S'mores Dessert Pizza$4.00
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough$4.00
Cinnamon Wheel$4.00
Classic Cheesy Bread$5.00
  1. Papa Murphys Prices for Drinks.

In this menu group, they only serve soft drinks.

How to get Papa Murphys Coupons.

After you know the menu list and price, of course, you want to get a profit. Restaurants usually provide rewards for their consumers. Papa Murphy’s Restaurant has an employee benefit program. Have you ever gotten Papa Murphys Coupons? Here we recommend that you frequently check their website. Because this restaurant gives Papa Murphys Specials and Coupons through the website. Here’s how to get Papa Murphys Coupons through the website.

  1. Visit Papa Murphy’s Restaurant official website. You can use the link below.

  1. Then click on the “Sign Up for Offers” menu. There you will see a form to make Papa Murphys Coupons.
  2. Then you need to fill out the form. Here you need to write your first name, last name, telephone number, ZIP code, and email. Make sure that all information you enter is correct. Because they will send a coupon through your contact person.
  3. Next, mark the 3 conditions that you must obey. First, receive a promotion via email. Second, receive a promotion via SMS. Third, you are old enough and agree to all the terms of Papa Murphy’s Restaurant.
  4. Finally, click on the join now button.

For your information, you also can earn Papa Murphys pizza coupons from Papa Murphys Survey. You can take this survey at After survey, you will get Papa Murphys validation code.

How to Use Papa Murphys Coupons.

So after you fill out the form, Papa Murphy’s will give you promotions regularly. They will provide promotions via email or SMS. As a reward for you, they offer online coupons. Here’s how to use your coupon.

  1. Previously you will receive a coupon via email or SMS. Then each coupon has a code. So when ordering online, you can take advantage of your coupon. If you use the coupon, you will get a discount of 20% – 25%.
  2. This coupon is valid in just 6 days. So after 6 days the code on your coupon will expire.
  3. You only need to access Then make an online order there.
  4. Enter the code in the available column. Thus you can save your expenses for ordering pizza.
How to Search Papa Murphys Near Me.

Well guys, now we will explain how to find the closest Papa Murphy’s restaurant. Because if the restaurant location is close, you will be easier to access them. Previously, surely you already know the google map application. So you can use the application to find out the location of Papa Murphy’s. But if you want complete and valid information, you can search for Papa Murphys Near Me through the website. Before we search for the nearest location, you need to prepare the device and internet network. Because you can only access the website if your device has internet service. Here are the steps to find the nearest restaurant.

  1. Visit Papa Murphy’s Restaurant official website. You can use the link below.

  1. Then scroll your device’s screen down. There you will find the Find Your Store column.
  2. Next, enter your ZIP code.
  3. Click on the right arrow. There you will see several restaurants.
  4. Select the restaurant that has the closest distance to your location. Then you will see some information. First, you can access their website. Second, you can find out their telephone number and hours of operation. Third, you can use directions to restaurants.
Papa Murphys Customer Service.

After you find out about Papa Murphys Menu Price, now you need to know how to contact them. Because sometimes you have questions or complaints about service in restaurants. In addition to using a customer service phone number, you can use the telephone at a nearby restaurant. Here’s how to contact Papa Murphy’s Restaurant.

  1. So you can use their website.

If you use the website you must choose the contact us menu. There you can contact them by entering a comment on the website. Previously you need to fill out a form. Here are the links that you can use to access their website.

  • First, choose one of the topics you want to discuss.
  • Second, enter the Papa Murphy’s location that you visited.
  • Third, enter the date and time of your visit to the restaurant.
  • Fourth, enter your identity. Fifth, write your comment to the restaurant in the available column.
  • Finally, click on the submit button.
  1. You can ask the officer by telephone.

If there are urgent problems, you should use this method. You can make calls within the restaurant’s operating hours. Then they will serve you from 7 am to 11 pm. Here’s the Papa Murphy’s phone number. 1-844-620-2501.

  1. You can convey opinions through their social media.
  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:
  • Instagram:
  • Pinterest:
  1. Last, you can contact them via mail. Here’s the address from Papa Murphy’s International.

Attn: Guest Services 8000 NE Parkway Dr. # 350

Vancouver, WA 98662

You can purchase Papa Murphys Pizza at the lower price by using Papa Murphys Coupons. So, you need to find out the way to earn Papa Murphys Pizza Coupons. You can CLICK HERE for more details.