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Do you have an Outback Steakhouse survey invitation on your receipt? Well, it is good news! You can use the survey to Tell Outback about your feedbacks. You may share your visit experience on the survey website. Besides, you may give your Outback Steakhouse review related to its restaurant’s products, and services. Moreover, Outback Steakhouse will grant Outback Steakhouse coupons for every survey participant. You may bring the coupons to redeem them on your next visit. The coupons will be redeemable for free bloomin onion. And if you are super lucky, you can win a check worth $1000 from this Outback Steakhouse survey sweepstakes.

Now, you can have more information about Outback Steakhouse coupons and survey in this article. Happy reading!

About Outback Steakhouse

Outback Steakhouse is an American restaurant chain with an Australian theme. The headquarters is Outback Steakhouse is in Tampa, Florida. This restaurant was started by 4 best friends in March 1988. Chris T. Sullivan, Bob Basham, Tim Gannon, and Trudy Cooper were the founders of Outback Steakhouse. They had the first Outback Steakhouse location in Tampa, Florida. Today, there are more than 1000 Outback Steakhouse locations in 23 countries. Customers will be able to find them in North America, South America, Asia, and Australia.

When you visit Outback Steakhouse restaurant, you can enjoy traditional American foods, such as steak, ribs, grilled chicken, pasta, and seafood. Besides, there are some menus for lunch, dinner, sides, desserts, and beverages as well. The signature dish of this restaurant is Bloomin’ Onion. It is a big onion that is cut to bloom and bread it in flour and deep fried.

outback steakhouse specials

outback steakhouse specials

Rules of Outback Steakhouse Sweepstakes

In case you want to enter Outback Steakhouse Sweepstakes, there is some information that you should know about it. you can learn about it here.

  1. Participants

This sweepstakes only allows participants with the following conditions.

  • Participants are from the US legal residents from 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico.
  • The age is not less than 18 years old.
  • Participants are not Outback Steakhouse employees or their immediate family members.
  1. Sweepstakes Period

This Outback sweepstake will run from January 1st, 2019 up to March 21st, 2019.

  1. Methods

There 2 methods accepted for this sweepstake, such as:

  • Online

If you enter the sweepstakes online, you should go to Telloutback official site at www.telloutback.com. You can take Outback survey on this website.

  • Offline

You can enter it offline by sending a postcard with your contact information. Then, you can send it to the official Outback Steakhouse sweepstakes address.

  1. Winners

The sweepstakes will conduct 3 random drawing. There will be 1 Grand Prize winner and 80 First Prize winners in each drawing.

  1. Rewards

The rewards for the winners are:

  • Grand Prize: a check worth $1000
  • First Prize: Bloomin Brand Gift Card worth $50 for every first prize winner
outback steakhouse coupons

how to get outback steakhouse coupons

Steps to Take Part in Outback Steakhouse survey

Outback customer survey or Telloutback is easy to do. You will finish all of the survey steps in less than 10 minutes. These are the steps to take it.

  1. Visit Outback Steakhouse Survey Website

First, you must visit the survey website of Outback Steakhouse restaurant. It is available at www.telloutback.com.

  1. Select a language
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Second, you may select a language before you take the survey. This website uses English as its default language setting. But, you can change it into Spanish by clicking Español link.

  1. Enter Survey Invitation Code

Third, you can enter the invitation code from Outback survey. This code has 18 digits in length. You will find it printed on your Outback Steakhouse purchase receipt. if you have done this step, you may click the Start button.

  1. Answer Survey Questions

Fourth, you may answer some questions on this survey website. The questions are about your satisfaction level, foods you purchase, food qualities, restaurant facilities, and some more questions related to your visit experience at Outback Steakhouse restaurant.

  1. Join Sweepstakes

Fifth, you can join this sweepstake automatically. To join it, you only have to provide your contact information, such as name, complete home address, phone number, and email address.

  1. Write Validation Code

Finally, you can write the validation code. However, this code is seasonal. It means it will appear when Outback Steakhouse does not conduct customer sweepstakes. So, if you receive a validation code, you can write t down on your receipt. Then, you may use it as your coupon to get Outback bloomin onion for free.

The Newest Deals from Outback Steakhouse

Do you need information about Outback Steakhouse specials? These are some special menu options that you can order at the restaurant.

  1. Aussie 4- Course

This special menu allows you to have 4 courses at once. The courses include soup, salad, entree, and cheesecake. Each of the courses has choices that you can select based on your preferences. Besides, the weights of the entree will affect the prices. The 4 courses of Outback special menu prices start from $15.99.

  1. Big Australia

Outback Steakhouse has a special and big entree for its lovers. There are some options that you can have from this big menu, such as 18 Oz Center-Cut Sirloin Topped With Roasted Garlic Butter, Ultimate Great Barrier Combo, Alice Springs Chicken® & Gold Coast Coconut Shrimp, Roasted Garlic Shrimp-Topped Filet, Steakhouse Quesadilla, Crab Cakes, and several mouthwatering choices.

  1. Aussie Party Platters

These platters can be a great way to have your meals with your loved ones. It is because each serving of one platter can be enjoyed by 4 up to 6 people. The special platters from Outback Steakhouse are Kookaburra Wings Party Platter, Baby Back Ribs Party Platter, Gold Coast Coconut Shrimp Party Platter, and some more choices.

  1. Bloomin’ Blonde Ale

Outback Steakhouse has created this Bloomin’ Blonde Ale for those beer fans. This beer will taste great if you have it with Outback steak menu. However, this special beverage from Outback is only those above 21 years old.

  1. Walkabout Wednesday

You can order this Walkabout Wednesday special menu every Wednesday. This menu includes some choices of classic Outback entrées, Aussie Fries and a small beer or cold Coca-Cola product.

Where to Find Outback Steakhouse Deals?

It is not difficult to find Outback Steakhouse deals if you know how to do it. You may pay attention to the following list where you can find Outback Steakhouse without difficulties.

  1. Outback Steakhouse website

All of the information about Outback Steakhouse deals are available on its official website. You can reach it at www.outback.com. Then, you may subscribe to email on this website. This way, you can receive special offers from Outback Steakhouse by email.

  1. Mobile App

Outback Steakhouse mobile app is available on Google Play Store or Apple App Store. If you download this app, it will be easy for you to receive Outback Steakhouse deals and offers regularly.

  1. Social Media Pages
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Customers may find a lot of promotions and offer on Outback Steakhouse social media pages. Thus, it will be helpful if you follow Outback pages on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram if you do not want to miss anything from this restaurant.

  1. Online Deal Sites

You may use your browser to find online deal sites with Outback Steakhouse deals. however, you must make sure the sites that you use are safe.

Smart Tips to Get Outback Steakhouse Coupons

Are you eager to get Outback coupons? Well, you may try the following tips to win Outback coupons easily. This is the explanation for you.

  1. Take part in Outback Steakhouse Customer Survey

Outback Steakhouse will grant you a coupon every time you take part in its customer survey. You just need to visit www.telloutback.com. After you have answered all of the survey questions on the website, you can receive a validation code. The code will work as your coupon to enjoy Outback free bloomin onion.

  1. Download Mobile App

You can download Outback Mobile App to get restaurant coupons. The app will allow you to save coupons easily. Besides, you can earn Outback rewards using this app. It will save all of your coupons. this way, you do not need to bring any coupon folders or search for emails to find the coupons.

  1. Join Dine Rewards

Dine Rewards is a loyalty program from Outback Steakhouse restaurant. You can join this program easily on Outback official website. If your registration process is successful, you can start using the account to get a discount as the rewards. Outback Steakhouse will give you 50% discount on your 4th visit to this restaurant. To get the discount, you should make 3 qualified visits in 6 months with a purchase of $20 at least. The purchase you make here can include food or non-alcoholic beverages. You ay use your Outback Steakhouse mobile app to redeem the rewards.

  1. Visit Local restaurant

If you try to visit any local Outback Steakhouse restaurants, you may get information on how to get Outback coupons. Some Outback locations may give away limited edition coupons for certain occasions. It can be for special public holidays or celebrations. So, do not hesitate to visit the nearest Outback Steakhouse locations in your area and ask for information about Outback coupons.

  1. Find Deal Sites

You will find a lot of deal sites on the internet. The online deal sites may offer you new promo codes from Outback Steakhouse or Outback printable coupons. Just make sure you take the offers from trusted online deal sites. So, you can keep yourself away from any fraudulence attempts.

How to Submit Outback Steakhouse Feedbacks at www.outback.com

It does not matter if you cannot take part in the Outback survey. You can still have a chance to share your Outback feedback through its website. The following instructions will show you how to submit your feedbacks at www.outback.com.

  1. Go to www.outback.com

First, you should visit the Outback Steakhouse official website. You will be able to reach the website at www.outback.com.

  1. Click Contact

Second, you can click the Contact button. You have to scroll down the website home page to find this button. It is because this button is available on the navigation bar on the lower part of the Outback Steakhouse website. If you have clicked this button, you will get directed to Outback Steakhouse contact page.

  1. Fill In Feedback Form

Third, you may start completing a feedback form provided on the contact page. this online form will require some information for, such as:

  • Feedback Subject
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The first section is about the subject of your feedback. you can choose one of the following options. For instance, it is about Outback Steakhouse restaurant, your order experience, general comments, suggestions, questions, gift card information, dining rewards, or digital experience.

  • Feedback Topic

The second section is for your feedback topic. The topic will come out after you select a feedback subject. It means every subject will bring different feedback topics. For example, if you choose general comments as your subjects, you can choose general feedback as your feedback topic.

  • Contact Information

The third section is related to your contact information. you have to leave your contact information here. So, it will be easy for Outback Steakhouse to contact you back if it is necessary. You may inform your first name, last name, and home address in this feedback form.

  • Comments

The last section is for your comments. You can type in your feedback in the provided field. you have 2000 characters to elaborate your feedbacks for Outback Steakhouse products and services.

  1. Submit

Lastly, you can submit your feedback when you have completed all of the fields in the form. You may tick a statement to verify that you are 18 years old when you submit your feedbacks. then, you just need to click Submit button to end the steps for submitting Outback Steakhouse feedbacks via the website.

How to Contact Outback Steakhouse Customer Service

Have you found any issues at Outback Steakhouse? You need to contact Outback Steakhouse customer service about it. These are some ways to reach the service.

  1. Website

You may want to contact Outback Steakhouse Customer Service via the website. Then, you can do that by visiting the restaurant official website at www.outback.com. You will find a page on the website where you can fill in the feedback form. It means you can share your feedbacks as specific as you want directly to Outback Steakhouse management team. If you wonder how to submit your feedback through the Outback Steakhouse website, you can use the instructions in the previous section on this article.

  1. Mailing

Do you want to contact the customer service of Outback Steakhouse restaurant y mailing? It is easy. You can write down your feedbacks on some pieces of letters. Then, you may send them to Outback Steakhouse corporate office at:

Outback Steakhouse

2202 North West Shore Boulevard

Tampa, Florida, 33607

the United States

  1. Email

Outback Steakhouse provides an email address in case customers need to inform their issues about Outback Steakhouse restaurants. Besides, you can use this way to tell your Outback complaints related to Outback Steakhouse gift cards. Just send your email to emailbloominbrands@wgiftcard.com.

  1. Phone

If you need immediate help from the Customer Service representatives of Outback Steakhouse, you only need to reach them by phone. This restaurant has provided 2 phone numbers that you may use when you need to tell issues about Outback Steakhouse. These are the numbers.

  • Customer Service: (813) 282-1225
  • Gift Card Complaints: 877-859-4734
  1. Social Media

As a big restaurant company, Outback Steakhouse has got its pages on some social media platforms. You can visit the pages when you are eager to send your feedbacks easily. Moreover, you will find a lot of promotions and updates from Outback Steakhouse restaurant if you visit the pages. Now, you can use the following links to reach Outback Steakhouse social media pages.

  • Facebook: www.facebook.com/outback
  • Instagram: instagram.com/outback
  • Twitter: twitter.com/outback

Do you want to get Outback Reward? You can take part in TellOutback survey and win some cash from Outback. You can click HERE for the further details.

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