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Are you a newcomer in American Airlines, Inc. Company? You may need information about Newjetnet Employment Portal, right? Do not worry. You are in the right place to collect the information. if you are a new employee of this airline company, you should know about Newjetnet Employment Portal. Besides, you should be a user of this employment portal. You will be glad if you have been the user of Newjetnet Employment Portal. It is because this portal will give you a lot of benefits. To make it clearer, you can keep on reading the following explanation. We have provided information about the portal benefits, steps to create account, how to login account, and procedures to reset password on Newjetnet Employment Portal.

What is Newjetnet Employment Portal?

You should know that Newjetnet Employment Portal is an online portal run by American Airlines, Inc. this company has created this portal for its employees. As a giant airline company, it is not surprising that there are a lot of people working here. Indeed, this company has hired more than a hundred thousand employees to work for this company. No wonder, it must be very hard to handle a big number of employees with different duties every day. Thus, Newjetnet Employment Portal comes with a purpose. This portal has a goal to be helpful for American Airlines Company and its employees. It should connect the company and the employees to enhance the better working environment in American Airlines company.

newjetnet login

newjetnet login field is accessible at

Moreover, you do not need to worry about the security system on this Employment Portal. It is because American airlines Jetnet portal is not for the public. Only registered users will be able to access this employment portal. And strangers will get penalties if they dare to use Newjetnet Portal. So, you can keep your personal information on this portal without worries. If you want to know more about your rights and obligations as a user of Newjetnet Employment Portal, you can read the complete information on the Usage Term section at

Prerequisites for Account Registration on Newjetnet Employment Portal

To enjoy the benefits of Newjetnet Employment Portal, you should make an account registration on it first.  This is why it is necessary for you to prepare all the things needed for the account registration on this portal. Besides, complete prerequisites will make the registration feel easier for you. before you start the Sign Up process on Newjetnet Employment Portal, you’d better have the following things ready.

newjetnet register steps

newjetnet register steps

  1. American Airlines Employee ID

You will need an employee ID of American Airlines when you fill in the form of account registration on Newjetnet Employment Portal. You can find this Employee ID printed on your American Airlines ID card. This employee ID consists of 8 digits. You can get this employee ID card once you officially become an employee of American Airlines, Inc.

  1. A device
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Your device will help you to access Newjetnet Employment Portal. You can decide which device which will be the most convenient and affordable for you. It is permissible for you to use a laptop, a personal computer, a tablet, or a smartphone to do the account registration on Newjetnet Employment Portal. If you have got the device, make sure you install a browser in it. The browser will take you to the portal you want to visit.

  1. The internet connection

As you know, Newjetnet Employment Portal is an online employment portal. Of course, you should provide the internet connection for your account registration. Then, you should be certain that the connection is stable. This way, you will be able to minimize the error during the Sign Up process. Besides, you will need the internet connection as long as you access Newjetnet Employment Portal.

Procedures to Sign Up Account on Newjetnet Employment Portal

In case your preparation is complete, it means you are ready to sign up on Newjetnet Employment Portal. We have provided the simple steps to do the registration. Just follow the instructions below.

  1. Visit

First, you should go to if you want to visit the official site of Newjetnet Employment Portal. For your information, this portal used to use It is an old address of this employment portal. If you access this portal using, you will fail to reach the official employment portal of American Airlines. Next, you do not need to change the language setting. Newjetnet Employment Portal does not provide other languages here. So, you will only use English on this portal.

  1. Click First Time User

Second, you can click the First Time User link. You will find this under the login field. Then, if you click this link, there will be more information show up on the portal.

  1. Click Register Now

Third, you can click Register Now link. This link will appear once you click First Time User. Next, this link will take you to the next page for First Time User Registration.

  1. Enter Employee ID

Fourth, you can enter your employee ID in the provided filed. This is the ID which you can locate on your American Airlines Employee ID card. Besides, you can enter a contractor number if you have one. After that, you can click the Submit button.

  1. Fill in basic information

Fifth, you should submit some basic information on this Newjetnet portal. You can fill in with your name, birth date, and home address.

  1. Create Password

Sixth, you can create a password to secure your Newjetnet account. Make sure you create a strong password. So, your account will be difficult to get hacked.

  1. Answer Security Questions

Seventh, you can answer Newjetnet security questions. The questions will help you to get your password in times you forget about it.

If you have done all the steps, it means your registration process is complete. Congrats! You have successfully joined Newjetnet Employment Portal now. Be ready to get the benefits of this portal.

How to Sign In Account on Newjetnet Employment Portal

Now, it is the time for you to sign in to your new account. You can do this if the registration process on Newjetnet Employment Portal is successful. There are some steps to Sign In to your Newjetnet account. It will only take a few minutes to do all the steps, though. The following instructions will help you to learn how to Sign In.

  1. Go to
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First, you should be on the page of Newjetnet Employment Portal. It is the same page you visit when you start to register your account. The website address is

  1. Enter User ID

Second, you must enter your User ID in the provided field. If you cannot remember it well, you can grab your American Airlines Employee ID card to see your it.

  1. Fill in Password

Third, there will be a password field which you need to fill in. This is the password you have created when you sign up the account on this portal in the previous time.

  1. Click Login

Finally, you may click the Login button. Once you click this button, you can enter your Newjetnet account. Kudos! You can explore your account now. Maximize this account to enhance the quality of your working performance.

How to Reset Password on Newjetnet Employment Portal

Do you get problems when you try to Sign In to your New Jetnet login Portal? You do not need to be panic. You can just reset your password. Besides, you can do the same thing when you want to renew your password to make your account more secure? There are some steps to reset your password on Newjetnet Employment Portal. Pay attention to the following procedure

  1. Access Newjetnet Employment Portal

First, you should access to reach Newjetnet Employment Portal.

  1. Click Forgot Your Password

Second, you can click Forgot Your Password link. It is under the password field on the Login box. If you click it, you will see Identify Self Service page.

  1. Identify your account

Third, you should fill in the information related to your account identification. The information is your User ID. You may use your Employee ID card to do this.

  1. Answer Security Questions

Fourth, you must answer some security questions. The questions will help you to get your password.

  1. Set a New Password

Fifth, you can set a new password for your Newjetnet account. You can try this new password when you have done this step.

The Benefits of Newjetnet Employment Portal

As we have mentioned above, Aa jetnet Employment Portal will give multiple benefits for American Airlines company and employees as well. By creating this employment portal, the company will get valid information about the employees. Besides, the company may use this portal to share its latest information for all users of Newjetnet Employment Portal. This way, it will be easy and quick for employees to receive the message form the company.

Further, Newjetnet Employment Portal also gives benefits for American Airlines Employees. If they create an account on this portal,  they will have chances to do the following activities.

  1. Update Information

You will be able to update your information on your Newjetnet account. You can submit this information when you are registering your account on this portal. But, what if the condition has changed? It is easy. You can change the information which you have submitted on the account anytime you need. This employment portal allows employees to renew information on their accounts.

  1. Check Payment
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All Newjetnet users can check their payment online. The payment system of this company is very sophisticated now. Hence, you will not receive printed pay stubs at the time you get the monthly salary. Your Newjetnet account will show the details of the payment for you. The details include the tax and the deduction. Besides, you may check your payment by American Airlines Epays.

  1. Check Benefits

American Airlines will give benefits to its employees as the appreciation of their loyalty and dedication towards the company. There are several benefits which employees can check on Newjetnet Employment Portal. For example, they may get informed about their Medical plan, dental plan, health payment, and life insurance. All of the information about these benefits is accessible once you are signing in to your Newjetnet account.

  1. View Documents

You can use this employment portal to view important documents. This feature will help you to handle your duties here. This will make your job much easier because you can access the documents whenever and wherever you want. So, it will be quick to check your task when you are on duties.

  1. View Schedules

Newjetnet Employment Portal has provided a feature to allow its users to view their working schedules. Besides, you may update the information about your schedule on your account. moreover, you will really need this feature in case you are part-time employees of American Airlines. It is because you may get different schedules per week. And flight attendants, the schedules available on this portal will help them to get information about the flight they should attend.

About American Airlines

It will be incomplete if we talk about Newjetnet Employment Portal without mentioning American Airlines. If you want to know more, we have provided a short review of American Airlines for you. American Airlines, Inc. is an airlines company based in the United States. It is also famous as AA. This company started this business in 1926. Then, it became bigger after a union with around 80 small airlines occurred in 1930 and it went as American Airways. Next, this company changed its name to American Airlines in1934 after the legalization of new laws forced reorganization for airlines. After that, the success followed this company as it served international flights since 1970. in 2013, US Airways decided to merge with American Airlines. As the result, the merger turned this company into the biggest airline in the world. You can visit the headquarters location of American Airlines in Fort Worth, Texas.

In case you do not know, American Airlines is the biggest airline in the world based on several criteria, such as destination number, fleet size, passengers flew, and passengers carried. The current hubs operated by American Airlines are Dallas/Fort Worth, Philadelphia, Charlotte, Miami, Los Angeles, Chicago – O’Hare, Washington – National, Phoenix – Sky Harbor, New York – LaGuardia, and New York – JFK. This airline has committed to serving domestic and international flights. Today, American Airlines handles 350 destinations. The service is available in 5 continents in 56 countries. Besides, there are 6700 flights served by American Airlines each day.

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