Mytxcar – A guideline to Check Vehicle Inspection History

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Mytxcar Vehicle Inspection is a portal for checking vehicles history. This portal is a program of the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles. The function is to give information about vehicles history. If you live in Texas, you should know the vehicle’s history whenever you buy second-hand vehicles. Hence, you will be able to decide if the vehicles are still in good condition or not. Besides, Texas vehicle inspection portal will inform about the plus and minus sides of the vehicles. Thus, it will be safer if you know the vehicle’s history before you buy them. You will know which parts of the vehicles have got damages and which one still can work well. Moreover, checking the vehicles can give impacts on the air quality. Standardized vehicles should pass an emission check from the official agency. So, you can help your environment to be air pollution-free.

In case you want to get a used vehicle, you can check the inspection history online. You will not waste your time only for checking the vehicle by visiting Texas Vehicle Inspection Portal. This portal will save all of the data and information related to the vehicle’s history. If you need such information, you can see it on the database. This portal will guarantee the security of the data posted on this vehicle inspection portal. This is why; all of the data here cannot get deleted, edited, and updated. So, you can view the specific information of the vehicle’s history, including the registration date and the transfer of the vehicles.

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If you visit Texas Vehicle Inspection Portal, you can get some benefits. For example, you may complete an administration process, such as Texas vehicle inspection checklist. Next, you may find beneficial information about Vehicle Inspection Locations, Vehicle Inspection Grace Period, and Vehicle Inspection Cost. Then, you will be able to receive the important report from this portal. For instance, the vehicle inspection report after assessment completion, safety sticky number, and Vehicle Going Away.

mytxcar login steps
mytxcar login steps

The Features of Texas Vehicle inspection History Portal

If you wonder about what Texas Vehicle inspection history portal has, you can pay attention to the following information. There are some features available on this portal.  Texas Vehicle Inspection History Portal consists of:

  • Texas Vehicle Inspection Cost

This feature will help portal users to find the amount of cash you should pay for the annual inspection. The type of the inspection and the vehicles will result in different costs.

  • Texas Vehicle Inspection Locations

In case you find difficulties to find the nearest locations of Texas Vehicle inspection office, you can use this locator. in case you want to search for Texas state inspection locations using a search engine, you can just type vehicle inspection near me as the keyword in the search field. The result will show up in a few seconds only. So far, Texas Vehicle Inspection offices are available in several counties in Texas, such as Dallas, Denton, Kaufman, Ellis, Rockwell, Collin, Parker, Johnson, and Tarrant County.

  • Two steps one sticker

This system will enable you to get the proof that certifies that your vehicles have done the inspection procedures from Texas Vehicle inspection.

  • Downloadable report

Texas Vehicle inspection Portal allows its users to get the report and history of the vehicles. Besides, they will be able to download the reports.

  • Vehicles criteria and emission

As you know, the criteria for different vehicles must not be the same. This is why; Texas Vehicle inspection portal provides this feature to inform the criteria and the emission test type for your vehicles.

Prerequisites of Login Process on Texas Vehicles Inspection History Portal

To check the Vehicles Inspection History on Texas Vehicle Inspection Portal, you should prepare the prerequisites first. These prerequisites will help you to do the check without unnecessary difficulties. It is because this portal requires you to go online. Thus, you will need a preparation before you can reach this page. Besides, the preparation will save your time and energy. If you can prepare all the things needed before you access this Texas Vehicle Inspection Portal, you will be able to check the vehicle’s history easily. You should have the following things ready.

  1. A device

You may use a laptop, a personal computer, a smartphone, or a tablet as the device. You can choose which device is the most affordable for you. Then, you can install a compatible browser in your device. If your browser is not compatible, you will get trouble when you are trying to access Texas Vehicle Inspection Portal. Moreover, you should be certain that your browser has the most updated version. So, the browser can work well with your preferred device.

  1. The internet connection

The internet is one of the requirements before you visit Mytxcar Portal to check Vehicles Inspection History. Make sure you can provide the stable internet connection. This way, you will be able to access the portal fast.

  1. VIN

VIN stands for Vehicle Identification Number. Every vehicle has its own registered VIN. Besides, each vehicle has a different VIN. Hence, you cannot use the VIN of other vehicles to check the history of your preferred vehicles on Texas Vehicle Inspection Portal. You can find this VIN in Police reports or repair record.

How to Login on Mytxcar Vehicles Inspection History Portal

After you have prepared all of the prerequisites for checking the Vehicles Inspection History, you can start the steps for the checking process. You only need to do some simple steps before you find out the inspection history of your preferred vehicles. In case you do not know how to check the history, you can learn the steps below. We have provided a set of instructions to do account login on Texas Vehicles Inspection History Portal. You can use it as the guideline.

  1. Visit Texas Vehicle Inspection Portal

First, you should visit the portal at Once you reach this page, you will not able to start checking. There will be a security page appear on your screen as the home page.

  1. Do captcha verification

Second, you must be able to verify yourself through captcha instruction. The purpose is to make sure that you are not a robot which will bring malicious effects on Texas Vehicle Inspection Portal. This captcha pegs may require you to rewrite the code available there. Or, you can get an instruction to pick up certain boxes based on the captcha instruction. Besides, you may have to do the instruction several times until you can successfully verify yourself. If you can pass this step, you will be able to view the next page of Texas Vehicles Inspection History portal.

  1. Provide VIN

Third, you should provide VIN in the next page. There will be a blank field provided for this VIN. There are some digits you should enter in this field. You can use a record or report to help you enter the VIN.

  1. Click Submit

Finally, you can do the last step to check the history of vehicle inspection. You can just click submit button after you have made sure that you have provided the right VIN. Congrats! You can check the history of the vehicle now.

How to Get Annual Inspection from the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles

As you know, every vehicle may have different inspection history. Thus, you should check it to make sure that the vehicle still has standard components and criteria. Besides, the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles inspects vehicles every year. To get this yearly inspection, there are 2 choices available to you. These are by choosing your vehicle class and two steps one sticker system. Both choices have different methods. One thing you should know is that you should have logged in to Texas Vehicles Inspection History portal. For more information about these choices, you can keep on reading the explanation below.

  1. Choosing Your Vehicle Class

You can decide to choose your vehicle class if you think it will match the criteria of your vehicles. There are some steps you can do related to this option.

  • Choose Your Vehicle Class

You can choose this option if you have been on Mytxcar portal. You can find the option if you click the navigation bar. The navigation bar will show some options represent vehicle classes. For example, you can find the classes for bus, car, motor, and many more. You may only choose one option among those classes.

  • Select an item of Texas vehicle inspection checklist

Second, you will need to pick the items for the vehicle. For instance, you can choose the horn, lighting, brake system, seat belt, mirror, and many others.

  • Check vehicle emission history

Third, you should know if the vehicle has gone through some emission test. You should know the result of the test. It is because the emission test will have impacts on the air environment. There are some criteria which a vehicle should have before it can pass the emission test, such as:

  • Used in Texas counties

The vehicles which should get the test should be in counties of Texas State. If the vehicle is not from Texas counties, Texas Department of Motor Vehicles will not oblige the vehicles to get through the test.

  • The age of the vehicle

A vehicle should get inspections if they have been active for 2 years up to 24 years. You can find how old a vehicle is by checking an inspection sticker attached to the vehicle.

  • Using gasoline

If the fuel of a vehicle is gasoline, it means this vehicle should get the inspection. But, in case the vehicle only uses diesel power, this vehicle does not need to get an emission test. Besides, motorcycles do not need to apply for this emission test as well. Still, all vehicles should be able to pass the safety test to find out if the vehicles will not risk drivers, riders, passengers, or other people.

  1. The Two Steps One Sticker System

This system will last for 90 days after you choose this to take the system. The two steps for this system are:

  • Texas Vehicle Inspection Checklist
  • Texas Vehicle Registration

If the two steps are over, you will get a document as proof that your vehicle is valid to use. You can get the documents from a dealer which releases the vehicle. Besides, the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles will give a sticker to your vehicle. It will function as the proof that the vehicle has got the inspection. There will be an expiration date on this sticker. Thus, you should renew it before it gets expired.

The Two Steps One Sticker system has included some programs. You should know about the programs before you take this system. The programs are:

  • Emission Test

Before a vehicle company releases a vehicle, this company should have conducted an emission test for the vehicle. Thus, the two steps one sticker system cannot interfere in the emission test result given by the company or the dealer.

  • Sale of New Vehicle

A dealer must register a new vehicle to Texas Vehicle Inspection Locations when it releases the product. Besides, the dealer should be able to provide the inspection document within 30 days. The registration process will be over if the vehicle can pass the inspection process.

  • Sale of Second-Hand Vehicle

For a second-hand vehicle, there will be the certain process to pass Texas Vehicle Inspection Checklist. Then, the vehicle can go for Texas Vehicle Registration. Next, you can give the inspection report to the nearest tax department office. In case you need to sell the vehicle, it means you should create a new Texas Vehicle Inspection Checklist. This new inspection process should not be later than 6 months after you have done the previous inspection. The vehicle should be able to pass this process in case you want the purchases to become legal.

  • Texas Vehicle Inspection Cost Collection

As a buyer, you only need to pay 2 sorts of cost.

  • The cost is given to the inspection office
  • The cost is given to the state for registration
  • Vehicle Inspection Report (VIR)

This Vehicle Inspection Report will help you to avoid delaying process. You can give this report to the staffers at tax department office.