Mythdhr Login – Home Depot ESS and MyApron THD Login Steps


Working in a new environment with new people can be challenging at times. Even, it can be frustrating for some new employees. The condition can be understood as new employees should be able to show their best performance at work while learning an unfamiliar working system run by the company. However, it can be different for Home Depot employees as this company has facilitated a portal for its employees. True! It is Mythdhr login portal. It will help Home Depot employees to get information about employment at Home Depot company. If you want to have access to this Home Depot employee self service login portal, you must have created an employee account. This way, you will be able to maximize your capabilities at work. Besides, you can just stay focused on your job duties as the employee portal will be very helpful for you.

Well, you may wonder the easiest procedure to sign in to your Home Depot ESS account. So, be certain you keep reading this article as you can find the answers here. Moreover, there is more information about Home Depot employee benefits, steps to recover your Home Depot ESS account credentials, ways to contact Home Depot ESS support center and many more things related to Home Depot. Happy reading!

mythdhr login page

mythdhr login page

About Home Depot

Home Depot is a retailer company managing a store chain of home improvement. The current headquarters of Home Depot company is in Cobb County, Georgia. This business started in 1978 when Bernard Marcus, Ron Brill, Pat Farah, and Arthur Blank worked together to build the first location of Home Depot in Marietta, Georgia. Then, Ken Langone, a banker, also gave his contribution to this company in the early years of this business. so far, Home Depot has been running over 2000 locations of Home Depot in the United States, Mexico, Canada, and Puerto Rico. With those numbers of locations, Home Depot need to hire around 400.000 people to work at this company. If you come to Home Depot store, you may purchase home appliances, building material, flooring, paint, builders hardware, tools, garden supplies, plants, etc.

What is Mythdhr login Portal?

Mythdhr login Portal is a website that provides a login section to access accounts of Home Depot employees. Home Depot company has made this website to assist Human Resource Department in managing vast numbers of Home Depot employees. Besides, the website is an Employee Self Service (ESS) portal. It is because Home Depot company is eager to give more freedom for its employees to access any information related to Home Depot employments programs easily. It means employees can always monitor and control what they need to obtain by accessing home depot ess employee portal. You can only use this employee portal if you have completed the recruitment process of the Home Depot company. To register yourself to this Home Depot Employee Self Service portal, you can ask for help from the staffs of Human Resource Department. Or, you can create it by yourself on Live the Orange Life portal.

Further, Home Depot really wants to its employees to find great working experience during their days at this company. This is why, Home Depot provides 2 possible ways to reach My THDHR employee portal. Here is the explanation.

  1. The first way is by visiting myApron portal at This portal has a page that will allow you to reach the Home Depot employee portal. However, you can only use this myapron thd website address for the internal use only. It means you should be on your work location to access this website address.
  2. The second way is by directly going to Home Depot Employee Self Service portal at This website address is accessible for external devices. Hence, you can use it out of working area, such as home, public places, etc.
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Features on home depot employee portal

Features are things that will complete the use of a portal. if you wonder what features provided on Home Depot employee portal, you can get the explanations below.

  1. Employee Self Service

With Employee Self Service feature, you will be able to communicate with Home Depot company or other employees to discuss about job duties and employment. Besides, there are more things you can do on the page of Home Depot Employee Self Service. For instance, you may need to make:

  • activation process for your payment card,
  • review and summary about your job
  • activation process of direct deposit
  • pay and tax statements printed
  • a new mailing address
  • Leave of Absence (LOA) Status
  • And many more things related to Home Depot employment.
  1. Benefits

Home Depot really appreciates the contribution of its employees. That is why, this company offers some programs and benefits that will give employees a chance to develop the quality of their career and life. The targets of home depot employee benefits include part-time hourly associates and full-time hourly and salaried associates. Every Home Depot employee and associate will be able to access the information about employee benefits on

Here is more information about the employee benefits.

  • Part-Time Associates

For part-time employees, Home Depot company will cover the needs of dental, vision, insurance of short-term disability, and life insurance.

  • Full-Time Hourly & Salaried Associates

There are more things covered by Home Depot company for full time hourly and salaried associates, such as dental, vision, medical, insurance of life, insurance of disability, insurance of accidental death and dismemberment, and spending accounts.

  • Work or Life Benefits

If employees need to improve their life qualities as well as career qualities, they can get helps from Home Depot company to cover some plans, including care/solutions for life, tax preparation discount program, tobacco cessation program, tuition reimbursement, special needs dependents assistance, associate discounts, volunteer events, and back-up dependent care, and matching gift program.

  • Group Benefits

Employees can also take advantage of Group benefits offered by Home Depot company, such as auto or homeowner insurance, legal services plan, and veterinary insurance.

  • Financial Benefits

For Home Depot employees, financial benefits will help them a lot to cover employee stock purchase plan, spending account, and the  future builder 401(k) plan, and direct deposit and bank incentives.

  • Time-Off Benefits

It is necessary for employees to get some times off if they are eager to maximize their performance at work. The times off will help the employees to refresh and avoid boredom at working environment. Thus, Home Depot facilities its employees with time-off benefits that will cover employees’ holidays, sick days, personal days, vacation, leave of absence, military leaves, bereavement days, and jury duty.

  1. Your Schedule

When you have arrived on My THDHR portal, you may be able to check your own schedule that you have set previously through your Home Depot employee account. This way, you can check it regularly whenever you need it.

  1. Kronos

If you decide to land on Kronos feature, you will get information about Time, Attendance, and Schedule that you should follow at Home Depot. On myTHDHR Kronos page, you will get access to check your mythdhr time detail as well as home depot schedule. So, you will know when you should attend to work.

  1. Live Events
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Employees must experience life events during their working days at Home Depot company. With this feature, employees will get information about handling some life events, like marriage, divorce or legal separation, birth, adoption, moving, dependent child, and many more events.

  1. Pay

This employee portal also has a page that you may access to check your digital home depot pay stub. It is because Home Depot will only pay its customers via electronic devices. This way, employees can only choose to get paid via direct deposit or payroll card. So, i will not be difficult to get access to myapron pay information.

  1. Career Depot

Employees can find any positions available at Home Depot company. This CareerDepot will let them view any job vacancies and apply for the positions if they want to. The information will include positions for Home Depot corporate or store.

  1. Diversity & Inclusion

With this feature, employees will find a way to get information about similarities and differences at Home Depot.

  1. My Orange Ladder

In case Home Depot employees are eager to develop very well, they can use M Orange Ladder to get information about career plan, self-improvement, and ways to apply properly.

Mythdhr login

Mythdhr login steps

How Current Employees Sign In to Account on Home Depot ESS Portal

When you are ready to sign in to your Home Depot ESS account as a current employee of this company, you can just do the following instructions.

  1. Go to

First, you should go to the official home depot employee login Portal. You will be able to reach the portal at When you have been on the portal, you will see and interesting website design with some information, links, and features.

  1. Select ESS

Second, you can just focus on the feature section on the right side of the portal home page. There are several features that you can choose on this portal. But, you should select Employee Self Service if you want to sign in to home Depot employee account. if you have selected the ESS feature, a page display information about things you can do on Home Depot ESS portal.

  1. Click Here to Login

Third, you must find a link of click here to login on this page. You must choose the link for Home Depot current employees. If you click the link, you will get directed to a page where you can find a login form.

  1. Provide Home Depot Location

Fourth, you should provide information about Home Depot location on the login form. You will get 2 options here. You prefer using store code or other location. in case you work at Home Depot store, you may just fill in the store code in the provided field. Otherwise, you may select other location.

  1. Enter User ID

Fifth, you may enter the user ID of your Home Depot ESS account. There is a blank field on the login form provided for your ESS User ID.

  1. Fill In Password

Sixth, you can fill in your Home Depot ESS in the field under the User ID field. Make sure you type it right before you continue.

  1. Click Login

Finally, you may click Login button to end the login step. The button will let you view your Home Depot ESS account if the account credentials you enter here are correct. Now, you can explore the features of Home Depot ESS portal easily.

Login Procedure for Former Associates on Home Depot ESS Portal

In case you have been a former associate of Home Depot company, you can still access information by from ESS portal. You just need to do the following steps to sign in.

  1. Visit
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Firstly, you have to go to My THDHR portal at This is the same portal to access Home Depot ESS account for Home Depot current employees.

  1. Choose ESS

Secondly, you need to choose Employee Self Service button provided on the feature list of Home Depot employee portal. When you click the button, you will be able to see a welcome page.

  1. Click Here to Login

Thirdly, you must click a link of click here to login for former associates of Home Depot company. This link will also be useful for Associates on LOA. The link will take you to the login page of Home Depot ESS portal.

  1. Complete Inactive Associate Form

Fourthly, you must complete a form to validate that you are inactive associate of Home Depot company. The form will ask you to give some information, such as your last name, birth date, Social Security Number or Social Insurance Number, and security word from the captcha code.

  1. Continue to Security Validation

Lastly, you can click a button on the bottom part of the form to Continue to Security Validation. The button will let you view a page where you can validate your account. Then, you may access the benefits of the portal as what you expect.

Steps to Reset Home Depot ESS User ID and Password

Having problems with User ID and Password of your Home Depot ESS account? You can try the following steps to recover them.

  1. Go to

Firstly, you should go to Live the Orange Life website as this is the only page where you can reset your user ID or password by yourself.

  1. Forgot User ID or Password?

Secondly, you can click a link stated “Forgot User ID or Password?” then, the link will take you to the page to reset your account credentials.

  1. Enter SSN

Thirdly, you need to enter your Social Security Number in the provided field. You only need the last 4 digits here.

  1. Inform Birth Date

Fourthly, it is necessary to inform your birth date to validate that you are really the account user.

  1. Click Continue

The last step is to click Continue button and it will direct you to another page. This way, you can answer security questions and do other necessary steps to recover your account credentials.

Things to Know about Home Depot Live The Orange Life

Live the Orange Life is a website linked to My THDHR employee login portal. You may visit this website to find any information about the benefits for Home Depot Employees. Hence, you can visit it anytime to manage, claim, or just access the employee benefits. If you wonder how to enter this portal, you need to sign in first. This portal has a login section which allows you to access the portal using your Home Depot ESS account. You just need to do the following procedure to sign in on Live the Orange Life portal.

  1. Go to

First, you need to visit the portal of Live the Orange Life. It is available on

  1. Enter User ID

Second, you can enter the User ID of your Home Depot ESS account. Then, you may type it in the first field.

  1. Provide Password

Third, you will need to provide the password of your employee account in the second field. you must be certain that you sue the correct password.

  1. Click Log On

Finally, you must click Log On button. It will give you permission to enter your account if you have informed correct user ID and password.

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