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Do you have an invitation to take part in MyStarbucksVisit Survey now? It is good news, then. You can participate in this customer survey for a few minutes. Next, you will get a code for a free coupon from the Starbucks survey. The coupon will be the way for you to get a free tall Starbucks beverage. Besides, you may help Starbucks to improve its qualities if you take this customer survey. Starbucks has made the Starbucks survey to find out if customers feel satisfied when they visit Starbucks. For more explanations about the Starbucks customer survey, you can read the information below. And be certain you will not miss your chance to take MyStarbucksVisit Survey.

About Starbucks

Speaking about the Starbucks survey will not give you total information without discussing Starbucks. In case you do not know, Starbucks is a coffeehouse chain in the United States. It belongs to Starbucks Corporation. This brand has been a successful store chain that serves various coffees. Today, there are 28.218 Starbucks stores worldwide. The branches are available in 76 countries, and also territories, on 6 continents. The headquarters is in Seattle, Washington.

starbucks survey
starbucks survey can be accessed at

Even though coffee has been a king of this store, you do not have to worry if you are not in the mood to try its coffee. You can come to Starbucks to taste other Starbucks menu items, such as tea, smoothies, and yogurts. Besides, Starbucks also serves breakfast menu, sandwiches, bakery, snacks, and many more.

Starbucks survey steps

Things to Prepare for MyStarbucksVisit Survey

There are some prerequisites that will help you to take the Starbucks survey. You will be able to complete the survey process easier if you can have all the things needed for the Starbucks survey. Well, the things that should be ready for Starbucks survey are:

  1. Starbucks customer voice receipt

as a respondent of the Starbucks survey, you should prepare a purchase receipt from Starbucks. You will get the Starbucks customer voice receipt when you make purchases at any participating location of Starbucks. You should have this customer voice receipt because you can find an invitation to take the Starbucks survey. Besides, this invitation has a customer code that you can use to unlock the survey page. For your information, Starbucks customer voice receipt will expire in 14 days. Make sure you use the customer code printed on the customer voice receipt before it is too late. Only a valid customer code will be able to open the question pages of the MyStarbucksVisit survey.

  1. a device

you will need a device if you want to take the Starbucks survey. You can prepare an affordable device for you. for example, you can use a laptop, a personal computer, a laptop, or a smartphone. Then, you should have a browser in your device. The browser that you have installed will be helpful to take you to the website of the Starbucks survey.

  1. the internet connection

Starbucks survey is an online survey. Of course, it is a must for you to prepare it before you start the survey. It will be impossible for you to visit the survey website without the internet connection. Next, you must be sure that the internet connection that you have got is stable. Hence, the survey process will run fast. Moreover, the stable connection will help you prevent the risk of any technical difficulties caused by error connection.

  1. Basic English ability

The only language provided on Starbucks survey in English. You should understand this language if you want to make proper responses. However, this survey website will only use Basic English only. So, it will not make the survey respondents get confused later.

  1. a pen

You can prepare a pen before this survey starts. So, you can use it to note the validation code at the end of the Starbucks survey. in case it is difficult to get any pens next to you, you may use other writing tools. For example, you can use a pencil or a marker.

Steps to Take part in Starbucks survey

If you have got all of the things for the Starbucks survey, you can begin the survey without a doubt. You do not need to worry about the time you should spare for this survey. You will be able to complete the entire survey steps in less than 10 minutes. You can learn the following instruction to understand more about Starbucks survey steps.

  1. Go to Starbucks survey website

First, you must go to the survey website at you will see a simple website design once you have been on this page.

  1. Enter Customer Code

Second, you can enter the customer code in the provided field. You can find this customer code on Starbucks customer voice receipt. if you do not remember the customer code, you can just grab your receipt and find the customer code in the survey invitation section. If you have made sure that you the customer code you have entered there is correct, you can click the Enter button. Then, there will be another page asking about your previous visit to Starbucks store. Next, you can click Next button on the page. This button will direct you to the question pages.

  1. Answer MyStarbucksVisit Survey questions

Third, you can answer some survey questions appear on the survey website. You should be honest about your answers to this survey. Hence, you can just recall your visit experience at Starbuck store last time. the questions of MyStarbucksVisit Survey are about:

  • visit type,
  • purchased items,
  • satisfaction level about Starbucks,
  • employees’ friendliness,
  • beverages tastes,
  • service speed,
  • prices,
  • frequency to visit Starbucks in 30 days,
  • and many more.
  1. Answer classification questions

Fourth, you will need to answer some classification questions as well. The questions for this steps are only for classification purposes. You can just provide some information about your age, gender, annual income, and ethnic background.

  1. Write Validation Code

Finally, you can write the validation code when you have finished all of the survey questions. just take your pen and receipt. Then, you can note the code on the provided space on the receipt to make it your Starbucks coupon. The space you can use here is the Complimentary Beverage ID. Next, you can redeem it to Starbucks store. You have 30 days before this coupon expired. If the redemption is successful, you will receive a free tall Starbucks beverage in your next visit.

How to Find Starbucks near me

If you feel it is difficult to find the location of Starbucks, you can use the following ways. You only need to connect your device to the internet. Then, you will get the location information in a short time.

  1. Starbucks Store Locator

Starbucks has provided a store locator on its official website. You can use it to search for the nearest Starbucks store location in your place. If you do not know how to use Starbucks Store Locator, you can just follow the instructions below.

  • Go to

Firstly, you must go to Starbucks website at This website has a store locator on it.

  • Click Find A Store

Secondly, you can click Find A Store button. You can find this button on the top part of the home page. This button will take you to the page of Starbucks Store Locator. Besides, you can just click Store Locator link on the bottom part of the page. This link will direct you to the same Starbucks store locator page.

  • Enter Location Details

Thirdly, you can enter the location details of your preferred Starbucks store on the store locator page. there is a search field on this locator page. You can type the location details in it. You may use a city name, a state name, or a ZIP code.

  • Select Filters

Fourthly, you can use a filter feature on the store locator page. This feature will help you filter the search result based on the facilities available on Starbucks stores. There are some options provided on the filter. You can choose more than one options here. For example, you can select Starbucks which is open now and open 24 hours every day. Or, you can select store facilities, such as drive-thru, Google Wi-Fi, mobile order & pay, and many more.

  • Click Search

If you have done with the location details and the filters, you can click the Search button. In a few seconds, you will be able to see a list of Starbucks stores as the search result. Just click the view button to see the store details.

The advantage of using Starbucks Store Locator is that you can get complete information about your favorite Starbucks stores or the locations you are looking for. You will know the location address, the local phone number, the store hours, and also the store facilities. Besides, this store locator provides a map and a feature to get directions to the Starbucks store locations. This way, you will get specific knowledge about reaching the Starbucks location.

  1. Starbucks Mobile App

You can search for the locations of Starbucks stores using the Starbucks Mobile App. You can get this Starbucks app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. If you have downloaded and installed this mobile app, you will be able to find Starbucks store locations. Moreover, you may use this app for some other matters. It is because the Starbucks mobile app is complete with beneficial features. Hence, you can do more activities using this app. For instance, you can order ahead, redeem rewards, send digital Starbucks card, and other advantageous activities.

  1. Search Engine

It is also possible to find Starbucks store locations using a search engine. You only need to launch the browser in your device. Then, you may type in the location details as the search keywords. Or, you can try to use Starbucks close to me for your keywords. Next, the search result will show up in some seconds. This way, you will be able to find the nearest Starbucks store locations without waiting for too long. Further, you can use this search engine to get information about MyStarbucksVisit Survey.

Steps to Submit Starbucks Feedback at

If you cannot take the MyStarbucksVisit survey, it does not mean you cannot contribute more to Starbucks. You can still give voluntary feedbacks through its website. Just follow the instructions below.

  1. Go to

Firstly, you should go to the website of Starbucks. The website address is Starbucks provides a way for customers to submit their feedbacks through this website.

  1. Click Contact Us

Secondly, you can click Contact Us. You can locate this Contact Us button on the bottom part of the home page. this button will take you to the Starbucks contact page. Moreover, you can use the Customer Service link in the Quick Links column. You will find this column on the lower part of the website page.

  1. Click In Our Store

Thirdly, you can click In Our Store link. This is the link for submitting your feedback about the Starbucks store service experience, product qualities, product availability, and other reasons. This In Our Store link will help you open the feedback page of Starbucks website.

  1. Fill in the Starbucks Feedback form.

Next, you can fill the feedback form based on your true experience. This form has some blank fields that you can complete with some information. For example, you may submit:

  • Feedback topics

There are some feedback topics provided there. You can pick one option which can represent your feedbacks. The options are about the store location, environment, beverages, etc.

  • Comment

Give comments as specific as you can. So, you can be sure that Starbucks management team will not miss any information from you.

  • Visit information

You can tell the Store location that you have visited. Then, you can complete it with the visit time and date.

  • Contact Details

The details you need to provide here are your first name, last name, email address, phone number, home address, city, state, and ZIP code.

  1. Click Submit

When you are sure that you have not left any fields blank, you can send your feedback through this website. Just click the Submit button and let Starbucks management team know about your opinions about your visit experience at Starbucks.

How to Contact Starbucks Customer Service

Had awful visit experience at Starbucks? You may try to contact the customer service representatives to talk about it using the methods below.

  1. By website

You can send your feedbacks through the Starbucks website. The address is You can use Starbucks live chat or the email service. If you do not have any ideas about submitting feedbacks by website email, you may use the steps to submit Starbucks feedbacks in the previous section in this article.

  1. By mailing

Let the customer office know about your visit experience in details from your letters. You can send the letters to Starbucks corporate office. The address is:

2401 Utah Avenue South

Seattle, Washington, 98134

The United States

  1. By phone

Need to talk immediately to Starbucks customer service? You can contact the representatives at 800-Starbuck or 800 782 7282.

  1. By social media

Social media will help you to connect to Starbucks. You can visit Starbucks social media pages using these links:

  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:
  • Google+:
  • Pinterest:
  • Instagram:

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